Beneteau Gran Turismo 41 Review

In this review we are going to discuss a hardtop motor yacht from the famous Beneteau shipyard - Gran Turismo 41 - the topRik team shares their impressions while researching and testing this express cruiser.

We also provide quotes from other articles about this motor vessel by famous yachting journalists representing the popular yachting media. All text material, as always, is complemented by a large number of photographs and videos.

Review Beneteau GT 41

It was no coincidence that this yacht became December Boat of the Month according to World Sports Boats magazine, because with all the focus on comfort and elegance, the speed qualities and outstanding seaworthiness of the GT line were not only preserved, but also significantly improved. After all, the Gran Turismo 41 model joins Beneteau's updated line of fast cruisers, which includes six models ranging in length from 32 to 50 feet (9.5 to 15 meters).

High-performance yacht Beneteau Gran Turismo 41 became a worthy successor to the successful and pretty much legendary GT 40, which was launched in 2016 and got the European Powerboat of the Year award. Unfortunately, the world premiere of the GT 41 came in a year when all boat shows and boat awards were cancelled. The topRik team was able to test this yacht only as part of Boot Dusseldorf 2023.

This updated GT version has modernized styling solutions, but clearly shows continuity in the line: the use of innovative Air Step® technologies, emphasis on practicality and functionality.

The boat has become lighter and more maneuverable due to the reduction in draft, the interior is lighter and there are more areas for sunbathing. The cruiser is equipped with two Volvo Penta transom engines with 300 or 380 HP, providing a maximum speed of 33 and 38 knots respectively, which exceeds these numbers of the GT 40, which had less powerful engines (280 HP).

Review Beneteau GT 41

Gran Turismo 41 has a sporty body with slender, laconic lines. Premium materials and decorative panels enhance the elegance of the new model, adding to its resemblance to a luxury sports car.

Naval architects and designers have preserved the main characteristics of the exterior (contours, dimensions), paying special attention to the comfort of passengers and the helmsman.

The Beneteau GT 41 has ultra-thin glass pillars, thanks to which the interior is literally flooded with natural light. An important feature of the new model is the hardtop - one of the iconic inventions of the Beneteau company, which is now being copied by many. Complete with a sliding sunroof fitted as standard, it allows guests to enjoy the fresh sea breeze and be protected from bad weather.

This yacht is designed for relaxation, entertainment and communication. A boat that combines power, practicality, comfort and style, ideal for a holiday with friends or family.

Features of GT 41

  • Brand: Beneteau
  • Hull type: Monohull
  • Overall length, m: 12.67
  • Overall length, ft: 41
  • Width, m: 3.87
  • Draft, m: 0.94
  • Displacement, t: 7.958
  • Air draft, m: 4.2
  • Water tanks, l: 200
  • Exterior design (architect): Beneteau Powerboats
  • Interior design: Adreani Design
  • CE Certification: B8 / C11
  • Condition: New
  • Engine: 2 x 380 HP; 2 x 300 HP
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2 x 325
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Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 33 knots (300 HP); 38 knots (380 HP)
Cruising speed Up to 23 knots (300 HP); 27 knots (380 HP)
Fuel consumption 70 l/h when planning at a speed of 24 knots

Review of Beneteau Gran Turismo 41 by topRik Team

As we have already admitted, topRik experts could not attend the world premiere of Beneteau Gran Turismo 41, since at the time of the shipyard’s announcement about the deep modernization of the GT 40, there were restrictions on movement between countries.

At First Sight

We also admit that a significant part of our SimpleSail fleet consists of sailboats and powerboats of the Beneteau brand. Therefore, when topRik had a need for a high-speed cruiser, it was no coincidence that we ended up in the Beneteau pavilions and, of course, could not resist this profile.

Review Beneteau GT 41

We were not deceived by the similarity of the new express cruiser with its predecessor, since we immediately noticed the absence of a jumper on the central glass of the cabin, a higher raised hardtop and continuous side glazing instead of two portholes and small windows.

Anticipating even greater differences, we approached the transom. Yes! Instead of a transom grill, a large solarium with a spacious locker underneath is deployed onto the platform.

Review Beneteau GT 41

A powerful and large platform allows you to equip a real beach here with sun loungers or transport a tender boat, jet ski or surfboards with ease. Don’t be hasty to assume that the platform is not equipped with a ladder - it is hidden and submersible.

There are gangways along the sides; on the right you can climb to the side deck directly from the platform. In order to enter the deck on the port side, you need to enter the self-draining cockpit.

Review Beneteau GT 41

The side decks are equipped with reliable stainless steel railings.

Part of the hardtop roof extends over this “beach club”, so that in a certain position the yacht can even partially shield its visitors from the hot rays of the sun.

Review Beneteau GT 41

But still, the sliding hardtop is mostly an asset for the cockpit and cabin. By the way, in this version the sliding roof is not an option, but is included as standard.

A huge lounger turned towards the platform is in contact with a U-shaped sofa, and if you remove the backrest separating them, you can simply create a huge sunbathing and relaxation area. So it's time to go into the cockpit through a small metal gate. If you want to wash off the sea salt before doing this, a shower with cold and hot water is at your service.

But first, here's a plan of the main deck of the Gran Turismo 41 so you can navigate your way through it with the topRik team.

Before we step into the cockpit, pay attention to these two hatches - this is the entrance to the yacht's engine room, located on the lower deck. There is ample space for all the equipment, including the engines, as well as for whoever acts as a mechanic on the yacht.

Review Beneteau GT 41

In the Cockpit

Yep, that's where the grill was moved from the transom - it is now located on the port side, opposite the large dining area. This area can accommodate up to 8 people on its soft sofas. If necessary, you can change the purpose of this area and turn into sleeping place. To do this, you just need to lower and unfold the table, and also cover it with a pair of mattresses.

Review Beneteau GT 41

And yes, in addition to the grill, the galley on the cockpit is equipped with a refrigerator with a freezer, a sink and a container for garbage and waste. To have a great time in good company, you don’t even have to go down to the lower deck into a full-fledged galley.

Review Beneteau GT 41

In addition, the skipper at the helm just needs to turn back and extend his hand to get a glass, ice cream or some snack.

Here we have a luxurious skipper's station with a stunning panorama.

Review Beneteau GT 41

Here you can open everything except, of course, the windshield at full speed. But the side windows and the roof overhead can be moved or extended to the required width at any speed. So the wind is in your hair, but not in your face.

Review Beneteau GT 41

In this area of the main deck, it is especially noticeable that Gran Turismo 41 is designed for the owner - the steering position is so comfortable here. And we are, of course, not talking about proximity to the galley. Just look at this spacious sofa, which is designed for the skipper. It is adjustable depending on whether the captain will operate the boat standing or sitting. There is a footrest along the entire seat to comfortably place your feet.

Of course, the helmsman can let an assistant sit in this luxurious seat, but the helm and the panel behind it are entirely at his disposal.

Review Beneteau GT 41

Above is a great photo so you can appreciate the saturation of the helm panel with navigation equipment, communications and indicators. Particularly noteworthy is the large marine display screen (12”) and, of course, the joystick for the thruster system, which makes mooring in tight harbors so easy, turning this process into an exciting game.

Still, a steering wheel in the form of a marine helm seems preferable to us, but on a yacht like this it makes sense.

Since we are at the helm station, it would be logical to go down to the lower deck, to the cabins, the entrance to which is to the left of the helmsman's seat. To be honest, during our practical research, we did just that, and only then walked along the side decks to the foredeck.

But since our tour is virtual and we are exploring the main deck, we will “walk” to the bow directly from here.

On the Foredeck

Having seen this huge rookery, and even equipped with a solid bimini, we abandoned the initial opinion that Gran Turismo 41 is designed solely for the owner. If you remember how much space is occupied by the sunbathing area on the transom, the seating area (aka dining) in the cockpit, and add this comfy area here, you involuntarily begin to think that the boat takes into account, first of all, the interests of passengers.

Review Beneteau GT 41

Is the area and volume of all these zones comparable to the place at the helm?! Well, okay, let's add a master cabin here, which, by the way, the owner will mostly share with his other half.

The beautifully designed hatch can, of course, be covered with a mattress. The main thing is to coordinate this with the owner: after all, this is the ceiling hatch of his cabin.

And once again we draw attention to these reliable handrails that encircle the sides of the yacht from the transom to the bow, so that moving along the side decks is not dangerous even in rough weather.

On the Lower Deck

Now we will go down to the lower deck and thoroughly explore it, since here we have the personal apartments of the owner and passengers.

Review Beneteau GT 41

We did not exaggerate too much when we called the cabins apartments, since everything here depends on the preferences of the owner. There are only two cabins, but there are “check-in” options. Both cabins occupy the entire beam of the yacht.

The bow cabin is completely dedicated to the owner. There is a large king-size double bed with three-way access. There are large portholes on both sides of the bed, and even an opening hatch overhead (we discussed this when we were on the foredeck). Natural light and fresh air are enough too.

Review Beneteau GT 41

On either side of the entrance to the owner's cabin there are closets for storing clothes, shoes and other personal items. At the head there are small shelves for books and documents.

The second double cabin is located almost in the center and can have either a double bed or two single beds.

Review Beneteau GT 41

There are lockers on the sides of the beds for storing things and bedside tables at the headboard. On each side there is a porthole with an opening window, so natural ventilation and lighting in this room are also at the level.

Review Beneteau GT 41

Well, don’t forget that a sleeping place can be arranged on the main deck, and also, looking ahead, let’s say that the same opportunity is available in the dining area of the saloon on the lower deck.

There is only bathroom for all the inhabitants of the yacht, which, if you count the sleeping places, is designed for 4-6 people, so there will be no queue. The entrance to the toilet room is from the guest cabin and saloon. There is everything you need for hygiene procedures - a washbasin, an isolated shower cabin, an electric toilet. The room is equipped with a sufficient number of cabinets, shelves and mirrors. In addition to electric lighting, there is natural lighting through an opening porthole.

Review Beneteau GT 41

All that remains is to examine the saloon, which unites these two cabins. The saloon features a large dinette area and a well-equipped galley. Upon entering the saloon from the skipper's cabin you can see the electrical and electrics panel in the photo below.

Review Beneteau GT 41

In the foreground is the dining area, which includes a folding table and an L-shaped sofa. If necessary, this table is lowered and becomes part of the bed, which looks like this:

Review Beneteau GT 41

The galley is equipped with a stove, fridge freezer, sink, hot and cold running taps, waste bin and ample cupboards and shelves with snap doors.

Review Beneteau GT 41

One on One with the Sea

As mentioned above, the helm station on the Gran Turismo 41 is positioned centrally for optimal visibility when maneuvering in tight spaces. Also, among the “assistants” on board you have bow thruster and Zipwake interceptors.

Gran Turismo 41 is designed using Air Step® technology, developed by Beneteau, which guarantees the efficiency and stability of the yacht even at high speed.

Air Step technology increases the GT 41's speed and stability. The structural features make it possible to reduce fuel consumption and increase dynamic acceleration by increasing the volume of air flow under the hull. Air Step provides the boat with a smoother ride and stable, easy maneuvering, both in calm water and in moderate waves.

Get the most out of twin Volvo Penta engines with a power of 300 or 380 HP, providing a maximum speed of 33 or 38 knots. In cruising mode, the GT 41 develops 23 and 27 knots, respectively.

Fuel consumption on our boat when gliding at a speed of 33.5 knots was 120 l/h with Volvo engines Penta 380 HP.

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It is safe to say that the main advantage of the Beneteau motor yacht Gran Turismo 41 is a combination of excellent seaworthiness, excellent comfort for passengers and helmsman with an attractive price.

Passenger comfort is first and foremost their safety. Particular design solutions work for this, starting with the fiberglass body made using the most modern technologies and ending with reliable rails along the perimeter of the sides and rounding of furniture corners.

Various optimal solutions are used for laminated monolithic hulls and decks, in particular, sandwich panels made by infusion using polyester resins and balsa filler are used. This increases the strength and extends the service life of the structure as a whole, and its parts in contact with sea water more successfully resist the process of osmosis.

Since this is a boat for the owner, the developers’ concern for his comfort and safety is manifested in a conveniently designed and equipped workplace, elements of which can be adjusted to the height and weight of the helmsman, a luxurious master cabin, and the availability of everything necessary for a good rest and comfortable control of the yacht.

Even a simple listing of supplier brands speaks volumes about the quality of equipment: Volvo Penta, Garmin, Mercury.

Reviews of Beneteau Gran Turismo 41 from Professionals

Beneteau Gran Turismo 41 reviews from authors of respected yachting media from different hemispheres. Pat Carson tested the boat in the USA, and Norman Holtzhausen – in New Zealand. Let's check the results...

Pat was testing the GT 41 in Richardson Bay. He noted that already at a low cruising speed of 18 knots he began to feel the boat when it quickly began to plane.

The bow of the boat, although it seemed a little high, still did not limit visibility when reaching the best speed at 2300 rpm. On the way to the Golden Gate, fog began to approach, and after Cape Cavallo the westerly wind and currents were already noticeable.

Pat Carson made several timed starts. In the first pass, the boat's speed exceeded 28 knots in 12 seconds, and in 16 seconds it reached a maximum of 38 knots at 3600 rpm. After several repeated attempts, these results could not be improved.

The author then tells how he tested the boat for maneuverability in light bay waves. First, at 2800 rpm and at 28 knots, he turned the helm sharply to the left: the beautiful arc that the GT 41 left was more than two and a half boat lengths in diameter.

After thoroughly churning the waters of Richardson Bay, making another full circle and a couple of turns, which he described in detail, Pat went to the calmer waters of Raccoon Strait to test the boat for a while.

We had to moor in winds of over 15 knots and at the beginning of the maximum low tide. But the union of the joystick and bow thruster kept the drama away. Next, the author paid tribute to the Volvo company, which, according to Pat, actually invented the joystick for recreational boating.

He went on to sum up the morning's fun by comparing testing the GT 41 with testing the GT 38 ten years ago.

Ranked by New Zealand's leading maritime publication, Beneteau Gran Turismo 41 received four stars out of a possible five. Review by Norman Holtzhausen explains this high rating.

Norman, he wrote, took the GT 41 for a spin in Auckland and didn't disappoint. He described all the advantages of the exterior, as well as the interior of the main and lower decks, going into detail about each area and cabin.

The author devoted a lot of space to the control post, noting the excellent location and selection of equipment. Of course, like everyone else, he was delighted with the joystick mooring system. He noted that casting off had become child's play even in such a cramped harbor.

Passing at 22 knots resulted in consumption of about 66 liters of fuel per hour, which Norman calculates would provide a range of about 200 nautical miles, with a 10% margin if maintained at this cruising speed.

Video Reviews of GT 41

Here we have five videos that help you to get full impression of Gran Turismo 41.

First, we got Beneteau themselves boasting the best features of the boat:

The yacht in action on the water:

Quick interior overview from SkipperBud’s:

Short and concise walkthrough of Gran Turismo 41:

More thorough walkthrough, trying out all the tools possible:


As already mentioned, high-speed and comfortable express cruiser Beneteau Gran Turismo 41 is intended for the owner, that is, for one owner, who can use it for relaxation without witnesses, as well as with family or a company of close friends. This owner may be a sailor who prefers:

  • speed and wind in your hair, but without fussing with sails;
  • safe travel in coastal waters with maximum comfort and the ability to accelerate at any time;
  • travelling alone, since one person can easily handle the controls;
  • long coastal cruises with exploration of the shores and underwater world;
  • active recreation on the water (diving, fishing, spearfishing) followed by relaxation in complete comfort.

But if you think about it, such a yacht can be successfully rented out if you are confident in the clients, or if they agree to have your helmsman.

Overall, it’s quite a multifunctional boat at such an affordable price.

Review Beneteau GT 41

Where to Buy Beneteau Gran Turismo 41 at a Bargain Price

Is it possible at all to buy Beneteau Gran Turismo 41 at low price? It is, if you are a client of the topRik marketplace - our experts will conduct a professional search to offer the most favorable conditions for you.

But first you must decide on your requirements. Our trading platform will help you with this too. Without registration, you can go to the price calculator section - it is a configuration calculator specially designed for this boat. By choosing options you need, you will create a complete equipment set for your boat and will be able to correlate the resulting price with the allocated budget.

Throughout this process, feel free to contact our experts for any advice - this is also a bonus for you from our trading platform.

Once you figure out the version of Gran Turismo 41 you need, leave the rest of the purchasing process to our staff. We can accompany your actions or take over the entire process entirely. Our SimpleSail fleet includes dozens of sailing and motor yachts. All of them were selected and delivered to our marinas in Montenegro and Croatia by topRik experts - experienced sailors who also know the current state of the market very well.

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