BWA 30 Premium Review

In this article we will talk about the semi-rigid 9-meter motor boat BWA 30 Premium from the Italian company BWA Nautica. The topRik team shares its testing experience, including at sea.

As always, for better visualization, the review is accompanied by photographs, schematics, a video gallery and is also supplemented by an opinion about this RIB from another source.

Review BWA 30 Premium

Even if beauty will not save the world, it certainly makes it more pleasing to the eye. Therefore, the Italian company BWA creates boats that can not only meet almost any request, but also attract admiring glances.

Italy is a country where craft borders on art, and art is the constant background of all Italian life. Here even shoes or boats are made with no less inspiration than poetry and paintings are written. This is how products appear that fall under the definition of “Italian style,” although this is, rather, not a style, but a spirit. The recipe for this spirit is simple - you just need to do the same thing well, generation after generation. It is not surprising that most of the iconic companies in Italy are family businesses with a decent history.

The BWA Nautica, by Italian standards, is still an infant - the foundations of the company were laid in the 1950s. And only 35 years ago the BWA Nautica was created (stands for Breventani William Adriano), which today is recognized as a world fashion trendsetter in the RIB class - boats with a rigid hull and inflatable chambers instead of sides.

BWA products combine high technology with strict environmental protection requirements. Owner of William Breventani noted that the BWA Nautica technical department does not only deals with projects, but also explores the market for new materials. And the use of innovative technologies in production allows us to quickly introduce new models into production.

The founder of the company produced the first models, focusing on scuba divers and those who use boats in their professional activities. It was these consumers who influenced the company's priorities. Strength and safety are of paramount importance here. BWA Nautica now produces many different boat models (both for work and for leisure), using the vast experience that has been accumulated over the years.

BWA workshops are located in the commune of Dresdano near Milan: here they design and produce a huge number of different models of boats from 2.5 to 14 meters in length. In fact, BWA covers all niches, from inexpensive budget boats to luxury high-speed RIBs, which can cost up to 300 thousand euros.

One of the main series of pleasure motor boats is Premium, which offers semi-rigid boats with cabins from 9 to 12 meters in length, suitable for cruising.

Review BWA 30 Premium

As for professional RIBs, in the production of Premium pleasure and cruising motor boats the company uses semi-rigid hypalon for the sides. This material is the shell for the inflatable chambers, of which the BWA 30 Premium has seven: one central (bow) and three on each side.

The diameter of the chambers is 63 cm, and when entering planing they practically do not touch the water and, moreover, do not submerge in the water even during steep turns.

But one should not think that the buoyancy of the boat is provided only by these large-diameter inflatable sides. The rigid hull of the boat is another factor that provides its enormous buoyancy potential. It is made of fiberglass with the inherent low specific gravity of this material and high strength.

Excellent buoyancy and low draft, as well as thoughtful deck and cabin design, allow the BWA 30 Premium to carry 20 people on board. But the good carrying capacity of a vessel does not always mean that its design can withstand the tests of a sea cruise. In case of BWA 30 Premium it is no problem.

The design of the BWA 30 Premium is certified in the CE system as class B - sea, which means that the RIB is able to successfully withstand severe weather conditions during sea travel: wind force up to force 8 and wave height up to 4 meters. That is, this RIB can be used not only for coastal cruises, but also for more serious sea crossings. Moreover, on board there are all the necessary conditions for a normal life, with the ability to replenish water, fuel and food.

More details can be found in the review from the topRik team, who can confirm these assessments with their own experience of studying the capabilities of the BWA 30 Premium at sea.

Review BWA 30 Premium

Features of BWA 30 Premium

  • Hull type: Monohull
  • Overall length, m: 9.3
  • Overall length, ft: 30
  • Width, m: 3.5
  • Category CE: B
  • Power, HP: 2 x 115-175-200-300
  • Fuel tanks, l: 540
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Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 56 knots
Cruising speed Up to 45 knots
Fuel consumption 28 l/h when planning at a speed of 38 knots with 300 HP engines

Review of BWA 30 Premium by Toprik Team

We first saw BWA 30 Premium during Genoa International Boat Show - one of its organizers was William Breventani himself. It was October 2020, and this maritime show was actually the only major exhibition in the Mediterranean.

First Look

To us, the boat looked stylish, agile and lightweight even from afar.

Review BWA 30 Premium

Large diameter inflatable sides are located high on the fiberglass hull, there is a lot of space on the deck, as seen from the pier: in the stern and bow cockpits everything is given over to social areas. And since the deck itself is not visible from the pier, the height of the sides is sufficient to ensure the safety of passengers.

The width of the boat, or rather its ratio to the length, also indicates that the BWA 30 Premium is very stable when turning. Well, we will check this by getting on board and then at sea.

What is visible from the dock is the control console - very well placed and filled with instruments and equipment, including a large marine display screen, as well as a bimini on a robust folding structure made of stainless-steel pipes. Most likely, bimini and everything like T-top is an option, as evidenced by our many years of experience in boat research. But this one-piece windshield is hopefully included in the standard list.

Of course, we appreciated the Evinrude outboards, which are reputed to be fuel-efficient thanks to direct fuel injection and electronic oil control via a jet pump. As far as we know, no one else produces these yet.

But what finally forced us to carefully and thoroughly study and test the boat at sea was the view from the transom.

On the Transom

Why are we so impressed with the look of the BWA 30 Premium transom? We really liked how the problem of organizing the beach platform was solved, as well as the transverse laying of the yew flooring.

Review BWA 30 Premium

Outboard motors take up most space here. The manufacturer offers several power options for paired engines - from 115 to 300 HP, including a recommended power of 175 HP, and also, as you can see in the photo above, a version with 200 HP is also offered.

The boat that the topRik team tested had Evinrude ones installed, and it looked exactly like the photo below, unfortunately, without the ladies.

Review BWA 30 Premium

While staying at sea, cruise participants have two beach islands at their disposal, one of which is equipped with a folding outboard ladder for convenient and safe entry into the water and ascent on board for swimmers.

The superstructures on the sides are equipped with stainless-steel cleats. The gates are also made from the same material, which perform a protective function, simulating a transom wall together with the back of the aft sofa, and at the same time serving as an entrance to the cockpit.

Review BWA 30 Premium

In the Cockpit

This layout helps understand the distribution of its area for social and work areas. The width of the boat allows for fairly wide side decks. The bimini covers most of the cockpit.

Review BWA 30 Premium

We warn you in advance that between the beach platform and the cockpit deck there is a wide step across the entire width of the transom - it is clearly visible on picture above, and the transom sofa is located on it. The main deck is much lower, so watch your step as you climb from the platform and into the cockpit. This is done in order to increase the height of the sides in relation to the people on the deck in order to protect them from falling out of the boat during a strong roll or push.

But if you are sitting, you are in no danger, since with the sharpest roll the water only reaches the middle of the inflatable sides, as shown in the photo below.

Review BWA 30 Premium

By the way, you can take a seat inside the cockpit in a very pleasant environment. There is a wonderful dining area, which consists of two comfortable sofas and a table that can be folded out and the height of the tabletop changed.

Review BWA 30 Premium

Why does a dining table need such features? It’s to arrange if not a sleeping place, then an excellent spot for sunbathing. The table is lowered and placed on top with an additional mattress.

Review BWA 30 Premium

Don’t worry, the table, of course, can also be used for its intended purpose - for outdoor dining. Raising the helm seat reveals a decent-sized galley, complete with grill and sink. So freshly caught fish can be cut up and fried, and served right away.

Review BWA 30 Premium

Are you not into fishing? Then just fill up the refrigerator and freezer, which are hidden in the cabinet under the helmsman's seat, with your favorite treats.

But these are not all the secrets of the cockpit. Considering the small dimensions of the boat, the naval architects tried to provide it with storage space as much as possible. Why waste space under the seats if you can equip lockers here.

Review BWA 30 Premium

By the way, the photo above gives you an excellent idea of the relationship between the size of the boat and the person. As you can see, the sofa seat can easily accommodate four people, and if you make some room, then five. The same locker is located in the sofa opposite.

In the Wheelhouse

Of course, for a boat, albeit such a large one, this is a very conditional division, since in fact the entire deck from the transom to the chain box in the bow, is the cockpit. Which area - the cockpit or the wheelhouse - does the helmsman's seat belong to if it is both a galley and a refrigerator?

Review BWA 30 Premium

It is an excellent and very comfortable seat, by the way, as our experience has shown. It can be adjusted to suit your height, and can be operated while standing or sitting. In both cases, the skipper may find it useful to have a footrest in the form of a wide pedal.

Review BWA 30 Premium

In fact, the entire cabin resembles the driver's seat of a luxury car, including a helm in the shape of a car steering wheel. Of course, the BWA 30 Premium console will be slightly taller and is unlikely to fit into any car. You won't find such a helm panel on every yacht.

This is not surprising, because this RIB is equipped in much the same way as a good motor yacht. Therefore, all navigation instruments (compass, autopilot, thruster, electronic control of Evinrude engines , etc.) are displayed on the panel, which includes the marine display. Depending on the installed programs, it can perform the functions of a chartplotter and sonar, tracking not only the route, but also the state of the sea depths.

The helm console displays indicators of all equipment that ensures the life of the boat, as well as communications.

We especially appreciated that the RIB is equipped with such a powerful engine control lever - not every yacht can please with such a reliable device for this purpose.

And another indisputable advantage of this cabin is the solid windshield of sufficient height and curved sides, which perfectly protects the helmsman. Wind in your hair is, of course, romantic, but wind in your ears at 50 knots can drive you crazy or cause ear infections.

At the Bow

This area is completely dedicated to relaxation and entertainment – here you have a luxurious sun lounger for two or three lucky people.

Review BWA 30 Premium

Although those who sit opposite will be no less happy on this large terrace for sunbathing or just relaxing with a magazine or a device – it is also a great place to have a chat.

Review BWA 30 Premium

In the deck on the photo above you can see a slot for installing a table leg that is the same shape as the sofa recess. You probably already guessed the further process. The tabletop lowers to the level of the sofa and connects it with a chaise longue into one huge sunbathing areas or sleeping place, if someone is not afraid to sleep in the fresh air at the open sea.

Review BWA 30 Premium

But that’s not all that can be done in this modular interior. Under the mattresses and sun loungers there are storage lockers, in particular, for anchorage; further storage is at the discretion of the boat owner.

Review BWA 30 Premium

Inside the Cabin

Yes, this motor RIB has a fully equipped cabin with a large double bed. In the photo below you see only part of this cabin from the entrance to it through the door near the helm console.

Review BWA 30 Premium

And if you look from a different angle, you will see not only a table, but also a cabinet, shelves, drawers and plenty of seating.

Review BWA 30 Premium

But this is also... You guessed it! The ottoman next to the table doubles as a case for the marine toilet.

Review BWA 30 Premium

At the Sea

Non-sailors would say that we were lucky with the weather on this October day, but since we had to test the BWA 30 Premium at sea, we hoped for bad weather. It didn’t work out, so we had to create breakers and waves ourselves, and then cross the own trail or, turning sharply, walk along it.

All these tricks justified our preliminary assumptions about the high stability of the boat. With her bow raised proudly, she relentlessly cut through the waves and breakers with her V-shaped hull, without yawing or dolphining.

Control turned out to be simple, all control systems were at hand at a convenient distance. A very obedient vessel that strictly adheres to a given course.

We checked the shipyard's claim that it was possible to reach a speed of 55 knots with the engines that were installed on our boat, and empirically determined that this claim was true. We even went with some excess for a while just to check.

At a speed of 40-45 knots the boat behaves perfectly. But if you want to save fuel, even though as we have already written, these engines are efficient in themselves, we recommend keeping the speed within 70 km/h (38 knots), then you will spend less than half a liter of gasoline for each kilometer, a little more than 28 liters per hour.

Of course, with other engines the consumption will be different - but we were not able to test this in practice.

Review BWA 30 Premium

Advantages of BWA 30 Premium

This is an excellent boat for relaxation and cruising, which provides everything you need without unnecessary luxury. At the same time, the comfort of staying on the BWA 30 Premium is ensured for both passengers and the helmsman, since the arrangement of living and working areas, as well as recreation areas, has been thought out to the smallest detail.

The modular system in the interior designs does an excellent job of creating a comfortable space suitable for a wonderful holiday at sea. On the water BWA 30 Premium is stable and safe for everyone on board. The quality of materials and equipment ensures high performance of the boat without risk to passengers.

There is a choice of engines by brand, power and fuel consumption characteristics. Fuel-efficient engines, while not cheap, will compensate for “extra” gasoline expenses in the future.

Simple, convenient, intuitive controls can be added as the last point to the list of advantages of the BWA 30 Premium – last but not the least.

Review BWA 30 Premium

Reviews of BWA 30 Premium from Professionals

Chloé Torterat from Boats News wrote one of the very first reviews in December 2016, dedicated to the world premiere of BWA 30 Premium. The author saw the boat in Paris at the Nautic exhibition, where it ended up after the Cannes Film Festival.

Even in the title of her review, the author promised readers who will become owners of this RIB a family cruise at high speed.

Chloé did not test the boat at sea, since the exhibition did not allow this, but very carefully examined all the features of its design and configuration. If there's anything we've missed, you'll definitely find it at the link provided to her review at Boats News.

She correctly noted that the designers paid great attention to the finishing, seams, and color scheme.

The author stated that the cabin height is 2 meters, and it is equipped with a marine toilet as standard. Another separate toilet with a toilet, washbasin and shower is optionally available.

Chloé also correctly notes and describes in detail the design of the control console and mentions the principle of the self-draining cockpit of this boat - drainage is carried out through 4 special gutters.

Video Reviews of BWA 30 Premium

Here we provide some footage of this boat – both in action and from the inside.

Look at this beauty cut the waves and the price tag will seem more acceptable right away:

Walkaround of BWA 30 Premium at 2016 Salon Nautique Paris:

Another long look at boat’s interiors:


This comfortable and fast rigid hull inflatable boat can be used by boatsmen with very different preferences, including:

  • loners who go to sea to get away from the crowds;
  • those who like to relax in large groups of close friends or acquaintances;
  • heads of families who do not want to spoil their relatives too much, but strive to provide them with comfort, and most importantly, safety on a cruise;
  • novice sailors who want to start with a simple boat and gradually increase the complexity of management;
  • experienced yachtsmen who are tired of sails, but cannot part with the sea and speed;
  • lovers of speed and wind in their hair without much hassle.

This list can be continued for another dozen points. This means that those who rent out boats have great prospects if they have BWA 30 Premium boats in their fleet. Of course, for all of the listed categories, it makes sense to individually own such a RIB if trips to sea are made regularly.

Review BWA 30 Premium

Where to Buy BWA 30 Premium at a Bargain Price

You might already know where to buy BWA 30 Premium at a good price - the topRik marketplace will do everything to make this process enjoyable for you, rather than troublesome and lengthy.

All experts on our trading platform are experienced sailors who annually test and select motor and sailing boats for our SimpleSail fleet on favorable terms. With the fleet located in our marinas in Montenegro and Croatia, topRik sailors have extensive experience ferrying boats and yachts to our berths from shipyards around the world.

They all know how to negotiate, draw up documents, and equip a ship without overpaying for unnecessary things, but providing it with everything that is needed.

All this experience is now yours.

You can start right now. You have the right to free services from the topRik marketplace:

  • virtual configuration of any boat using our price calculator, where you can go even without registration;
  • consultations with topRik experts in the process of choosing a boat version using a calculator and also on any other product offered here.

Allow topRik team to accompany your further actions in purchasing BWA 30 Premium or entrust this task entirely to our employees. This will save you from hassle and time waste.

Call the phone number specified above, send a request to [email protected] or use the Contacts section to use the feedback form.

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