Leen 56 Review

After the success and numerous awards received by their sailing trimarans, Neel and Eric Bruneel decided to go further and try their hand at building motor multihulls. We present to your attention the review of the Leen 56, the first model in the line of trimarans with a hybrid engine, released in 2021.

The firm brought in well-known designer Bernard Nivelt and entrusted him with the development and concept under the new Leen Trimarans brand, so that he could combine the benefits of trimaran design with the capabilities of economical hybrid engines. The idea was to create a boat that is both with a long cruising range and high energy efficiency at the same time.

Well, let's see what came of it. The article presents both personal impressions of our team and reports of well-known journalists and yachtsmen.

Leen 56 Review

Bernard Nivelt started the planning with a wealth of experience designing many famous racing trimarans, cruisers, pleasure yachts and Swift Trawler boats. He singled out as his main goals the reduction of the influence of water resistance on the running characteristics of the vessel, as well as the reduction of pitch and roll in the sea and on the wave. To do this, it was necessary to design the boat in a certain way, which, due to its balancing, would provide stability on the wave and roll resistance.

Indeed, if you compare the design of Leen vessel with a catamaran, then in the case of a cat you have no other choice but to evenly distribute the load and weight of the equipment between both hulls. In a trimaran, everything is in the middle, which makes pitching much more comfortable and smooth, especially on the open sea.

The hull was made using the same technologies that the shipyard has been using to build its yachts for the past eight years. This is a proven combination of fiberglass and Kevlar fibers that significantly lighten the design, make it more gentle on possible impacts against a tree or pier and increase overall endurance.


Features of Leen 56

  • Brand: Leen Trimarans
  • Hull type: Trimaran
  • Overall length, m: 17.1
  • Width, m: 8.25
  • Draft, m: 1.7
  • Displacement, t: 29.5
  • Water tanks, l: 825
  • Exterior design (Architect): Bernard Nivelt
  • Interior Design: Pierre Frutschi
  • CE Certification: Category A
  • Engine: 305 HP Cummins QSB 6.7
  • Fuel tanks, l: 5000

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Review of Leen 56 by TopRik Team

Admittedly, the boat looks really a little unusual, with its high floats and compact superstructure. According to the developers, due to its long, thin central hull, the boat has very little water surface resistance and a high prismatic coefficient to prevent pitching. Based on our observations, lateral shortened floats serve the same stability and fuel efficiency goals. As a result, the company claims that it has achieved a consumption of no more than two liters of fuel per mile at a speed of 9 knots.

Leen 56 Review


At the Transom

Positioning itself as a ship of a long autonomous voyage, the company tried to optimize the space and give more opportunities to vacationers from the very beginning. Three steps lead to the deck, at the base of which there are mini-platforms with non-slip coating, they can be used as bathing areas, as a place for sunbathing, as well as for mooring and attaching a dinghy or scooter. Sturdy cleats and folding steps are located in the central aisle and make getting in and out of the water a breeze for divers. The side in the stern is sloped at an angle, which facilitates access to the deck from the side in case of mooring side-to.

Leen 56 Review


In the Cockpit

The aft deck is also executed within the same concept of all-weather long-range travel and is completely covered with a rigid, fixed canopy on two stainless steel columns. Unlike most Mediterranean-style boats of the same length, the cockpit does not boast a huge dining table or an abundance of sunbeds and couches. Nevertheless, as we proved in practice, it is definitely possible to spend a pleasant evening in the open air, if weather conditions permit. About a dozen light bulbs are mounted on the roof, which will create a pleasant relaxing feel and even lighting. There is a comfortable table for a small family with a sofa, and the rest of the space serves as a kind of roundabout for passages and stairs.

Leen 56 Review

The side aisles are really wide and comfortable, and thanks to the high sides and strong handrails, they are very safe even for children. They, like the stern, are completely covered with a canopy from the weather, the floors are covered with teak in a pleasant color, resistant to sea weather and temperature changes. At the end of the stairs to the flybridge there is a door that leads to a large storage compartment with heating for storing outerwear and wetsuits.

Leen 56 Review

Hatches built into the floor of both aisles provide access to aft lockers so large that in each of them you can stand up to your full height and make a separate sleeping cabin for the crew or place large amounts of supplies, rigging, useful equipment and all kinds of things for outdoor activities.


At the Foredeck

In the bow of the trimaran, things are much better with free space. Here we are met by a large island bed for two people and there is still a lot of space to accommodate additional sun loungers, tables for drinks, a portable freezer and the like.

Leen 56 Review

An automatic anchor winch collects the chain in a large box, which is located in a deep locker. In addition to the chain, a supply of fenders for both sides and a bunch of all sorts of things can easily fit there. It is convenient to observe the process both from the flybridge and from the main cabin, the large windows of which overlook the foredeck as well.

Leen 56 Review

Easy access from the wheelhouse to the bow, if necessary, can be obtained using a side door that leads from the helmsman to the starboard side. After taking a few steps, you quickly find yourself among the other passengers.


The Helm Station

The control station is visually divided into two parts. The first is directly the control post itself with a helm and a comfortable seat. The central place is occupied by the console and the dashboard, which is equipped with all the necessary navigational equipment and the ability to monitor both sides and the engine room through cameras, which will provide the navigator with complete control over the position of the boat in space even in the case of a solo voyage.

Leen 56 Review

The control system is grouped in one place for improved functionality, it allows you to switch between diesel and electric engines from here, monitor many parameters, the level of fuel consumption and select its comfortable consumption. Next to the control panel there is a ladder leading deep into the hull and giving quick access to the engine room, storage batteries and accumulators.

The second part is located on the port side, this is a social space with huge panoramic windows, a comfortable corner couch for several people and a stand for drinks. Any of the team members can join the skipper, having a chat and admiring the views, but at the same time not getting in the way, as is sometimes the case.

Leen 56 Review

From here, a passage leads to the saloon, which is located on the same level as the wheelhouse and allows you to quickly move between the helm, dining area and the owner's cabin.


In the Saloon

Leen 56 is a wide boat, whole 8.25 meters in beam, so the wardroom easily accommodates a dining table for 12 people, and there is still plenty of room to move where guests or family members will not bump into and interfere with each other. The saloon boasts high ceilings of more than 2.10 meters, and if the weather permits and there is no wind or rain outside, then passengers can open the large sliding glass door to the cockpit. This will combine the interior of the saloon and the aft deck into a single space.

Leen 56 Review

High-quality light-colored wood trim panels give the saloon an elegant and cozy atmosphere, while large portholes allow you to admire the scenery, provide natural light and fresh air circulation throughout the day.

Leen 56 Review

The company tried to provide the galley with all the necessary equipment for convenience on cruises and long journeys. There are several refrigerating chambers with vertical and horizontal loading, a kitchen with an oven and a hood, a spacious sink, many cupboards for dishes and other utensils, and even a dishwasher. In general, the saloon makes a very pleasant impression and is likely to appeal to the category of buyers that the ship's designers aimed at during the design development.


Living Areas

From the saloon, one of the doors leads to the spacious owner's cabin, the usable space of which occupies two levels of the hull at once. Upstairs we see a large sleeping area with huge portholes that give a lot of light and fresh air, and a large double bed. The ceilings in the room are as high as in the saloon, there are drawers under the bed for clothes and a change of linen, and at night the room is lit by a large number of lamps that can be powered by batteries.

Leen 56 Review

Leen 56 Review

Opposite the bed there is an office for working with a desk, shelves for books and documents, connectors and sockets for appliances and a spacious wardrobe with a mirror and sliding doors for things and clothes. The office and sleeping area are on the same level, and the bathroom can be accessed by stairs leading directly from the cabin.

Leen 56 Review

Here we can see two sinks, a shower capsule and a toilet. There’s not that much room compared to catamarans of the same dimensions, but in general there is enough space to turn around even for a large man. Portholes built into the ceiling help to quickly get rid of humidity and odors, illuminating the room during the day.

The three-cabin version of the vessel has two more bedrooms, which are located in the bow and stern of the main hull. A staircase from the helmsman's cabin leads to the bow cabin, there is a double bed and a separate bathroom, the decoration is designed in pleasant colors. There is a certain shortage of lockers, the door to the room is the most ordinary, while the cabin is located opposite the engine room. Well, it's been worse. At least the bed isn't on top of the engine, right?

Leen 56 Review

Next to the galley are another set of steps covered with sliding doors that lead us to the aft cabin, which is more spacious than the one at the bow.

Leen 56 Review

This room also relies on a separate bathroom, sink and shower, and optionally one large bed or a bunk bed can be placed here if the owner plans to receive guests or travel with a large company. And with storage space in the aft, things are much better.

Leen 56 Review

Optionally, the manufacturer can add another cabin for the crew - the fourth in a row, but for this you will have to sacrifice one of the large onboard storage lockers.


At the Flybridge

The open flybridge area at the top deserves special mention. It is a truly large space of over 34 m², designed to give a free and fast 360° view.

Leen 56 Review

Visually, it is divided into three sections. The front part is designed to steer the vessel from the platform where the helm made of composite materials is located, together with navigation tools panel and a display with the side surveillance cameras. We conducted some testing here and confirmed that this way the skipper can perform accurate and safe maneuvering in the harbor much easier.

Leen 56 Review

This section is sheltered from the sun and rain by a solid bimini that houses the communications antennas, radar, camera, and solar panels that allow the electronic equipment to be fully autonomous while at anchor and eliminate the need to start the engine.

Leen 56 Review

The central part is occupied by a social area with comfortable couches, tables, a refrigerator for drinks and snacks, as well as a sink. In the sun-exposed part of the flybridge on a fine day, you can place sun loungers and deck chairs for all those on board and have a good time. The area closer to the stern is designed to store an inflatable or motor boat, which is lowered into the water using a hydraulic crane.


At the Sea

Well, it's time to look at the performance and capabilities of Leen 56 in action. The main highlights of the engineers say hybrid motorization, which allows using electric motors alone to achieve a maximum speed of about 7 knots without noise and harmful emissions.

Leen 56 Review

Launching and mooring can also be carried out on the same environmentally friendly motors. It has two 15W Bellmarine DriveMaster electric motors with a liquid cooling system, which allow you to maneuver in the harbor and enter the lagoons without polluting the environment.

The main engine is Cummins "Intermittent Duty", and in the case of long trips, it is capable of running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Leen 56 Review

All three motors are mounted in line with the shaft to minimize intermediate components and reduce mechanical wear on the systems. This assembly reduces pressure losses, thereby optimizing the efficiency of the drive.

One of the main tasks of the engineers was providing the ability to achieve low fuel consumption for a long time at a speed of 9 to 10 knots, as well as greater autonomy from the need for diesel fuel while moored at the pier or in the bay.

Leen 56 Review

Indeed, the testers quite quickly manage to achieve a speed of 9 knots upwind at 1800 rpm and a consumption of only 18 liters of fuel per hour. It turns out that about 2 liters of fuel are spent per nautical mile.

According to our data, with a reserve of 5000 liters, this is enough to cross the Atlantic if you are comfortable with a leisurely trawler speed. But, if necessary, the trimaran can accelerate to 22-25 knots, but then, of course, fuel consumption will increase significantly.

Of particular note are hydrodynamics and wave behavior. Leen 56 glides and cuts waves very easily thanks to its original design, while the roll is almost not felt at all.

The topRik team did not have the opportunity to verify the capabilities for a long cruise or long-term dockage, but the developers assure that charged storage lithium batteries allow for 24 hours to achieve full autonomy for all the various equipment available on board, and the batteries are recharged in just an hour and a half of generator operation. After that, you can enjoy another daily cycle of complete autonomy at anchor.

When navigating in all-electric mode, there is just over an hour of zero-emission cruising at around 5 knots. Also, this original hybrid consumption system allows you to start the generator and move using only electric traction without time limits.



So, what are the main advantages of the Leen 56 trimaran?

  • Ease of movement and low wave resistance due to its original design and the height of the floats.
  • It certainly provides a high level of passenger safety thanks to a stable hull design and weight distribution, which gives the vessel excellent stability and roll resistance both on the high seas and at the pier.
  • Hull resistance to wear and damage, thanks to technologies that Neel sailing trimarans have become famous for.
  • Efficiency and hybrid motorization, which allows the vessel to be very energy efficient and at the same time environmentally friendly in many aspects.
  • Autonomy, which allows you to stand in your favorite places for weeks or make transatlantic crossings.
  • All-weather capability that allows you to cruise even in Alaskan waters and stormy areas, while accommodation provides the comfort of a cruise trawler.
  • Boat control multiplexing. All information about the state of the ship and equipment, engines, fuel consumption comes from various sources and is displayed in a user-friendly way on the dashboard screens.

Reviews of Leen 56 from Professionals

To date, the original trimaran has also been judged by several editorial boards of the yachting media and reviewers in addition to our team. We present to your attention reviews from two well-known observers and yachtsmen with links to the original articles.

Reviewer and editor of the motor boat department Chloé Torterat noted the unusual appearance of the vessel and its dimensions, as well as the fact that due to the non-standard design the boat has a very confident behavior on the water. The technology and materials used to make the hull make it possible to move even in icy waters.

She also paid a lot of attention to the trimaran's living areas, plenty of saloon space, galley equipment, 825-liter water capacity, cabin layout and wheelhouse amenities.

The flybridge is also impressive in size and can be customized to your liking, with a small kitchen and another helm station.

The author noted that the vessel has an optional 350 or 500 HP diesel generator in the main hull, as well as electric motors in the side floats. Such a system makes it much easier to maneuver during the mooring of the first production trimaran with a hybrid propulsion system.

The editor calculated that with its fuel reserves at about 9 knots, the yacht could travel about 2.500 nautical miles without refueling.

A well-known journalist, navigator and columnist, member and chairman of many juries Zuzana Prochazka also appreciated the novelty at the time.

She noticed that owners who dream of blue water cruising and safe Atlantic travel may have found their ideal vessel in Leen's new hybrid trimaran. As the market began to increasingly favor motorized trimarans, Neel created a subsidiary, mirroring its name and making an attempt to reach motor connoisseurs.

Leen 56's fuel reserves allow it to cross the Atlantic, so it can travel from France to Boston at nine knots. And if you drop the speed by one knot, then the cruising range will increase to a mind-blowing 4,000 nautical miles.

The unique engineering design delivers impressive results with very low drag. Yet the abundance of living and social space, as well as the 340-square-foot flybridge area, can match a power catamaran with much more fuel economy.

Eric Bruneel has built over 2,000 boats in 40 years and with such a background, it is impossible to ignore his tandem with one of the best designers out there, Bernard Nivelt.


Video Reviews

As always, we provide the links to the most informative videos made, which fully demonstrate the yacht’s features.

First off, the footage of Leen 56 doing absolutely fine even in harsh Alaskan climate:

Then we move on to extensive review by Leen at the sea:

Quick overview of Leen 56 on the move by Aeroyacht:

Multihulls World does a great job (as always) showcasing main features of the yacht:



Summing up both our own tests and evaluations, and well-known journalists, we can compile a list of conclusions and assumptions regarding the first model of the Leen 56 hybrid motor trimaran.

This is definitely a niche product for enthusiasts and is more aimed at private owners. The boat is unique in several ways, and in them it differs in many respects from both sailing trimarans and motor cats, which are often purchased not for personal use, but for renting them out. The target audience of Leen 56 can be:

  • Fans of long, all-weather and autonomous navigation alone, in a small company or with the family. The trimaran allows you to cross the ocean with the comfort of a cruiser or explore new places for a long time.
  • Those who were looking for a decent compromise in hydrodynamics between a monohull and a catamaran.
  • Connoisseurs of long anchorage in peace and quiet and not in the harbor. At the same time, while at anchor, you will not suffer from either generator noise or pitching, but at the same time, all the equipment of the vessel is at your service.
  • People who care about protecting the environment. The hybrid system delivers twice the fuel efficiency of a catamaran of the same size, while reducing emissions to zero in some areas if desired.

Leen 56 Review


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