Bali 4.6 Review

We talk about the experience of the topRik team in researching the sailing catamaran Bali 4.6 from the famous manufacturer Catana Group, the parent company of Bali Catamarans shipyard.

The topRik expert review is accompanied by photos and schematics. As usual, we present video reviews and articles on Bali 4.6 by famous yachtsmen-journalists.

Bali 4.6 Review

Catana Group - recognized leader in the production of exclusive catamarans - at one time decided to develop the market for mass production of sailing boats. The Bali Catamarans shipyard and Olivier Poncin, who is also the creator of the Catana brand, were called upon to bring this idea to life.

So Bali is a relatively new name in European yacht building. The first hulls of this brand were presented to the maritime community in 2017, and to date, some of the first-born have already been discontinued. This suggests that the brand is developing and improving.

The most eloquent proof of this is the rapid growth in sales figures, which have already caught up with many large manufacturers in the market for mass sailing boats.

Olivier Poncin was able to create a relatively inexpensive multihull, which aroused the interest of both yachtsmen and charter companies. As a result, the first hundred buildings were sold in the first two years.

In the short period of time that has passed since the presentation of the first hull from Bali Catamarans Bali's main features were already established and recognized by the yachting community, which is a great achievement for any brand. This is evidence that the shipyard’s models have unique features that are characteristic only of these catamarans.

Such special features that shape the appearance of Bali cats include, first of all, a solid deck at the bow. The lack of meshes here made it necessary to significantly increase the height of the hulls so that water could freely pass between them without hitting this solid foredeck.

Bali 4.6 Review

The approach to the development of Bali models reflects the experience of naval architects and designers of Catana Group in the design of exclusive catamarans and superyachts. This solid bow deck saw the light of day thanks to the desire to expand the maximum comfort for life on board a cruising catamaran. Now here you can arrange a large relaxation area with a sunbathing area or place separate sun loungers and arrange a comfortable dining area.

The garage door that connects (or separates) the aft cockpit and saloon has forever become part of the DNA of the line, and has already received a name among yachtsmen and naval architects: the “Bali door”. This is the name given to the entire rear wall of the cabin, which can be raised and lowered entirely using pneumatics.

Bali 4.6 Review

And if, together with the Bali door, you close the sliding windows of the saloon and the door to the foredeck, the pilothouse will be completely protected from bad weather.

Door to the foredeck? Yes, since Bali 4.2 this feature has also become an inseparable feature of Bali's DNA. Bali's distinctive features include a door leading to the foredeck. A wonderful solution, because in discontinued models there was a windshield instead, which could be raised and lowered, but it was impossible to go through it directly from the saloon to the bow.

Bali 4.6 allows the interior to be fully opened in good weather to ensure maximum ventilation and a constant flow of fresh air. And if we are talking about a particularly hot climate, the yacht can be tightly sealed with the air conditioning turned on. You can do the same in colder conditions, only turn on the heating instead of the air conditioner.

To ensure the necessary rigidity of the yacht's structure, which could have suffered due to the replacement of the stationary wall of the deckhouse with a Bali door, an original engineering solution was created. In a complex matrix, the inner halves of the hulls with the bridge and rigid foredeck are laminated into a single unit using vacuum infusion technology. This process also uses separately molded or co-laminated local reinforcements, stiffeners and deck stringers.

Features of the brand include the separate production of false fins with their subsequent gluing to protect the integrity of the hulls in case of grounding. But hull false keels allow storing the kata on the shore while leaning on them.

The catamaran's forepeaks have sealed bulkheads, that is, they are designed as ram compartments.

Bali 4.6 Review

It remains to add that the creator of Bali 4.6 was inspired by his own creation - Bali 4.5, which is now out of production, although it has become a very successful and sought-after catamaran. But innovations in yacht production are developing and require new solutions.


Features of Bali 4.6

  • Brand: BALI Catamarans
  • Overall length, m: 14.31
  • Overall length, ft: 47
  • Width, m: 7.66
  • Draft, m: 1.27
  • Displacement, t: 13.8
  • Air draft, m: 22.33
  • Water tanks, l: 860
  • Exterior design (architect): Xavier Faÿ
  • Interior design: Lasta Design Studio
  • CE Certification: A
  • Mainsail type: Full battens
  • Jib type: Self-tacking
  • Mainsail area, sq.m.: 72
  • Jib area, sq.m.: 44
  • Code 0 area, sq.m.: 80
  • Engine: Yanmar
  • Engine quantity: 2
  • Power, HP: 45
  • Fuel tanks, l: 800
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Review of Bali 4.6 by topRik Team

topRik experts first saw Bali 4.6 at the boat show in Cannes. This was a huge event in the yachting community, which was waiting for the restrictions to finally be lifted due to the pandemic.

Bali 4.6 Review

Catana Group widely presented Bali Catamarans products at this exhibition, among which was Bali 4.6.


First Impression

Since we previously examined the Bali 4.4 and Bali 4.2 in detail, neither the high sides, nor the rigid bow deck, nor the ability to access the foredeck directly from the wheelhouse, nor this huge wheelhouse with a Bali garage door came as a surprise to us. The latter, of course, was impossible to see from the pier and at first glance, but we knew what we are dealing with.

Bali 4.6 Review

Compared to the dimensions of the Bali 4.6, its masts are also low, which means the sail area remains moderate.

From the berth you can appreciate the convenient location of the boom relative to the flybridge roof. But to make it easier for you to imagine how convenient it is to work with the boom of this catamaran, check out the photo below.

Bali 4.6 Review

The enlarged hulls promise excellent living conditions, but the number of cabins from the berth is difficult to guess. Probably 4, like analogues from other manufacturers. Surprise! The plate with a brief description of the technical characteristics assures that the maximum number of cabins is 5. Let's check. If so, then this is a great option for charter companies.

We wanted to check the quality of the view of all 4 corners of the boat from the captain’s bridge on the flybridge, as well as the organization of the below-deck space, which made it possible to place 5 cabins on the 46-footer.

And since we begin our study from the transom and aft cockpit, moving through the saloon-wheelhouse to the foredeck, here’s the layout of the main deck so you could follow. In addition, the schematic clearly shows the relationship of all parts of the main deck, as well as the placement of social and work areas:

Bali 4.6 Review


Transom and Aft Cockpit

Why did we combine the transom and aft cockpit in one section, although we usually go through them separately? Well, with this catamaran it is difficult to separate the components of the main deck from each other. This is not helped even by the two doors that provide pass-through passage from the transom to the chain locker in the bow. On the contrary, these doors rather contribute to the smooth flow of the cockpit into the saloon, and the saloon into the foredeck. It feels like you are inside a small cottage. So the transom is simply the entrance to this cozy and comfortable cottage on the water, a kind of porch, covered with teak if the owner wishes.

Bali 4.6 Review

It includes a 3-piece swim platform. The middle part is intended for an inflatable boat, and the two side “islands” are for organizing a beach spot at the sea. Therefore, the middle part can be provided with fastenings and/or sloop beams, and the “islands” can be provided with a folding ladder.

Bali 4.6 Review

If the transom is the porch of the cottage, then the cockpit is its veranda, which can be accessed via two ladders on both sides. The huge transom sofa, soft and comfortable, as well as the saloon roof that extends over the cockpit, promise a pleasant rest when you want to hide from the scorching rays of the sun on the “beach”. If you are disappointed by the minimalism of the cockpit furnishings - be patient, Bali knows how to surprise, as our experience of testing cats from this manufacturer shows.

Bali 4.6 Review

Well, at least you get this excellent grill with plancha, which is located on the starboard side. You don't have to run to the galley and back to the sofa to cook and enjoy eating something with a crispy crust in the fresh air.

Bali 4.6 Review

Excellent location - the smells of frying fish or meat will not permeate the upholstery. By the way, the quality of the textiles of this catamaran is much better than that of previous models; it probably contains more natural fibers. Although, as well as with teak, natural is always more difficult to maintain: synthetic textiles are easier to clean and cheaper to replace. It is for the future owner to choose.

Bali 4.6 Review

Looking at the photo above, you are probably wondering: where in the cockpit is this seat on which the girl sat so comfortably closer to the plancha? Well, it’s not in the cockpit, but in the saloon, and the girl is sitting at the window of the saloon. To understand this, let's go into the saloon.


The Saloon

Those who read the introduction to this review are not surprised, as they are aware of the main attraction of the Bali 4.6's saloon - the ability to transform into a windswept area thanks to the garage door and sliding windows. And just look at these windows!

Bali 4.6 Review

All passengers of the yacht along with the crew can sit in front and not just one girl who wants to enjoy grilled shrimp.

Before entering the saloon, we must lift the pneumatic garage door. Let's do it right now. Wow! Even though we expected something similar, since, as we already mentioned, we are familiar with the predecessors of Bali 4.6, this spaciousness stunned us.

Bali 4.6 Review

Is it also difficult for you to determine where the cockpit ends and the saloon begins when the Bali door is raised? And that place in front of the window was the edge of the starboard sofa.

By the way, in the latest models of Bali catamarans this large sofa can be replaced by two luxurious armchairs with a cigar cabinet.

Bali 4.6 Review

The dining area on the port side is not limited to a folding table, an L-shaped soft sofa and several armchairs. It continues further - behind a low partition there is a full-fledged galley, which is equipped like a home kitchen.

Bali 4.6 Review

And the table located opposite the sink by the window overlooking the foredeck can serve as a bar counter for serving food and drinks to those relaxing on the foredeck.

Bali 4.6 Review

On the other side of the galley we are pleased to see a chart table, which has become almost a rarity, since many modern yachts prefer to do without them. But our skipper believes that a real captain should be able to both use electronic gadgets and plot a course using paper charts.

Therefore, we are glad to see such a solid control post here - here you can, without being distracted from lunch, monitor the condition of the equipment on the yacht using the indicators displayed at this post in case the catamaran is moving on autopilot or the assistant is present at the helm on the flybridge. By the way, two people are quite enough to control this large and wide vessel, and we will tell you why later.

Bali 4.6 Review

It’s good that topRik is represented on this trip by a fairly large group. Therefore, here we can split up: part of the crew will go down to the bow cabin, and then explore other places where the owner and guests can sleep to their heart's content.

And the rest will go to the foredeck through the bow door. As you can see, we were able to walk the entire “cottage” called Bali 4.6 from the “porch” to the “backyard”.


Foredeck – The “Courtyard”

Here you have all the conditions for having a good time. A huge sunbathing area and a free-standing sun lounger promise a wonderful tan. And a table with an L-shaped bench is a great place for outdoor dining.

Bali 4.6 Review

Here you can organize a modest party without occupying the saloon and cockpit, maybe spilling into a flybridge area.

What's up with our experts, who are surveying the cabins? They haven't finished their inspection yet - so let’s go on the flybridge.



No matter how tired we are of repeating ourselves, we will have to do it: the flybridge is a huge space divided into a work area and a relaxation area. It seems like the word “huge” comes up too often in our review? This is Bali 4.6 for you!

Bali 4.6 Review

And what part of the cottage does the flybridge represent here? The answer suggests itself: this is a mezzanine.

A cheerful company can also gather here, which will not let the skipper and his assistant get bored. A comfortable sofa and table are provided for guests, and for the helmsman and assistant there is a helm station and a comfortable chair for two if they get tired of steering the catamaran and want to sit down.

Part of the flybridge area is given over to solar panels. They will gain enough energy so that when docked you do not constantly turn on the engines for domestic needs.


Inside the Cabins

We usually start our descriptions of catamaran living quarters with the master cabin. But this time we wanted to first of all show you a cabin with a bunk bed for two people. We saw quite a few such rooms, usually with low ceilings, where you had to almost crawl onto the beds. Bali 4.6 was a pleasant surprise: this cabin leaves enough space above the head of an adult, and children will have even more freedom here if the cat is intended for family cruises with teenagers.

Bali 4.6 Review

Why didn't we start with the master cabin? Because she is as luxurious and comfortable as any catamaran of her size. Unless, of course, it completely occupies one of the floats.

Bali 4.6 Review

And this is what the lower deck configuration looks like, for example, for a charter company, when the master cabin is divided into two cabins, one of which is designed for a king-size double bed and a bunk bed. The second float, just like in the version with the owner's cabin, is divided into two equal cabins. As you can see in the schematic below, each cabin has a bathroom equipped with a washbasin, shower, toilet and storage space.

Bali 4.6 Review

Please note that the forepeaks are also suitable for organizing a sleeping area, storage space, or an additional toilet room.


At the Sea

The catamaran we tested was equipped with 45 HP Yanmar inboard engines. By the way, the engine compartment is very convenient - you can move freely, nothing restricts movements during maintenance.

Bali 4.6 Review

The two of us can lift and manage almost 200 m² of sails (we have not abandoned the Code Zero with a furler) - it was very easy thanks to the electric winch and automatic jib. The convenient location of the boom made it easier to raise the sails.

At 10 knots (wind speed) the test catamaran reached a speed of 5 knots. Yes, Bali is not about speed, but about the pleasure of sailing, the obedience of the helm, the responsiveness of the cat and the wind in your hair. Even though Code Zero was not easy to use, the cat was easy and fun to control.

As for the view from the control post, the stern of the right hull is expectedly poorly visible, since the helm station is moved slightly to the left. The skipper will need help when mooring unless you equip your boat with cameras.

Bali 4.6 Review


Advantages of Bali 4.6

Here, almost everything is thought out to the smallest detail, from the exterior to the choice of cabin layout, with the ability to organize a comfortable “bedroom” for children.

The crew will enjoy ease of operation, and passengers will enjoy the comfort of life on board, including freedom of movement on the decks, the ability to cook really good meals and take some rest on the decks and in the cabins.

The safety and stability of the cat is ensured by a well-thought-out design, and for the safety of the movement of passengers and crew, metal handrails are provided along the sides and in the premises of the yacht.

Bali 4.6 Review


Reviews of Bali 4.6 from Professionals

In both reviews from professionals Bali 4.6 is compared with other catamaran models. In one of them - with a boat of the same length, in the other - with a yacht from the same manufacturer, which was presented along with Bali 4.6.

Mark got on board Bali 4.6 and Bali Catspace and tested them both within Cruising World's Boat of the Year competition during sailing boats exhibition in USA, Annapolis, state Maryland in autumn of 2021.

The author immediately determined the purpose of these catamarans – made for a spoiled crew.

He turned to the history of the creation of the Bali brand and described the common features of this line, signs of which appear in both yachts tested. Moreover, the cost of one of them is twice as high as the other. In the following description the reason for this difference becomes clear.

Mark describes in detail the interior of catamarans, comparing them with each other, identifying advantages and disadvantages.

He explains how the tests were carried out at sea, how the yachts were equipped, and focused on how convenient it was to control both models.

Mark quotes a competition judge as saying that the open air concept of these catamarans works very well.

For details, please refer to the original text by following the link provided.

A very interesting comparison is provided on the online page of Navigare Yachting - a premium yacht charter operator.

Bali 4.6 and Lagoon 46 were chosen - sailing catamarans with similar dimensions.

The comparison begins with technical characteristics, in which the palm passes from one brand to another depending on the subject: dimensions, draft, displacement, volumes of fresh water and fuel tanks, sail plan, etc.

The layout of the main deck of both boats, the flybridge and helm station, the interior and layout of the cabins (as well as all possible versions), and the exterior were carefully examined.

Find out what conclusions were drawn from this comparison (who won?) by going to the page at the link.


Video Reviews of Bali 4.6

With such catamarans the video reviews look more like real estate tours, and Bali 4.6 is no exception.

First, a quick teaser, giving you a glimpse at the yacht’s silhouette and main features:

Walkthrough from Bali Catamarans team:

Extensive 28-minute tour after one week test sail in France:

Review from Yachting Insider, who imply that this cat goes against all existing rules:

No words, just high-quality footage – another tour from BoatTube:



There is only one category of sailors for whom the Bali 4.6 will not suit: lovers of high speeds and turns. This sailboat is for rest and relaxation in a comfortable environment of living on board and sailing.

That's why she will find owners among:

  • responsible heads of families who want their loved ones to go on a safe and comfortable vacation;
  • lovers of comfort even among the sea;
  • those who want to master sail control without extreme sports;
  • supporters of cruises in the company of close friends;
  • couples who want to go out to sea often;
  • families who want to make a yacht their main home.

It is precisely because Bali 4.6 is an ideal choice for such a large audience (and not all categories are listed) that it is so attractive to charter companies also.

Bali 4.6 Review


Where to Buy Bali 4.6 at a Bargain Price

Ask our experts a question where to buy Bali 4.6 at a good price - and you will understand why you even don’t have to leave topRik for that.

topRik team has many years of experience in selecting boats for SimpleSail fleet. We know how to negotiate, we know what documents are required and how to prepare them accurately so that in the future you will not have problems with insurance, registration, etc. All this experience works for our clients.

Start with free bonuses from the topRik marketplace :

  • use the virtual configurator for free - just go to price calculator and configure Bali 4.6 to your liking;
  • consult topRik experts for free during the configuration process using the specified phone number.

To contact our marketplace consultants, you can also use the feedback form or send a message to [email protected].

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