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The world premiere of the 46 ft. (14 m) sailing catamaran Lagoon 46 from the French shipyard Construction Navale Bordeaux (CNB) took place 4 years ago - in January 2019 in Düsseldorf. Information about the introduction of a new yacht from CNB caused not just a buzz, but a complete splash among the owners, designers and constructors of cats. After all, the previous model Lagoon 450 has long been a favorite among luxurious floating hotels, as the latest representatives of this line can be described. This catamaran has been a cruise favorite for many years and a leader in transatlantic competitions, including such a prestigious one as the Atlantic Rally of Cruisers.

It was also a treat due to the fact that the shipyard returned to the team of designers and naval architects who propelled CNB to its glory in the past. The architecture and exterior of the new model were handled by VPLP Design with Patrick le Quément, while the interior was designed by Nauta Design.

The hype reached a high level long before the premiere - CNB received dozens of applications for this new cat beforehand. And when the premiere took place, everyone who was looking forward to it realized that their hopes for some pleasant surprises were not in vain.

Features of Lagoon 46

Review of the Lagoon 46

  • Brand: Lagoon
  • Exterior designer: Patrick le Quément
  • Interior Design: Nauta Design
  • Boat type: Catamaran
  • Material: sandwich balsa/glass/polyester, plywood or laminated plywood bulkheads
  • Overall length, m: 13.99
  • Width, m: 7.96
  • Draft, m: 1.35
  • Displacement, T: 15.77
  • Air draft, m: 23.21
  • Water tanks, l: 2 x 300
  • Exterior design (Architect): VPLP design
  • CE Certification: A:12 - B:14 - C:20 - D:30
  • Mainsail type: Square top
  • Jib type: Self-tacking
  • Mainsail area, sq.m.: 80.5
  • Jib area, sq.m.: 46.5
  • Engine: 2 x 57 HP
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2 x 520
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Lagoon 46 Review by topRik Team

Even when approaching docked Lagoon 46 catamaran, without even entering the deck, the topRik team immediately noticed that the mast was carried aft with a significant offset even compared to the previous models 39, 40 and 42, which became the founders of this, as it turned out, successful shipyard experiment.

This was especially noticeable against the backdrop of the nearby Lagoon 50. We later appreciated this innovation when we were able to use a more powerful self-tacking jib, as well as a smaller, easier-to-handle mainsail.

Lagoon 46 Review by topRik Team

But the resemblance to the Lagoon 50 still manifested itself in the angular transom and the dynamic slope of the hardtop, in the large rectangular aft windows and in the fully glazed saloon, in the famous contours of the "lagoon" exterior.

The close proximity of these famous catamarans drew us on board with a desire to compare and find out if the architects and designers managed to provide the same comfort and luxury on a 46 ft. catamaran as on a 50 ft. boat.

Operated from the Flybridge, Observed from the Sunbed

When yachtsmen talk about comfort, they first of all mean the convenience of managing a catamaran. Therefore, the first area we go to is the control post. And here one of the features of this vessel immediately becomes apparent. It has excellent, although not perfect visibility. And this is with a reduced size, when compared to the Lagoon 50.

The architects didn't waste a single inch of this reduced space to make the boat comfortable to drive. They provided access to the flybridge directly from the cockpit and from both sides. And behind the helmsman there is a huge sunbed, where the rest of the crew, guests or family can sunbathe and relax, in which case the skipper can be quickly provided with the necessary assistance when needed. You won't have to strain your vocal cords to call for assistants from the cabins or saloon - someone will definitely be basking in this natural solarium at all times.

In addition, as it turned out, help may not be needed at all for a long time. Managing the catamaran is easy even for one person as all the controls, including winches, are within easy reach.

On the move, we appreciated both the location of the standing rigging near the stern and the new position of the mast. Although the previous three cats of the shipyard also featured a non-standard mast position, in Lagoon 46 the architects achieved the maximum balance of the center of gravity. We experienced the result of this achievement in practice when managing a sail wardrobe, the overall area of which was increased by 10 m². The rigging set also proved to be surprisingly powerful for a catamaran of this size. We got great pleasure from the boat’s ability to tack in the wind. This is despite the fact that the testing in the open ocean with serious winds was not an option. However, under a full mainsail and gennaker with a fair bit of wind, it was possible to achieve speeds of almost 9 knots.

A very sensitive steering wheel, an automatic jib and electric winches, an electric drive for the boom-sheet provide an excellent opportunity to easily cope with the controls alone.

The saloon control room that has a chartplotter, table, bookshelf and intercom is also easily accessible, has excellent visibility, and the layout ensures that no one will interfere with the skipper’s work.

Travel Comfort

As we looked at the control system first, we paid attention to the thoughtful access to the flybridge, where the helmsman's station is located.

Men appreciated the wide steps (especially those that lead from the transoms), which can confidently accommodate a size 47 foot. And all the crew members noted the wide passages across the deck.

The aft cockpit is also spacious - several people can move freely at the same time without the risk of bumping into each other. From the cockpit there is free access to wide transoms.

There is also plenty of room in the bow cockpit. But the flybridge sunbathing area is simply amazing in its size and comfort. Hard to believe can't believe that this kind of freedom is offered on a 46 ft. catamaran.

The fully glazed saloon and cabins with large portholes add to the feeling of complete freedom. Even being close to 2 meters tall, you do not feel at all that you are actually in the very limited space of a cruising catamaran.

By the way, you can participate in the organization of this space: the salon and cockpit, if desired, can be combined into a single area for various events.

We will talk about how the happy owners of this floating luxury hotel can distribute the living space among its inhabitants a bit later. But remember – the option is available!

Of course, we appreciated the hydraulic platform with electric drive in the transom part of the cat. This detail not only gave us easy access to the water, but also expanded the zone of comfortable communication, which was really neat during one of our farewell evenings with friends on this amazing boat.

Do Not Deny Yourself Anything

After experiencing the excellent living and working conditions on Lagoon 46 for a couple of days, we decided that the shipyard designers were indeed guided by this phrase. Everything was provided here even for the most demanding and capricious cruise participants.

To be honest, there are not much capricious people in the topRik team. But from our point of view, we appreciated the presence of many lockers and cabinets, compartments under the folding seats in all areas of the boat. Here you can place all the necessary luggage for a long trip with a large group of people.

At the same time, you will not have to deny yourself excesses too, not just the necessities - some of us have experience in organizing charters and it was noted that for this purpose or just for a large family or a group of friends, there is everything you need on the cat.

The aft cockpit is equipped with a bimini and protective sheets from rain and splashes. The dining area (or another place of rest) is equipped with a retractable sofa and a transforming table. When unfolded, this table can easily accommodate 12 people, and if you make some room, then even more. This is the case if you decide to have a party and invite the crew of a neighboring ship to visit. The number 12 is the maximum number of comfortable beds that can be equipped on Lagoon 46.

The two-module galley for outdoor cooking is equipped with all necessary kitchen appliances. Optional additions are generally almost limitless - there would be a place for everyone. The galley is very conveniently located on the border of the saloon and the cockpit, and through the window, cooked dishes can be transferred from the saloon to the cockpit table.

The large lounger in the cockpit can accommodate watchers waiting for their portion of delicious food. And to store a large number of supplies for tasty treats, a spacious refrigerator with a freezer is designed.

We have already sung the praises of the luxurious flybridge sunbathing area. The bow cockpit is an additional sunbed with comfortable modular sunbeds and a table, the role of which is played by a locker. Great place for an evening cocktail in an almost intimate setting.

Privacy in the cabin is excluded, since it is designed for 8 people, but if necessary and desired, it can accommodate more. The area is flooded with light, the supply of which is provided by large glazed screens. They also provide an all-round view.

Here you can dine, relax, party, using the aft cockpit and pneumatic platform. The folding table is surrounded by a corner sofa and a backless sofa. As already noted, under the seats there are places for luggage. The shelves above the cabinet can be used for albums, magazines and books. On the same side, opposite the corner sofa in our case, a large television screen was placed.

Everyone noted that the unavoidable detail of the interior - the camouflaged part of the mast - does not interfere at all during movements. One of us, the especially broad-shouldered specimen, found the passage from the saloon to the cockpit a bit cramped. But apparently, this is a consequence of visiting the flybridge. After its spaciousness everything seems cramped.

Comfortable steps lead from the saloon to the cabins. Let us descend now...

You Can’t Forbid Living Beautifully

Since we had an option with the owner's cabin, you must understand who got it. But all the participants in the voyage were able to get acquainted with its luxury. Our skipper single-handedly occupied the entire starboard hull, since that is how the cabins are distributed in this layout. The owner's cabin is a comfortable accommodation, equipped with all the necessary attributes for a comfortable stay.

You can start and end your day here in the bathroom with toilet and shower. An excellent sleeping place in the form of an island double bed will provide a restful sleep and good rest after work at the helm and with sails.

All luggage will find a suitable place in the wardrobes and lockers. You do not have to fold clothes to save space - you can freely hang them in the closet. There is also plenty of room for other accessories to make sailing as comfortable as possible.

A writing desk and an additional sofa complete the furnishing of the owner's cabin.

Others were accommodated in two double cabins in the bow and stern. Despite the fact that their area is half the size of the owner's cabin, there is a place for island beds and shower rooms with all the necessary hygienic amenities.

Access to all sleeping places is provided from two sides. This is of great importance if the catamaran is intended for charter use. In this case, order an option for 4 double cabins, each of which has a private bathroom with all amenities for hygiene procedures.

All cabins are furnished with ample storage space for personal luggage. The cabins have excellent ventilation, a lot of light thanks to hatches and portholes.


The purpose of the topRik team was not only to find the merits and sing the praises to the architects and designers of Lagoon 46. We diligently looked for the flaws as well, in order to say “Aha! Nobody's perfect!" The search did not lead to anything until the flaw itself announced itself. One of us hit his hip on the corner of the table in an awkward turn. And this way we discovered that not all the furniture on the cat has rounded corners.

But speaking seriously, it seemed to us that some elements of the cat are dangerously close to water or poorly protected from water. We are talking about an additional electrical panel on the starboard side and a maintenance battery in the hold. But against all the advantages, these points look more like nit-picking.

Advantages of Lagoon 46

We would highlight the following main advantages of the cruising sailing catamaran Lagoon 46:

  1. Quality, including the method of making the balsa, glass and polyester sandwich hulls.
  2. Safety ensured by the use of materials that are resistant to corrosion and osmosis.
  3. A well-thought-out control system, including the location and design of the mast with appropriate sailing equipment and rigging, a convenient distance between the easy-to-handle helm, electric winches and other elements of the control station.
  4. Improved seaworthiness (maneuverability, performance, etc.) as a result of an improved control system and hull design.
  5. Excellent organization of space, taking into account the reduction in the size of the vessel.
  6. The unique comfort of being on board for both passengers and crew.
  7. Versatility in the configuration of cabins, as well as the organization of space due to partitions.
  8. Nearly unlimited optional upgrades for added comfort and safety of life and work on board.
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To learn about the rest of the Lagoon 46 benefits in detail… just continue reading!

Lagoon 46 Reviews by Professionals

Leading journalists of popular yachting media shared their impressions of the cruising sailing catamaran Lagoon 46.

  • Claire Mahon from Sailing Today took a short ride on her new cat.
  • Mark Pillsbury of Cruising World delivered it to Fort Lauderdale after the Miami International Boat Show.
  • TMG took the Editor of Cruising Helmsman Magazine - Phillip Ross - on a boating trip on their Lagoon 46.
  • But let’s first see what Massimo Gino from Nauta Design had to say based on his interview with Claire Mahon from Sailing Today.

Massimo mentions that considering the amount or superyacht project they are involved in, it’s the Beneteau group that always was a reliable partner since 2005. It really seemed like unachievable task – to make a new Lagoon in order to replace the best-selling 450 model. Then the question was asked: "What exactly makes a catamaran a Lagoon?" After this the core was there – perception of the brand, style and function were imagined, independent of technology or building techniques. 450’s features were updated and improved to allow Lagoon 46 to outshine the legend.

Claire also addressed the success of previous model 450 with almost 1000 models sold. Surely, it would be a tough act to follow, considering all the innovative techniques used in its production! Yet updated design and sail plan of Lagoon 46 are a game changer.

In Claire’s educated opinion, model 46 provides you with enough freedom on board to make you want to buy it instead of the predecessor.

But the 46 is a pretty sweet ride – as I found out when I tagged along on its delivery up to Fort Lauderdale after the show. As with its 40- and 50-foot siblings that were launched a year earlier, the mast on the 46 is stepped relatively far aft, allowing for a larger and more powerful self-tacking jib up forward, and a smaller and easier to handle mainsail.

Mark Pillsbury writes, that the ride was very pleasant as he was delivering Lagoon 46 to Fort Lauderdale – he particularly enjoyed new sailing equipment. He gives important point about the speed: when motored by two 57 HP Yanmars, it is about 8.5 knots. And when sailing close-hauled, the boat reached 9 knots. Even with the wind into the teens, with unfurled code zero, he went up a couple more knots. Also, the agility of the boat was proven in Fort Lauderdale’s narrow canals.

Phillip commends the movement of the mast aft, resulting in increased mainsail aspect ratio, easier mainsail handling and a larger headsail allowing for more foretriangle options and a self-tacking genoa.

The efficiency is increased since now the headsail can be drawn in closer to the center line without getting blocked by the rig. The overall sail area is increased by 11 sq. m. over the previous model 450 and handling it is actually easier thanks the centered mast.

Video Reviews of Lagoon 46

We tried to find the best visual demonstrations of Lagoon 46 in all its glory. Here are some informative videos as a result.

Extensive and often beautiful footage of exterior and interior of the model 46 by Lagoon themselves:

Full walkthrough of the vessel from YachtsAgent YouTube channel:

Useful video on possible upgrades by TMG Yachts:

Wordless, yet very thorough walkthrough of Lagoon 46 by YachtPlace:


This maneuverable boat perfectly combines excellent seaworthiness and an almost unparalleled level of comfort for everyone on board, including the skipper and crew members. It's practically a floating house with various amenities and can serve as a secluded personal space or living area for the company of friends, colleagues or family.

Thanks to all of the above features, benefits and configuration options, the Lagoon 46 sailing catamaran is perfect for:

  • personal use by a family of 4-6 people;
  • cruises in the company of close friends of up to 12 people;
  • organization of coastal navigation charters;
  • organization of various corporate events;
  • leasing to individuals and companies;
  • lovers of long sea voyages under sails in conditions of complete comfort;
  • yachtsmen participating in catamaran races;
  • lovers of spending time in solitude from society in complete unity with the sea and coastal nature;
  • depth explorers, divers, spearfishers, fishermen.

This list can be extended – in short, Lagoon 46 is ideal for everyone who loves the sea and sailing in general.

Where to Buy Lagoon 46 at a Bargain Price

The topRik team will remove all obstacles between you and this magnificent catamaran. You just need to contact our experts through any form of communication indicated on the pages of the marketplace. The rest will be done by our specialists:

  • they will recommend and select the optimal interior and equipment packages that exactly match your goals when buying a catamaran;
  • advise and select the most favorable payment terms;
  • deliver Lagoon 46 to your destination;
  • select all additional accessories and equipment necessary for comfortable and safe swimming (sunbeds, blankets, fenders, watermaker, etc.)

Our experts are not just salespeople. We all have practical experience of sailing on different boats and in different regions. Having sufficient practical experience, we give advice that has been verified by numerous sailing trips in the vastness of the world's oceans.

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