Twin Eye Inflatable Fender F-2 - Ø 22 cm

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Mooring side-tied fender of inflatable type in blue, black and white versions. It has two mounting rings for horizontal and vertical mounting. Manufactured by Castro, known for quality for decades.

Twin Eye Inflatable Fender F-2 - Ø 22 cm, Color: Black Twin Eye Inflatable Fender F-2 - Ø 22 cm, Color: White Twin Eye Inflatable Fender F-2 - Ø 22 cm, Color: Blue
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BrandCastro Shipping fromCroatia Diameter Ø, cm22 TypeCylinder-shaped fender SeriesF-2
  • Black / White / Blue
Diameter Ø, cm
Height, cm
Cylinder-shaped fender
Buoyancy total, g
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The size of the product is 22 cm in diameter by 62 cm in length, which is suitable for small and medium-sized boats.

The eyes were high pressure molded to make them stronger and more reliable. The chamber has dense walls of uniform thickness made of polyvinyl chloride. It also has a plastic valve to maintain tightness and stable pressure. The fixture is rated for an average of 0.15 bar of inflation at approx. 20 °C.

Captains all over the world buy fenders or try to make their own to place them as a protective buffer between their boat's hull and the pier walls. This protects against friction and damage to the side coating, and can also protect against impacts at the moment of mooring itself - the inertia of the course or a strong wave can crush the yacht into the pier and leave a dent.

Many people prefer tied fenders because they do not require rigid fixation, they are easy to move and to quickly attach, and inflatable ones are also light in weight. They are often selected, including by color and design, to emphasize the style of their yacht.

The required minimum size is usually calculated based on the formula 2.5 cm fender diameter per 120 cm yacht length. Extreme situations, not equipped berths and docking in bays with strong tidal waves and rough seas, of course, require larger fenders.

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