Aquila 32 Sport Review

This time we talk about our experience of researching the 10-meter motor yacht Aquila 32 Sport, including testing at sea for speed and fuel consumption.

The review is accompanied by a large number of photos and videos, as well as a summary of reviews from yachtsmen-journalists with links to articles in online media.

Aquila 32 Sport review

Aquila 32 Sport is a subsidiary of the Chinese manufacturer Sino Eagle Group, whose product list includes unique composite materials, boards for water sports, kayaks and, as we see, excellent motor yachts.

The Chinese company's entry into the American one took place at the Miami International Boat Show in February 2013, where the Aquila 48 debuted, after which the famous US charter company MarineMax Vacations included her in their fleet, and later came out with an offer of cooperation.

As a result of this collaboration, the new company Aquila Yachts in the first decade of its existence has become one of the most famous and popular manufacturers of powerboats on the market. All models are designed in the USA and manufactured in a state-of-the-art, purpose-built factory in Hangzhou.

Today, the production site has been expanded to 11 hectares and includes four construction workshops, an indoor test pool, onshore launch facilities and a state-of-the-art test site.

Aquila 32 Sport review

In the Aquila Yachts portfolio you will find 8 models from 9 to 22 m in length, which are presented in 3 series: Offshore, Sport and Yachts. Among them are popular fishing boats and motor cruise catamarans. The worldwide recognition of the shipyard is evidenced by the fact that Aquila Yachts boats win prestigious competitions or become the nominees. This way, Aquila 54 Power Catamaran has named Multihull of the Year, and the Aquila 36 Sport won the Christofle Yacht Style Award for innovative design.

By the way, the predecessor of the Aquila 36 Sport is precisely the motor catamaran Aquila 32 Sport considered in this review. From the winner Christofle Yacht Style Award, it is distinguished by its dimensions (a meter shorter, half a meter narrower) and the absence of a hydrofoil. But since the 32nd is a ton lighter, even when fully loaded or empty, it quickly goes on planing even without a wing.

Sport series entered the American and European markets in 2019, and even the pandemic couldn’t stop its triumphal march, as it quickly compensated for the lag in these difficult years for the entire yachting community.

It is generally accepted that Aquila Yachts is one of the fastest growing brands of power catamarans today, and the outboard-powered Aquila 32 Sport represents one of the most exciting ranges for coastal cruising and a day out at sea with the family on board or with a group of close friends.

Aquila 32 Sport review


Features of Aquila 32 Sport

  • Brand: Aquila
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 9.86
  • Overall length, ft: 32
  • Width, m: 3.85
  • Draft, m: 0.55
  • Displacement, t: 4.8
  • Water tanks, l: 110
  • CE Certification: B – 6; C – 16; D – 22
  • Drive type: Stern drive
  • Engine: 2x BLACK MERCURY VERADO V6 225 HP
  • Type of engines: Outboard
  • Power, hp: 2 x 225
  • Option engine: 2x WHITE MERCURY VERADO V8 300 HP
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2 x 530
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Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 40 knots (215 l/h)
Cruising speed Up to 27 knots
Fuel consumption 123 l/h when planning at a speed of 27 knots

Review of Aquila 32 Sport by topRik Team

The 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival was full of new products and surprises. For those who recently tested the Aquila 36 Sport, the exterior of the 32nd did not present any surprises at first glance. “The same thing, only shorter and narrower,” we rashly decided. Well, judge for yourself: a pair of outboard engines, a hardtop over the entire wheelhouse, a windshield around the entire wheelhouse, two cockpits equipped for relaxation - aft and bow, access to the foredeck through a fully opening door.

Aquila 32 Sport review

But there was something we couldn’t figure out: how all this fits on a catamaran that was a meter shorter and half a meter narrower. Let's find out.



Aquila 32 Sport alone there are several wonderful solutions that allow, if desired, to install a full-fledged platform and, if necessary, to easily raise the engines, for which special niches are provided on the transom wall.

Aquila 32 Sport review

You can leave the beach platform solution as you see in the photo above. Check out these reliable handrails! Hidden inside the platform is a retractable folding ladder, along which getting into the water is as easy and safe as climbing up.

If necessary, the transom can be transformed almost beyond recognition by surrounding the protruding parts of the engines with a full-fledged platform spanning the entire width of the transom. It looks unusual for such small motor boats, but is very stylish, especially with teak or teak-imitating coating.

Aquila 32 Sport review

We have already shown how such a platform looks on the yacht as a whole in the introductory part of the review, but we cannot resist showing it here too, taking the aft cockpit. Moreover, we have to finally cross there from the pier.

Aquila 32 Sport review


Cockpit Aft

Actually, all the furniture in the aft cockpit is these two transom sofas. But thanks to their ability to transform, especially in combination with a table and additional mattresses, the cockpit can become part of the dining area, a sunbathing with large sun loungers or deck chairs, the backrest of which can be adjusted depending on whether you want to sit forward or backward of the boat, and even an extra bed.

Aquila 32 Sport review

Do it once!

Aquila 32 Sport review

Do it twice!

Aquila 32 Sport review

Do it again!

Aquila 32 Sport review

Modular solutions work great on the Aquila 32 Sport. We will see more of this further on.


The Wheelhouse or the Saloon?

Yes, on such a small catamaran it is difficult to separate the spaces - after all, they smoothly flow into each other, especially since the deck has no ladders from the platform to the helm station. A few steps will help you get down to the foredeck, but more on that later. Here’s the layout of the main deck so that you have an idea of how the developers themselves divided the Aquila 32 Sport into different zones.

Aquila 32 Sport review

As you can see, the saloon and wheelhouse are combined here. The pilothouse, or rather the helm station, is simply separated from the saloon by the back of the skipper's chair.

The saloon is a social area where you can dine or relax with family or friends. One large sofa on the left side and a smaller one on the right, leaving a large passage in the middle.

Aquila 32 Sport review

A folding table allows you to invite a large company to the table, and also... We think you already guessed it, if you remember the modular principle that naval architects Aquila Yachts are being implemented very successfully, and which will create a sleeping place for two in the cabin.

This is in addition to the seats in the cabin that can be accessed by walking a little further down the saloon.

Aquila 32 Sport review

Despite the fact that in the photo this double bed is completely occupied by a child, two adults can comfortably fit here. For ventilation, you can open the hatch, as well as the “window” of the side window. If there is not enough natural light, you can turn on the lamps.

Let's now identify the additional amenities that will allow you to enjoy your time on board the Aquila 32 Sport. If we have already drawn your attention to the table, then you are probably wondering: is it possible to prepare a hot breakfast on a catamaran, for example. From hot breakfast to cold cocktails, a large grill and refrigerator can satisfy all passenger requirements. To the right of the grill is a sink and a trash can.

Aquila 32 Sport review

And under the grill there is a fairly large refrigerator with a freezer. Of course, it is not designed for long passages, but for coastal cruises, and especially going to sea on weekends, its volume is quite enough.

Aquila 32 Sport review

We have already mentioned that we were confused, having read the brochure, we did not understand how all of the above would fit on a yacht less than 10 meters long. But there was also room here for a quite comfortable toilet room.

Aquila 32 Sport review

Finally, we reached the most important area on the boat for the helmsman - his workplace, the control room.

Just look at this seat for three! And pay attention to this powerful stainless-steel handrail - these are installed throughout the boat in those places where a person could suffer from an unexpected jolt. Well, here it is installed to strengthen the position of the skipper at the helm if the combination of high speed and rough seas makes him lose balance.

Aquila 32 Sport review

As expected, the seat is transformed to suit the height and posture of the skipper at the helm.

The helm itself looks like a car steering wheel and is also adjusted to suit the driver. topRik experts of different heights sat at the helm - everyone was able to very quickly customize the control station for themselves.

The placement of navigation equipment, a powerful engine control lever, a joystick and thruster, as well as communications equipment has been carefully thought out. The panel leaves room for a second display or additional indicators.

Aquila 32 Sport review

To the left of the control post, you can assemble another chair - for an observer: to do this, just unfold the sofa seat and fold its side panel in the other direction. In this way, his entire family or close friends can sit next to the skipper so that he does not get bored driving or to replace his empty glass with a full one in time.

Aquila 32 Sport review

While our skipper, as usual, was stuck at the helm, the rest of the topRik experts began to sneak into the foredeck one by one.


The Bow Cockpit

Yes, this part of the Aquila 32 Sport catamaran is better called the second cockpit. We came here through the hinged door between the control station and the observer's position. The photo below clearly shows how this door works.

Aquila 32 Sport review

Wide open bow cockpit of Aquila 32 Sport made it possible to place sun loungers for 4-5 people. There is also a small locker between them, which can be adapted as a table with holders for glasses and bottles.

Aquila 32 Sport review

All experts noted the excellent quality and evenness of the seams. In general, the boat is made very carefully, the joints are sealed very clean, the connections between plastic and metal are well processed. The same applies to hatches and portholes.

Aquila 32 Sport review

It is possible to install an awning over the bow cockpit, but the boat tested by topRik did not have one, so we cannot assess its usefulness. Just keep in mind that this option is available.

Aquila 32 Sport review


Performance At the Sea

We deliberately did not pay attention to the engineering solutions of the catamaran hulls in the previous sections, since these contours and the shape of the bottom directly affect the seaworthiness of the Aquila 32 Sport.

Aquila 32 Sport review

It would seem that such a small boat with a rigid and solid deck of the bow cockpit should not only move on the surface of the water, it should bounce with any wave. But this is not happening, even without hydrofoil.

Note the height of the bottom above the water level and the stepped contours, especially on the inside. They are the ones who “restrain” the force of the wave’s impact, and the catamaran goes forward like a car on an excellent road, just gently rolling over the wave.

We managed to switch to planing the 7th second, and we reached the maximum speed of 40 knots in 14 seconds, passing the 30-knot mark at the 12th second. If you have to race at maximum speed for any reason, keep in mind that the boat will consume 215 liters of fuel every hour. We think that 27 knots is enough speed to enjoy the wind in your hair and save a lot of fuel. At this speed, the catamaran engines will consume only 123 liters per hour.

Aquila 32 Sport review


Advantages of Aquila 32 Sport

Compact (its total length does not reach 10 meters) and at the same time comfortable: the manufacturer, with little resources, managed to create an excellent motor yacht, as safe and fast as possible.

Because Aquila Yachts was created on the basis of a Chinese enterprise - a leader in the production of composite materials; naval architects had no problems choosing the most advanced technologies.

The design of the yacht, in particular, the contours of the hulls in the lower part, provide the catamaran with high stability even in rough seas. At the same time, these contours and the significant distance from the solid bow deck to the water level eliminate strong waves hitting the deck, yawing and jumping.

And one more little thing that is usually not typical for boats of this size: excellent quality of seams, joints and other similar elements, comparable to the quality of finishing on superyachts.

And all this pleasure – for a relatively low cost!

Aquila 32 Sport review


Reviews of Aquila 32 Sport from Professionals

Why do we choose Alex Smith’s reviews when possible? Because he always attaches a detailed video review with a test drive to the main article. Aquila 32 Sport is no exception.

Right in the title he called the boat a party boat - he always has his own opinion on every yacht.

And going further, Alex divided all sailors into lovers of monohull ships and those who prefer multihulls and told what each category prefers. It would seem that the gap between these two types of boats is insurmountable. But that was before the Aquila 32 Sport.

Paying tribute to the exquisite style of the cat, Alex compares it to a single-body bowrider of famous brand. But he declares that all illusions dissipate once you get on board.

And in the video review, he talks in detail about the exterior, interior and design features, and also tests the Aquila 32 Sport at sea.

In the subtitle of his review capt. Bill Pike described the Aquila 32 Sport as a day boat that can be used overnight with air conditioning but with the generator off.

Capt. Bill was planning a short cruise off the coast of Florida with a stop at one of the islands. But first there was a fun job to be done - sea trials of the catamaran in Boca Ciega Bay. Despite the excellent weather conditions and protected water area, the tests were complicated by the full loading of the water and fuel tanks, as well as the presence of two people on board.

Right from the start he says that the recorded speed of 31.7 knots could have been higher if not for the additional weight. As an average cruising speed, Bill chose 27 knots. At the same time, he described the capabilities and limitations of the engines that were installed on his boat.

And if you want to know why capt. Bill Pike called the Aquila 32 Sport a cheeky little catamaran, follow the link above to the Power & Motoryacht online page, for this interesting review sprinkled with some good humor towards himself and the catamaran.

Eric recorded the progress of the testing, which was traditionally carried out by Capt. Steve. The author described the Aquila 32 Sport as a more affordable option for cruise catamarans from the shipyard, which is designed for active recreation at sea or other water bodies.

He listed the key characteristics and main functions of the cat, and then described in great detail and scrupulously, with a large number of photographs, the interior and layout of the vessel, sometimes giving dimensions.

And only at the end of the review, the author briefly described the testing conditions of Aquila 32 Sport, and also cited the abbreviation that Capt. Steve came up with: MILDA. And it stands for this: Man, I Love to Drive Aquila.

Capt. Steve’s tests always stand out thanks to these are excellent detailed tables in which the tester summarizes the results.


Video Reviews of Aquila 32 Sport

Now we move on to more visuals – high-quality footage of the yacht both at sea and from the inside, coming from the most reliable sources out there (apart from Alex Smith’s video review that we mentioned earlier).

Just look at how proudly Aquila Boats presents its child to the market:

Excerpts from the interview with the happy owners of Aquila 32 Sport:

More in-depth review from Aquaholic, various features explained during a lengthy tour:

Even more thorough walkthrough – 25 minutes of important information on every single feature:



The yacht Aquila 32 Sport quickly picks up speed to go on planing with a switch to efficient fuel consumption. She is comfortable enough to provide comfortable living whether on a weekend getaway or on a longer cruise. The design of the boat, certified in the CE system, allows access to the open sea with 6 people on board; for sailing in the coastal zone, 16 people can be carried on board, and in closed waters - 22.

Add here simple controls and excellent seaworthiness (high stability with excellent maneuverability, in particular) - and you get a boat that has already attracted the attention of various categories of sailors, including:

  • those who like to go to sea alone;
  • heads of families who want to ensure maximum safety and comfort for their family during their vacation;
  • romantic couples who want privacy;
  • lovers of speed without the need to deal with sails;
  • those who want to take a break from sailing, but do not want to part with the sea;
  • novice sailors who want to gradually join the maritime community;
  • couples or families with children who want to spend a lot of time at sea, making a boat their main home;
  • lovers of towing sports;
  • divers and other fans of underwater sports - hunters, deep explorers, etc.

The list goes on, but this is enough to make the Aquila 32 Sport also attractive for charter companies - the boat will definitely be in demand and will quickly pay for itself.


Where to Buy Aquila 32 Sport at a Bargain Price

The main task of topRik marketplace is not only finding the right boat for its client, but also provide him/her with the most favorable purchasing conditions.

Our experts have extensive practical experience in negotiations with manufacturers of a wide variety of models. For several years, we have been selecting, purchasing and distributing motor and sailing yachts for our fleet, which is located in several marinas in the Mediterranean. We work with the best companies that produce the most popular mass-produced boats. Our specialists do not make mistakes when preparing the necessary documentation and have excellent knowledge of all the products of leading manufacturers of mass-produced yachts. Now all this experience fully works for our clients – potentially for you too.

Where to begin? Create the Aquila 32 Sport of your dreams - we have a virtual configurator for this.

You can use the configurator even without registration and, of course, for free. To do this, just go to Price Calculator, and, based on your own preferences and free advice from our experts, create your own version of the catamaran.

Yes, consultations with topRik experts at this stage are also absolutely free.

After creating the virtual version of your yacht, our specialists, if you wish for further cooperation, will provide support for the purchase of Aquila 32 Sport or independently carry out all stages of the process, which, among other things, includes:

  • searching for suitable and favorable terms of purchasing the catamaran;
  • negotiations with the manufacturer or a trusted dealer if he offers more favorable conditions;
  • preparation of all documentation, including contract, insurance, if necessary, customs permits, etc.;
  • monitoring the equipment of the catamaran on site and checking its condition before going to sea;
  • hauling the yacht to your specified destination by an experienced skipper or delivering it in another way.

Our contacts are listed on this page: call, send a message to [email protected] or just use Contacts section to get in touch with our team now.

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