Beneteau Antares 9 Review

In this review we explain why Beneteau Antares 9 was nominated for a boating industry Oscar in 2019 – Motor Boat Award – in the “Wheelhouse and Cockpit Cruisers” category.

topRik team will share their experiences from testing this motor boat. For the sake of objectivity, we also have the opinions about Antares 9 coming from experienced yachtsmen who write for the motor boating media. The review contains a lot of photos and a video gallery for clear picture.

Review Beneteau Antares 9

The range of models of the French giant Beneteau covers the vast majority of segments: from tiny boats that can be transported on a trailer to sailing yachts for professionals. The Antares family is targeted, first of all, at family people spending weekends on the water or going on a short trip. Antares line has a close relative - Barracuda: boats more oriented towards fishing, but having the same hull and lower part layout.

Outboard versions were announced back in the fall of 2017 for the Antares 6 and 9 models, as well as for the similar Barracuda. They entered the Beneteau line at the beginning of 2018, but appeared outside of Europe only in the summer of this year.

Beneteau’s outboard-powered Antares 9 features not only a transom design change, but also extended swim platforms with built-in handrails and a folding ladder for getting out of the water.

You can complain about the not very monumental design of the back of the aft sofa, but later you will find out why this particular option was chosen. There are no standard options for fishing, but there is enough space to sit with a fishing rod on one of the platforms. A full-fledged sunbathing area can be arranged on the bow.

Review Beneteau Antares 9

The internal layout is quite good, although some may find it overloaded. For example, the dining area in the saloon, designed for four, is actually duplicated by a 6-seater at the stern. True, some of the seats in the saloon can be transformed. How - you will find out further.

The maximum area is allocated to the control station and, accordingly, to the helm panel, as far as the width of the deck and another unusual layout element allow: a sliding side door. The helmsman needs it in order to moor to the pier without assistance (a passage along the full length of saloon at starboard side is provided). However, the Barracuda has an even narrower cabin, since passage is provided along both sides.

The finishing is well chosen: it is inexpensive, but elegant. Practicality may be lacking in the fabric upholstery, although it promises to be very durable.

Beneteau offers to equip Barracuda Antares 9 with twin outboard motors: 2 x 150, 2 x 175 or 2 x 200 HP. The first option is suitable, perhaps, exclusively for operation on small rivers and lakes, the second is intermediate, but if you plan to go to sea on Antares 9, then 200-horsepower engines can be considered almost mandatory: without them, the dynamics will be modest, given the “bloated” hull.

Much has been said about the impact of different engines on the character of the vessel. With outboard motors, you cannot get explosive dynamics, instantaneous starting from a standstill and truly sharp maneuvering, as with stationary ones. Do the family Antares 9 need these qualities? Probably not, which is why the outboard version seems even more natural for this boat.

This boat is not suitable for group fishing: moving around the entire perimeter will be inconvenient, appropriate equipment is not provided, and the layout itself is not conducive to serious fishing, especially sea fishing. As a cruiser for two couples or a family with two children, on the contrary, the Antares 9 is perfect; skippers with relatively little experience will also appreciate the boat, since it is simple to operate and can be easily mastered.

Review Beneteau Antares 9


Features of Beneteau Antares 9

  • Brand: Beneteau
  • Hull type: Monohull
  • Overall length, m: 9.12
  • Overall length, ft: 30
  • Width, m: 2.99
  • Draft, m: 0.9
  • Displacement, T: 4.259
  • Air draft, m: 3.25
  • Water tanks, l: 160
  • Exterior design (architect): Beneteau Powerboats
  • Interior design: Beneteau Powerboats
  • CE Certification: B6 / C10
  • Engine: 2 x 200 HP
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2 x 300
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Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 38 knots
Cruising speed Up to 25-30 knots
Fuel consumption 67 l/h when planning at a speed of 30 knots

Review of Beneteau Antares 9 by topRik Team

Beneteau Antares 9 has, perhaps, two undeniable advantages: this boat seems larger and more expensive than it actually is. At the same time, it does have elements inherent in larger models. Let’s see how it is possible.

Review Beneteau Antares 9


First Look

In the traditional manner for several generations of Antares and Barracuda, the body is “inflated” to the maximum: this does not add sporty maneuverability, but radically increases the internal space. For example, the vast majority of boats of similar length cannot boast of two cabins and a toilet room with a shower, washbasin and bathroom on the same level, but Antares 9 does.

The second component is design. The authors simply took elements of larger and more expensive ships and transferred them to the relatively compact Antares - this is clearly visible in the side projection along the glazing line of the superstructure and the design of the windows. From a distance, Antares 9 can easily be mistaken for a motor yacht several meters longer.

The third element is the saloon. Perhaps it was Antares that became the trendsetter in terms of glass rear walls on ships of this length. This element with a sliding door is usually found on much more expensive vessels. On the Antares 9 it does not look alien; on the contrary, it helps to combine the interior and stern spaces, forming a single platform, making the ship seem even more spacious.

Review Beneteau Antares 9

The glazing area of the cabin is extremely large; in order to completely cover all vertical transparent surfaces, you will have to order many optional curtains. There is also no horizontal awning covering the aft part. This problem was corrected with the release of Antares 11, which featured an extended roof over the cockpit.


On the Transom and in the Cockpit

You already have an idea about the transom equipment of Beneteau Antares 9 thanks to the photos above: two outboards on a powerful transom board that divides the beach platform into two equal islands. The island on the starboard side has a built-in sliding staircase and a gate that opens into the cockpit.

Review Beneteau Antares 9

After swimming, you can take a shower directly in the self-draining cockpit. Here you can optionally choose a wood-look laminate floor. But in this “natural” form, the lid of the large locker for the fuel tanks is better visible. Fuel filler necks are built into the sides. Under the seats of the sofas there are also lockers of various sizes.

We already mentioned above that the back of the transom sofa does not seem comfortable enough, because it is made of a thick stainless-steel pipe, and does not have the more familiar soft version. The fact is that the entire transom sofa is a 4-seater seat on a pneumatic support, which folds up if it is necessary to lift the engines out of the water. Therefore, the traditional soft backrest is replaced with a metal frame, which can optionally be supplemented with a mattress.

In the photo above you see the groove for the table leg, and in the photo below you see the table itself. This dining area seats 6 people. From the cockpit, the side deck on the starboard side leads to the bow, and we will definitely look there, only through another door – more about this later.

Review Beneteau Antares 9

In the meantime, let's take a look around in the cockpit - here you can make a large sunbathing out of the dining area. To do this, simply lower the table and cover it with a pair of irregularly shaped mattresses.

Review Beneteau Antares 9

Beneteau developers are faithful to their modular method, which gives excellent results, in particular in a cockpit of only 1.27 x 2.36 m².


In the Wheelhouse and Saloon

The next part of the main deck is completely glazed and can be isolated from the external weather by the sliding door, “battening down” the hatch on the roof and closing the side windows, also the door going out onto the deck... Well, you get the idea – there’s plenty of natural ventilation. As well as natural lighting - just look at this huge windshield without an impost!

Review Beneteau Antares 9

The saloon dining area is a natural extension of the same cockpit area, so you can host a party for many guests while in the marina. Moreover, on the starboard side of the boat there is a well-equipped galley with a 2-burner stove, a 60-liter refrigerator, a stainless-steel sink, a boiler for heating water, a cabinet and drawers for kitchen equipment.

Review Beneteau Antares 9

Review Beneteau Antares 9

Since the Antares 9 is billed as a weekend boat, most of the galley features are optional. You can choose only what you really need for a short-term vacation, and discard the excess without burdening your wallet.

And now - attention to the left side, where there is a dining area with a table and two sofas on its sides.

Review Beneteau Antares 9

How does it attract our attention? The modular design system is in full swing here. You can turn this area into a large and comfortable sleeping area, over 2 meters long and almost a meter wide, by lowering the table and placing a couple of mattresses on it.

This place can be used as a spare area for an occasional guest staying overnight, or it can be used to increase the number of passengers if a multi-day cruise is ahead.

Review Beneteau Antares 9

But the possibilities of modular transformation do not end there. The diner's chair, located closer to the windshield, can be converted into a lookout's chair by simply changing the backrest angle. You can safely put books, gadgets, and even cups or glasses in the recess on the “dashboard” in front of this chair.

Review Beneteau Antares 9

And finally, the most important work area on board the Beneteau Antares 9 is the control station on the starboard side. What immediately catches your eye is not even the helm panel and the comfortable helmsman’s chair, which can be adjusted to your height and steering position (standing or sitting), but the door from here to the deck. This is very useful when mooring, especially in a tight harbor, especially starboard, transom or bow. The helmsman can steer the boat by standing with one foot on the deck and lively determining and adjusting the distance between his boat and other objects.

Review Beneteau Antares 9

This opportunity more than offsets the claims of some sailors that this working area is narrow, like the steering wheel panel. But if you carefully examine the steering console, you will find all the necessary navigation equipment and the most important indicators that display the operation of all systems of the yacht. As you can see in the photo below, even with the multiview marine display already installed, there is room for a second screen on the panel.

Review Beneteau Antares 9

In addition to the above, the panel is equipped with a powerful motor control handle and a joystick for a specific type of motor. There is even room for a radio panel and a cupholder.

The composition is logically completed (or opened) by a helm in the form of a car steering wheel with the shipyard logo. The communication facility is located above the steering post. In our opinion, everything is compact, at a convenient distance and complete. Although part of the package is, of course, optional. And this is also justified if you are not going on a multi-day coastal cruise on this boat.

And since we are on the main deck, let's go through the door on the starboard side to the bow of the boat.


On the Foredeck

The entire bow area is given over to a large sunbathing area made up of several sun loungers. On the starboard side, the deck (with a ladder at the door to the wheelhouse) is quite wide; on the portside, the deck is only wide enough to move sideways - this deck is for work, not for passengers, it also goes to the cockpit, but has no descent there.

Review Beneteau Antares 9

On both sides there are very reliable handrails made of thick pipes made of stainless steel. Under one of the mattresses there is a self-draining chain box, an anchor roller, and further forward there is an anchor bowsprit with an anchor. You can control the anchor installation from the steering console.

Now let’s return to the control room and go down through the door to the left of it into the cabins.


In the Cabins

Yes, yes, that's not a typo. This 9-meter boat has two cabins with double beds each. And there are options...

Review Beneteau Antares 9

In the bow cabin there is the opportunity to arrange one large double bed or two single beds.

The entrance to the bathroom is directly from this cabin and the bow part of the lower deck is given to the owner.

Review Beneteau Antares 9

Review Beneteau Antares 9

The second cabin, for children, other relatives or friends, occupies the entire beam amidships and has an even larger bed. The only negative is the low ceiling at the head. Although the cabin itself is bright thanks to large windows and has plenty of storage.

Review Beneteau Antares 9

The exit to the toilet from this cabin is through the corridor. There is everything necessary for water and hygiene procedures: shower, washbasin, toilet (pumping or electric).

We recommend that you carefully study the standard equipment, 7 optional packages, as well as optional equipment and interior details. This will allow you to choose the optimal version of Beneteau Antares 9.


At the Sea

Despite the lack of sporty traits in her character, Antares 9 confidently glides through high cross waves, while remaining a fairly comfortable vessel. As our practice has shown, controllability is easy, although reactions are somewhat slow.

It is clear to the naked eye that the developers’ priority was comfort. This is evident in almost everything, including easy mooring, thanks to the standard bow shunting engine with a transverse propeller.

With 200-horsepower engines, the boat can reach good speed; in any case, we were able to reach 38 knots with the engine running at 5500 rpm. A cruising speed of 21 to 30 knots seemed optimal to us. In the latter case, fuel consumption was 68 liters per hour, and in the first - less than 50.

We reached takeoff in four seconds. It is important to note here that the boat does not at all provoke you to “step on the gas”, so practice shows that the supply of two standard tanks of 300 liters each lasts for a long time. To make it easier for you to navigate, here are some numbers obtained empirically: when driving at 3000 rpm, you can cover 345 km, at 3500 rpm - only 20 km less.

Review Beneteau Antares 9


Advantages of Beneteau Antares 9

Beneteau Antares 9 fully meets the requirements for boats for family holidays in coastal waters:

  • Construction quality – certified in class B / C depending on the number of people on board (see Features).
  • The quality of materials and technologies in the manufacture of the hull, decks and other structural parts - a sandwich type construction made of fiberglass was used.
  • Patented Air Step technology from the Beneteau developers, which provides excellent stability of the boat even in strong waves. The stepped design of the bottom provides an air cushion when accelerating and entering planing, which successfully resists the oncoming flow of water.
  • “Deep V” underwater hull for maximum stability and stability.
  • Comfort for all inhabitants of Antares 9 - it is convenient to live, move, relax and work here, and such fun controls don’t seem like work at all.
  • Everything you need for a good rest on the water with the whole family or a group of friends on a weekend or on a multi-day coastal cruise is provided.
  • Excellent seaworthiness, among which speed is not the most important thing, as for a weekend boat, but it was not ignored either.
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Reviews of Beneteau Antares 9 from Professionals

Before you read some reviews from seafaring journalists on Beneteau Antares 9, we suggest taking a look at the performance data page, which presents the results of testing Mercury engines on the Beneteau boat Antares 9. Such testing also demonstrates the capabilities of the boat itself, and not just the engines:

One of the first testers of Antares 9 James Hill identified this boat as the ideal weekend cruiser. He awarded her the title of a floating living room and a floating weekender, noting that sailing can take place in any weather thanks to the closed deckhouse.

The author noted that this is an excellent opportunity to save on both river and sea coastal cruises.

James, now aboard the cruiser following its unveiling at the 2018 Sydney International Boat Show, plans to fly around Sydney Harbour. Let us add on our own that it was in November, so the joy of the team, who could take refuge from the cold in the wheelhouse and admire the views of Sydney through its huge windows, is understandable.

The author regretted that there was not enough time to prepare and eat lunch on board, but they enjoyed coffee from coastal cafes. This was noted as a benefit of this small boat - the opportunity to visit the café on the pier.

James described the vessel's equipment, its spaciousness and design features, paying tribute to the advantages of outboard engines.

The author completed his review by publishing the results of testing Antares 9 for speed and fuel consumption.

David stated right in the title of his review that he was testing a new generation compact cruiser for Ireland, labeling the test “Promoted”.

He noted that this is an ideal option for a couple or small family who decide to make the boat their home on weekends and vacations. For a full life at sea, Antares 9 has everything you need.

Further, the author describes in detail what comfort the developers provided to their future owners, emphasizing the sufficient autonomy of the boat for short cruises and weekend walks.

The team conducted sea trials for a version with a pair of Suzuki APX 200 HP engines. If you are interested in the results, follow the link to the website page with this review.

Review Beneteau Antares 9


Video Reviews of Beneteau Antares 9

Again, best reviews of the boat we could find – both performance at the sea and interiors showcased.

First, well-balanced review from BoatTest:

21 minutes of detailed information on Antares 9:

More technical review, focused on performance features:

Short overview from BoatTube:

Great sea footage and main features explained:



Motorboat Beneteau Antares 9 is fast, comfortable, reliable and easy to operate – it will be in demand among different customers, including:

  • those who love solitude, but without excessive physical effort and responsibilities to sail;
  • romantics who want to be alone with their other half without being too distracted by management;
  • lovers of speed without the need to set records over long distances, but having the opportunity, if desired, to rush with the breeze for an hour and a half;
  • novice sailors who want to master the control of a motor yacht as quickly as possible;
  • caring fathers of families, for whom the main thing is the safety and comfort of their relatives during boat trips.
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Where to Buy Beneteau Antares 9 at a Bargain Price

If you are already wondering where to buy Beneteau Antares 9 is at a good price, maybe it’s time for you to contact the experts of our marketplace topRik.

First, take advantage of your bonuses: you can without registration and, of course, for free and without time limits, tastefully create a version of your Beneteau Antares 9. To do this, go to our price calculator – it allows you to select configuration options taking into account the cost of the standard version and options. This is a great way to not overspend, while still getting all the necessary things.

If you find it difficult to complete a virtual package, feel free to contact our experts. All their consultations at this stage are also absolutely free.

Experienced sailors of the topRik team create our SimpleSail fleet by participating in the search for boats, negotiations with manufacturers on the most favorable conditions, preparation of all documentation and transportation of purchased yachts to our marinas in Croatia and Montenegro from shipyards in Europe and America.

All this experience will work for you. You can act independently, accompanied by our specialists, or delegate it all to the topRik marketplace team. In the latter case, you have only one thing left to do: wait for your Beneteau Antares 9 at your berth.

Call the specified phone number above, use the quick feedback system of the website (Contacts section) or send a request to [email protected].

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