Aquila 42 Review

topRik marketplace experts describe their own experience of testing the latest motor cruise catamaran Aquila 42 from the Chinese-American shipyard Aquila Power Catamarans.

The smallest cat in the Yachts series immediately after its world premiere received excellent reviews from the sailor community, some of which are presented in this review along with a lot of photos and video reviews.

Aquila 42 Review

One of the differences between the Aquila 42 and many other catamaran brands is the presence of a bulbous bow. What are the benefits of having a bow of such shape on small vessels? To answer this question, let us turn to the elementary hydromechanics of the vessel to understand why Aquila’s unique design is incredibly effective.

While moving, any vessel, moving apart the water, involves significant masses of water in its movement. Of course, in order for the ship's hull to push the water apart, bringing quite large masses of water into oscillatory wave motion, it is necessary to expend the corresponding engine power or sail thrust.

It turns out that these power costs are greatest immediately before the vessel enters planing mode - sliding along the surface of the water. During this period, as studies have shown, approximately 2/3 of the total engine power is spent on creating waves (overcoming wave resistance to vessel’s movement) and only 1/3 on overcoming the friction between the hull and the water.

From this it is clear that the designer of any yacht should be concerned with reducing energy costs for wave formation. The smaller the wave formed, i.e., the smaller the mass of water involved in the movement, the smaller these energy losses, the greater the speed. That is why shipbuilders use any way to achieve, if not the complete elimination of waves generated by the hull, then at least a complete reduction of their height.

Aquila 42 Review

It should be noted that the largest share of wave resistance is created by the bow wave, which occurs in a zone of increased hydrodynamic pressure - when a moving body meets an undisturbed mass of water. The height of this wave and its profile depend on the distribution of hydrodynamic pressure near the stem, on the sharpness of the contours of the bow end of the vessel, on the distribution of displacement along the length of the hull.

The bulbous bow of Aquila 42 is a well-streamlined body, moving underwater in front of the ship's stem, forming its own wave. On the surface of the water in front of the ship's stem you can see a low ridge - the result of a local increase in pressure above the bulb. To the place where the crest of the bow wave rises on an ordinary hull, the flow of water running down from the bulb approaches with reduced pressure. There is a favorable overlap of the wave trough from the bulb onto the wave crest from the stem. As a result, the bow wave “settles”, and the height of transverse waves along the entire length of the vessel also decreases. Accordingly, the wave resistance decreases, the given speed can be achieved with slightly lower engine power.

Now that we discussed the most striking feature of the cat, let’s move on to our virtual tour!

Aquila 42 Review


Features of Aquila 42

  • Brand: Aquila
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 12.64
  • Overall length, ft: 42
  • Width, m: 6.4
  • Draft, m: 1.1
  • Displacement, t: 15.7
  • CE Certification: A – 8 PAX, B – 12 PAX, C – 16 PAX, D – 24 PAX
  • Engine: 2 x D4 230 HP VOLVO PENTA
  • Type of engines: Inboard
  • Power, hp: 2 x 230
  • Option engine: 2 x D4 300 HP VOLVO PENTA
  • Water tanks, l: 460
  • Fuel tanks, l: 1100
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Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 21 knots
Cruising speed Up to 16 knots
Fuel consumption 64 l/h when planning at a speed of 14 knots

Review of Aquila 42 by topRik Team

topRik team was able to get acquainted with the motor catamaran Aquila 42 not at the world premiere, which took place in Miami, but at the subsequent event The Cannes Yachting Festival 2023. Yes, this is the latest boat in the Yachts family, which was presented to the maritime community by the Chinese company Sino Eagle Group and American powerboat dealer MarineMax.


First Look

This is how the Aquila 42 appeared before us when we approached the Aquila Power Catamarans stand at The Cannes Yachting Festival 2023.

Aquila 42 Review

From this angle it was clearly visible that the floats rose no more than one and a half meters above sea level. It will be interesting to see how things are going with the height of the cabins.

Of course, we already had experience with these Chinese catas, and we were able to appreciate these stepped bodies from the bottom. Despite the solid deck, the Aquila catamarans that we tested previously (Sport and Offshore series) showed excellent stability even in strong waves, since the steps in the lower part of the hulls absorbed the shock force of the waves. And the Aquila 36 Sport was also equipped with a hydrofoil. We don’t yet know much about the wing of the Aquila 42, but the hull clearly has the design of a planing boat. Most likely, a wing is not provided: the boat is small and light, and with a wing it can really take off. A hint of bulbous bow is clearly visible, if only because we just knew where to look.

Look - from the flybridge you can go down a ladder directly to the foredeck - this ladder has already become an integral part of the Aquila Yachts series’ DNA.

Aquila 42 Review

On the flybridge you can see the helm station, which is located in the middle, without being offset to the left or right. And this also became a symbol of the Yachts line, in contrast to, say, the Sport series, where the helm station is located on the starboard side.

If you walk along the hull to the transom, you will see large hull windows, a fully glazed cockpit, and strong railings from the foredeck to the side ladders leading to the cockpit. During this walkthrough you can also appreciate the roof over the flybridge and cockpit, which provide protection from sun and rain.

Aquila 42 Review


On the Transom

On the photo above we have the transom without embellishments, just as we saw it for the first time and you might have a hard time judging the capacity of these large side platforms, complete with a platform in the middle to hold your tender. The side platforms, the way to which lies from the cockpit through latching gates on both sides, can be equipped with a folding outboard ladder, and a real sea veranda with a sun lounger and a hammock can be arranged here.

Aquila 42 Review

Of course, this is a holder for an inflatable boat, but while the dinghy is used by other inhabitants of the catamaran, you can use this crane for anything you want, so that the mechanism does not stand idle.

Aquila 42 Review

Before you rise from the platform to the cockpit, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the layout plan of the main deck so that you can get an idea of the scale and ratio the various areas as you explore.

Aquila 42 Review

Surely you already have questions, in particular, what is this helm panel on the left side, if above we stated that there is only one control post, and it is located in the middle of the flybridge. There’s time for everything - let’s continue our research in the cockpit...


In the Cockpit

Here we have a fairly large social area with a huge sofa along the entire transom wall.

Do not rush to be surprised by the small size of the table - it is folding, and if the owner wishes, it can take up the entire space opposite the sofa.

Aquila 42 Review

Those interested can take bar stools at the “counter” at the window from the saloon. This can be used for distributing ready-made meals from the galley to the cockpit.

Aquila 42 Review

One of the galley tables comes close to the window, which tilts up. If it is necessary to close the saloon, the bar counter folds and the window frame is lowered.

The entrance from the cockpit to the saloon is through a folding, fully glazed, blackout door.


Inside the Saloon

Let's take a look into the saloon from the cockpit to get an overview of it, and then take a closer look. To port is a well-equipped galley, and to starboard, on an elevated platform, you have a large dining area. On both sides of this dining room there are entrances to the cabins.

Aquila 42 Review

Let's explore all the marked areas, and start with the galley. You get the stove - electric or gas at the owner's request, microwave, oven, sink, cabinets and a large shelf with raised sides for storing kitchen utensils. Opposite the galley there is a large refrigerator with freezer and shelves above it.

Aquila 42 Review

And further to starboard, on a raised platform, we see a large C-shaped sofa around a table that can accommodate up to 8 people.

Aquila 42 Review

Next to the entrance to the cabin on one side there is a wine cellar where you can store wine at the required temperature, as well as glasses without fear that the glass will be damaged when the vessel’s rocking.

Aquila 42 Review

And on the other side of the entrance to the cabin that mysterious place at the helm is located - here you can equip a classic chart table with a panel where displays and indicators, as well as communications, will be placed.

Aquila 42 Review

Or you can organize here a full-fledged “lower” control station, which will be a complete copy of the upper one, which is located on the flybridge: with navigation equipment and an engine control lever, an autopilot and a thruster.

Aquila 42 Review

Pay attention to the all-round glazing of the cabin and the presence of opening windows. Given the large door and roll-up window at the entrance, excellent natural ventilation and lighting are provided here.


In the Cabins

How many cabins you get depends on the version. In the case of our testing, we examined a version with 3 cabins, one of which was intended for the owner, that is, traditionally, our skipper. The other two housed the remaining topRik experts.

Of course, our 2-meter-high colleague was also with us as a kind of a measuring standard. By the way, he assessed the height of the ceilings in the saloon positively: apart from sitting at the table, which is on a raised platform, he did not even have to bow his head. But this arrangement of the table and sofas allows you to turn the dinette into a comfortable additional sleeping place, where no one will disturb the sleepers, and they will not disturb those around them.

The owner's cabin occupies the entire port float. There's a king-size bed in here, desk (or dressing table), wardrobe, large opening portholes and ceiling hatches.

Aquila 42 Review

The toilet room turned out to be comfortable for use even by our giant - even in an isolated shower stall he was able to turn around to demonstrate an imitation of soaping his back. The approach to other hygiene places was not difficult at all. We remind you: this sailor is exactly 2 meters tall, and he feels great on this 12.5 meter long vessel.

Aquila 42 Review

The second cabin in another float is equipped with the same bunk and next to it there is the same equipped toilet room, albeit smaller in size.

Aquila 42 Review

The third cabin can be equipped as a crew cabin with a washing machine and dryer. The bed can be single or bunk. But this same cabin can also be equipped as a regular one with a berth for two.

Aquila 42 Review

To understand what a two-cabin version is, just imagine the master cabin in duplicate, each in its own float.

And in the 4-cabin version the left float houses 2 cabins in place of one owner’s cabin. To help you navigate, here is a layout plan showing all the main possible cabin layouts on the Aquila 42.

Aquila 42 Review


At The Foredeck

Returning to the saloon and then to the cockpit, we go along the wide side decks to the bow and see this terrace, which can be equipped with sun loungers or sunpads.

Aquila 42 Review

Hatches open into cabins and service areas located in the floats. And a little closer to the stairs to the flybridge there is an entrance to a large service room, where you can even install an additional refrigerator with a freezer to stock up on food for a long cruise or passage across the Atlantic. After all, the Aquila 42 design has an A certificate in the CE system for access to the high seas if the number of passengers on board does not exceed 8 people.

Closer to the bow there is a chain box with an anchor installation. Here, benches are built into the side rails on both sides.

Now, finally, we can climb up the ladder from the foredeck to the flybridge. There is no other way to get here.

Aquila 42 Review


On the Flybridge

We thought we wouldn't be surprised by the space on the Aquila 42 after we toured the entire "territory", including the large foredeck.

Our skipper went to the helm as soon as he left his luggage in the master cabin and what we saw behind the control post was stunning.

Aquila 42 Review

Logic says that the flybridge area cannot be larger than the saloon area, which is confirmed by the vertical projection.

Aquila 42 Review

But the eyes do not want to believe the logic in this case. This is probably the effect of the lack of restrictions in the form of walls. After all, the flybridge is an area that is practically open on all 4 sides. Which also hovers somewhere between the sea and the sky.

And almost all of this area is intended for sybaritism: relaxation, sunbathing, delicious meals. Just look at this grill!

Aquila 42 Review

And why only look? Better put your plates down and enjoy what you can do with it.

Aquila 42 Review

Cold drinks and ice cream are available in this refrigerator-freezer.

Aquila 42 Review

Who is that waving his hand, looking over the galley lid? This is our skipper inviting us to test at sea. Right - this is the main purpose of our stay on board the Aquila 42, we almost forgot.


At the Sea

It was at this helm that topRik experts spent the rest of the time allotted to us testing the catamaran. Despite the fact that the post is located along the central axis of the flybridge, the helm is slightly offset to the right, as is the helmsman's seat.

Aquila 42 Review

By the way, it is a very comfortable chair with shock absorbers, which can be transformed according to the height of the helmsman. Next to the pilot's seat there is also a double seat for assistants or observers so the skipper has someone who can replenish an empty glass or bring a full bottle. Isn't that what the holder on the left of the panel is for?

The panel itself, as seen in the photo above, contains all the navigational instruments, including the multi-function marine display, other navigational instruments, as well as sensors for all the equipment that keeps the catamaran alive. Communication means, a powerful engine control lever and the helm itself are located at a convenient distance, under the right hand - a very ergonomic workplace for the skipper.

Many topRik experts come from classic yachting. Therefore, they were somewhat wary of such three-story structures, even if they rest on two floats. But over the years, our views were supplemented by the experience in the charter, and now the team greets each new cottage on the water with enthusiasm and curiosity.

To the smallest member of the Aquila Yachts, we had a special attitude, since before this test we were already familiar with both the flagship, model 54 and its predecessor, the 44th.

Now it’s time for Aquila 42 to get out to the sea. Let's say right away that it did not disappoint, although we did not insist on more powerful engines, remaining with a pair of D4 230 HP Volvo Penta.

Despite the fact that the team of five went to sea and not with the most powerful engines, we went to plane in 9 seconds. The maximum speed we reached was 21 knots at 3400 rpm. This time the topRik team did not try to exceed the maximum cruising speed declared by the manufacturer, but simply confirmed it.

We defined a speed of 16 knots as quite acceptable for cruising, and 14 knots as one at which you can move quickly and save fuel. In the first case, fuel consumption will be 73 liters per hour, which is generally not bad, and in the second - 64 liters per hour, which is even better.

Several times we got caught in the wake of other yachts and turned around to get into our own. Very easy control, excellent maneuverability, stable position of the cat during waves. The boat quickly restores its stable position as soon as it passes through the rough seas.

Aquila 42 Review


Advantages of Aquila 42

One of the most important advantages of the Aquila 42 is its thoughtful design in accordance with the reduced proportions. Having become more compact, the catamaran has not lost in comfort for passengers and the helmsman.

And most importantly, it has not lost the high seaworthiness characteristics characteristic of the flagship of the series and its predecessor.

Reliable, proven technologies were implemented, such as the use of composite materials, since the founding company is a world leader in their development and production.

This contributed to the fact that the maritime community received a modern catamaran with a high degree of reliability, maneuverable and at the same time stable even on high waves - it is not for nothing that it is CE certified for access to the open sea under certain conditions.

Aquila 42 Review


Reviews of Aquila 42 from Professionals

Famous yachtswoman and equally famous freelance journalist Zuzana Prochazka noted that, looking at the seventh model from Aquila Power Catamarans, you would never think that the manufacturer is only 10 years old, if you did not know the history of the shipyard.

Next, the author ups the ante by immediately calling the Aquila 42 the ideal boat for cruising. Zuzana calls the flybridge the main attraction of the cat among the other three. You will find out what these attractions are by following the link and reading the full review.

The author takes you through the entire catamaran, telling you in detail about the features of the design, interior and equipment.

This is a report from the world premiere of Aquila 42 in Miami.

Shane Scott began his report from Miami by telling with his usual humor how he and his colleague disagreed on the obligatory morning coffee. From the first steps on board the cat it was determined that it was specifically created for those who love cruises of any duration. The developer knew the market to which he was offering his model very well.

Next, the author gives the floor to the developer himself - this is VPLP Design's naval architect Mathias Maurios. In his words, the topRik team found an explanation why our 2-meter expert was comfortable on board the Aquila 42. “Even though catamarans are getting smaller, people haven’t gotten shorter,” says Mathias. Shane talks about how VPLP works with Aquila, whose collaboration began back in 2019.

Aquila’s President Lex Raas was also briefly interviewed for this article. He said that work is already underway on a hydrofoil version of the 42, which is planned to be presented by the end of 2023.


Video Reviews of Aquila 42

Time to check out how this impressive cat fares in front of a videocamera.

First, the shipyard itself proudly presents the Aquila 42 from all possible angles on the water and from the inside:

They also uploaded an extensive review, half an hour long, on all the existing features of the yacht:

If you want to get information from other sources, here’s the review from well-respected Multihulls World – their version of the interior tour:



For lovers of cruises of any duration, Aquila 42 is an ideal option. The main thing is to ensure that the number of passengers complies with the requirements of the CE certification system.

Among these sailors there may be subcategories such as:

  • lovers of a safe family holiday at sea;
  • fans of underwater sports;
  • romantics who prefer to spend time at sea as a couple;
  • solo yachtsmen;
  • lovers of friendly companies on a cruise, etc.

And all of these categories may seem very attractive to charter companies, which will contribute to the quick return on investment with the Aquila 42.

Aquila 42 Review


Where to Buy Aquila 42 at a Bargain Price

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