Beneteau Flyer 10 Review

The hero of today's review is the flagship of the Flyer line from Beneteau. topRik team talks in detail about their own experience of testing the bowrider Flyer 10, accompanying the story with photographs and schematics.

Traditionally, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the opinions about this yacht from journalists who write for well-known yachting media. As usual, the story is accompanied by a selection of video reviews dedicated to Beneteau Flyer 10.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

Beneteau’s well-established relevancy is constantly fueled by them creatively responding to the ever-changing needs of boatsmen. Just a few months after the launch of Flyer 8, the company invited the maritime community to the premiere of the new flagship Flyer 10, which took place as part of Boot Dusseldorf 2019.

And the following year, a large jury first nominated this high-speed weekender for the European title Powerboat of the Year, and then recognized it as the winner in the category of motor boats up to 10 meters long.

Naval architects from Beneteau Powerboats combined in this flagship all the best developments of the line in the SUNdeck and SPACEdeck subseries.

And of course, it uses proprietary “steps” along the bottom of the hull, which create an air cushion to increase the performance and stability of the boat at high speed. This Air Step 2 system, designed specifically for record speeds, has proven to be a great fit on pleasure motor yachts, and the Flyer 10 is no exception.

On boats of this series with outboard engines, these small steps reduce the area of water friction by increasing the volume of air under the hull several times. They are precisely aimed at reducing overloads on the stern caused by the operation of powerful engines - on Flyer 10, you get a pair of 350 HP motors.

It is enough to look at the horizontal projection of this motor boat to see its advantageous differences from previous models in the line. Of course, some opportunities opened up with an increase in the dimensions of the boat: length - up to 10.6 m and width - up to 3.35 m.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

Probably, the size of the predecessors did not allow the use of asymmetry in the layout of the main deck. But on Flye 10 the significantly improved freedom of movement in all areas made it possible to install a sufficiently equipped galley in the cockpit to provide a family or group of friends of 8-11 people with hot meals, soft drinks and ice cream.

This is a logical location for the galley on such a small boat, compared to the Flyer 8 where the galley is on the lower deck and fills the cabin with odors while cooking. On model 10 there is room for an additional refrigerator and microwave oven.

The manufacturer has very wisely decided what is necessary and what you can do without on board a weekend boat. Therefore, you will be pleased with the list of standard equipment, and the list of options will give you the opportunity to make pleasant additions, depending on how much you plan to spend on a new Beneteau Flyer 10.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

Features of Beneteau Flyer 10

  • Brand: Beneteau
  • Hull type: Monohull
  • Overall length, m: 10.61
  • Overall length, ft: 35
  • Width, m: 3.3
  • 5
  • Draft, m: 1.3
  • Displacement, T: 5.688
  • Air draft, m: 2.95
  • Water tanks, l: 160
  • Exterior design (architect): Beneteau Powerboats
  • Interior design: Style & Design
  • CE Certification: B8 / C11
  • Engines, hp: 2 x 350
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2 x 400
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Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 40 knots
Cruising speed Up to 20-25 knots
Fuel consumption 92.5 l/h when planning at a speed of 25 knots
220 l/h when planning at a speed of 40 knots
222 l/h when planning at a speed of 41.5 knots

Review of Beneteau Flyer 10 by topRik Team

topRik team saw this beauty first at Dusseldorf - before this, we had already gotten acquainted with its predecessor Flyer 8, and immediately noticed the difference in size, since this was also emphasized by the large area of side glazing that appeared on the Flyer 10.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

Dimensions, glazing and, of course, two engines are the first differences that are immediately noticeable. After that you might notice that the windshield is divided into asymmetrical fragments and it turns out that this is the upper hinged door, thanks to which you get access to the left side deck.

What about the deck on the starboard side? Oops... it's missing. Yep, our experience with Beneteau motorboat models suggests that the developers have introduced one of their favorite methods for improving deck layout - asymmetry.

The Transom

The main elements of this part of the Flyer 10 are, of course, two outboard engines, which split the large platform into two quite spacious islands which you can use as swimming platforms or storage areas for boards or kayaks. The right platform has a folding ladder for a comfortable and safe descent into the water.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

You can enter the cockpit only through the gate on the starboard side. The back of the sofa extends onto the transom, which imitates the transom wall. The two beach platforms are connected by a strong stainless steel structure, onto which you can attach cables for water skiing or other similar types of water activities.

Inside the Cockpit

We already saw the sofa on the transom, but this area is more saturated with more amenities and comfort, which can be enhanced thanks to the modular design system, including furniture.

Let's start with that sofa - it is part of a social/dining area around an unusually shaped table.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

The table was given this shape to ensure safe passage in this part of the boat. Check out the main deck layout and appreciate how much more spacious the asymmetrical layout makes it.

Just imagine that everything on the deck is brought to the center along the grain line to provide side decks on both sides. As a result, you would have to crabwalk through both of them, and the galley would have to be completely moved to its old place, at the cabins.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

Now the galley occupies the space on the starboard side and includes a 2-burner stove, sink, refrigerator and freezer. If all this is not enough, you can install an optional grill; an additional refrigerator and microwave at the entrance to the cabins have already been mentioned.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

Don't rush to move into the work area - we haven't explored everything here yet. The experience of the topRik team suggests that there are still many surprises in the cockpit. Here, for example, is this opportunity to transform the dining area into a large sunbathing area. All that is required is to lower the table and cover it with a mattress made in the form of a tabletop with a cutout for holders of bottles and glasses still accessible.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

No, no, don't leave yet, we're not done. With a slight movement of the hand, the same table, together with the part of the deck to which it is attached, reclines, and our eyes open to a deep, spacious locker, where it is convenient to store fenders in an inflated state. When using the yacht for a weekend getaway, you will only have to lift this “lid” twice. Or when mooring at each port if you decide to take a multi-day coastal cruise.

Please note that under each seat there is also a small locker where you can store even passengers' luggage that is not often required.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

Also, aren't you interested in how you can hide from the scorching rays of the sun or from the rain while in here? For this purpose, a modular design has also been developed, which includes a hardtop-type rack that forms a roof over the helm station, as well as an awning that stretches over the cockpit.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

Another awning is provided to cover the front part from the roof to the windshield. As a result, Beneteau Flyer 10 turns into a coupe-phaeton, carefully closed on all sides from adverse atmospheric conditions.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

It seems (but we are not entirely sure) that all the surprises of the cockpit have been revealed, and now we can move on to the working area.

At the Control Post

Every time we describe motor boats of this class, for some reason we get lost in the correct names of its parts. In theory, this area should be called the wheelhouse, however, it’s only described by seat backs and windshield. Although with the help of a hardtop and awnings it turns into a more traditional wheelhouse in appearance. And in terms of content and functionality, this is a full-fledged yacht saloon with a helm station, which you will not find on every vessel of this size.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

Before we move on to assessing the equipment of the helm station, we draw your attention to the door on the port side, which leads to the bow of the yacht. You can see it tilted to the right in the photo above.

Luxurious seats in front of the helm are designed for the helmsman and assistant, or an observer who sits nearby to entertain the skipper when he becomes bored with steering. The seats are adjustable to suit your height and can be folded or unfolded while sitting or standing. By the way, in the photo below the folded door to the foredeck on the left side is even more visible.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

And on the left side you see another comfortable seat for several passengers (their number is inversely proportional to their age).

The completeness of the helm panel of Beneteau boats is always here to please the sailor, whether he prefers sails or motor yachts. Flyer 10 was no exception. And even the helm in the shape of a steering wheel did not cause any complaints - it looked very organic in the coupe-phaeton.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

topRik experts praised the powerful thruster handle and thruster joystick. Considering that this asymmetrical design has no side deck on the starboard side, mooring becomes a fun game rather than a risky endeavor.

It is very pleasing that on the panel a marine multifunction display screen is already installed, which supports cartography, sonars, rear view cameras, etc. There's still some room to install indicators that aren't provided here, if you want more control. Although, all navigation instruments, indicators of the boat’s life support equipment, communications equipment and even holders for glasses and bottles are presented here – what else would you need?

We would like to draw your attention to one more detail: very durable and high-quality stainless-steel handrails located in all places where an unexpected jolt during rocking could lead to injury. Even at the control station there are several types of such handrails. And since we are talking about them, it would be logical to go to the bow, which is equipped with these handrails on both sides.

The Foredeck

A fairly wide side deck leads us to the bow. This is a place with luxurious sun loungers for sunbathing and socializing for the whole family or a group of friends. The holders are designed for glasses and bottles, the contents of which will brighten up this holiday.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

But for the helmsman, this place is also part of his workspace, since here you have an anchor winch and a chain box. However, after dropping the anchor, the skipper can sit on the lid of the chain box and join the company of those relaxing on the sun loungers; fortunately, there is also some place to put bottles and glasses of drinks, although these holes are not for these purposes.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

Through the same door in the windshield we return to the wheelhouse, and from there we go down to the lower deck. And before we go to the cabins, pay attention to this locker at the entrance. This is where you can place an additional refrigerator and microwave if you want to expand the capabilities of the cockpit galley.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

In the Cabins - The Lower Deck

Beneteau Flyer 10 is designed for 2 cabins - one is located in the bow, and this is the owner's cabin, the second is given to passengers and is located amidships.

The master cabin also includes modular designs. This V-shaped room is lined with comfortable sofas along the sides. You also have several cabinets, a row of shelves with snap-in partitions, large portholes and a large table towards the exit.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

But with the slight movement of the hand the dining room turns into a bedroom. The main thing is to remember where you put the mattress that is supposed to be placed on the former table.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

The cabin amidships is very spacious with a huge bed. But it has one drawback - different ceiling levels. But here, too, there is freedom for families: you can “fit” all the younger children into the far part, and give the part of the bed, where the ceiling is of normal height, to the older sinbling – Beneteau provides a lots of ways to win in this accommodation tetris game.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

Access to the bathoom from the master cabin is direct and from the passenger cabin you can get there through the corridor. This is very convenient because everyone can use this room at any time without disturbing each other.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

For a weekend boat of this size, the toilet room is superbly equipped: an isolated shower cabin (in the lower right corner you can see a grate on its floor), a washbasin, a toilet, the design of which you can choose from several offered.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

At the Sea

Let’s admit right away that we did everything possible (within reason, of course) to provoke the most dangerous roll: we crossed our own wake on a sharp turn, changed speed and trim. But it was all in vain - Beneteau The Flyer 10 consistently remained incredibly stable and quickly leveled out of turns. The game was captivating, we enjoyed the speed, responsiveness of the helm and the obedience of the boat, which clearly followed the course without dolphining or yawing.

We were able to exceed the maximum speed of 40 knots declared by the manufacturer by 1.5 knots, while consuming more than 220 liters of fuel per hour. At maximum speed, the consumption was 200 liters per hour.

We would define the average cruising speed in the range from 20 to 25 knots. In the latter case, fuel consumption will be about 77 liters per hour.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

Advantages of Beneteau Flyer 10

Some representatives of the topRik team were not satisfied with the lack of opportunity to clear the cockpit of furniture in order to organize a grand fishing trip. But others reminded them that the boat was designed for families, and there was plenty of fishing space for one fisherman on one of the two platforms. As a last resort, you can use a stainless-steel transom bar to attach spinning rods.

But something definitely needs to be changed about the windshield - it doesn’t block the flow of the oncoming wind as much as we would prefer, even for a helmsman of average height, more so for an above-average one, and even more so for someone steering the boat while standing and not sitting.

Beneteau Flyer 10 exactly meets the purpose of its creation. This is a comfortable bowrider for a large family of 6 people, where everyone will be comfortable. Despite the relatively small dimensions, the smart walkaround technology used here allows you to move freely, and among the large number of places to relax, everyone will choose their favorite corner.

Safety for all is another important principle embedded in the concept. It is strictly observed, starting from the quality of materials and the level of technology used to manufacture the hull, ending with handrails in the necessary places throughout the yacht.

Ease of operation with excellent performance and stability of the boat allows it to be successfully mastered even by those who have not gone to sea before.

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Reviews of Beneteau Flyer 10 from Professionals

More insight into features of this yacht: Norbert Conchin tested the Flyer 10 on the Catalan coast, and Carlo Luongo - in the Port Gineste area (Barcelona).

Norbert and his team were most interested in was the properties of the second generation of Air Step technology during testing. Of the engine models offered by the manufacturer (Mercury or Suzuki of varying power), the boat they tested was equipped with a pair of Suzukis. The author especially noted that at that time joystick control was intended only for Mercury.

Norbert, like many boat explorers at sea, noted the low position of the windshield. The remaining details of the cabin received a positive assessment.

Speed and fuel consumption tests were carried out in calm seas and 5 knot winds. The fuel tanks were half full and there were 3 people on board.

With all this, the average cruising speed was determined to be 25-30 knots, and the maximum speed was 40 knots.

Norbert has provided a test table, which you can view by following the link to this part of the review.

In general, the review consists of 4 parts, where the author evaluates the exterior of the yacht, living conditions on board, the competitiveness of the model and other aspects of the flagship of the Flyer line from Beneteau.

Carlo began his review by stating that the Flyer 10 is much more than a weekender - it is a cruiser for long range boating too. He develops this idea, describing in detail the exterior and interior of the motor boat, its features, advantages and some disadvantages.

In conclusion, the author stated that Beneteau Flyer 10 is simply ideal for cruising for 4 passengers and for weekend trips for 6 people. Carlo admitted that the boat may also be of interest to charter business professionals. But he does not recommend using this boat for fishing.

All test results for speed and fuel consumption are shown in the table, which you can carefully study by clicking on the link. But we will provide some numbers, since we missed them in our testing due to time constraints.

The test boat reached planing at 3500 rpm and a speed of 19.5 knots. Acceleration to planing was 7.64 seconds, and to cruising speed of 30 knots - 13.8 seconds.

Video Reviews of Beneteau Flyer 10

Such a boat must be seen in motion to be fully appreciated. We start from the manufacturer’s proud presentation:

More details from Beneteau:

Walkaround without commentary, just the visuals:

MBY shares their impressions at 2019 Düsseldorf Boat Show:

Most lengthy and informative walkthrough of Flyer 10 that we found:


No matter how hard we try to convince ourselves that Beneteau Flyer 10 is in all respects a suitable boat for the rental business, since it has intuitive, easy-to-learn controls and capacity for up to 11 people, we must still admit that the priority here is the personal ownership.

Choose a fast and comfortable Beneteau coupe-phaeton Flyer 10 if you are:

  • a lover of comfort even during a short cruise or weekend getaway;
  • fan of the speed and beauty of the sea before your eyes;
  • tired of sails, but cannot part with the sea;
  • prefer to be alone among the waves, since this boat does not even require an assistant;
  • the head of a family who wants to provide his close ones with a safe holiday at sea in complete comfort.

Review Beneteau Flyer 10

Where to Buy Beneteau Flyer 10 at a Bargain Price

TopRik marketplace specialists will not only tell you where to buy Beneteau Flyer 10 at a competitive price, they will select the most profitable option for you. Moreover, the boat will fully meet your requirements and preferences.

To begin with, by the way, decide on the Flyer 10 configuration - go to price calculator on the same page and for free, even without registration, select your version based on the amount you plan to spend.

Another bonus for you at this stage is a free consultation with topRik experts who will answer questions about the configuration of the boat, its features etc. These are experienced sailors who select and bring boats for our SimpleSail fleet to our marinas in Croatia and Montenegro from various shipyards around the world.

They use all their experience to make the process of finding, purchasing and hauling a Beneteau Flyer 10 easier for you.

You can participate in the process or completely delegate all tasks associated with it to an employee of the topRik marketplace, which includes:

  • negotiations with the manufacturer or dealer on favorable terms for you;
  • preparation and signing of documents, including insurance and customs clearance if necessary;
  • monitoring the condition and equipment of the yacht at the place of shipment;
  • moving the boat to the specified location.

To make your life easier and get the desired result just contact the experts of our trading platform through any form of communication - call, send a message, use quick feedback system on the website.

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