Beneteau Antares 8 Review

How different and how similar Beneteau Antares 8 and Beneteau Antares 8 Fishing actually are? topRik experts will tell you all about this, relying on their own experience of testing these boats.

To expand your understanding of the Antares 8 doubles, the review contains many photographs, a video gallery, as well as reviews of these boats by famous yachtsmen who write for popular boats media.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

Review Beneteau Antares 8

Beneteau Antares 8 made a splash at the 2022 Southampton International Boat Show, where it premiered, and has since won (and is still winning) numerous shows across Europe, including La Rochelle, Barcelona and Paris.

The 8-meter Antares 8 already combined a recreational orientation with the possibility of comfortable fishing, but after a redesign from the Sarrazin Design studio, special packages are offered for this family boat, which received the Fishing extension.

The boat's exterior can be enhanced with a two-tone paint job and a sliding sunbed in the aft cockpit, while the professional credentials can be upgraded with a fishing rack with an aerator, bait and fish storage, additional seating and a rod holder.

But in any version there will be an extended deck with a passage to the bow on the starboard side, a door in the bulwark for going ashore or dragging in the catch and accommodation for five guests: two of them can stay in the saloon, the rest in the cabin. A galley unit with a refrigerator and a gas or electric burner can be placed in the pilothouse.

Antares 8 is designed with a single outboard engine up to 250 HP, which provides a maximum speed of up to 38 knots. Motor brands to choose from: Honda, Suzuki, Mercury or Yamaha.

This model makes it easy to store your catch and keep it fresh. The Fishing model has a convenient water recirculating tank and storage compartments below the cockpit deck.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

Finding fish with Antares 8 is not a problem. An echo sounder can be installed on the roof with an image displayed on a 12-inch display, with optional searchlight in the rear for fishing at dusk. With a maximum speed of 35 knots and a powerful 250 horsepower engine, Antares 8 will take you anywhere in no time.

This 8-meter stylish mini-cruiser delivers aesthetic pleasure from one glance. By the way, the same can be said about its price: just open the price list and admire.

But first, check out the technical specifications. We have combined the characteristics of both models into one list, since the only differences between them are that Sarrazin participated in the development of the interior for Antares 8 Fishing design, which has been collaborating with Beneteau since 2000.

The new extended hull of Antares 8 (2.8 meters) provides unique habitability for a boat of this size - only 8 meters in total length. Almost all habitable working and social areas have a model interior design, which allows you to solve a large number of problems with small means of accommodating people in two cockpits (aft and bow), in a closed saloon and a cabin with two berths.

But in fact, there are more sleeping places (which will be discussed in more detail below), and in the case of a multi-day cruise or fishing trip, 4-5 people can spend the night here, but for a one-day vacation you can go with a company of 9 people.

Just remember that the design of the boat has a C CE certificate - that is, Antares 8 of any modification is intended for access to coastal waters.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

Features of Beneteau Antares 8

  • Brand: Beneteau
  • Hull type: Monohull
  • Overall length, m: 8.06
  • Overall length, ft: 26
  • Width, m: 2.8
  • Draft, m: 0.8
  • Displacement, t: 2.545
  • Air draft, m: 2.33
  • Water tanks, l: 100
  • Exterior design (architect): Beneteau Powerboats
  • Interior design: Beneteau Powerboats (Antares 8), Sarrazin Design (Antares 8 Fishing)
  • CE Certification: C9 / D9
  • Hull material: Fiberglass
  • Engine: 250 HP
  • Fuel tanks, l: 340
Antares 8 Get Price Antares 8 Fishing Get Price

Maximum Speed

Max speed Up to 38 knots
Cruising speed Up to 25-30 knots

Review of Beneteau Antares 8 by topRik Team

We have already admitted that the topRik team has a special relationship with Beneteau boats, since at one time our experts lovingly selected the first sailboats for our SimpleSail fleet produced by this particular shipyard. But there is absolutely no bias in our selection: you can see this from our numerous reviews dedicated to testing sailboats and motor yachts from different manufacturers.

Therefore, despite the fact that we know Beneteau boats very well, we test each new product as carefully as we test brands unfamiliar to us – you better always keep even the best in check, so they don’t become complacent.

Judging the Book’s Cover

Both models stood side by side and, frankly speaking, differed little in the design of the hull. Here’s what we saw as we approached the pier: hardtop boats with an enclosed saloon, equipped with a single outboard motor, which was surrounded by two islands of the swim platform. The fact is, we arrived a little earlier than the appointed time, and the Fishing one was not yet fully equipped.

Well, when we got closer, we discovered that the Fishing’s tank was completely empty, and the stern of the pleasure version was intended for dining in the fresh air: we saw sofas and a table from the pier.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

On the starboard side the “gate” was clearly visible even when closed. Here you can install a ladder for getting off to the pier when mooring alongside. And in the Fishing version, it is convenient to lift fish on board through it.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

By the way, the platform on the starboard side is very convenient to use when fishing in the usual way.

At this time, the fishing boat was transformed right before our eyes: spinning rods went into five holders on the roof, and a fishing station with five more holders for fishing rods was installed at the exit to the platform. They explained to us that the sonar had been installed and that the boat was completely ready for the sea.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

With all due respect to manufacturers and official dealers, we never rely on promises. Therefore, a thorough study of any model that we are going to replenish our fleet with, or that we offer to our marketplace clients, is mandatory.


It is almost the same in both versions: the swim platform is divided into two parts by an outboard engine. In the photo below you can see not only the outboard ladder built into the right island of the platform for descending into the water, but also one of the interceptors.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

Their work is perfectly demonstrated by the wake left by the boat.

Aft Cockpit

When you look at the picture below, you'll understand why the topRik experts couldn't find much difference at first glance between the two versions of the same boat before the Fishing version got its specific options.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

Keep in mind also that our acquaintance took place at dawn, almost at night.

We suggest referring to this comparison if, during the review, you need to clarify the location, as well as the occupied area of individual zones of both versions of Beneteau Antares 8.

And now – more details about the aft cockpit of each modification. Remember we talked about interior modularity? This is especially clearly demonstrated by the pleasure version of the boat. Here the cockpit is equipped with furniture that transforms into a dining area with several sofas and a folding soft bench (on the starboard side) around a folding table, the tabletop level of which can be lowered.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

But before we explore the possibilities of this mysterious furniture group, take a look at the grooves in the deck. Exactly! They can be used to slide the transom seat if you need to raise the engine. What about the table? Not only the size and height of the table top can be changed, but it can also be removed altogether.

And this is how you get a huge sunbathing space or an extra bed in the aft cockpit.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

Sleeping place "outside"? What if it rains? For such a case, there is an awning, which will turn the cockpit into an extension of the saloon – pretty neat.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

And if you just want to extend the roof over the cockpit, the side “walls” can be raised.

But that's not all of it. The roof itself can be used as a trunk, like on a car, and transport a dinghy or various boards for water activities.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

A general view of the aft cockpit of the Fishing version is in the photo below. What it has in common with the Antares 8 walking version is a door on the starboard side and access to the platform island, a folding soft bench on the left side and a groove for installing a table when it’s time to appreciate the taste of the fried catch.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

On the transom there is a fishing station with a holder for 5 rods, a well for bait, and compartments for gear.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

The bench on the transom also folds, which allows you to completely free the cockpit from furniture during fishing. With an accessible platform on the starboard side, there is enough headroom to allow all types of boat fishing.

Inside the Saloon

This is a great place to relax with the whole company or family in a cozy atmosphere. This is supported by a stylish interior and the possibility of a modular concept in its design. If you open the transparent saloon door, the aft cockpit becomes one with it, which opens up the possibility of comfortably accommodating all 9 people declared by the manufacturer.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

The interior space is organized according to the principle of zones. At the entrance we see the dining area, which consists of a composite sofa arranged in the shape of the letter C with a table in the middle - on the port side.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

To starboard is a well-equipped galley with gas or electric stove, sink and refrigerator. The photo below demonstrates the possibility of modular saloon furniture: the skipper's seat folds down towards the helm panel for easy access to the galley.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

This same chair can be turned towards the table when it’s time for lunch.

The seat on the port side transforms from a spot at the table with the help of a moving backrest into an observer's seat to the left of the skipper with an excellent view ahead.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

Our expert, who checks the operation of all these transformers, is a little tired of moving, extending and folding. And that’s why he’s an expert in modulated technology: in a couple of minutes he built himself an excellent bed so that he could lie down for 20 minutes right in the control room. This did not stop him from discussing the features of the control post with the rest of the team.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

At first, of course, we evaluated the chair, since we all know how much the condition of the helmsman depends on its design and ergonomics. Here everything can be adjusted to suit you: the position of the backrest, the height of the seat and the footrest. Yes, naval architects and designers at Beneteau have once again confirmed that taking care of the health of skippers is one of the main tasks of the shipyard.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

The post helm panel provides ideal opportunities for controlling the Antares 8 motor boat. Its ergonomics are also thought out to the smallest detail, which is always a hallmark of this manufacturer.

We once again applaud Beneteau's commitment to these powerful engine control levers. What to hide, each of our experts had seen those flimsy misunderstandings that some manufacturers call the gas-reverse handle – this one can withstand a sailor’s fit hand.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

Any part here is open to your hands and eyes. Excellent standard equipment – and if navigation instruments, indicators or communications are not enough for you, please refer to the options list. Practice at sea showed that the panel equipment on the tested boat was sufficient, if we also take into account the display in the cockpit, where sonar readings were shown.

What is that visible to the left of the control panel? Is it really the entrance to the cabin?

Optimal Usage of Cabin Space

Here we won't have to use many photos to demonstrate one bed that can accommodate 3 people as the manufacturer claims. In any case, if 2 people lie down here more freely, you will have 4 more sleeping places: 2 in the saloon and 2 in the aft cockpit, if you use the awning.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

There is a toilet at the entrance to the cabin. To be honest, we didn’t expect it to be so spacious here. We remind you: the total length of the boat is only 8 meters.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

It is very fortunate that a hatch opens into the cabin, the lid of which is located on the bow cockpit, and the toilet door closes tightly, so that you will not be disturbed by noise and odors. In addition, this boat is not intended for long cruises, and for a couple of weekends the amenities on board are quite enough.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

At the Foredeck

You can get to the bow only along the deck on the starboard side - the entire remaining area of the main deck is taken by the saloon. But you won't have to crabwalk here, as long as you grab the handrails on the roof.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

But in the bow you will find a huge sun lounger perfect for cruises along the coast.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

Or extra space for casting a spinning rod if you use Beneteau Antares 8 Fishing.

At the Sea

Our boat was equipped with a 250 HP Mercury engine and automatic spoilers, which ensured the boat's stabilization in waves and turns. Looking ahead, the interceptors do their job well! Regarding the outboard engine, you can choose the brand, but the power remains the same.

During testing, the boat's ability to reach the stated speed of 38 knots was confirmed. We didn’t try to beat the record, with so much options on board especially. The equipment pleased our fishermen, although they did not abuse the opportunities for a large catch. We also were able to test the capabilities of the galley on freshly caught fish.

Advantages of Beneteau Antares 8

The main advantage of Beneteau Antares 8, as well as its Fishing modification, is maximum optimization in everything that is important for the skipper and passengers:

  • excellent seaworthiness;
  • simplicity and ease of management;
  • organization of space - safe movement, division into zones, modular technologies;
  • sufficient comfort for a short cruise along the coast;
  • special comfortable conditions for fishermen who love sea fishing, including full provision with special equipment.

The undoubted advantages of the boat include the versatility of its use - we will dwell on this in more detail in the next section. And, as we have already said, the cost of this boat, given its quality and equipment, surprised us very pleasantly.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

Reviews of Beneteau Antares 8 from Professionals

To compare our views on this boat, we got another opinion by Motor Boat & Yachting’s Alex Smith from the 2022 Southampton Boat Show.

Following Beneteau's announcement in 2021 of the new Antares model’s impending launch, a year passed before it was presented to the yachting community at Southampton Boat Show 2022. Alex Smith doesn't exaggerate saying that this was a highly anticipated event.

The shipyard claims this boat as an ideal vessel that copes with a wide range of tasks: for short trips to the sea with the family, for fishing and as a weekend boat.

He likes the way designers use small spaces to improve their usability and gives the example of the sliding transom bench.

As solutions that increase the comfort of movement on this small vessel, Alex , in particular, listed the expansion of the starboard side deck and the swim platform located flush with the deck.

He especially noted that the Weekender line from Beneteau has been replenished with a boat, which is offered in two versions: Cruising and Fishing and focused on the features of each of them.

We are pleased to announce that the main part of this review is a detailed video report from on board the boat, which is, of course, skillfully and knowledgeably conducted by Alex Smith.

Video Reviews of Beneteau Antares 8

Speaking of video reviews – here are some of the best one we could find. This yacht is incredibly photogenic too!

First, see Antares 8 in all its beauty in spectacular teaser from Beneteau:

Next, we move on to reliable to a laconic tour around the boat:

Lengthier walkthrough right at the sea:

Now a long look at Antares 8 Fishing:

And here’s the review by Alex Smith we were talking about before:


Beneteau Antares 8 presented in Cruising and Fishing versions, due to the quality of its design, ease of operation and excellent equipment, is already in demand by different categories of sailors including those who love fishing on the sea coast (the reviewer from 4th video waited a whole year to get one!). It can comfortably accommodate up to 9 people. For their convenience there are 5 sleeping places available, two dining areas with the possibility of transforming into relaxation areas, a large sunbathing area at the foredeck in the Cruising version, a galley and a toilet room.

In addition, both models develop excellent cruising speed, are stable in rough seas, and maintain excellent heading.

Based on these features, Beneteau Antares 8 is ideal for the following categories of sailors:

  • those who like to spend weekends at sea in the company of friends;
  • of course, for avid fishermen and those who are just trying to understand the wisdom of sea fishing;
  • lovers of solitude at the sea;
  • romantic couples;
  • those who want to take a break from the sails, but do not want to part with the sea for a long time;
  • those wishing to organize a safe and comfortable holiday at sea for their family (including children), with an overnight stay if necessary.

Review Beneteau Antares 8

Based on the above, there is another category for whom these boats are in demand - charter companies that, in particular, provide services for organizing sea fishing for their clients.

This relatively inexpensive boat is also suitable for a couple who wants to make it their home, moving along the coast inhabited by yachtsmen, where they can easily refuel, replenish water and food supplies. For this price it’s one of the best products that you can find, and – you will always have a coveted Beneteau logo on it!

Where to Buy Beneteau Antares 8 at a Bargain Price

Are you already wondering where to buy Beneteau Antares 8 at a bargain price? You actually don’t need to sift through hundreds of websites in search of a good deal: the best deals could be selected and provided to you by the topRik marketplace, since you’re already here!

We left only the most pleasant things for you to do. Go to price calculator for free and even without registration – it is developed by us specifically for this boat. This virtual configurator will help you choose the version that will perfectly suit your needs. At the same time, you can take into account your plans for possible expenses.

If something doesn’t add up, for example, your ideas about the ideal Antares 8 and the finances planned for it, please contact our marketplace staff. topRik's experts are very familiar with Beneteau yachts and boats, and both of these models have been examined at the pier and at sea. They will advise you on what expenses can be avoided so that you stay within your budget.

All consultations at the configuration selection stage are free.

When the final choice is made, entrust the marketplace employees with the purchasing mission, which includes the following services:

  • negotiations with the manufacturer or a trusted dealer to provide you with the most favorable conditions for purchasing Antares 8;
  • preparation of all documentation, including insurance and, if necessary, customs clearance, as well as registration;
  • monitoring the condition and equipment of the boat before its delivery;
  • delivery of the boat to the specified location.

topRik marketplace experts will guide you past all the reefs and shoals that you encounter along the route of buying a boat, relying on many years of practice. Now our experience can be yours too.

Call right now at the specified phone number or use the Contacts form on the site. You can also send a service request to [email protected].

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