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BrandBeneteau Shipping fromFrance ConditionNew Overall length, m11.08 Overall length, ft36
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Hull type
Overall length, m
Overall length, ft
Width, m
Draft, m
Displacement, T
Air draft, m
Water tanks, l
Exterior design (Architect)
Interior Design
Sarrazin Design
CE Certification
B8/C11 (C5 SUR LE FLY)
Basic details
2 X 300 HP
Fuel tanks, l
2 x 400
Folding propeller
Feathering Propeller
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Sale of Beneteau Antares 11 Fly

On this page you can find out the price for the new OAntares 11 Fly, which is available for purchase at our marketplace.

We will answer all your questions, will help you to pick the right configuration for Antares 11 Fly, will provide information on delivery and the documents necessary for registration.

Like the entire Antares line of the French shipyard Beneteau, the motor yacht Antares 11 Fly is equipped with two powerful outboard engines and today is the flagship of the Fly series, meaning it is equipped with a flybridge. This is a real family yacht with a length of just over 11 meters, according to the manufacturers it is "the perfect weekend cruiser."

Weekends - Like at Home, Only by the Sea

Beneteau invited Sarrazin Design to develop this series, which showed how stylish and sporty a "home" cruiser can look, and at the same time provide its passengers with sufficient comfort, allowing them to freely accommodate in recreation areas, lunch, work, sunbathing areas.

Why so much space on a relatively small boat? The developers skillfully used the combination of spaces and their smooth transition from one to another. For example, the cockpit and saloon are structurally separated, but the fully extended transparent door between them makes them one spacious loft-style area. And here, in turn, a recreation area, a dining room, a sunbathing area and, of course, two working areas are combined - a well-equipped full-fledged galley and a control post. Children at play, mom near the stove and dad at the helm - all together, just like at home.

Comfort and Safety

As it should be for a family cruiser, Antares 11 Fly is convenient to manage alone, is well-suited for children and adults to live on board. But let's start with the main thing - safety, which is much more important than comfort. The developers did not give priority to either one or the other, simply providing both of these qualities to the family motor yacht.

For making the hulls, new technologies of manufacturing fiberglass hulls of marine vessels, as well as proven materials that are resistant to corrosion and osmosis, were used. The yacht is stable even on a big wave at a significant speed, does not jump or deviate while moving. Wide side decks and high freeboards allow you to safely move around the yacht.

As for comfort, all conditions are provided here so that everyone can comfortably spend time here. The Antares 11 Fly is controlled by two stations - in the saloon and on the flybridge, which allows the helmsman to spend maximum time with his family and not to stay alone at the helm when the whole family has gathered for lunch in the saloon or cockpit.

Although on the flybridge, after all, there is also the opportunity to have a meal in the fresh air with the whole family. At the same time, you can sunbathe there, as well as in the cockpit or sunbathing area in the bow of the yacht.

Wow! What we see in the aft cockpit, besides a lot of sofas, is a reclining platform built into the side! In addition to the bottom steps of the transom, you have an extensive sea bathing area.

And when it's time for a night's sleep, the family will take two double cabins with large beds. A lavatory and a separate shower complete the amenities for the yacht's occupants.

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BrandBeneteau Hull typeMonohull
BrandBeneteau Hull typeMonohull
BrandBeneteau Hull typeMonohull
BrandBeneteau Hull typeMonohull
BrandBeneteau Hull typeMonohull
BrandBeneteau Hull typeMonohull
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Beneteau Antares 11 Fly Review by topRik Team

5 out of 5
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topRik Team
We consider the price tag the main advantage of this boat actually. Hear us out: sure, the price of a high-end sportscar might not seem low to most, but here you get something much more than just a vehicle. This is an outboard cruiser with amazing amenities on board for its size and stellar performance, with quiet engines, lots of space for family and guests, as long as full-fledged galley! Right now, it is one of the best deals on the market for those who like Swift Trawler’s no-nonsense approach, but are unwilling to hit their wallet too much. Sure, Antares is more limited than a trawler, but the discount is heavy enough to justify the limitations.
Safety and comfort on board are also incredible here: you can leave the kids to themselves here thanks to high railing, reliable door mechanisms and rounded corners everywhere. And if you want to throw a party, you have enough room for a dozen, with after party and overnight stay. Of course, long-range cruisers have more features on board, but again, for this size and price you surely get a lot of them.
And when it comes to performance, thanks to reduced size and outboards, this boat is agile and precise in its movement, with Mercury joystick easing the maneuvers. You can go from one marina to another during the weekend and will not even need to refuel, even as you are travelling at 30 knots. Such performance is unachievable for models three time more expensive, just because of the sheer size of Swift Trawlers, so that’s one area where this boat wins for sure.
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