Fountaine Pajot Tanna 47 Review

Today we talk in detail about the Tanna 47 catamaran from the shipyard Fountaine Pajot. Our review is based on our own experience with this yacht, as well as on the feedback from yachtsmen who, in the course of their own research, figured out its main features and characteristics. We also provide feedback from the jury members who named Fountaine Pajot Tanna 47 the 2023 Boat of the Year winner in the category Best Cruising Multihull.

Tanna 47 Review

Features of Fountain Pajot Tanna 47

  • Brand: Fountaine Pajot
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 13.94
  • Width, m: 7.7
  • Draft, m: 1. 2
  • Displacement, t: 14.7
  • Water tanks, l: 2 x 350
  • Exterior design (Architect): Berret-Racoupeau Design
  • Interior design: Berret-Racoupeau Design
  • CE Certification: A
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Furling genoa
  • Mainsail area, m²: 77
  • Jib area, m²: 52
  • Engines, hp: 2 x 50
  • Option engines, hp: 2 x 60
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2 x 470
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Review of Tanna 47 by TopRik Team

According to many critics in the sailing world, the predecessor of the Tanna 47 was the Saona 47. We are not going to argue with the luminaries, but for most experts of the topRik team, this catamaran rather resembles the Aura 51. That is why at the Cannes Yachting Festival, where we first boarded the Tanna 47, we were surprised by the fact that the developers from Berret-Racoupeau Design have so successfully squeezed all the features, comfort and storage space into a significantly reduced volume and space.

Tanna 47 Review

View From the Pier

Viewing the new catamaran from the pier set aside at the festival for the shipyard Fountaine Pajot, we unwittingly compared it with previous models. We have come to agreement that naval architects and engineers have made something, if not completely new, then quite improved and attractive from a proven basis. Including - and taking into account the reduction in size.

Let’s go back to Saona 47 comparison though. Just look at the bevels of the bows of the hulls to see that the Tanna 47's reverse stems are a copy of the Aura 51, and not the vertical stems of the Saona 47.

Tanna 47 Review

The new interior design is also borrowed from the Aura 51, judging by the absence of the chart table, which, as we recall, was available on the Saona 47. But we will talk about the features of the cabin a little later when we get to it, but for now we will start from the transom, as usual.

Tanna 47 Review

The transom of the catamaran can be equipped with an electric platform or davits for transporting the dinghy. The advantage of the platform (albeit a little expensive) is that it can also be used for sunbathing and swimming when the dinghy is launched, making room for the yacht's passengers.

Just remember to put metal dinghy holders into the grooves of the platform, which fit flush without the possibility of injuring sunbathers.

Tanna 47 Review

Using the wide steps of covered with teak, also for safety, we will climb into the cockpit, the powerful bimini of which is already becoming a tradition for Fountaine Pajot island-named boats.

In the Cockpit

It is not surprising that some of our experts created a traffic jam along the right gangway. They were discussing the possibility of cooking some smoking barbecue on this plancha after a long snackless day. Of course, we were not able to carry out our traditional cooking experiments at the exhibition, as we simply didn’t have food with us, and the organizers and visitors of the festival would probably call the security and kick us out. This plancha is getting used more and more on cruise multihulls: you catch fish and immediately fry it. The smoke and smell will dissipate quickly instead of filling the saloon and other living areas.

Tanna 47 Review

And to arrange lunch in the open air, the cockpit area has: an L-shaped sofa with a soft bench around a large table, a huge sunbed on the starboard side and another large sofa along the transom. It’s not just about dinner, here you can throw a party for everybody at the marina!

Tanna 47 Review

We have just boarded and have not yet seen other places to rest, although from the pier we were able to appreciate both an almost full-fledged flybridge and a solid area on the foredeck. But let's do it in order. Next in our research list we have a saloon, or a wardroom, which is open to all winds and sunlight, as well as to everyone who is in the cockpit at this time.

Tanna 47 Review

And again, we return to the similarity of the Tanna 47 with the previous “islands” by FP... We pay attention to the extension of the sliding window that goes from the saloon to the cockpit. Still, the design of the door and window opening is more reminiscent of the Aura 51.

As mentioned earlier, the Tanna 47 is full of space and volume inside and out, including luxurious spaces, decks and plenty of storage space. This sliding transparent structure in the opening between the cockpit and the saloon is 20% larger, which means that natural ventilation and the possibilities for the movement of passengers and the crew of the yacht have improved.

In the Saloon

Even from the cockpit, a perfectly organized large galley caught our attention - we checked out this wide tabletop through the window overlooking the saloon. This is pretty much a ready-made bar counter for a crowded party during a charter voyage.

The galley in the left aft corner has been completely redone and does not resemble any of its predecessors. Its location allows several chefs and even their assistants to be here at work at once without the risk of bumping into each other while holding hot frying pans.

Tanna 47 Review

Gas (it can also be electric) oven, refrigerator for several chambers, sink, cabinets and shelves... And where are the freezers for long-term storage of food? If you just look to your right...

Tanna 47 Review

See the floor "cabinet" with the navigation station on top? These are freezers. And the navigation station is all that remains of the skipper’s table. Yes, technology tends to minimize devices and reduce the space they occupy and the same with skipper’s tools.

Yet the skippers themselves are not going to be replaced by a computer anytime soon. Let's take a closer look at the instruments that are installed on the Tanna 47 navigation station in the saloon. Communications, compass, autopilot, marine display and other instruments, as well as indicators that will show the status of all the equipment of the catamaran - all that is needed for plotting and monitoring compliance with the course.

Pay attention to these huge skylights. They not only fill the saloon with natural light, but also provide the skipper with an excellent view of the sails while he is dining, relaxing or busy at the navigation station.

Tanna 47 Review

You can watch the sails from this cozy sofa while the sea breeze comes through the open "windows" in the circular glazing of the cabin.

Tanna 47 Review

This, of course, is not the only place of rest. By the way, this low sliding table serves as a coffee table too. You can install a full-fledged dining folding table, which can be folded, lowered to the same level as the sofa mattress and arrange a single or double bed here. This is a great option when it comes to a charter. But we have surveyed the boat in the owner’s version, so we will show you both the master cabin and two guest suites next.

In the Cabins

Tanna 47 catamaran is provided in several versions. The owner's or Maestro version features two guest suites with private bathrooms each and large king-size island beds . Moreover, both in the bow and in the stern of the hull, the cabins are quite roomy, bright and ventilated, with places for storing personal belongings.

Tanna 47 Review

Tanna 47 Review

Each such cabin is equipped with a bathroom with a separate spacious shower, washbasin, electric latrine, mirrors, cabinets and shelves.

Tanna 47 Review

See the shower door? This is the entrance to the forepeak, which can be used for storage of everything you need, or you can place an additional cabin here, as shown below. This option is suitable if the cat is used for charter flights; a skipper or other crew member (cook, waiter) can be accommodated here.

Tanna 47 Review

The owner's cabin in the Maestro version occupies the entire float. It resembles a small apartment, because there is a clear division of space into zones. The area for night rest includes a large double bed with a locker under it and shelves around the perimeter.

Tanna 47 Review

Next comes what is usually called the living room in residential buildings. Here are tables, shelves, lockers and a large closet, where long evening dresses and men's suits will not get any wrinkles.

Tanna 47 Review

The master cabin is completed by a large bathroom with a very spacious and spacious insulated shower. Head with an electric toilet is also insulated.

Tanna 47 Review

Versions for charter flights, a large family or a group of friends provide options with 4 and 5 cabins.

As we have already said above, this catamaran is perfectly prepared for hosting a large company. In this section, we have only talked about where the passengers of the vessel will be accommodated, but we have not completed the survey of places for their possible guests - in addition to the saloon and cockpit, this is the flybridge and foredeck.

On the Foredeck

Here you can arrange a real sunbathing heaven for sun worshipers. Under these mattresses there are large lockers where you can hide a lot of things.

Tanna 47 Review

And for especially romantically inclined personalities, you get very comfy seats. Sitting here, you can feel one on one with the ocean, sky and sun.

Tanna 47 Review

On the Flybridge

We described other areas first so as not to dull your feelings from this comfortable cat. With this flybridge it seems that we have moved back to the Aura 51. But how did the developers place such a huge flybridge on a 14-meter yacht?! They probably know the space folding spell...

Tanna 47 Review

If you are somehow not impressed, this is probably because the entire flybridge cannot be captured at once. Just look back - and you will see its continuation, which borders on the control post.

Tanna 47 Review

At the Helm

Of course, at the Cannes Yachting Festival we only stood at the helm, our acquaintance with it at sea took place later.

This is the view that opens up to the Tanna 47 helm station from the right deck. A huge seat, almost a couch, a bimini with an opening top, a helm with a panel and winches in front of it. Moreover, the winch zone is separated from the back of the panel. To control the sails, the skipper will have to move away from the helm or invite an assistant.

Tanna 47 Review

Let's say right away that our experience with sailing the Tanna 47 has shown that even a novice yachtsman can cope with the task of an assistant. The boat is perfectly obedient, and at the same time gives the skipper the irreplaceable sailing feels. With the wind force, which ranged from 10 to 13 knots, we developed a speed of 6 to 7.5 knots.

We went out with standard 60 hp engines, but if you expect you will have to overcome rip-currents or get away from a storm, it is better to play it safe and put in more powerful drives.

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Advantages of Fountain Pajot Tanna 47

The main advantages of the Tanna 47 are common to most catamarans: excellent water resistance, stability, ample room for movement and a comfortable stay on board. Now multiply all this by 10 and you will get the main characteristics of all the latest cats from Fountaine Pajot. Add here a comfortable and simply organized sailing and spice it all up with a lot of amenities not only for passengers, but also for the skipper. If he is also the owner of the vessel, he will receive a set of pleasures that can only be experienced on a catamaran of this level.

Tanna 47 Review

Reviews of Tanna 47 from Professionals

Reviews of the Tanna 47 from professionals opens with an editorial of the popular yachting magazine Cruising World, whose sailing journalists accompanied the 2023 Boat of the Year jury team. As we reported at the beginning of the article, they recognized the Tanna 47 catamaran as the winner in the category Best Cruising Multihull.

The editors of Cruising World start with an analysis of the situation on the multihull sailboat market, and then quote the statements of the jury members.

As noted by the authors of the message, the trend towards cruising multihull yachts is not weakening, and it is suggested that this trend has already come full circle. The success and growing popularity of multihull boats, especially catamarans, is increasingly evident. This popularity is observed both in the charter business and in personal acquisitions, which can be seen in marinas around the world, as well as at regular boat-shows.

The authors called this process the release of a multi-hulled genie from the bottle and expressed confidence that this genie would never return to captivity.

This fairy tale analogy has become a reality at the 2023 Boat of the Year trials where among the strongest categories were five carefully selected applicants in the Cruising Multihull class. Reviewers highlighted a feature of this year: the dominance of French yacht builders. This, however, did not come as a surprise, since French naval architects have always been leaders in serial multihull boats. So tradition also played a role in one of these innovators becoming the leader in 2023. Of course, the authors are talking about the shipyard Fountaine Pajot.

Speaking about the evaluations of the jury members, the authors of CW noted that both during the study on the pier and under sail, the Tanna 47 catamaran became a wake-up call for them.

For example, for judge Herb McCormick, as he himself admitted, Tanna 47 has become a favorite model from Fountaine Pajot for the entire existence of the shipyard. He noted that its dimensions and properties are ideal: the catamaran is large, but not bulky. One of the important reasons for the high rating of the sailboat Herb called the division of the helm station into zones for driving control and sail control. «And, holy cow, it really sailed well,” – well concluded by Herb.

Mark Pillsbury, another judge praised the thoughtful deck layout and life support systems on the yacht. He noted that the large area of solar panels, a sea water maker and significant amounts of refrigeration equipment make the Tanna 47 ideal for cruising and life on board. Mark stated that they got 7-8 knots in 13 knots wind when they tested the boat for range. The boater also liked the location of the helm, which is slightly separated from the winches. The catamaran was easy to sail alone, but the crew could quickly take a place at the winches if they wanted to help with the sails.

A well-known yachtswoman and journalist tested a new boat from the French catamaran manufacturer Fountaine Pajot in the Chesapeake Bay. Already from the preface to the review, it is clear that the Tanna 47 catamaran received high marks after the team tested it in practice.

Zuzana stated that the updated design and proven hull were evident in everything above the waterline in this cat. Declaring that the new model from Fountaine Pajot replaces a previous floating island called Saona with the same number, the author clarified that the hull is only similar, not completely copied. The Tanna 47 hull has a new deck, deckhouse and layout, and this is already an application of a new aesthetics of the shipyard's catamarans.

The shape of the rigid bimini has changed, which has increased the area of the flybridge, which can now accommodate up to 10 passengers - almost 7 m² provide such an opportunity.

The design of the helm station also bears clear marks of the developers' new approach to this line of Fountaine Pajot catamarans. Its location has been changed. In this model, it is located between the cockpit and the flybridge, that is, between the main deck and the upper deck - on the deckhouse bulkhead on the starboard side.

This arrangement provides a fairly good view ahead. In addition, the helmsman who is at the helm can be socially active, since he can communicate with those who are in the cockpit and on the flybridge.

From here, the skipper has open and quick access to the main deck to control the lines or to control the bow of the hulls during mooring.

Two zones of the helm station allow you to separate the duties of the crew and the skipper so that they do not interfere with each other. When the crew is busy manipulating the lines, the skipper is focused on steering.

Zuzana Prochazka noted that the shipyard is even more actively boosting passive energy recovery. For this model, there are areas on the massive bimini for the installation of solar panels, which can provide yacht equipment with a voltage of 700 to 1700 watts. Without taking into account air conditioning, such energy recovery will ensure the operation of all other household equipment on the yacht. This will significantly reduce fuel consumption, save catamaran maintenance costs and contribute to the preservation of the environment by significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the boat in the world's oceans.

It is impossible not to note how much attention the developers paid to creating a comfortable space - there is a lot of it on the Tanna 47. Not only yacht passengers, but also dozens of invited guests can occupy several zones, divided by interests. Almost all free space on the decks is intended for this, except for several working areas. You can have a great time sunbathing, dining and drinking on the flybridge, on the foredeck loungers, in the cockpit with dining area, planche and transom sofa, or settle in the huge saloon. Despite the fact that the catamaran is designed for 10 beds, you can host up to three dozen guests in the parking lots. In this case, the yacht will not seem crowded.

An electric platform designed to carry dinghys larger than 3 meters can also serve as an example of expanding the space of a yacht. After all, it can be used to organize your own beach during parking on the high seas. There are no davits, and nothing will prevent you, your children or guests, after launching the dinghy, from taking over the platform for sunbathing and swimming. From here it is also convenient to descend for diving or other types of entertainment under water and on the water. After all, the platform can be lowered to the level of the waterline and, moreover, a folding ladder can be used.

Of course, Zuzana shared her impressions of the performance of the Tanna 47, based on her experience testing the cat at sea. She urged not to succumb to the first impression of a truly massive yacht. It only seems that she needs a strong wind to move under sail. During sea trials in the Chesapeake Bay, with winds of 12 to 14 knots, the catamaran deftly glided at a speed of 6.7 knots per hour. The apparent wind angle was 60 degrees (AWA).

AND she accelerated up to 7.5 knots when cracked off to a beam reach. And at a distance of up to 120 degrees according to AWA, the team managed to keep the speed up to 6.2 knots. The boat showed good handling at various points of the sail, wide tacks were manageable.

Video Reviews of Tanna 47

In this section we show you video footage of Tanna 47 – best videos we could find of its both interiors and exteriors.

Let’s start with Race Nautica Marine and their short tour of the yacht:

Another walkthrough with high-quality camera, no commentary:

Footage at the sea and explanation of various features of Tanna 47:

And, finally, the longest and most thorough interior tour by BoatTube:


Comfortable and compact, fast, comfortable and easy to handle, the Tanna 47 double-hull sailing yacht is perfect for various categories of yachtsmen, including:

  • experienced sailors, lovers of long sea voyages in solitude and comfort;
  • novice yachtsmen mastering their first cat;
  • those wishing to go on a comfortable family vacation on the water in a safe environment;
  • couples seeking privacy and romance.

We must not forget about those who are engaged in the charter business. This boat will certainly be in demand for commercial trips by groups of friends or families.

Tanna 47 Review

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Where to Buy Tanna 47 at a Bargain Price

If you have already read up to this point, then you know where to buy Tanna 47 at a bargain price. Simply contact our experts via the topRik site feedback or send us an application by e-mail, or you can also call the phone number provided. And that's all you need to do to get Tanna 47 at the best price. The rest will be done by topRik marketplace specialists:

  • we will note all your requirements for the configuration of the catamaran;
  • negotiate with the manufacturer and dealers so that your requirements for the complete set of the boat coincide with your ideas about the best price;
  • draw up sales and purchase documents, as well as customs, if necessary;
  • deliver the catamaran to the agreed point;
  • at your request, will equip the yacht with accessories that are not provided by the manufacturer (dishes, textiles, anti-slip mats, tools, spare parts, etc.);
  • will take the catamaran for seasonal preventive maintenance in accordance with your schedule.

If the Tanna 47 is your first catamaran, our team of experts has experienced yachtsmen who will advise you on all aspects of sailing. If this is your first boat, you can take the IYT Yacht Training course at our SimpleSail yachting school – “International Bareboat Skipper”. Bareboat Skipper qualification obtained at our school will allow you to automatically receive the International Certificate of Competence.

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