Dinghy Gibsy model M 230


An air-mat high-pressure inflatable floor and keel-shaped bottom give the Dinghy Gibsy M 230 rigidity and lightness, increase maneuverability and ability to keep the course, and significantly reduce assembly and dismantling times. If you are fond of yachting or fishing/hunting in sheltered waters, buy a Gibsy M 230 and for the right price you will get a reliable boat for survival skills entertainment or a tender that does not require much trouble during installation and transportation.

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Gibsy boats are thought out to the smallest detail, especially when it comes to sailing safety. The designers picked special materials that are not afraid of moisture, sun, and temperature changes. A lot of tests were performed to ensure that the Gibsy M 230 and its individual elements can withstand significant loads without damage and wear.

1. In the M series, an air-mat high pressure acts as the floor. When pumped, this is a rigid floor that is inflated into the spacer of the hull chambers. The result is a fairly rigid structure with a high-pressure inflatable floor, U-shaped hull with 36 cm chambers and a keel-shaped bottom. Increased rigidity improves the gliding ability of the boat, increasing maneuverability and speed. At the same time, thanks to the keel-shaped bottom, the boat keeps the chosen course without fail and has excellent stability in the high waves.

Additional mechanical rigidity of the structure is provided by a transom made of marine plywood.

2. For the manufacturing of boat parts, proven materials and technologies were used:

  • PVC fabric - PVC layers are attached to the polyester layer on both sides, resulting in a 3D textile that does not stretch even under high pressure, does not tear or wear out. This technical fabric does not react to ultraviolet rays, high temperatures and temperature changes, that is, the shell will not receive defects if the boat is heated by the sun or launched into cold water;
  • a wide fender is also made of flexible PVC, welded along the bow and sides, it protects the shell and chambers from damage during mooring in contact with the solid surface of the berth or ship;
  • marine (ship) plywood is a waterproof material with a special laying of bakelite-treated layers, which gives it the strength of a steel sheet of the same thickness.

3. The high pressure inflatable floor serves as additional buoyancy chamber in addition to the three  located in the body. These non-communicating chambers ensure the safety of passengers even if one of them is damaged.

The high pressure inflatable floor has the same rigidity as plywood, it does not spring and does not cave in during fishing activities, or when passengers get into a boat. At the same time, it is much lighter than a wooden bottom.

The cost of Gibsy M 230 is indicated taking into account the standard configuration.

Features of Dinghy Gibsy model M 230

    G.F.N. SRL
    Weight, kg
    Thickness, mm
    Technical features
    Item number
    Gibsy 230 "M"
    Length, m
    Width, m
    Persons capacity
    Tubular’s diameter, cm
    Max. Motor Power, HP
    Incl. Motor
    White / Grey
    Buoyancy chambers
    Design category CE - D
    Stowed dimensions, cm
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