Pardo 43 Review

topRik team continues to explore the luxury motor boats from the Italian shipyard Pardo Yachts. This review is dedicated to the shipyard's firstborn Pardo 43, its advantages that allowed the parent company Cantiere del Pardo become a leader in the market not only of sailing, but also of motor yachts.

The review, based on the personal experience of topRik experts, is, as always, supported by a lot of photos and layout plans, videos and, of course, the opinion of eminent yachtsmen from popular yachting magazines.

Pardo 43 Review

In 1973, Giuseppe Giuliani started producing racing sailing yachts that were both elegant and seaworthy. To do this, he opened the Cantiere del Pardo shipyard in Bologna and the first yachts came out under the Grand Soleil brand. Success came to Giuliani from the very first model, Grand Soleil 34: by early 1982, more than 200 hulls had been produced. In the 1980s, Giuseppe switched to creating regatta yachts with improved racing characteristics and expanded the model range with Grand Soleil 35, 41 and 39, designed by Alain Jezekel. In the 90s Cantiere del Pardo renews its lineup and ushers in the era of yachts designed by Hermann Frers, who became the author of such iconic models for the shipyard as the GS 42, GS 45 and GS 52, nicknamed “Spaghetti Swan” due to its resemblance to the boats of the famous Swedish shipyard. Another successful model, Maxi One (1992), was created by legendary American designer Bruce Farr.

In the 2000s, the shipyard continued to update its model range, and to this day offers customers stylish, fast and comfortable yachts. Models of recent years are distinguished by a return to a distinctly Italian aesthetic. Since the brand's founding, almost 4,000 Grand Soleil sailboats have been produced. Many of the brand's yachts have won prestigious awards. Today Cantiere del Pardo produces approximately 140 hulls annually.

Cantiere del Pardo’s headquarters and production are located in Forlì, between Bologna and San Marino. The production is divided into three blocks: a technological workshop, traditional production using manual labor and a premises for assembly. The shipyard also has a large test pool. High performance of Grand yachts Soleil is largely achieved through rigid and lightweight hulls, typically made from fiberglass impregnated with vinylester epoxy resin. All hulls are reinforced with carbon filaments, making them even more rigid while reducing weight. The shipyard's yachts are characterized by exquisite design combined with high-quality materials.

All Grand Soleil yachts are characterized by a combination of high performance and comfortable interior spaces, more typical for cruise boats. Today, the shipyard produces three types of sailing yachts: cruisers, cruiser-racers and custom yachts up to 80 feet in length. The newest models from the shipyard, developed by Paperini, are fast and responsive sports boats, at the same time stylish and safe, Italian style. The shipyard's latest generation sailing flagships mark the launch of Cantiere del Pardo to the maxi-yacht market, new to the shipyard. Yachts of the Long Cruise line features greater internal volume and provides more luxurious accommodation and comfort when sailing or living on board, while maintaining high-speed performance.

As you can see, Cantiere del Pardo is not afraid to take on new heights, but nevertheless the shipyard made a splash when it announced plans to create motor yachts, being recognized as an icon of style in sailing.

So in 2016, the Pardo Yacht brand appeared on the market of mass-produced motor yachts, and wasn’t treated by yachting community as an another newcomer, bearing in mind that the parent company Cantiere del Pardo has been successfully operating in the industry for over 40 years.

By entering the motor segment, the shipyard began the process of expanding its product range. Contract with Zuccheri Yacht Design led to the creation of the Pardo 43, a motor cruising yacht of which 40 hulls were sold in less than a year after its world premiere. It was undoubtedly a success.

Pardo 43 Review

Unfortunately, Pardo Yachts had to spend a lot of time on legal proceedings. The German manufacturer filed claims against the Italian shipyard, which, in their opinion, copied the design of their yacht. The judges recognized the uniqueness of Pardo, after which the brand managed to release 8 models ranging from 11 to 23 meters in length.

The production of sailing yachts slowed down a little because of that, but then the plant in Forli expanded to 40,000 m² - and these are only indoor spaces.

Under the Pardo Yachts brand designer fiberglass motor yachts are produced - reaching speeds of over 35 knots as standard, so they can be classified as fast boats.

But Cantiere del Pardo did not stop on this: in 2020, the Italian shipyard acquired the VanDutch brand.

Dutch shipyard Vanguard Dutch Marine (the name is usually shortened to VanDutch) specializes in the production of premium open boats that are powerful, fast and maneuverable. The company was founded in Heerenveen in 2008 - not the best time to start a shipbuilding business. However, thanks to excellent design from Frank Mulder and speeds of over 40 knots, putting the boat owner in the position of king of the marina, the shipyard's first model, a minimalist Van Dutch 40, sold like hotcakes. To date, more than 160 cases have been sold. Rapid progress on the French Riviera was facilitated by a partnership with the Red Bull racing team in Monaco Grand Prix competition, and on the American continent the popularity of the brand was brought by the star owners of VanDutch boats - Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and Leonardo di Caprio. The company has considered the American market a priority from the very beginning, although proprietary customer service network VanDutch Center also covers Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Australia.

VanDutch yachts are currently manufactured at Marquis Yachts in Wisconsin, USA, and at the shipyard in Fano, Italy. The main offices are in Fort Lauderdale (USA) and Port de la Rague (France), and the design office is located in Amstelveen, Holland. Lightweight yet durable composite hulls with sandwich-type construction are manufactured using the latest technologies, including vacuum infusion and Kevlar reinforcement of key points of the hull for greater strength. Of course, such luxury boats have serious customization capabilities: the client can choose the color of the hull and upholstery, on-board electronics and many other options.

If you compare the hero of our review Pardo 43 with premium VanDutch, you can find a lot in common in the exterior. Yes, the interior contains less expensive textiles and natural wood, but this has a beneficial effect on the price of Pardo Yachts’ boats. Of course, the technologies used in the manufacture of VanDutch motor boat hulls make it possible to install more powerful engines on them: 725 HP versus 650 HP, but the cost almost doubles.

Well, just compare these two bows - they clearly belong to individuals with a common DNA: at the top is Pardo 43 (14 meters), below is VanDutch 48, comparable in size (14.5 meters).

Pardo 43 Review

In speed, the Pardo 43 is only 3 knots behind the VanDutch 48 (35 versus 38), has the same planing hull type and seaworthiness class B in the CE system. The Pardo 43 also doesn't do well with the red velvet upholstery for the cockpit furniture.


Features of Pardo 43

  • Brand: Pardo
  • Hull type: Monohull
  • Overall length, m: 12.8
  • Overall length, ft: 42
  • Width, m: 4.2
  • Draft, m: 1.05
  • Displacement, t: 9.87
  • Water tanks, l: 300
  • Exterior design (architect): Zuccheri Yacht Design & Cantiere Del Pardo
  • Interior design: Zuccheri Yacht Design & Cantiere Del Pardo
  • CE Certification: B
  • Engine: 2 × Volvo IPS 500
  • Power, HP: 2 x 380
  • Option engine: 2 x Volvo IPS 600 (D6 440 HP) or 2 x Volvo IPS 650 (D6 480 HP)
  • Fuel tanks, l: 1200
Pardo 43 Get Price

Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 35 knots
Cruising speed Up to 25-30 knots
Fuel consumption 100 l/h when planning at a speed of 25 knots

Review of Pardo 43 by topRik Team

topRik experts have already presented you with a test report on three motor boats from Pardo Yachts: Pardo 38, Pardo 50 and Pardo 52 GT. And now the turn came to the shipyard’s first-born – Pardo 43. Of course, the research did not take place on the day of the world premiere. But we, of course, could not miss the 25th Biograd Boat Show in Croatia. Pardo Yachts took part in this famous event and showed the Pardo 38 and Pardo 43 models to companies from all over Europe.

Naturally, the relationship is determined at first sight, especially since it was Pardo 43 that became the progenitor of all subsequent models of the Pardo, Pardo GT series and even Pardo Endurance. It is enough to see this ax-shaped reverse stem, this body with beveled contours, which looks cast, and this is not even an imitation, but a hint of imitating a bulbous bow. And also, T-top instead of a wheelhouse, a completely open cockpit, a galley behind the helm station and lots of space for a comfortable pastime.

A tall tinted windshield and a luxurious row of seats in front of the helm station are all that can be seen without climbing aboard. And before we get up, let’s traditionally look at the transom.

Pardo 43 Review


The Transom

There's a lot to see here. If, of course, you like to contemplate teak covering an area of about 3 m². To make it less boring for you, here some more interesting visuals:

Pardo 43 Review

This is a demonstration of what the platform looks like when lowered into the water using a hydraulic drive. Actually, the features of the transom are limited to this, except for the fact that a huge sunpad for three people can be deployed here. Raising headrests allow you to turn sunpads into sun loungers or act as seatbacks in the cockpit dinette.

Pardo 43 Review


Inside the Cockpit and Saloon

As always, it is not entirely clear what refers to the cockpit, saloon and wheelhouse in models of this design, especially since a significant part of the cockpit here is occupied by a sunbathing area. This area will be considered the aft cockpit.

And let the part of the deck with the dining area be a saloon. The sofas on both sides of the table have backs that can change position, and at the same time, the passengers can also use these comfortable seats to choose the direction that is convenient for them: forward or against the direction of the yacht.

Pardo 43 Review

The table not only folds out, but can also change its height, which opens up absolutely incredible possibilities for organizing a grandiose bed for sunbathing.

Use the rendering below to navigate the sizes and relationships of different areas of the motor yacht Pardo 43 - it is scaled in full accordance with the original.

Pardo 43 Review

You were probably interested in the snow-white structure behind the dining area, which is completely protected from the sun by the T-top. Those who have read our previous reviews of Pardo yachts have already guessed that this is a galley.

Pardo 43 Review

Oops, it’s not necessarily snow-white. And what does its color depend on? The choice of the owner, of course, as well as the color scheme of the hull.

Pardo 43 Review

But let's finish with the galley. In addition to the fact that it looks aesthetically pleasing, it is fully equipped, and the owner can choose between a grill and a stove, different numbers and volumes of refrigerators and freezers. A sink with hot and cold water, as well as cabinets for storing utensils, complete the galley equipment.

Speaking of storage space in this area! All these loungers and seats can be lifted to reveal lockers underneath for storing water toys, luggage and other equipment.


The Wheelhouse

You have already seen it from the cockpit, now admire it from a different angle and closer.

Pardo 43 Review

And we already know from our own experience that these seats are super comfortable, and the control station itself is very ergonomic. All instruments, switches and levers are within easy reach, and the helm, like the seats, can be adjusted to the individual characteristics of the skipper. The location of the windshield turned out to be very correct - it perfectly protects the helmsman and those sitting next to him in the chairs in front of the helm panel.

There is still a lot of free space on the panel itself, where you can place displays and indicators additional to the existing ones. Like most areas of Pardo 43, the wheelhouse is also quite a customized area. So you can arrange the helm panel according to your preferences.

And on the way to the helm, appreciate those wide decks and high sides with a wide gunwale, which add comfort and safety when moving around.

Pardo 43 Review


At the Foredeck

Using the decks on both sides of the wheelhouse you can freely walk to the bow deck. It is another sunbathing heaven with sun pads on a raised platform and a sun lounger opposite the pads. The lounger has a stainless-steel fence, which will prevent you from falling off during strong rocking.

Pardo 43 Review

Hidden under the seat is a chain box with anchor installation. In addition, this “step” makes it easier to get out onto the pier when mooring bow-to.

Pardo 43 Review


Inside the Cabins

To the left of the helm panel is the entrance to the cabins. On the 14-meter Pardo 43 there can be two of them at the request of the owner. The master cabin with a fairly spacious toilet room occupies the entire bow, and a large area is allocated amidships for an additional double cabin.

Pardo 43 Review

With both configuration options, you have only one the bathroom. It is equipped with an isolated shower cabin, washbasin and toilet, the choice of design of which is up to the owner.

Pardo 43 Review

As we already said, the master cabin also remains the same regardless of the version. It houses a large double island-type bed with access from 3 sides, a wardrobe and many closets and shelves for storing luggage.

Pardo 43 Review

Lighting and fresh air enter here through the side and ceiling windows, which are part of the foredeck. Therefore, if you want to ventilate the cabin, you need to remove the pillow at the foot of the sunpad on the foredeck.

The double cabin amidships also occupies a considerable area, but has sufficient height only in the center. So here you can change clothes, but to lie down you have to bend down. This is an ideal place for children and teenagers.

Pardo 43 Review

This cabin also has plenty of storage for clothes, shoes and other luggage. So travelers can take with them on a cruise all the things they find necessary on a sea voyage.

From a weekend boat or a day boat, Pardo 43 easily turns into a cruiser, thanks to the ability to comfortably spend the night, take everything you need for a voyage and stock up on enough food. The platform allows you to carry a large transom boat for regular replenishment of food and drinks on a coastal cruise.


At the Sea

Since the topRik team split up to attend several boat shows during this period, only two experts participated in testing the Pardo 43 off the coast of Croatia, so the yacht was not in danger of being overloaded.

We took off in 6.5 seconds on a Volvo IPS 600 (D6 440 HP). At 3650 rpm we reached a speed of 35.5 knots. It cannot be said that at this speed there was excessive fuel consumption: just over 193 liters per hour. But we would still recommend sticking to a speed of 25-28 knots if you want to spend from 100 to 123 liters per hour. Good speed and efficient consumption with an excellent power reserve.

The automatic differentiation system performed remarkably well, leveling the hull as soon as it went over the wave. Well, you yourself understand what kind of waves are off the coast of Croatia even in October. So we had to create artificial difficulties. Pardo 43 maneuvered perfectly under all conditions and responded sensitively to the slightest movement of the helm.

It was fun and... We wanted to add “noisy”, but no, the engines of the Volvo IPS 600 system did not interfere with our communication at the helm, they were almost inaudible.

Pardo 43 Review


Advantages of Pardo 43

Pardo 43 is a boat that makes a splash only with its appearance. And if you add here serious speed characteristics, excellent maneuverability and ease of control, it becomes clear that the definition of “stylish” applies not only to the exterior and interior.

And this style is purely Italian, that is, striving for record levels in the quality of everything: appearance, design, materials and technology. The same applies to ensuring comfort and safety for everyone on board: whether the person is at the helm, cooking or sunbathing. Everyone here feels this aura of protection.


Reviews of Pardo 43 from Professionals

We chose to feature the review by Graham Lloyd on Pardo 43 posted on “Trade a boat” in August 2021 when Pardo Yachts began to conquer Australia, establishing itself in the European market.

Graham said the Pardo 43 is a delight for even the most jaded soul, not least of which are the throttle valves, which, while light in their response, allow you to feel the power of the two diesel engines.

He admitted that he loves boats not only because they can be used for cruising or fishing, but also because they are fun to drive. The author is already anticipating the joy of skippers when they easily lift the nose of the Pardo 43 and go on planing.

Graham sang an ode of recognition to day boats, which are becoming increasingly popular among different categories of sailors: experienced and beginners, young and already tired of sailing, lovers of active water sports and fans of a relaxing holiday at sea with a glass in hand. Pardo suits everyone, including lovers of comfort and stylish ideas.

The author noted that the first Pardo 43 to appear in Australia acquired an owner within the first week of its stay on the new continent.

Graham briefly tells the history of the creation of the motor yacht and describes in more detail the features of its exterior and interior, as well as the configuration of the cabins.

Separate sections of the review were given to the drive and mechanics, and you can familiarize yourself with them by following the link provided – so you don’t only get our interpretation. There are many interesting and useful comments there. We liked that Graham called it a smart boat, which is exactly the description we were looking for but couldn't come up with.


Video Reviews of Pardo 43

As always, we start this list from the teaser published by manufacturer, just to understand what this boat is about overall:

Next, we move on to extensive tour on board the boat, without the sea test though:

Now we actually see how the yacht feels on the water surface and get more information on interior features:

Actual detailed sea test results from the Boat Show:

And another interesting tour of Pardo 43’s interior:


The speed of a racing vessel, the comfort of a cruiser, the maneuverability of a daysailer, the ease of handling similar to an RIB - won't a boat with such properties find some fans? The motor yacht Pardo 43 has dozens of them among different categories of sailors. It is the choice of those who love:

  • safe and comfortable family holidays at sea;
  • solo yachting;
  • cruises in a cheerful company of friends;
  • romance for only two of you at the sea;
  • coastal cruises with the possibility of overnight stays, entering ports and marinas to replenish food, water and fuel;
  • speed and wind in their hair, but without the complicated sails wardrobe.

Owners of charter companies do not have to worry about the boat being idle either. This is also a great option for corporate use.

Pardo 43 Review


Where to Buy Pardo 43 at a Bargain Price

We are glad that you have this question, and we are glad that we can not only tell you where to buy Pardo 43 at a good price, but also help you do it quickly and without hassle.

Do you know what documents are required to purchase a yacht? Do you like preparing documentation and collecting signatures? Do you know how to negotiate for the right price? Are you ready to transport the purchased boat from the manufacturer's shipyard in Italy to the berth of your choice? Can you choose the equipment of the boat so as not to overpay for what is unnecessary while still getting all that you need?

If your answer to most of the questions is no, the topRik marketplace and its experts, who are highly experienced sailors, will help you to avoid overpaying and to get the yacht of your dreams without hassle.

To get started, simply contact our experts and get comprehensive advice – you can also configure your own version of Pardo 43 using our price calculator. You get both of these services for free and without registration.

Call, send a request to [email protected] or use the quick feedback form.

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