Aquila 36 Sport Review

topRik team in this review explains, using its own testing experience, what is unique about the Aquila 36 Sport motor catamaran from Sino Eagle Yachts.

As usual, the story is illustrated with a large number of photos with a video gallery at the end. Also, we present you with opinions about the Aquila 36 Sport from famous sailors writing for the yachting media.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

Sino Eagle Yachts is confidently conquering the American and European markets of comfortable catamarans. It has been building Aquila twin-hull motor yachts at a purpose-built facility in Hangzhou, southwest of Shanghai, since 2012. The company launched its 100th hull in 2017.

Hull number one rolled off the production line in November 2016 and was officially unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show in February 2017. It took just three and a half years to reach number 100, which is much faster than other models in the range, which typically take around five to six years to achieve this feat - in December 2020, the Aquila Yachts team has already reported that 100th vessel, motor catamaran Aquila 36 Sport Power, rolled off the production line and headed to its new owner in Europe. This is amazing performance for a newcomer to the European market.

So, designed in America, built in China and debuting in Europe at Cannes in 2019, the Aquila 36 began its triumphant march on a new continent.

And already at the 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival the improved Aquila 36 Sport was presented - 10 meter multihull with outboard engines, free space and hydrofoil.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

In September 2023, in Phuket in Thailand, the catamaran Aquila 36 Power received the Christofle Yacht Style Award in the category "Best Multi-Hull Motor Yacht up to 15m" for its innovative new design.

This was the first year of the YACHT STYLE awards that were designed to showcase achievements in architecture, design and innovation in the latest motor and sailing yachts presented to the Asia-Pacific region by leading builders.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, YACHT STYLE’s CEO and publisher Gael Burlot said the idea behind the new award is to take a fresh look at how awards have been made in the past, and to find truly innovative ways that improve the performance of sailing or motor yachts.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

In the case of Aquila 36 Sport Power the main innovation was the use of outboard engines on a twin-hull boat with a hydrofoil or Hydro Glide Foil System. This system significantly improves the seaworthiness of the catamaran and, importantly, reduces fuel consumption. Let’s say right away that this system is an option that you don’t have to use if you prefer a classic trawler, that is, a displacement vessel instead of a planing vessel. This opportunity - the choice of the method of movement without changing the type of hull (displacement or planing) can also be attributed to the shipyard's innovations.

As for hydrofoilers, this has already become a common phenomenon among monohull ships, but the idea of using a hydrofoil for cats, after several attempts at its implementation in the 1990s, was declared a futuristic phenomenon and postponed until better times.

But the Sino Eagle Yachts marine engineers decided that such times had come and presented the Aquila 36 Sport, a catamaran that, thanks to the Hydro Glide Foil System turns into a double-hull hydrofoiler.

The hydrofoil connecting both hulls allows the boat to rise out of the water with increased speed. As might already know, the maximum speed of a boat is inversely proportional to its length along the waterline. Increasing engine power gives an insignificant result in relation to speed: in order for the speed of a displacement yacht to double, it is necessary to increase the engine power eight times, and a threefold increase in speed will require a 27-fold increase in engine power.

There is only one way out - to “reduce” the length of the vessel. Or rather, the part of the hull that is submerged in the water. Unlike displacement hulls, planing hulls weaponize not only the Archimedes force, but also hydrodynamic lift and water resistance.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

When a certain speed is reached, the boat overcomes the hump of resistance, its bow lifts up, and the stem does not touch the water. Instead of pushing through the water, as displacement yachts do, the planing hull begins to glide across the surface.

The displacement of the part of the hull of the Aquila 36 Sport that remains in the water is reduced to minimum. This reduces water resistance and allows the boat to reach high speeds.

Based on all of the above, the future catamaran owner must decide on his preferences, as well as sailing regions, before deciding which cat he needs - a fast planing catamaran that can quickly escape from bad weather or a solid displacement one. Even though the choice might be difficult, the hull remains the same.

It is no coincidence that Aquila Power Catamarans is one of the fastest growing motor catamaran brands in the yachting world today, and the Aquila 36 Sport is its worthy representative.


Features of Aquila 36 Sport

  • Brand: Aquila
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 10.96
  • Overall length, ft: 36
  • Width, m: 4.45
  • Draft, m: 0.6
  • Displacement, T: 6.6
  • Water tanks, l: 200
  • CE Certification: B:8 PAX - C:18 PAX - D:26 PAX
  • Engines, HP: 2 x White Mercury Verado V8, 300 HP
  • Option engine, HP: 2x White Mercury Verado L6, 400
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2 x 625
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Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 38 knots
Cruising speed Up to 30-35 knots
Fuel consumption 133 l/h when planning at a speed of 35.7 knots

Review of Aquila 36 Sport by Toprik Team

topRik team saw this vessel first at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022, expecting to find a fairly spacious and comfortable yacht, preferably a motor catamaran, the cockpit of which could be equipped for fishing in various ways.

Of course, we couldn’t pass by the Aquila 36 Sport - fishermen know that sometimes they have to travel long distances to find fishing spots, and doing this on a fast boat is much more productive.


First Look

To be honest, our first look at the Aquila 36 Sport came from reading the numerous brochures that were offered at the manufacturers’ stands. Of course, first of all, we paid attention to new products, and among them - this promising picture.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

A very interesting combination, which surprises few people in other areas, but is still new in yacht building: an American developer and a Chinese manufacturer.

Seeing it up close did not disappoint. The ability to completely close the cabin while searching for fishing spots allows you to cut out the noise of motors and protect yourself from the wind. There are promising nuances here, which we will talk about later when we get to the wheelhouse.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

This fishing version has everything taken into account, including a well for bait and a refrigerated reservoir for storing your catch. There are other options, which we will definitely dwell on.

Even without going on board, we see that there are no side decks - this suggests that the main deck is very spacious. This is how the zones on the main deck are distributed, and they are truly separated by wide passages, which ensures comfortable movement for passengers. Generous glazing on the sides guarantees natural light in the cabins.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

It is not surprising that the manufacturer claims that up to 26 passengers can simultaneously stay on board, although the cabins are only 2 by 4 berths. This apparent discrepancy is due to the versatility of the Aquila 36 Sport. After all, it can be used as a weekend boat, a cruiser in coastal waters, as a family boat or for charter, for fishing, etc.

And now is the time to approach the transom, although we have already seen quite a lot.


At the Transom

The first thing that catches your eye is the outboard motors, which is quite rare in the design of catamarans, especially those almost 11 meters long. No matter how you plan to use the boat, the transom will look the same, as in the photo below.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

That is, between the two engines there is a fairly large bathing platform, above it there is a sofa facing the sea, and on either side of the platform there are wide steps. Entrance to the cockpit is through the gate on the starboard side.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

Soft sofas are not necessary - harsh fishermen who do not need these excesses go to sea. But you can’t do without an installation for attaching spinning rods.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

If it seems to you that the beach platform is located too high above the water level, do not worry, the manufacturers have taken this into account and offer a folding ladder of an original design for descending into the water.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

The difference in the organization of the cockpit for fishing and cruising is much more noticeable. Shall we go up to the cockpit?


In the Cockpit

By the way, you can enter the cockpit both through the swim platform, if the boat is moored stern-to and from the sides, if the catamaran is moored side-to. For this purpose, gates with hinges, handles and handrails made of stainless steel are provided on both sides.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

If this is a boat for fishing and diving, then inside the cockpit, in addition to a grill, you get a well for live bait and a refrigerator for storing fish. The rest of the cockpit deck is cleared for free movement.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

Aquila 36 Sport Review

This is what the grill looks like on the starboard side. If desired, it can be left in any version of the catamaran - for fishing, family vacation or charter cruise.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

But in general, the cockpit of the Aquila 36 Sport, intended for travel, is a relaxation area with soft sofas, which is a continuation of the saloon. These soft, cozy sofas line the entire conventional transom wall. If you choose a grill, there will be one less sofa here.

Aquila 36 Sport Review


Inside the Saloon/Wheelhouse

The saloon and cockpit seem to be a single whole, unless they are separated by transparent awnings or even a transparent sliding door - the choice depends on the preferences of the future owner.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

Of course, such a sliding door as in the photo below will reliably block out the noise of the engines and make it possible to install air conditioning here if we are talking about extremely hot sailing regions. In this case, you should choose full glazing of the interior, and not be limited to a windshield with awnings.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

If you want to provide natural ventilation, then open the door to the saloon and to the foredeck. Yes, this is a through passage from the cockpit itself to the foredeck. Keep in mind that there is a slight level change to deepen the interior under the hardtop, so be careful when crossing its boundaries.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

The saloon is divided into two zones - dining and working. The dinette area includes a large corner sofa and table to port and a galley opposite it. The galley can be equipped with a stove and/or grill at the owner's discretion. Together with a refrigerator, freezer and sink, this is a sufficiently equipped kitchen for preparing a variety of hot food.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

Al fresco dining with freshly prepared food, chilled drinks and ice cream is the perfect spice for a cruise or weekend getaway. As you can see, there are enough frying panels to provide fried deliciousness to a larger group than in the photo above. But you can also use a microwave oven.

We think there is no need to say that this table folds out and, together with the sofa, transforms into one large lounger, which can also be used as an additional bed.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

The side backrest of the sofa also transforms into a reclining chair for two observers in front of the windshield on the port side. Pay attention to the wide “window sill”, where you can safely put your smartphone or tablet without fear that it will slip when pushed.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

On the contrary, there is a double seat for the helmsman and assistant, who will not let you get bored or fall asleep at the helm – these are very comfortable chairs. To ward off drowsiness or just warm up, you can stand up to your full height - the chair can be conveniently transformed.

So we got to the helm and control console. Here is a full set of navigation equipment and indicators that allow you to control the yacht’s systems. On the right hand is a powerful engine control handle, as well as a joystick. The console also displays communications equipment and, of course, the display of a multifunctional marine chartplotter, which can perform the functions of a sonar, which is necessary for sea fishing, a chartplotter and radar.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

Pay attention to the handrails and footrests installed here - a very powerful stainless-steel pipe, as throughout the catamaran. For the safe movement and activities of passengers and crew, the developers took into account every little detail, including the absence of sharp corners of furniture.


At the Foredeck

We get to the bow of the Aquila 36 Sport through the hinged windshield door. A pair of sun loungers and a pair of backless seats are located opposite each other. Between the seats there is a chain box with an anchor installation.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

With the help of additional mattresses, the seats turn into excellent full-size sun loungers, which can be used not only by passengers, but also by the helmsman if he puts the catamaran on autopilot and puts an assistant in his place.

Aquila 36 Sport Review


Inside the Cabins

But if you want to truly relax, or a sea voyage involves spending the night on a ship, excellent cabins are available for 4 people. As they say, nothing extra, but everything you need: a large double bed, storage space, and for each cabin there is a separate toilet room with a shower, washbasin and toilet.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

The photo below shows one of the cabins, the second is a mirror image of this one. As you can see, there is generous natural light, as we expected, as well as an opening hatch in the ceiling for natural ventilation.

Aquila 36 Sport Review

Both toilet rooms are also mirrored. Quite spacious for an 11 meter boat, lots of light and an opening porthole.

Aquila 36 Sport Review


At the Sea

We had great fun testing the Aquila 36 Sport at sea. To be honest, we were still tuned in to the “trawler behavior” of this catamaran. In addition, the solid deck in the bow also contributes to this. In general, we admit that we were somewhat skeptical about the possibility of real planing on this boat – and we were wrong...

The Aquila 36 Sport reached planing at 6 seconds, and got to a speed of 30 knots at 16 seconds.

The boat we tested had a pair of Mercury Verado V8 with 300 HP engines, which developed a speed of 5700 rpm. With such indicators, we were able to reach a speed of just over 38 knots - this was our maximum speed obtained experimentally. At the same time, fuel consumption was 217 liters per hour.

Reducing the top speed to 60 km per hour at 5000 rpm reduced fuel consumption to 133 liters per hour.

Seaworthiness is excellent when you're above 15 knots because only part of the hull is involved in overcoming the resistance of the water flow - most of it is raised above the water, and it is much easier to cut through the air than water.

Aquila 36 Sport Review


Advantages of Aquila 36 Sport

Aquila 36 Sport successfully fulfills its main purpose - providing maximum pleasure from sea cruises and entertainment on the water thanks to one of the best layout and design of boats in its category.

An incredible range of options for the main deck alone: fully open, glass-lined or fully enclosed with a tempered glass sliding door allow the catamaran to be used at any time and even in areas with low temperatures.

Such a variety of versions, as well as two cabins with separate toilets, allow the catamaran to be used not only for family weekends, but also for cruises, including for a group of up to 26 people.

Comfort, safety and excellent seaworthiness are added to the list of advantages of this unique catamaran, equipped with the unique Hydro Glide Foil System, which allows you to go on planing and significantly save fuel compared to displacement boats with the same dimensions.


Reviews of Aquila 36 Sport from Professionals

It is not surprising that a writer in the Australian yachting media attributed part of the credit to the Australians for foil technology has become more actively used in the manufacture of mass-produced motor boats. If you are interested in the logic of this statement, refer to the original source using the link provided.

He then discusses the history of the Aquila brand and the range of motor catamarans that have the Hydro Glide option.

Interesting data that the author cites when discussing why the manufacturer’s statement about savings and improved seaworthiness when using this option is true: at speed, the wings lift 40 percent of the boat’s weight out of the water.

John further describes in detail the principle of operation of the hydrofoil, and then moves on to examine the design and configuration of the catamaran.

The author also dwelled in detail on the results of testing the boat at sea.

Mark began his review by sympathizing with Isaac Newton, who would probably be puzzled by the fact that the Aquila 36 Sport burns the same amount of fuel at 20 and 30 knots - 80 liters per hour.

And everything is explained by Hydro Glide Foil System, which is installed on the catamaran.

The author remember how he tested the Aquila 36 at one time, and that hull already seemed to him very effective - he provides testing data for the speed and fuel consumption of that cat. An improved version with an “underwater appendage”, as Mark put it, has even better performance.

Further, he describes in sufficient detail and clearly the principle of operation of Hydro Glide Foil System, and notes that the benefits of this system begin to appear at a speed of 15 knots. You start to see full benefits at 40 knots.

He noted that you won't feel the nose lift, but you will feel the effects of acceleration.

Speaking about the consequences of saving, Mark was happy for the wallets of future owners and the health of polar bears.

Here's an interesting addition: the hydrofoil is only compatible with 300-horsepower engines. Why so - read the review by Mark Rothfield by following the link provided.


Video Reviews of Aquila 36 Sport

As always, we tried to get the best videos on this boat in existence.

First, the trailer from Aquila Boats themselves:

Captain Nick from MarineMax demonstrates what this catamaran is capable of at the sea, and shows off its interiors:

Mark Rothfield explains various features of the boat:

More great footage of boat in movement:

Walkthrough of the interiors:



We already talked about the versatility of Aquila 36 Sport motor catamaran more than once in the review. Thanks to its seaworthiness characteristics, in particular excellent maneuverability, speed, as well as comfortable living conditions on board, simple and logical operation, this yacht is suitable for the following categories of yachtsmen:

  • for lovers of fishing in comfortable conditions;
  • those wishing to provide their family with a safe and comfortable holiday at sea;
  • fans of speed without complications with sails;
  • those who like to relax at sea in a large group of friends in comfortable conditions;
  • organizers of charters.

Aquila 36 Sport Review


Where to Buy Aquila 36 Sport at a Bargain Price

If you have read up to this chapter, you already know where to buy Aquila 36 Sport at a good price: just ask the experts of the topRik marketplace for help - and you will not have any problems left, since we will take care of:

  • search for a yacht exactly according to your needs;
  • negotiations with the manufacturer on favorable terms for you;
  • preparation, correct and timely execution of all necessary documents;
  • on-site inspection of the boat's equipment;
  • transfer of the catamaran Aquila 36 Sport to the point you specified.

Your bonuses are: free virtual configuration of the catamaran using the price calculator, as well as free consultations from topRik experts. For that you don’t even need to register.

If you have any questions, use the feedback form (Contacts section), call us or send a message to [email protected].

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