XO EXPLR 10 Review

In this extensive review we are talking about a series of aluminum motor boats EXPLR 10 from the Finnish shipyard XO Boats. The topRik team compares all 4 modifications, using our own experience with these vessels.

As usual, for visualization there are many photographs, a voluminous video gallery, as well as a final table that clearly shows the differences and similarities in the technical characteristics of EXPLR 10 series boats.

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The slogan of the Finnish shipyard XO Boats - “When others stay in port” - fully reveals the philosophy of the company created in 2008. The brand was born as a result of the merger of two boat brands - Aquador and Paragon Yachts.

XO Boats founders Erkki Talvela, who still runs the shipyard today, and Sakari Mattila decided that for the production of boats operating in harsh northern conditions, there is no better material than aluminum. The company therefore decided to specialize in the production of fast, seaworthy boats with marine grade aluminum hulls and glass composite decks.

The company quickly gained momentum and in the first 6 years produced more than 400 boats. The efficient deep-V hull is designed to handle high speeds and ride waves with ease, making the XO boats a fun-to-drive experience.

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Military strength standards were also in demand in warm waters, so XO boats are also successfully sold in Mediterranean countries.

The company is capable of producing up to 300 boats per year. The design of XO boats is carried out in Finland, and production is concentrated in Poland at the Slepsk shipyard. The company is carrying out the design work in collaboration with the Slovenian bureau J & J Design.

The XO range consists of fast planing boats from 25 to 36 feet in outboard and inboard versions, with open deckhouse, hardtop or enclosed trawlerhouse.

In 2014, the company became part of the EM Group, under whose leadership the brand continued to develop, offering customers more comfortable cruise modifications of its models, which is especially noticeable in the EXPLR 10 series, which is based on the early model XO 270 Cabin. Actually, the EXPLR 10 series is a relaunch of the XO 270 series, which also had several modifications.

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The largest and at the same time elegant XO hulls, measuring under 9 m in length, bring the bulk of customers to the shipyard. A keeled bottom with a shallow draft, the presence of a pilothouse, an open aft cockpit (and in some modifications, a bow one) turn the EXPLR 10 into an excellent tool for one-day cruises with a breeze, regardless of the weather, unless the seas exceed 6 points.

For multi-day cruises, by the way, it’s the same: even without a cabin in the wheelhouse, you can, by folding out the seats, create 2-3 berths, and an optional heater, wet bar and water heating system, including the shower, will add comfort.

The boats are available with single or twin outboard engines or with inboard engines. The maximum speed of all models in the EXPLR 10 series exceeds 40 knots.

According to representatives of XO Boats, the four-bedroom Sport+ version with a bow cabin is the most popular for those shipyard clients who intend to use the boat mainly on weekends.

The + sign just means the presence of a bow cabin. The addition of the index IB (inboat) in the model’s name indicates the presence of stationary engines. Unlike the OB (outboat) index, which is not used in the designation of these boats, it is simply assumed that the absence of the IB index in the name indicates the presence of outboard engines.

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Appearance of all variants of modifications of the EXPLR 10 series from the XO shipyard boats is shown in the photos above. After you look at them and get acquainted with their Features , which are summarized in a single table, the topRik team invites you to an unusual study of all 4 versions at once.

Marketplace experts share with you the first-hand, hands-on experience they gained through research and testing while selecting motorized rigid boats for our SimpleSail fleet.

Features of XO EXPLR 10

Specification XO EXPLR 10 Sport XO EXPLR 10 Sport IB XO EXPLR 10 Sport+ XO EXPLR 10 Sport+ IB
Overall length, m 9.4 8.66 9.4 8.66
Overall length, ft 31 28 31 28
Width, m 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5
Draft, m 0.92 0.95 0.92 0.95
Displacement, T 2.616 2.635 2.616 2.714
CE Certification C C C C
Engine Mercury / Yamaha Mercury / Yanmar Mercury / Yamaha Mercury / Yanmar
Engine quantity 2 2 2 2
Type of engines Outboard Inboard Outboard Inboard
Power, hp 2 x 250 370 2 x 250 370
Fuel tanks, l 2 x 225 315 2 x 225 315
Max Speed, knt 45 40 45 40
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Review of XO EXPLR 10 by topRik Team

Despite the fact, or maybe even precisely because we have to examine 4 boats at the same time, the topRik team decided not to change the usual virtual tour order. Of course, testing was carried out on different days, but in the review it will look like one big busy day of work, which we will spend on the pier and at sea. Ready?

First Look

If you look at each of the XO modifications EXPLR 10 “in person”, then these look like twins. Not surprising, since they have one ancestor - the XO 270 aluminum alloy boat, which also has twins in its pedigree - XO 270 RS, XO 270 RS Cabin, XO 270 RS OB, etc. But you can’t hide the related DNA – and manufacturer in every possible way emphasizes the glorious origin of the XO series boats EXPLR 10.

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On the Transom

Some differences, like with all twins, can be identified if you change the viewing angle. For example, looking at these boats in profile, we will immediately highlight a group with outboard motors - EXPLR 10 Sport and EXPLR 10 Sport+ and a group with stationary engines - EXPLR 10 Sport IB and EXPLR 10 Sport+ IB.

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Therefore, it's time to carefully examine the transom of each of these pairs. The transom of the XO EXPLR 10 models equipped with inboard engines is a large beach platform, equipped with a launch ladder and a stern anchor unit (optional).

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A gate from the transom opens access to the cockpit on both sides. Such a huge beach platform leaves room for the imagination. It can also be used for its intended purpose, lay out a sun lounger here or place a chair with a table. There is also enough space to transport equipment for water activities, such as surfboards - the width of 2.59 m allows this.

And of course, this is a great place for fishing in any way - trolling, drifting, etc. – there is a place to place spinning rods and turn around without interfering with each other.

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On the transom of models with outboard engines, we also see a very beautiful picture, but in a different way. The entire transom board in the EXPLR 10 Sport IB and EXPLR 10 Sport+ IB versions was occupied by engines, leaving only memories of the beach platform, to which, however, you can attach a ladder for getting into the water, and only if such is the owner’s wish.

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This option is especially relevant if the boat uses one motor. The vacated engine compartment can, of course, be used as a huge additional trunk, but given the appetite of gasoline engines, a significant amount of it is allocated for an additional fuel tank.

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

Lacking the benefit of a beach platform, outboard models more than make up for this loss with a spacious cockpit. There are designs for soft seats on three sides of the folding table.

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

The tabletop on a leg can be rotated depending on the number of people dining here in the fresh air.

Regardless of the modification, the large transparent sliding door to the cabin (or wheelhouse) is a common feature of all versions of the EXPLR 10 line.

In the Wheelhouse/Saloon

We believe that the name “saloon” for any part of this amphibious cruiser will probably be discordant with its brutal appearance and essence, so we will focus on two options - the wheelhouse, or the saloon.

But as soon as you cross this transparent barrier, you realize that behind the brutal appearance lies a soft, comfortable atmosphere. The architects and designers of XO make full use of the modular principle in the interior, since the same principle is applied in the architecture of all modifications of the EXPLR 10 series.

The upholstered cabin furniture that makes up the dinette area is an L-shaped sofa and a seat with a soft back, which can be turned towards the table, or turned 180 degrees to keep the helmsman company, with him observing the oncoming sea panorama through the windshield of the wheelhouse.

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But the transformation of this zone is not limited to this. We lower the table so that its tabletop is level with the seats, cover it with an additional mattress and voila - a luxurious sleeping place for the helmsman or his assistant is ready.

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

But still, the main place of the helmsman is not on this comfortable bench, but at the helm. It looks like a car steering wheel; the powerful engine control lever is conveniently located, as is the entire steering panel. It contains all the indicators that can be used to control the operation of yacht equipment, as well as all navigational instruments and communications.

Pay attention to the compact and comfortable seat - it is strictly for one person only; you cannot join the helmsman and distract him from steering. The seat is transformable so that the helmsman can comfortably operate the boat both sitting and standing. For this purpose, a fairly strong and large footrest is offered.

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At first glance from the pier it was clear that there was enough light and fresh air in the wheelhouse. But let's evaluate these parameters from the inside from two angles - from the door and from the control station.

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

There is almost continuous glazing all around, huge sliding doors from the cockpit, opening overhead hatches and a door to the left of the helm station that gives access to the foredeck. But there are nuances here that we will discuss when we move on to the bow of boats of each modification.

At first glance at the boats of the XO EXPLR 10 series, you may have doubts about the sufficient height of the deckhouse. But when you take the first step from the cockpit into the wheelhouse, you will understand - be careful with your step - that sufficient height here is created due to the difference in deck levels.

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As an addition to comfortable life on board you get this compact but well-equipped galley, which is located behind the back of the helmsman's seat (a refrigerator is hidden under the seat).

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

A stove, a sink, a garbage container, places to store non-perishable food and kitchen utensils - nothing superfluous, but everything you need is available to prepare even a substantial lunch. Especially if the owner wishes to have a microwave oven on board.

Another opportunity to ensure maximum comfort on board is the toilet module, which is equipped in a large closed console to the left of the helm station. Not much space? We remind you that the total length of boats in this series is from 8.66 to 9.4 meters. Therefore, every decimeter of area and every cubic meter of volume is used wisely here.

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By the way, in the same console of the control post there is a place for storing things that are afraid of dampness, for example, additional mattresses for sleeping places, bed linen, etc.

At the Bow

The differences between XO EXPLR 10 series boats will be even more pronounced if we look at them in horizontal projection. We can see that a couple of modifications (EXPLR 10 Sport+ and EXPLR 10 Sport+ IB) have an open bow cockpit, and the other two have a bow cabin for two people with the possibility of exiting to the bow deck.

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

Well, with the open bow cockpit everything is clear - this is a relaxation area. Here you can sunbathe, dine in the fresh air, receiving food from the galley through the door in the bow of the wheelhouse.

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

Or just relax and chat in good company. By the way, it seems we haven’t yet said that each of the boats in the series can accommodate up to 10 passengers for a weekend sea or river trip.

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

In addition to the fact that there is a lot of space to accommodate passengers, there are also hidden lockers for storing many useful things for which there is usually not enough space on a boat of any size. After all, the larger the boat, the more of these extremely necessary useful things.

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

But it seems that for the EXPLR 10 boats, the XO shipyard was able to successfully solve this problem. This huge forepeak will accommodate not only the anchor chain, but also all the fenders when inflated, and also... don’t hold back your imagination.

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

Although nothing prevents the owner of one of these modifications from a long coastal cruise - the boats are certified for sea class C (CE). Of course, in this case you should choose a modification with a bow cabin and four berths - just enough for a family or a group of close friends.

And here the engineering genius of the XO naval architects managed to surprise beyond words. It would seem that what could be simpler than covering the bow cockpit with a deck and equipping it with a cabin-cuddy? On most boats with a similar layout, to get to the forecastle (the bow deck), you have to either make your way along narrow sideways or squeeze through a skylight with a hinged lid. XO Boats has come up with a brilliant and truly extraordinary solution to this problem.

The principle is partially borrowed from sailing yachts, but literally turned upside down. The sliding hood, familiar to any yachtsman, which makes it easier to enter and exit with a relatively low height of the superstructure, was placed here not on the roof of the wheelhouse, but on the deck!

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

And, in addition to the champion dimensions of the entrance opening, resulting from such a horizontal-vertical scheme (deck cap plus a folding central section of the windshield), as a bonus we still have something like a bow cockpit, only smaller.

After all, the hood cover can be kept pushed all the way forward and on the move (it is fixed only in extreme positions), as well as the glass “window” working in tandem with it.

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

This is also convenient for better ventilation - the counter airflow created on the move can be quite finely adjusted, especially since two more large ceiling hatches (this time fixed in any intermediate position) and, naturally, the aft saloon door act as adjustment “flaps”.

When you stand in the passage between the consoles, the deck is located approximately at chest level, but to go out onto the foredeck, you simply need to pull up and lock in this position the table that serves as the basis for a 2-bed in the cabin below deck.

If you unfold this table and remove the pillow, the cabin can be used as a soft lounge for gatherings over a glass of wine, tea or coffee.

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

Of course, it’s a little difficult to hear how to use this table to access the bow deck. Just watch how the XO Boats Member of Executive Board Giacomo Guadagnini does it in one of the featured video reviews in our video gallery below.

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

At the Sea

We have tested each modification at sea and want to confirm all the manufacturers' claims about their maximum cruising speed. On almost all modifications, regardless of engine type, the declared maximum speed was exceeded. That is, in this regard, the EXPLR 10 aluminum motor cruisers have significant potential.

All versions have a 24-degree deadrise, which is the generally accepted maximum for offshore racing boats. This allows you to maintain a speed close to the maximum, not to mention just the planing mode, even in conditions of significant waves.

Restrictions on maneuverability, including at full speed, are minimal, although on short and steep longitudinal waves you need to be more careful, and when overtaking large motor yachts, you need to cross the wake at an angle of at least 30°. However, this is not such a high price to pay for the opportunity to rush at full speed, when most other road users, in order to avoid impacts and shaking, prefer to slowly go in transitional or displacement mode.

Virtual tour

XO EXPLR 10 Sport+

XO EXPLR 10 Sport+ IB

Differences Between Modifications

For those who do not have time to read the entire review and delve into all the details, we have prepared a summary table of the main differences between the modifications of the XO EXPLR 10 aluminum motor cruisers.
Features XO EXPLR 10 Sport XO EXPLR 10 Sport IB XO EXPLR 10 Sport+ XO EXPLR 10 Sport+ IB
Overall length, m 9.4 8.66 9.4 8.66
Overall length, ft 31 28 31 28
Displacement, T 2.616 2.635 2.616 2.714
Type of engines Outboard Inboard Outboard Inboard
Power, hp 2 x 250 370 2 x 250 370
Fuel tanks, l 2 x 225 315 2 x 225 315
Max Speed, knots 45 40 45 40
Number of cabins 0 0 1 1
Number of beds 2+1 2+1 2+2 2+2

price XO EXPLR 10 for Sale

Advantages of XO EXPLR 10

Benefits of the EXPLR 10 series lie in original design solutions, the use of aluminum alloy for the manufacture of the hull and comfortable life on board, whether on a short one-day weekend or on a long coastal cruise.

The strength and reliability of these Scandinavian-style boats is ensured by precisely calculated deadrise, hull shape and balance. At the same time, this ensures excellent maneuverability and quick planing.

The choice of 4 modifications allows you to choose a boat in exact accordance with the needs of each boatsman.

Quality, speed, confident stability even on waves at high speed, sufficient comfort and a lot of interesting and useful modular solutions are excellent characteristics that explain such a high demand for boats of the EXPLR 10 series from the XO Boats shipyard.

Video Reviews of XO EXPLR 10

In this section we are going to provide reviews for different modification.

First, EXPLR 10 Sport’s features are showcased by Ribeye Boats:

Great walkthroughs of different versions from the manufacturer:

Also, testament from rescue team in Estonia, who are using XO boats:

Reviews of XO EXPLR 10 from Professionals

Here we provide a comparative review of all XO range, including EXPLR 10 series from John K. Hanson, Jr.

In this short review, the author talks about the philosophy of the brand: XO stands for “cross-over” and “extraordinary” at the same time. Ambitious, yet deserved – when talking about EXPLR 10 series, John says that the wheelhouse has enough room for five people thanks to forward cabin’s tiny head with a hatch to the forward deck. You also can turn the setee into a bed, which we also appreciated.

The view for the skipper is unobstructed at any speed – windshield is like a vertical window and the bow is not high. Dock can be accessed from the bow pulpit when the boat is pulled up.

At 35 knots John’s boat with 270 HP Mercury diesel uses 1.5 liters per mile, which is quite efficient.

Some more technical characteristics: at the keel the XO hulls are 8mm thick, at waterline – 5mm and at topsides – 4mm. Deck and top hull are made of fiberglass. Author says that he himself likes XO boats and trusts them to keep him and his family warm while crossing Penobscot Bay or heading to a summer picnic on a beach.


XO motor cruisers EXPLR 10 with aluminum alloy hulls find a following among sailors with a variety of needs, including:

  • novice sailors who want to quickly go to sea without lengthy training;
  • caring fathers and husbands who want to provide their family with complete safety and comfort during boat trips;
  • speed lovers who don't want to deal with sails;
  • those who want to be alone, alone with nature;
  • romantics who want privacy with their loved one among the beauty of the sea.
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Where to Buy XO EXPLR 10 at a Bargain Price

If you have chosen a suitable modification from the XO Boats shipyard and you are already wondering where to buy EXPLR 10 at a good price, you can stop racking your brains. topRik marketplace experts already know the answer to your question.

Our trading platform employees have extensive experience in selecting boats that exactly meet the required characteristics, successful negotiations with manufacturers and dealers on providing the most favorable conditions, fast and high-quality preparation of documents, transportation of boats and yachts to our marinas in Montenegro and Croatia from the berths of various shipyards over the world. They successfully and profitably form our SimpleSail fleet and help our clients profitably purchase boats for personal use or for business.

All this accumulated experience will work for you. Let's start cooperation right now - it won't cost you anything, including completing your version of EXPLR 10 using the virtual price calculator. At the same time, you can plan your budget for it.

If you can’t cope, call our experts for help - at this stage all consultations are free. By the way, you don’t even have to register on the website for this.

To ask topRik team for help, call the specified phone number, report your requirements to [email protected] or use the quick feedback system in the Contacts section.

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