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This review is dedicated to the 15-meter open motor yacht from Pardo 50, which received the Best of Boats Award 2019 in the Best for Fun category.

topRik team describes in detail their testing experience of this boat with lots of photos and diagrams. Traditionally we have opinions on the Pardo 50 from leading yachting media journalists, as well as a video gallery.

Review Pardo 50

Brand Pardo Yachts entered the market in 2016, but the Italian parent company Cantiere del Pardo has been in the industry for over 40 years, so the yachting community took the new shipyard seriously.

Cantiere del Pardo brand started to expand its range when it decided to enter the motor segment. For this purpose, a contract was concluded with Zuccheri Yacht Design, which created the Pardo 43.

The firstborn made a lot of noise. Firstly, the company sold 40 hulls in less than a year, which, of course, emphasizes the demand for the project. Secondly, the boat was the subject of lengthy litigation with the German Hanse due to its similar design to the Fjord 42, which ultimately ended in victory for Pardo.

At the company’s plant at Forli, the indoor areas alone occupy approximately 40,000 m². Other Cantiere del Pardo brands are also assembled at the site, including Grand Soleil sailboats. The total number of ships has already exceeded 4,000 copies.

Under the Pardo Yachts brand shipyard produces designer motor yachts from 11 to 16 meters in length made of fiberglass. All models reach over 35 knots as standard speed, so they can be considered rather fast boats.

Cantiere del Pardo has always attracted customers with the comfort of its boats, attention to detail and high quality, and motor yachts are no exception. Deep stepped V-shaped hulls give Pardo yachts good handling at high speeds. The main deck is made in one level without unnecessary lifts and is equipped with a high bulwark for safety.

Known for their willingness to adapt, Pardo builds powerboats using vinylester resins, carbon fiber stringers filled with foam for structural rigidity, durable fiberglass bottoms and composite topsides with a foam core.

Pardo 50, an open yacht with a futuristic design, was no exception. It combines the space and comfort of a cruising yacht with the lightness, speed of planing, and overall seaworthiness. We have the usual design with a “heavy” raised bow and high sides, coupled with V-shaped contours (16 degrees at the stern and 50 at the bow) ensure reliability and safety, the boat smoothly cuts through the waves.

The layout used is usually called “social”. There are sunbathing beds not only on the foredeck, but also in the stern; next to the galley there is a dinette.

All of this is shaded by a carbon fiber hardtop and protected from oncoming winds by a one-piece windshield. The hardtop has six blackout hatches and an optional SureShade power slide-out system that spans the sofa and entire dinette area.

Review Pardo 50


Features of Pardo 50

  • Brand: Pardo
  • Hull type: Monohull
  • Overall length, m: 14.95
  • Overall length, ft: 49
  • Width, m: 4.96
  • Draft, m: 1.23
  • Displacement, T: 14.9
  • Water tanks, l: 450
  • Exterior design (architect): Zuccheri Yacht Design & Cantiere Del Pardo
  • Interior design: Zuccheri Yacht Design & Cantiere Del Pardo
  • CE Certification: A
  • Engines: 2 × Volvo IPS 600
  • Option engines: 2 x Volvo IPS 700 (550 HP) / 2 x Volvo IPS 800 (600 HP)
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2000
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Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 35 knots
Cruising speed Up to 30 knots
Fuel consumption 125 l/h when planning at a speed of 27 knots

Review of Pardo 50 by topRik Team

topRik team saw Pardo 50 from this angle at Cannes Yachting Festival in 2018. But then we didn’t have enough time to look at it thoroughly, and did not seek to test this boat at the sea. Our close acquaintance took place much later, and it will be discussed in this review.

Review Pardo 50


First... And Second Glance

Despite the fact that sea testing of the Pardo 50 motor boat was not part of our program at that boat show in Cannes, we could not remain indifferent to such beauty - the yacht was memorable, of course. But its placement in cramped conditions of the boat show did not make it possible to appreciate all the unique features of its exterior.

As often happens in life, this superficial acquaintance did not become love at first sight, but by our second meeting Pardo 50 appeared in all its beauty and power, which we were not able to appreciate during the world premiere in France.

Review Pardo 50

It is immediately obvious that the main deck is designed for a large number of passengers. High sides with a wide gunwale ensure their safety and protect them from splashes at high speed, while wide side decks ensure free movement. We have an immediate association arises with luxury and high-speed tenders for superyachts.

The stylish hardtop was developed by a company that works for Lamborghini. Do you see a passage through the center to the control room? Yes, unlike Pardo 43, where the helm can only be approached by going around the side decks.

Review Pardo 50

The V-shaped hull with a reverse slope of the bow indicates the serious speed characteristics of the boat. The huge beach platform adds stability to the yacht, as does the length to width ratio (3:1).

We'll be sure to test our assumptions at sea, but in the meantime, let's climb aboard and explore all the working, living and social areas of the Pardo 50 open motor cruiser.

Why cruiser? This is evidenced by class A (CE Certification) – it is provided for ships capable of withstanding the challenges of the elements on the high seas. Also, the possible fuel reserve (2000 l) provides you with a cruising range of 350 miles at a speed of 25 knots.


On the Transom

You will say that we have already been able to examine this part of the yacht in sufficient detail on previous photos.

Review Pardo 50

A large beach platform, from which two side ladders with wide steps lead to the cockpit, the base of a large sunbathing area leading here and this area itself consisting of three sunbeds facing the platform, as well as two gates opening the entrance to the cockpit. A retractable ladder to the pier across the entire platform can be hidden in one of the steps. We have already seen all this above - you say – but what if you look at it again now?

Review Pardo 50

Significant changes from the second glance at the transom, isn't it? It turns out that the owner of Pardo 50 also becomes the owner of a spacious garage, where you can transport a full-fledged RIB with a length of 2.96 m or a small jet ski. As an option - surfboards, canoes and other devices for sports entertainment at sea.

By the way, the platform is lowered into the water by 80 cm, which makes it easier to launch a tender boat or other toys for water activities. However, there is still a built-in staircase to get into the water individually if not all beach residents want to take a dip.

Please note that there are a variety of teak options available for platform and deck coverings, and the choice of color significantly changes the perception of the yacht's appearance, since the choice of covering dictates the choice of hull color (or vice versa). Here are possible visual options:

Review Pardo 50

Review Pardo 50


In the Cockpit

Almost the entire cockpit is a dining area with a large folding table, the height of which can be adjusted, with a soft C-shaped sofa. If desired, you can also add seats on the third side - then 10 people will definitely fit in here quite freely.

Review Pardo 50

What’s that under the sofa seats - lockers? No, these are very spacious refrigerators. And through a large passage, closer to the control station, covered by the roof of the hardtop, there is a galley, which can safely be called a full-fledged open kitchen. After all, there is a stove (gas or induction), a large refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, grill, sink, storage cabinets, etc.

Review Pardo 50

But the special chic of this part of the boat lies not so much in luxurious sofas and loungers or excellent kitchen equipment, but in the organization of convenient movement across the entire deck, which is executed on one level. The absence of steps along the entire deck means additional safety for passengers.

And one more additional convenience in this regard is the passage to the control station right in the center of the cockpit, between the galley modules. Although approaches to the control post from both sides are still preserved. This comprehensive access to the helm panel reduces the time spent wandering around the deck when you need to quickly get to the skipper's seat.


Inside the Wheelhouse

Let's call this working area the wheelhouse, since all its distinctive features are present here - the helm, the helm panel, specialized chairs, and its boundaries are determined by the pillars and roof of T-top, as well as a windshield.

Review Pardo 50

topRik experts really liked the individual seats for the skipper and crewmate (alternatively, a backseat driver). Experience shows that this is much more convenient and safer than combined chairs for two or even three people. Of course, if both take part in management, this is justified. But in this case, the controls are so simple that even a novice sailor can handle it.

If you're used to steering a boat while standing, these heavy-duty stainless-steel handrails will come in handy. By the way, the footrest across the entire width of the console is made from the same pipe.

Another seat is located across the aisle on the left side. In front of it there is a console with a recess on a horizontal surface where you can put a gadget, book, notepad or just a drink.

The helm panel provides space for two screens of marine multifunction displays, all indicators that reflect the operation of all systems and equipment of the yacht, a powerful engine control lever, a joystick-style thruster, a helm in the shape of a car steering wheel, communications equipment and, of course, navigation equipment that is not included in the listing. However, there is still enough space here for everyone to mount the equipment they need.

Review Pardo 50


On the Foredeck

The entire foredeck, stern and cockpit is a large social area. There are also very wide passages along the deck, all on the same level, and the sunbathing area on several levels is located on an elevated platform. Below there is a sofa for two people, above there are sun loungers.

Review Pardo 50

In the bow itself, the lid of the anchor locker is also disguised as a comfortable sofa.

Review Pardo 50

The anchor installation itself, together with the anchor, is also hidden in the bow and covered by part of the stem. These moments are generally typical for Cantiere del Pardo: everything is elegantly hidden, safely rounded, there are no squeaks when walking and no loud colors, even inside the cabinets it is clear that a lot of attention has been paid to the finishing. Such little details are a sign of high class and comfort, care for the owner of the yacht and his guests.

Review Pardo 50


In the Cabins

On the lower deck in the living quarters, the principle of “a lot of comfort for a few guests” reigns. The manufacturer offers only two cabin configuration options, and in both versions the owner's cabin remains unchanged.

Review Pardo 50

The owner's cabin at the bow of the boat is a huge free space. This is what the entrance looks like.

Review Pardo 50

The cabin features a large island bed with a large locker underneath, shelves, closets and cabinets all around. Despite the fact that the hull does not have portholes, naval architects creatively solved the problem of access to natural light and fresh air. There is a hatch in the ceiling that opens onto the forward sunbathing area (where it is covered by a cushion), and portholes open onto the lower deck.

Review Pardo 50

Review Pardo 50

One of the master stateroom doors leads to the bathroom, which is shared as standard between the owner's stateroom and the second stateroom. There is sufficient height here, the isolated shower stall is quite spacious. A washbasin with cold and hot water supply, an electric toilet, shelves, cabinets and a mirror - everything is provided for hygiene procedures.

Review Pardo 50

The second cabin, almost amidships of the yacht, has 2 single beds. The ceiling above the berths is lower here than in the master cabin, but it’s higher specifically at the entrance and in the bed area. topRik experts really liked this solution - it’s immediately clear that the developers thought about the convenience of passengers. Not only children, but also adult family members or guests of the yacht owner will be comfortably accommodated here.

And once again about the foresight of naval architects and designers: pay attention to the lighting around the perimeter of the recess in the deck, designed to prevent an accident.

Review Pardo 50

Other versions of the lower deck living area offer several options: an additional single cabin with a separate toilet room, which can be used for the hired crew. In this case, separate bathrooms are provided for the master cabin and the double cabin.

The crew cabin can also be used as storage space if the owner operates the yacht himself and family or friends prepare their own food and drinks.


At the Sea

First of all, look at what the engine room looks like on Pardo 50. You can walk around at full height, access to all equipment is free. Plenty of free space for personal tools and spare parts. As everywhere else, everything is convenient and thought out in favor of the servicing mechanic (or the owner of the yacht himself).

Review Pardo 50

The boat we tested had a pair of Volvo IPS 700s at 550 HP each. Their management left the most pleasant impressions. For some reason, we were especially impressed that everyone’s clothes remained completely dry – after we accelerated above the maximum speed declared by the manufacturer of 35 knots. This is despite the fact that to reach planing, a speed of 11 knots was sufficient, which was achieved in 8 seconds.

In addition, as usual in good weather, we tried to make the sailing conditions somewhat more difficult: we crossed our own trail, turned around, and followed our own trail. All this time we were not even worried about splashes on our clothes.

Volvo Penta spoilers and auto-trim helped a lot in terms of steering, as they automatically maintained the required trim.

Through own experience, we found out that for fast cruising it is better to stick to a speed of 30 knots. And if you're not in a hurry and want to save fuel, try 27 knots. Fuel consumption in this case will be 125 liters per hour.

Review Pardo 50


Advantages of Pardo 50

If we traditionally start with the disadvantages, then some noted only the low windshield when driving the boat while standing. But yachtsmen of average height will not notice anything.

The advantages of Pardo 50 are quality in all respects: from the materials, technologies and marine equipment used when making the yacht to the meticulous finishing of the smallest interior details.

Thanks to this approach, the yacht provides the highest possible comfort for everyone on board - both the helmsman and passengers. All participants of a cruise or a one-day vacation at sea will enjoy the organization of life on a yacht. All the little things are provided for a comfortable life and convenient operation of the boat.

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Reviews of Pardo 50 from Professionals

This time, the opinions of the journalists whose reviews we selected did not coincide. If the author of Yachting Magazine Chris Caswell considered the Pardo 50 purely a weekend boat, then Jack Haines, writing for Motor Boat & Yachting, called the yacht a stylish cruiser that is not going to remain just a queen of the bay.

Chris Caswell is one of the first yachting journalists to introduce Pardo 50 to sailors in North America. He began his review with a brief description of the Cantiere del Pardo company.

Moving on to explore the yacht, he described in detail the features of the main deck, focusing on the large number of social areas.

The author noted that he was struck by the sensations of light and volume when he went down to the lower deck. He also briefly discussed the merits of the cabins.

Describing the yacht's exterior, Chris appreciated the retractable section with an anchor, which would eliminate damage when mooring, and the presence of a video camera linked to screens on the control console.

Chris defines the Pardo 50 precisely: it is a yacht designed for outdoor living.

The author did not feel crowded in the engine room, although a maintenance technician was working there at the time. The boat the author examined was equipped with a pair of 600 HP Volvo Penta IPS 800 engines.

The engines were controlled using a joystick. The boat was equipped with Volvo Penta Interceptor vertical trim tabs and Quick gyrostabilizer.

Chris sailed the boat from Miami to Palm Beach, Florida in rough three-foot Gulf Stream currents at a steady 30 knots. At the same time, the inside of the boat and the people were dry and felt comfortable.

So Jack Haines considers the Pardo 50 to be more than just a weekend getaway boat, but a true cruiser. His acquaintance with the yacht took place in Italian port of Portopiccolo.

Jack is pleased that the weather on the day of testing threatened with heavy rain, and the gusty wind in the bay was already raising white-topped waves. The journalist and yachtsman believes this is a good opportunity to find out whether the vessel is more than a sunny weather boat.

Conditions for testing become more difficult as a crew of 11 people is present on board, and the fuel tank is slightly more than half full. The choice of the most powerful engines offered by the manufacturer is very useful - a pair of Volvo Penta IPS 800 with a power of 600 HP.

If you want to know how these tests turned out, follow the link above to the review in Motor Boat & Yachting.

We would only like to add that the author concluded from testing that the Pardo 50 is not just a beautiful boat, but also an efficient one.


Video Reviews of Pardo 50

In these reviews you can check out Pardo 50 both at the sea and from the inside.

Premiere of Pardo 50 at Cannes in 2018 and good footage in action:

The Boat Show delivers another great episode dedicated to Pardo 50:

Snippet of Missoni Customized version on the water:

If you need to know positively everything about Pardo 50, you got 33 minutes of useful information in this one:



This boat is clearly designed for sole ownership - this is the conclusion the topRik team made based on their own experience on the Pardo 50.

This very comfortable, easy-to-handle boat, which can reach a very decent speed, is an ideal choice for those who:

  • decided to provide comfort for their family, and for themselves the pleasure of managing without problems;
  • want to take a break from the sails, but I can’t imagine life without the sea;
  • prefers solitude and comfort at speed;
  • wish to spend romantic cruises and weekends in ideal conditions at the sea.

Although it can also be used for renting out for a weekend or for a corporate event, but only on the condition that the crew (at least a professional helmsman) will also come from the lessor.

Review Pardo 50


Where to Buy Pardo 50 at a Bargain Price

If you are really wondering where to buy Pardo 50 at a good price, it’s very simple: ask the experts of the topRik marketplace and you will receive full advice on any issues related to this motor cruiser.

In addition, the consultation is free. Do you know exactly which version you want and how much it will cost? No? Then another bonus from our trading platform is a free configuration calculator.

Visit the price calculator on sales page and create a motor yacht that exactly suits your preferences. At the same time, compare the cost to your planned amount for purchasing a boat.

This is where the advice of our experts will come in handy. After all, they are not only experienced sailors, but also excellent negotiators who create our SimpleSail fleet. They will not allow you to spend too much, but will advise you on everything that is necessary for the excellent functioning of the yacht.

Have you finished working with the configuration calculator and don't know what to do next? topRik experts mastered the entire process of purchasing a boat over many years of practice - it includes:

  • negotiations with a manufacturer or dealer, the purpose of which is favorable conditions for the buyer;
  • sales and purchase agreements, insurance, customs clearance, etc.;
  • control of the equipment and general condition of the vessel at the place of shipment;
  • moving the yacht to a destination determined by the buyer.

topRik experts perform the entire cycle with or without the participation of the buyer. They have dozens of yachts to their credit, transported to our marinas in Montenegro and Croatia from various shipyards around the world.

All this experience now works for you from the very minute you contact our marketplace experts at the specified phone number, through the quick contact form or at [email protected].

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