Pardo 52 GT Review

topRik team shares their own experience testing the Pardo 52 GT - the first closed hardtop model from Pardo Yachts, branch of the legendary Cantiere del Pardo, and provides links to reviews by yachtsmen-journalists in the yachting media.

So that you can visually imagine this 17-meter beauty, we provided the review with a large number of photos. You'll also find a range of video reviews from renowned sailors to admire the Pardo 52 GT in action.

Review Pardo 52 GT

What do cashmere, wine, tights, underwear and yachts have in common? Fabio Planamente, managing director of Cantiere del Pardo, which was acquired by the Calzedonia Group in 2022, claims that Italian excellence unites everything in this list and more.

Besides Cantiere del Pardo group now includes almost all shipyards located in the Forli naval district. Sandro Veronesi, owner of the Calzedonia Group, which produces all of the above, is also a long-time sailing enthusiast. With the unmistakable instinct of a successful entrepreneur, he chose Cantiere del Pardo - a shipyard whose almost half-century history began with the Grand Soleil sailing ships. These sailing yachts, according to sailors, are still icons of Italian style and unsurpassed role models in the yachting industry.

Experts believe that you can copy the design of Grand Soleil yachts, but you will never be able to repeat the ideology and principles of the shipyard: a combination of modern technical achievements in building comfortable ocean-going sailing yachts with outstanding racing characteristics and the family traditions of Italian craftsmen passed down from generation to generation.

It was these principles that formed the basis for the creation of the Pardo shipyard Yachts in 2016, which was aimed at the design and construction of motor yachts.

Cantiere del Pardo has all the possibilities for expand the model range. Since 1973, the year of its creation, the company has produced more than 3,900 boats. Covering an area of 40,000 m², there are three divisions dedicated to carpentry using the latest technologies and processes; carpentry, based on tradition and the manual labor of our own workforce; and assembly, where everything is carefully assembled before final testing in a large test tank.

The company's management and its managers promptly caught the shift in sailors' interest when it comes to motor boats. This trend was introduced by novice sailors, and then widely picked up by experienced yachtsmen, who wanted to have the opportunity to take a little break from the sails, but not leave their native element for a long time.

Pardo Yachts shipyard builds designer motor yachts (including expedition yachts) and open cruising yachts. The company’s model range at the end of 2023 and those announced for release in 2024 includes 8 models with a length from 11 to 23 m.

Review Pardo 52 GT

Pardo 52 GT is a designer enclosed hardtop cruising yacht. It is the boats of this series with a closed deckhouse design that are indicated by the addition of GT. Pardo open yachts do not have this additive in their name.

The exterior of the Pardo GT 52 evokes associations with a trawler, but the silhouette of the yacht has much more refined and smooth lines. In addition, the closedness of the boat is conditional: the side windows are lowered, the saloon door opens completely, and the sunroof can also be brought to a half-open position. The emphasis in the layout of the external space is on a functional cockpit: a roomy dinette transforms into a spacious sunbed for sunbathing, and additional sofas are located at the saloon door.

The yacht provides two layout options: with a galley on the upper or lower deck. The owner who chooses the first option receives an additional cabin with a bunk bed, in the second case you get a larger dinette area in the saloon and a better equipped galley for long trips.

Those who like to spend more time outdoors will find several options for what to do: the extended swim platform allows the use of a tender and a jet ski, and the sun loungers can easily accommodate three people. The standard power plant is two Volvo Penta IPS with a power of 650 HP, optionally a pair of Volvo Penta IPS with a power of 700 or 800 HP. It is possible to use a hybrid installation.

Pardo Yachts, as in previous open models, applies the principle of customization, which is especially evident in the choice of engines.

Review Pardo 52 GT

Features of Pardo 52 GT

  • Brand: Pardo
  • Hull type: Monohull
  • Overall length, m: 16.58
  • Overall length, ft: 54
  • Width, m: 4.96
  • Draft, m: 1.23
  • Displacement, t: 25
  • Water tanks, l: 600
  • Exterior design (architect): Nauta Design
  • Interior design: Nauta Design
  • CE Certification: A
  • Engine: 2 x Volvo IPS 650
  • Power, hp: 2 x 650
  • Option engine: 2 × Volvo IPS 700 / 2 × Volvo IPS 800
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2000
  • Cruising Speed, kt: 25
  • Range, n. miles: 350
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Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 30 knots
Cruising speed Up to 25 knots
Fuel consumption 135 l/h when planning at a speed of 20 knots

Review of Pardo 52 GT by topRik Team

Team topRik hoped to explore the Pardo 52 GT at the Biograd Boat Show held in the Croatia, but we found out that this the latest model would not be present there. Almost at the same time it appeared on display at Saint-Tropez, France so that’s where we went.

First Look

Yes, there was a lot to see here. A Pardo 52 GT was impressive, even though topRik experts already had experience testing the Pardo 38 and Pardo 50.

The Mediterranean stern-to mooring nevertheless made it possible to clearly see and appreciate at first glance not only the aft cockpit (in detail), but also the exterior as a whole. Of course, what immediately attracts attention is the enclosed main deck saloon (or wheelhouse) with a lifting garage door, as well as a huge platform. On previous models the platform is also impressive, but on the Pardo 52 GT you just keep walking and walking until you reach the cockpit.

Review Pardo 52 GT

The fact that all three Pardo studies familiar to us from experience have a common DNA is especially noticeable when they are all next to each other - a planing hull with original and recognizable lines, high sides with wide gunwales, the already mentioned large swimming platform and a large multifunctional aft building, where we will go next.

Aft Cockpit

Actually, we’ve already seen it quite well in the previous photo, you might think. But in defining this part of the boat, the word “multifunctional” is fundamental. Usually at boat shows and exhibitions (and Saint-Tropez was no exception) they prefer to show the cockpit furniture group in all its glory, and usually this is its incarnation as a huge sunbed. This is also true for the Pardo 52 GT.

Review Pardo 52 GT

By raising and lowering the headrests of sofas and mattresses, you can adapt this sunbathing area to a different number of sunbathers. We draw your attention to the drawers. You can place refrigerators, freezers or an ice maker here so you don't have to go to the galley for drinks or ice cream. But these drawers can also be used as lockers to store necessary things.

But the furniture in the Pardo 52 GT cockpit looks quite impressive even when it transforms into a dining area. Check out this folding table that can be folded down to create a base for sunbathing area, plus plenty of seating to easily accommodate al fresco dining and even party guests.

Review Pardo 52 GT

We immediately draw your attention to the rounded corners of the table top - this is a characteristic feature of all high-class yachts, the creators of which care about the comfort and safety of the owners and their guests.

The cockpit is separated from the covered saloon of the main deck by a lifting door of an original design with a garage-type mechanism. When this transparent blackout barrier is open, the cockpit and saloon form one unit and it is a huge space to move around freely.

Review Pardo 52 GT

If you carefully look at the design of the door in the photo above, you will understand why we called its design original, as it consists of several parts: a lifting one at the top and a sliding one at the bottom. The upper part, in turn, consists of several fragments. By adjusting their position, you can tightly close the exit, or you leave one part of the door slightly open if the weather outside is bad.

And if you choose a galley configuration on the main deck (on the starboard side), then its table under the open window will do an excellent job as a bar counter for serving food and drinks to the cockpit.

Review Pardo 52 GT

Let's go into the saloon and explore what else is there besides the galley.

In the Saloon/Wheelhouse

None of the topRik experts will argue that the galley is a dismissible area on a ship. But it should come with a dining area, and it would be nice to find a control post here too...

And all this is clearly visible right at the entrance to the saloon: on the starboard side there is a galley, on the left side there is a C-shaped composite sofa around a folding table, which can be lowered and raised, creating an additional berth here; and in front, shifted to the starboard side, is the control post.

Review Pardo 52 GT

The photo shows an option where the galley on the starboard side has been replaced by a large soft sofa, and the galley itself has been moved below deck (as in the version we examined): there it is visible through the open door to the left of the helm station. This is how it looks on the schematic and in reality:

Review Pardo 52 GT

Review Pardo 52 GT

Remember when we mentioned the customization capabilities? This applies not only to the engine selection list.

In both versions, the galley is well equipped with kitchen appliances - and here the future owner can choose from a long list of options different types of stoves, microwave, oven, refrigerators, dishwasher, etc. We think there were enough cabinets and lockable shelves to store kitchen utensils and food.

It seems that we have digressed a little from the problem of controlling a yacht from the saloon, which, however, is important to sailors when they get to the galley. But before you move on to studying the control station, evaluate the amount of natural light that enters the cabin through panoramic glazing, a large entrance door and hatches in the roof, which also can be opened (talking about natural ventilation).

Review Pardo 52 GT

The skipper has an excellent 180-degree view from the helm station. It has a luxurious and comfortable double seat (one might even say a sofa), as well as a well-organized helm panel. In addition to what's included as standard on the dashboard, the designers have left enough space to fill it with navigation equipment, indicators and other equipment from a long list of options.

Since we have already examined the below-deck galley, we go straight to the cabins.

Inside the Cabins

This yacht has three of them - a master cabin located in the bow, a double cabin with two single berths (or one double) and a cabin with one single berth for a child or crew member.

Review Pardo 52 GT

The master cabin is perfectly equipped for a good rest, which will provide a comfortable king-size bed with access from three sides. There is plenty of storage space, a sofa, opening windows and hatches.

Review Pardo 52 GT

The toilet rooms in the master and guest cabins are very similar in configuration: shower, washbasin, mirrors, toilet, cabinets and shelves for storing toiletries and hygiene items.

Review Pardo 52 GT

At the foot of the guest cabin beds, the ceiling is of normal height and you can easily change clothes here, but you will have to crouch down to get into a lying position.

Review Pardo 52 GT

It is possible to install a toilet in a single cabin, but each of us would prefer to use a common toilet room, which could be the guest cabin toilet. But a sink in the crew cabin is a good solution.

At the Foredeck

Using the schematic below, we propose to estimate the distribution of the areas of the upper deck in order to imagine the size of the social area on the foredeck, or, simply put, a huge sun lounger.

Review Pardo 52 GT

Here, the role of protective sides is played by reliable and durable roof rails with steel handrails. A cushion at the foot of this sunroom covers the hatch to the master stateroom. Check out the width of the side decks on this not-so-large yacht – it’s quite comfortable to move around on them without trying to assume a crab pose.

Review Pardo 52 GT

In the very bow there is an anchor installation and a chain locker. And through the hatch, located closer to the lid of the chain box, it opens into the bathroom of the master cabin.

Review Pardo 52 GT

Sea Tests

We had no doubts about the speed properties of the Pardo 52 GT, since we had already tested the Pardo 38 and Pardo 50 on the water. And Cantiere del Pardo’s high reputation, with their fast, legendary sailing ships, left no room for such doubts.

After all, the boat still had its unique planing hull, already familiar to us, which, together with a pair of Volvo IPS 650 inboard engines, promised a fun boat trip. Our expectations were fully met, and even more than that: the boat's greater weight ensured almost perfect stability and controllability, even when we exceeded the maximum cruising speed of 30 knots. Our skipper said that he felt like driving a comfortable car.

But we still recommend sticking to the maximum speed only when absolutely necessary, if you do not want excessive fuel consumption. Even at 25 knots you will consume about 165 liters per hour. Why not limit the speed to 20 knots to reduce fuel consumption to 135 liters per hour with a respectable range.

Review Pardo 52 GT

Advantages of Pardo 52 GT

All-weather, multifunctional, customizable, comfortable and fast - this is an incomplete list of the advantages of the Pardo 52 GT, which topRik experts identified as the main ones for this new product from Cantiere del Pardo.

Our own testing experience has shown this boat to have excellent seakeeping characteristics, easy solo handling, and plenty of range at moderate cruising speeds.

Comfort on the yacht is ensured for both passengers and the skipper. Here, the safety system for adults and children is thought out to the smallest detail, and the skipper’s workplace is distinguished by well-thought-out ergonomics. What is important is that the galley is also ergonomic - so the cook here will not get tired of chopping vegetables on a low countertop.

Most of the space on the Pardo 52 GT is dedicated to social areas - it is a boat for people that takes into account all their basic needs on a multi-day cruise.

The reliability of the design is evidenced by certification in class A, which means the ability to sail this yacht on the open sea.

Review Pardo 52 GT

Reviews of Pardo 52 GT from Professionals

We invite you to read one of the very first reviews of the Pardo 52 GT yacht from the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022 by Hugo Andreae of Motor Boat & Yachting and a report on testing this boat at sea by Luca D'Ambrosio from Yachting News.

This review consists of two parts - a description of the new product from Cantiere del Pardo presented at the Cannes Festival and video report from the Pardo 52 GT.

The author immediately expressed his attitude towards the boat, defining the yacht as the most stylish all-weather cruiser in the world. True, the title poses a question. But then Hugo gives a positive answer to it.

He, of course, noted the Italian spirit that characterizes all the models of this manufacturer, as well as the unusual decision of naval architects and designers to put style above practicality.

As a result, the cabin did not burden the exhibition of the Pardo 52 GT compared to the open Pardo models and, according to the author, became the most beautiful boat at the boat show in Cannes 2022.

Hugo appreciated the continuity of the yacht's exterior and interior spaces and described the design features by which this result was achieved.

By clicking on the link provided, you will read the author’s opinion about what important goal the developers have achieved in the interests of their clients, and also watch the report from on board the Pardo 52 GT, where Hugo demonstrates all the features of the exterior and in great detail the interior of the boat.

Yachting News’ writer not only describes the features of the all-weather planing cruiser Pardo 52 GT, but also takes to sea from Saint Tropez with a test team of 10 on board.

The description of sea trials is preceded by a section that introduces readers to Luca D'Ambrosio's opinion about the exterior and interior of the boat.

Moving on to sea tests, the author first noticed that the presence of 10 people on board does not create cramped conditions - there is enough space for everyone. And if you close the door to the cabin, the noise of the engines does not interfere with communication at all, since it is completely inaudible under these conditions.

When accelerating, the boat quickly goes into planing mode, leaving a clean wake behind it. As speed increases, the trail expands. With optimal trim and excellent visibility, the yacht demonstrates a significant range of cruising speed, which the author defined as 14 – 26 knots. He noted economical fuel consumption, which at any speed is 6-7 liters per mile.

Next, the author describes the techniques with which he revealed the sporting qualities of the boat. If you want to know about this, and also see the final test table, follow the link provided to Luca D'Ambrosio 's review page.

Video Reviews of Pardo 52 GT

Why not see the yacht in movement to understand what it’s all about?

We start with that Saint Tropez premiere we were talking about:

Walkthrough of Pardo 52 GT with explanation of various features on board:

Review Guy does a great job with this 25-minute-long yacht tour:

Another energized review from the Boat Show:


Comfort on board for all participants in the voyage, excellent seaworthiness, including the ability to economically consume fuel at a decent cruising speed, make this boat in demand among various categories of sailors:

  • caring heads of family who want to provide their relatives with safe conditions for a comfortable cruise;
  • lovers of solitude who want to be alone in the open spaces of the sea while avoiding dealing with sailing equipment;
  • fans of high speeds;
  • those who want to provide their friends with an unforgettable sea voyage.

Of course, we’ll add here the owners of charter companies, since the boat will probably be in demand not only in these categories. Such a stylish yacht will be wanted for corporate purposes, owners of superyachts, etc.

Review Pardo 52 GT

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