Fountaine Pajot MY5 Review

Hello to all the catamaran lovers! This time we got a good one for you - Fountaine Pajot MY5 - previously known as MY 40. In this article, relying on our experience, we tell you everything we learned about this nimble and spacious 13-meter yacht, provide appropriate photos and videos, as well as opinions of other yachting journalists so the information doesn’t only come from one source. Let’s begin.

Fountaine Pajot MY5 review

Here she is – looking strict and serious, like a top-tier Rolls-Royce, MY5 represents the 13-meter catamarans category, designed by one and only Daniel Andrieu with interiors made by Pierangelo Andreani Studio. Powered by twin 256 hp or optional twin 364 hp Volvo-Penta engines, this powerful motor yacht can move at max speed of 22 knots and has two fuel tanks for 600 liters each on board, allowing for long trips and large cruising distances. Let’s give you some more raw data before we continue.

Features of Fountaine Pajot MY5

  • Brand: Fountaine Pajot
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 12.9
  • Width, m: 6
  • Draft, m: 11
  • Displacement, t: 15.5
  • Water tanks, l: 450
  • Exterior design (Architect): Daniel Andrieu
  • Interior design: Pierangelo Andreani Studio
  • CE Certification: A
  • Engine, hp: 2 x 256
  • Option engine, hp: 2 x 364
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2 x 700
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Virtual tour

Review of Fountaine Pajot MY5 by TopRik Team

First impression does matter - right away, as you approach the yacht, you can see that it has no problems with safety thanks to the railing around the perimeter of the boat - this is not just a flimsy lifeline you are getting. It makes a lot of sense, since the boards are very high – you should still be careful during anchorage.

These massive floats immediately put some ideas in your head – how tall are the cabins inside? With so much space the ceilings must be as high as in some regular apartment! And they really are high, as you will see later. Even the name change from MY 40 to MY5 happened because the shipyard decided that it’s actually closer to 50-foot (15-meter) boat in terms of space on board.

Fountaine Pajot MY5 review

Straight away I personally was very pleased to see that finally the flybridge got actual protection from bad weather. When a little rain or scorching sun can completely ruin your family time and make you retreat in the saloon it feels defeating sometimes, yet this will not happen here thanks to hardtops and clears isolating you from such distractions.

As for design, some might say that it looks very “vertical” – this yacht surely tries to be some sort of a skyscraper in the middle of the ocean. But the same as with skyscrapers, it’s all about using the available space. Catamaran as a base allows for much more stability than any monohull so the designers have the luxury of building taller boats with higher ceilings without adding any risks of the yacht flipping during waves. Huge floats are pretty much glued to water surface thanks to huge distance between them.

As for exterior design, Daniel Andrieu never disappoints – this boat somehow looks both angry and welcoming at the same time, boasting elegant curved lines rising at the floats’ bows and the windows/hatches of the cabins perfectly matching the overall aesthetics. Can’t go wrong with black-and-white color scheme also – its appeal is eternal.

Fountaine Pajot MY5 review

Our team was greeted by Fountaine Pajot logo right at the stern – definitely put there with pride by the manufacturer. On this photo you can see the wide hydraulic swim platform, which can be lowered after you found a sweet spot for bathing – there’s a nice little ladder to climb in and out of water. The platform can also be used to attach a dinghy in inflated state or, if you love fishing, you get tons of space here for all your spinning rods. The davits for the dinghy are not necessary since you can just lower the platform right into the water, attach the dinghy and then just raise the platform – very convenient. The platform is actually optional, but, based on our tests, highly recommended for purchase.

We see even more safety railings up-close: the cockpit lounge is well-protected so you don’t fall on the swim platform or stairs. The lounge on flybridge is also safe unless you decide to impress someone and dive all the way from there, which we strongly warn against – if you miss and land on deck or swim platform instead, the vacation will quickly turn into a trip to the hospital.

Minimalistic Cockpit

Through trial and error, we discovered that when a yacht has a roomy flybridge, that’s where all the passengers will usually gather – why choose anything else other than the best? So, it makes sense to give as little space as possible to rarely used cockpit while also providing people with lazy area in fresh air and making sure than decks and flybridge can be easily accessed from here. Fountaine Pajot definitely hit the nail on the head – nothing fancy to be found in the cockpit, just pure functionality.

Fountaine Pajot MY5 review

As you can see, from here you can climb to flybridge using spiral staircase (also with safety rails) or just chill on these comfy sofas with a drink in your head. You can install a table here so it also becomes additional dining area. In the flooring you can see two engine room hatches and a hatch for life raft storage space.

Fountaine Pajot MY5 review

The engines themselves are Volvo-Penta with counter-rotating propellers facing forward, so they pull the boat instead of pushing it and counter-rotation eliminates prop walk. Also, this configuration allows for more efficiency and less fuel consumption, also allowing the boat to move sideways, which, as we tested in practice later, is useful during mooring process. From the panel you can even command the boat to stay perfectly still in one spot – it helps with refueling and docking as well.

No Nets Approach on the Foredeck

This time, before climbing the stairs, we decided to check out all the other parts first. Moving through spacious deck we noticed that the teak is always under your feet – and the planks don’t make any noise. Decks are spacious enough for two people, which is refreshing.

Fountaine Pajot MY5 review

As we end up at the foredeck, we check out how this strict bow feels – no trampolines, just simple sunbathing area: two loungers with hatches nearby with room for a coffee table in-between. Apparently, the designers had enough with passengers constantly falling from those nets and got rid of them altogether. Might seem a little boring to some, or a great stylish decision to others, yachtsmen are usually divided on this subject. What we can tell for sure is that it is much, much safer this way for kids (and kid-like adults), which is definitely the trend on MY5.

Stairway to Heaven

Got that, now let’s check out the main dish – the flybridge. It feels huge – even with the table, C-shaped sofa and helm station it is big enough for around 8 people, not encroaching on each other’s personal space. You can choose between soft or hard bimini over the spacious sunbed – it seems like it is taken from some hotel suite an put here, in fresh air, just as a wild experiment.

Fountaine Pajot MY5 review

You can see right away that the flybridge tries to be independent from the galley – there’s a freezer for storing some snacks, drinks or ice-cream, small sink to wash your hands or fruits and the coffee table for putting all of that in front of comfortable sofa. The helmsman can steer the boat while enjoying the friendly chatter behind – be distracted in best way possible. Once the maneuvers are done with, just turn around and fall onto the bed nearby, enjoying the fantastic views or join your friends of family at the coffee table – you probably deserved it.

Fountaine Pajot MY5 review

Whether its hardtop or soft bimini, the height of it is really impressive. This is a living room over the water surface, from which you see everything and everybody, yet the area itself is a VIP club for chosen ones.

Based on our data (which is our skipper’s behaviour on board) for some reason it is much more fun and thrilling to handle this boat from the flybridge, even though the helm station at the saloon is supposed to be just as good. Oh, well.

In the Saloon

Let’s go back to Earth, climb down and enter the saloon. Pierangelo Andreani Studio did it again – elegant, functional, luxurious. When we just entered, I was standing there, looking around with a smile on my face.

Fountaine Pajot MY5 review

Such beautiful gamma – shades of grey, little bit of beige here and there, contrasting with smooth stone surface of galley’s tabletops. The glazing is just bunch of full-size windows, most apartment on land can’t have such natural illumination. The saloon houses big sofa, galley, full-size electrical table (goes up and down like swim platform), helm station with chartplotters, engine indicators, radio and everything else you need to manage the boat from here, including the joystick which makes the boat going sideways. After practice testing of this feature, we attest that it is extremely useful during mooring – if only it was present on all the boats we use.

Fountaine Pajot MY5 review

Same as at the flybridge, helmsman can do his job while the dinner is being made and once the course is set, get much more than a snack – this galley is a true mini-kitchen, where an experienced chef can go full out. You have induction and multifunction oven, actual proper fridge (looks just like home fridge) wide L-shaped tabletop and tons of lockers for storage.

Last but Not Least – The Cabins

Already extremely impressed with the saloon, we went to cabins with a lot of expectations. Interestingly, this boat comes only in one layout – Maestro, with 3 cabins overall, so it’s probably not a good choice for charter companies who like to pack as much as possible people on board.

First, we checked out the owner’s cabin – this cabin has a huge double-island bed, small table with a folding mirror inside, a chair, entrance to a separate bathroom. Looks smooth and natural, especially with the way ceiling lines are used in the design. The ceiling itself though! It’s shocking how high it is considering it’s a 13-meter boat we are talking about.

Fountaine Pajot MY5 review

Here is that bathroom – everything you need, just for yourself (or whoever you consider worthy to use it too).

Fountaine Pajot MY5 review

The front cabin can not boast that much space, but it was well used: bunk beds are comfortable enough thanks to high ceilings with a bench and storage space included in the berth.

Fountaine Pajot MY5 review

As for the guest cabin, it has pretty much the same island bed, shelving and a huge window with a hatch. Next to it you also get another bathroom with separate shower.

Fountaine Pajot MY5 review

Overall, we were very impressed with MY5 – sure, the price bites a little, but masters at Fountaine Pajot surely know they can get away with it when they provide such high quality of everything on board the yacht.

Advantages of MY5

This yacht’s advantages are plentiful, but let’s just figure out the main ones. Even though some might criticize the yacht for playing it little bit too safe, we think that the first advantage still applies:

  • Safety. This yacht is not for those who prefer to jump on nets between floats or lean on unsecure lifelines on decks, testing their quality. Our little research shows that this boat is built with preventing injuries in mind and we salute to that.
  • Speed. 22 knots are no joke, especially for a yacht with 15.5 t displacement. With optional Volvo-Penta IPS 600 it’s extremely fun to go full throttle.
  • Flybridge. Usually, you can’t put a part of the boat as an advantage, but here it definitely fits. What a flybridge it is! Like a roomy palace on top of a cloud, flying above the water surface, protected against all the whims of nature.
  • Look. We really love the way the boat looks. Thanks also to its driving wheel used as helm, our crewmen compared it to most expensive Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, BMWs and such, only MY5 yacht is much bigger and much more luxurious.

We can only criticize Fountaine Pajot for locking all the best features of this yacht behind additional payments: best engines, hardtops, hydraulic swim platform etc. But the best things in life always cost a lot and this time it’s no exception either.

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Professional Reviews of Fountaine Pajot MY5

Some experienced sea wolves of the yachting world also found a way to get their hands on this catamaran. We provide their opinions and testament to make this review less biased and more informative.

James Dumergue starts the review by comparing this yacht to an agile dancing partner – peppy, responsive and light on her feet. This boat is all about openness as all three levels are made to maximize the view and let light in. Everything is connected without seams – continuous swim platform, that can be lowered, combined living areas with wide entries.

The entrances to the cockpit are asymmetrical – more wide entry to port and narrower to starboard. Narrow entrance allows for more seating at voluminous L-shaped lounge. The open flybridge can be accessed through curved stairs – it’s a 17 m² area with a lounge.

Thanks to optional hardtops and clears you can dine at the upper deck at any weather - the dining table is also optional though; you can install it instead of a standard coffee table. The lighting is subtle enough to not overwhelm you. It became a norm to have a fridge here for snacks and drinks and if you want full independence from the galley, there is also optional grill and icemaker.

The standard helm chair was replaced with double helm option at the lounge so you could have some company while driving. For more company, you have sunloungers with lifting backs. James calls the helm station the most reassuring location on the yacht – the best vision he had experienced in a long time. Since there’s no moulded combing around the flybridge, the view through spray dodger is stellar: you can see everything when sitting, including the stern of the opposite float through flybridge entrance sightline. You don’t need anybody to help you with the observation of the boat and rely on somebody else’s judgement. Close-quarters maneuvering becomes easier this way, especially when facilitated by a simple joystick, commanding Volvo engines.

Talking about engines – there Volvo IPS 500 beasts are 364 hp each, allowing for speed of 23 knots max. The steering of the yacht feels nimble and easy.

When it comes to cabins, you get full 2 metres headroom, spacious beds and big opening hatches – James Dumergue compares this catamaran to a modern apartment because of that. He concludes that Fountaine Pajot did an amazing job fitting all of this on a 13 meter yacht – this way the vessel can appeal to a wide range of yachtsmen with varying ambitions and experience.

As you already know, MY5 catamaran was previously named MY 40, so that’s how John Eichelsheim calls it throughout his review.

Right away he calls this catamaran versatile and spacious, also easy to handle and having a wide appeal. Thanks to being 13-meter vessel, it has tons of space in the cockpit, huge saloon and a spacious flybridge.

The swim platform is not only for swimming – it can also be used for fishing, storing and launching the dinghy. It is covered with teak, as same as the cockpit, which can be fully enclosed in case of bad weather. Electric sunshade is available as an option.

Engine rooms are easily accessible through hatches and ladders from each float. The rooms themselves are spacious enough to store some additional equipment. You can buy the watermaker and optional genset to enhance the cruising capabilities of the boat.

The cockpit is equipped with electric Bosch appliances and counter made of stone. From the galley you can get to the saloon which has two entrances. The switchboard is accessible from the locker at companionway.

In the saloon the table height can be regulated through an electric mechanism, it is also foldable with a pair of comfortable chairs available. John points out the number of large windows and light in the saloon which make it seem like the boat is much larger than 12 meters.

The saloon helm station is fairly simple though with 15-inch Garmin chartplotter and engines indicators, auto-anchor control and various switches. Just like the author of previous review, John points out excellent view from the helm.

Corridor-shaped master cabin surprises with tons of storage space, desk/dressing table and huge island bed. Other cabins are more modest yet still have enough storage space for most passengers.

The author took the boat out on a chilly winter’s day and was surprised by acrylic dodger on the upper deck – it deflected the slipstream over helm station so even without the clears it was completely fine up top. The cruising speed turned out to be 20-21 knots with Volvo engines running at 3100 rpm. As you go full in on the throttle, you can see 22 knots at 3400 rpm, but it will cost you 122 liters of fuel per hour. If you want to save up on fuel, you better keep it at 16-18 knots.

Underway, lateral stability feels great and the yacht turns without heel and at anchorage the catamaran doesn’t rock much. Stability is always a big bonus of any catamaran compared to monohulls. Overall, the vessel is forgiving and easy to manage even when you attack the big seas head on.

Video Reviews

If one picture is worth a thousand words, then how much are thousands of pictures worth? Here we provide the best videos on MY5 we could find on the internet so you could make more educated decisions in the future.

First, let’s start with the promo from the manufacturer – beautiful and inspiring:

A lot of useful information from Multihull Solutions in this 9-minute review:

Another short video with neat infographics and sea footage from Boat Promote:

Italian couple who became the owner of this catamaran shares their experience (make sure to turn on the subtitles):

And, if you really feel the need to dive into all the specifics of Fountaine Pajot MY5, here’s the 14-minute-long review by SVN:


Based on our experience, not all boats must be daring, challenging and groundbreaking – sometimes the manual complicated sailing rig or limited comfort for the sake of sporty feel can feel exhausting. Fountaine Pajot with their MY5 made a decision to try and achieve maximum balance between speed and luxury, cruising capabilities and anchorage amenities, engine power and noise levels. Instead of going radically in one direction and appealing to a certain niche of enthusiasts, the shipyard created a boat that is suitable for:

  • Families. With incredible safety and multiple relaxation areas, this boat is absolutely perfect for a family vacation even with the wildest, most careless teenagers the world has seen.
  • Couples. In our video reviews we already showed you how happy a couple can be on this yacht – when you have that much room for just two people and experience such amazing views together, it certainly feels special.
  • Parties. If have a list of attractive guests on your mind, don’t worry – they are coming. Who wouldn’t, on a yacht that looks that slick and has this much space on board with all the freezers, excellent galley and tons of sofas and sunbeds. Making them go home after would be a much more difficult task.

Fountaine Pajot MY5 review

Basically, this boat is made for people, who are looking to have all the bases covered. And with A class certification, all the world is open for travelling – go whenever you want and how you want. Just make sure to not run out fuel while at it.

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At topRik marketplace we always try to provide you the lowest possible price since we negotiate directly with the manufacturer without any middlemen. We take care of all the documentation during the purchasing process and will make sure that you receive the yacht in stellar condition.

We understand that you probably have a million questions about Fountaine Pajot MY5 if you are thinking about purchasing one – all you need to do to get the answer is to contact our support team using the phone listed above or send a message through feedback system. Our team has hands-on experience when it comes to pretty much everything listed on our marketplace as we spent decades handling various yachts and yachting equipment.

Speaking of equipment – we have different categories of things that go really well with any yacht you purchase: watermakers, life rafts, fenders, dinghies, batteries, chartplotters and many more other products without which your yacht will feel empty.

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