Dinghy Gibsy model King Light 249


A compact inflatable boat Gibsy King Light 249 with a high pressure inflatable floor allows you to carry 3 people or an identical mass of cargo with an attendant. The hull with three buoyancy chambers with a diameter of 40 cm and an inflatable high-pressure rigid flat floor provide sufficient structural rigidity and safe navigation. Therefore, it is beneficial to buy Gibsy King Light 249 as a tender, for fishing, hunting or boating in safe waters.

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BrandG.F.N. SRL Shipping fromItaly TypeInflatable-floor

The mechanical rigidity of an inflatable boat is very important for its stability. Gibsy King Light 249, like all models in the series, is equipped with a high-pressure inflatable floor, which, when inflated, expands into the sides of the hull. Such a floor provides the following advantages to an inflatable boat:

  • a rigid, flat and even bottom is formed, which enhances the rigidity of the entire structure as a whole;
  • the boat is stable on the waves, which are also extinguished by a raised keel;
  • the bottom is not caving in and does not 
  • spring when loading people or things;
  • safety on the water is increased, since the inflatable floor is the fourth of the buoyancy chambers, which are independent of each other and will withstand passengers, even if one of them is damaged;
  • significant lightness compared to models with plywood flooring;
  • the bottom does not threaten the integrity of the sides, since it does not have a mechanical impact in comparison to a wooden flooring;
  • installation and dismantling takes a minimum of time - you only have to pump up the body and floor chambers, install the engine and seat.

With an electric pump, assembly time will take mere minutes, not hours compared to installing a boat with a removable plywood deck- with plywood it is usually required to expose all the elements until they take the desired positions, then slowly pump up, controlling the relationship between the bottom and the hull, and then also pump up for the final volume.

Dismantling the Gibsy King Light 249 is even faster: you simply remove the seat and engine, and roll up the deflated boat with the floor and place it in a bag. When assembled, the boat fits easily into the trunk or box on the transom of the yacht.

Buy the Gibsy King Light 249 inflatable boat and save yourself the hassle of assembling it for safe sailing, hunting or fishing. Spend your time on pleasant things instead.

Features of Dinghy Gibsy model King Light 249

    G.F.N. SRL
    Weight, kg
    Thickness, mm
    Technical features
    Item number
    Gibsy 249 "KING LIGHT"
    Length, m
    Width, m
    Persons capacity
    Tubular’s diameter, cm
    Max. Motor Power, HP
    Incl. Motor
    White / Grey
    Buoyancy chambers
    Design category CE - D
    Stowed dimensions, cm
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