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Side-mounted cylinder-shaped inflatable fenders with a diameter of 30 cm with a large margin of safety are suitable for boats with a length of 14 meters. Their design allows you to mount the protection vertically or horizontally, freely hang the fenders overboard or securely fasten them to both eyes. Mounting on both eyes will prevent the fenders from opening the sides during strong winds and pitching, and will also save the fenders themselves. In the manufacturing process, a soft polymer alloy was used that meets all the challenges of the sea.

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Diameter Ø, cm
Cylinder-shaped fender
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The so-called "marine" polymer material of which the cylinder-shaped inflatable fenders are made withstands the various loads it experiences to provide excellent cushioning and damping effect. It is thanks to the quality of the polymer alloy and the design of fenders with a diameter of 30 cm and a length of 90 cm that:

  • it reliably protects the sides of the vessel during maneuvers during mooring and unmooring;
  • softens significant blows against the berth wall or side of another vessel without damage and deformation, including for berths and neighboring boats;
  • distributes the impact force over the area of ​​the entire protection, reducing its impact;
  • they exhibit excellent damping qualities, reducing the amplitude of the swaying of the boat.

The method of manufacturing dampers ensures the same thickness of their walls. This prevents ruptures at a thinnest point when inflated or in contact with the pier or side of another boat.

When you buy an inflatable fender Ø 30 cm, assume that there should be one fender for every 2.5-3 meters of bead length. Mounting cables are not included in the indicated price.

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