Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 Review

In this article you will learn about the advantages of the displacement motor yacht Swift Trawler 35, and why it became a kind of starting point for the manufacturer.

topRik team will describe the yacht in detail, supplemented by a large number of photographs. You can see this boat in motion following the links in Video Reviews section. Here you will also find statements on Swift Trawler 35 from famous yachting journalists, as well as links to their full reviews in online yachting publications.

Review Swift Trawler 35

Motor semi-planing yacht Swift Trawler 35 is a radically updated version of the trawler, which in 2017 was spectacularly presented to sailors by the yacht shipbuilding legend Beneteau. The main advantage of this boat was that it was created based on the wishes of the yachtsmen themselves.

Until this radical overhaul, all Swift Trawlers of the brand strictly complied with the norms of this class of yachts: a swollen hull, strictly vertical lines of the saloon and stern, as well as an obligatory component - the mast.

Swift Trawler 35 abandoned the mast with a spar, which took up a lot of space for convenient movement on the flybridge. Now you can install a tension awning here using an elegant stainless steel arch, which is clearly visible in the photo above.

And, of course, this change makes it easier to pass through water areas with bridges, especially those located low above the water surface.

Review Swift Trawler 35

At the flybridge, helm station is no more - the entire resulting free space, previously occupied by the tender, is now the social area. That is, the “third deck” has ceased to be a place for storing and transporting a tender boat. Surely, tender area belongs more at the stern, where marine engineers and designers from Beneteau Powerboats moved it now, providing a telescopic launching device for this purpose.

The traditional long keel has been retained, allowing for better heading at low speed in the open sea, as well as protecting the propeller and rudder in case you get aground. It is no secret that the shaft + propeller design, especially when there is only one engine, does not add maneuverability in a limited space, so the standard equipment includes a bow shunting electric motor, and options allow you to install an additional stern one.

The contours have changed: the new version of the trawler looks significantly “thinner”, and the vertical lines have given way to inclined ones, which not only gives the yacht a dynamic shape, but also has a positive effect on seaworthiness. Although, of course, you shouldn’t expect super speeds from a displacement vessel.

But when the engine is running at 1000 rpm Swift Trawler 35 still reaches a speed of 5.8 knots, and fuel consumption is only 3.6 liters per hour. In this mode, the 35 can cover more than 1,850 km without refueling with its standard 800-liter fuel tank.

And that's not the only reason Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 was among the Winners of Best of Boats 2018 in the Best for Travel 2018 category. The topRik team will introduce you in detail to the rest of the advantages of this yacht, which we personally experienced during testing.

Review Swift Trawler 35


  • Brand: Beneteau
  • Hull type: Monohull
  • Overall length, m: 11.29
  • Overall length, ft: 37
  • Width, m: 4.03
  • Draft, m: 1.17
  • Displacement, t: 8.252
  • Air draft, m: 5.5
  • Water tanks, l: 2 x 150
  • Exterior design (architect): Beneteau Powerboats
  • Interior design: Adreani Design
  • CE Certification: B8 / C10 / D11
  • Engine, hp: 425
  • Fuel tanks, l: 800
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Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 19 knots
Cruising speed Up to 9 - 11 knots
Fuel consumption 31 l/h when planing at a speed of 10 knots
3.6 l/h when planing at a speed of 5.8 knots

Review of Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 by topRik Team

Despite the profile changes, Swift Trawler 35 continues to exude a feeling of power and irresistible force, which our team felt as we approached the pier.

First Look

Of course, the sloping lines of the stern and deckhouse give the 35 a swift silhouette. But record speeds are not expected from a trawler - an expedition-class boat. For this type of yacht, the main thing is reliability, stability in rough seas and cruising range with efficient fuel consumption. Let's not forget about such an important feature of an expedition yacht as comfort for the crew and passengers during a cruise.

And the sloping or straight trawler house, as well as the vertical lines of the stern, is a tribute to the memory of professional tugboats or fishing vessels, from which trawler yachts originate. Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 pays this tribute honestly, in full, as we have already found out above. It remains to be seen what the situation is with comfort and reliability. Follow us on this virtual tour.

On the Transom

Swift transom wall of the Trawler 35 opens into a self-draining cockpit. Aft hinged doors provide access to the swim platform.

Review Swift Trawler 35

These doors are equipped with built-in folding seats. Between these seats you can install a table for outdoor dining. Notice how harmonious the swimming area looks - it is a continuation of the main deck and integral with the hull of the boat.

Review Swift Trawler 35

The bevels of the sides not only perform an aesthetic function. If the yacht is moored side-to, this side shape makes it easier to move from the pier to the platform, and then to the cockpit.

In the Cockpit

As you can see in the photo above, part of the cockpit area is occupied by a ladder to the flybridge. But this is compensated by the fact that the opening transom bulwark allows the platform area to be used as part of the cockpit. So, there is enough space here to get a pleasant meal or a grand fishing trip, if the area is cleared of furniture. The cockpit is almost completely protected by the flybridge overhang, and in bad weather it can be covered.

Review Swift Trawler 35

And here is another difference from Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 – a sliding transparent partition covering the entire width of the cockpit and saloon. This is one of many Beneteau innovations that was picked up by other shipyards and has taken its place in the DNA of many of the brand's models.

The deck retains its asymmetrical layout with a passage on the starboard side at cockpit level; the flybridge covers it too, which is convenient. The side sliding door at the control station is now all glass, but more on that later. You can also walk from the cockpit to the bow (and back) along the port side, holding on to the handrail on the roof of the wheelhouse, and the rail on the other side adds safety. Looks like it's time to post a layout of the main deck to make it easier for you to navigate.

Review Swift Trawler 35

In the Cabin

Logical and practical layout of Swift Trawler 35 is reminiscent of the ST34, but with changes to improve functionality. Teak still dominates and the upholstery color palette is lighter, although the cozy feel is still there, as are the overhead safety rails. There are three zones, and each has something to say.

Immediately after entering the cockpit you enter the main deck saloon dining area.

Review Swift Trawler 35

The folding and lowering table can be moved from the saloon to the cockpit. And if necessary, it can be used to create a sleeping place for two, which can be fenced off with a screen.

Review Swift Trawler 35

The steering console on the starboard side is small but well organized. Here we see an adjustable seat for two with a long bolster on which you sit or lean your back, and a classic ship's wheel.

Review Swift Trawler 35

On the dashboard there is a standard Raymarine MFD Axiom Pro (9", optional 12"), switch block, autopilot controls, transom plates, thruster joysticks, VesselView 4" system monitoring display, analog instruments (tachometer, rudder angle indicator), and there is still plenty of room for additional equipment, whichever you see fit. Interestingly, the inclined panel rises on hinges, allowing access to the wiring.

Review Swift Trawler 35

A side door next to the helm console provides quick access to the deck. When mooring, when you work with thrusters, turns and the steering wheel, you can lean out halfway to control the situation and even have time to jump out onto the pier with a mooring line in your hand.

The galley to port, across the passage from the helm console, is designed to simplify life on board and displays a good range of appliances. There is a freezer/ice maker and a bench for sitting down without losing control of the stove, and there is a place for the refrigerator under the seat near the steering console.

But this invitingly open gullwing door leads you down to the cabins, from which the main deck is separated by only three steps of the gangway.

Review Swift Trawler 35

In the Cabins

The master cabin, located in the bow, has a double door with latches, unlike the ST 34 interior. Steps appeared on the sides of the king-size bed, and instead of portholes there was full glazing, making the cabin brighter. Natural light and ventilation are also improved by a skylight.

Review Swift Trawler 35

Things can be stored in cabinets with louvered doors and in a locker under a hinged lid at the bottom of the bed.

The guest cabin on the port side with bunks in two tiers, spacious enough even for adults, is equipped with shelves and lockers.

Review Swift Trawler 35

Review Swift Trawler 35

Notice how the joints of the furniture are rounded - there are no dangerous sharp corners, which is a significant indicator of comfort on board, characteristic of superyachts.

On the other side of the companionway, opposite the guest cabin, is a bathroom where the insulated shower door is secured with magnets so that the rest of the space remains dry.

Review Swift Trawler 35

As you can see, the layout and interior are ideal for a family with children, even if there are occasional guests on board, or for a group of the owner’s closest friends.

On the Foredeck

You can get here from the cockpit by walking along the port side deck, or from the saloon through the glass door at the helm station. As you can see, almost all of this area is a big sunbathing area.

Review Swift Trawler 35

The pillow covers the hatch, which is the ceiling in the owner's cabin. Check out this durable and tall stainless-steel railing: it runs along the perimeter of the sides from the cockpit to the exit from the control station in the saloon.

And now - along the deck or again through the door at the control post in the wheelhouse we go to the cockpit, and from there along the ladder to the flybridge.

On the Flybridge

The flybridge area is clearly divided into working and social areas. There are even two of the latter, since the entire rear part of the flybridge is freed from the need to place an inflatable dinghy here.

Here you can equip a relaxation area, a large solarium or a place for sports - it all depends on your needs.

Review Swift Trawler 35

But the main area here is the helm station, since the owner, who is also the skipper, will spend a significant part of his time here. Therefore, his seat can be turned from the helm to the table so that the helmsman can have lunch or enjoy a pleasant conversation with family or friends while the boat is controlled by the autopilot.

Review Swift Trawler 35

The helm station on the flybridge is completely similar to the one in the saloon, so there is no point in describing it in detail.

A huge C-shaped sofa and folding table, as well as an area on the other side of the flybridge, allow all passengers to be here at the same time. What’s good about the trawler type of yacht is that even with strong waves, the motion is not noticeable on the flybridge.

At the Sea

Trawler 35’s engine received virtually no changes from its predecessor: it is still the same 425-horsepower Cummins diesel: slow-moving, but very reliable and extremely efficient if you do not demand speeds from the vessel that go beyond its philosophy. Yes, the trawler's hull is classified as a mixed type - it is designed for semi-displacement propulsion. It is actually capable of planing, but at the cost of high fuel consumption, and the speeds will still be low compared to planing motor yachts. As a rule, trawlers faster than 18-20 knots are hard to find, and here Swift Trawler 35 is true to tradition: the maximum speed is the classic 19 knots.

On the go Swift Trawler 35 behaves imposingly and leisurely, but without excessive inhibition, while possessing amazing smoothness and solidity for ships of this length. Having set the goal of finding out the maximum speed, the topRik team, along with the achieved 19 knots at 3100 rpm, also revealed a high consumption of 78 liters per hour. At the same time, the power reserve is a minimum of 300 km.

At a speed of 14 knots, the consumption has dropped to 48 liters per hour, but it still does not meet the “trawler code”. In displacement mode at 10 knots (2100 rpm), the consumption is already quite acceptable - only 31 liters per hour. We tried to achieve minimal fuel consumption by limiting engine operation to 1000 rpm, which is not acceptable for planing motor boats. But displacement Swift Trawler 35, with such engine performance, reaches a speed of 5.8 knots, which is its natural element. Fuel consumption of 3.6 liters per hour at this speed allows you to cover more than 1850 km without refueling, taking into account a 10 percent power reserve. Of course, few people will want to “drag” at such a speed, but we wanted to reveal the cruising potential of the yacht - it turned out to be considerable and impressive.

The boat accelerates quickly, reaching maximum speed at 15-16 seconds, holds its course steadily thanks to the keel, responds well to shifting the helm, can turn sharply, but without drift and discomfort on board with a small circulation radius.

Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 demonstrates confident behavior on the wave: the ride is soft, smooth, the hull reflects the spray, preventing it from getting onto the foredeck and into the cockpit.

Another plus is the excellent sound insulation of the engine compartment: the noise in the cabin does not exceed 80 dB(A) even at full speed.

Review Swift Trawler 35


As for the disadvantages, one of the experts noted the lack of storage space. But, in fairness, the others admitted that on such a small ship the designers managed to find as much storage spaces as possible. It should also be remembered that Swift Trawler 35 is designed for the owner and his family or a small group of his friends. And for 4-6 people there is enough space, considering that you can stock up on food at each visit to the port to replenish fuel. In addition, the part of the flybridge freed from the tender boat can be used to store water toys. Our fastidious expert is a big fan of surfing on electric boards.

The main advantage of Swift Trawler 35 from the French brand Beneteau is maximum comfort and thoughtful safety at a relatively low price.

This vessel can accommodate six people with considerable comfort, with well-equipped sleeping berths and plenty of places for relaxation and even privacy.

Despite such small dimensions, the yacht provides significant space in the cockpit, saloon, flybridge and foredeck to be used as social areas. But the steering position is also equipped with maximum comfort.

The entire vessel is equipped with railings, handrails and other means to help passengers lose balance when pushed, although the trawler yacht has a very smooth ride even in rough seas.

For safety reasons, there are no sharp corners on the furniture.

Another advantage is simple and intuitive operation. Even a novice skipper can easily master this boat. A much greater problem for him will be studying the code of maritime legislation than control and orientation in the helm panel.

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Reviews of Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 from Professionals

Here we provide some alternative opinions from the best yachting journalists in the industry.

Brian immediately admitted that he always liked Swift Trawler by Beneteau, although many consider them not to be true trawlers. Well, the 35th moved even further away from “real trawlers”, but is still in demand. The author noted that it continued the tradition of the line, the models of which are the best-selling trawlers in the world.

He explains in detail that he was lucky enough to get on board of only the third hull of Swift Trawler 35 - one of the four that had reached his hometown of Seattle at that time (January 2019). By the way, they were all sold before arriving in the USA.

The author of the review participated in sea trials of the 35th before it was delivered to the owner. Brian describes in detail the features of the exterior and interior of the new model, as well as the differences from its predecessor.

What impressed the author most about the management of the yacht was that all the electronics and lower rudder controls were located on the flybridge. This is usually forgotten, but such attention is very important for those skippers who, in good weather, spend most of their time driving on the third deck, rather than in the saloon.

This review provides a very detailed and extensive table of speed tests for the Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 taking into account fuel consumption and range. It may be of interest to anyone who is not yet confident in the capabilities of trawler yachts. This data is of particular interest because it was obtained as a result of testing the boat in December 2018 in Annapolis.

Of course, the author did not fail to compare the new Swift Trawler 35 model with its predecessor, the 34th. By the way, he made several comments and wishes. One of them concerned the possibility of converting the guest cabin into an office for the yacht owner, since the saloon can accommodate a full-fledged sleeping place for two.

The author also named a locally produced competitor, which is comparable in parameters, engine power and cost to a French trawler yacht – make sure to check out the original review.

Video Reviews of Swift Trawler 35

Here you can check out the best video reviews of this high-stamina yacht.

First, a well-paced review from’s Captain Steve:

Quick walkthrough to get the overall impression:

More information on specifics:

Another fast tour around Swift Trawler 35:

And even more on specific features:


If you are a fan of high-speed sea passages or prefer to rush in coastal waters from port to port at speeds of 50 knots and above, then this yacht is not for you. Trawler expedition yachts, comfortable and reliable, like a home on land, are preferred by those who:

  • spends a significant part of his time at sea, practically lives on a yacht, but does not want to bother taking care of the sails or constantly replenishing fuel;
  • does not strive for speed due to excessive fuel consumption;
  • loves to slowly, in comfort and silence, admire the beauty of the sea and the coast;
  • takes care of the great reliability of the boat for a family cruise;
  • prefers solitude at sea, since such a boat is easy to navigate alone;
  • wants to provide comfort and safety on a sea cruise to both adults and children.

topRik team believes that this yacht can also be offered for rent, but it is advisable that the helmsman is provided by the lessor, or the renters have already proven themselves as responsible yachtsmen.

Review Swift Trawler 35

Where to Buy Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 at a Bargain Price

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In addition to negotiating with the manufacturer or dealer on purchasing conditions that are favorable to you, our experts will:

  • prepare all the necessary documents for purchase, insurance, customs clearance, etc.;
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