Azimut Atlantis 51 Review

This review is dedicated to the flagship of the Atlantis series from the shipyard Azimut Yachts - 16-meter motor planing yacht Azimut Atlantis 51. topRik experts share their impressions that they received during the practical testing of the boat at the Düsseldorf Yacht Show. Traditionally, we do not limit ourselves to the point of view of our experts and supplement it with the opinions of leading yachtsmen-journalists who have tested the boat and placed reviews in leading yachting magazines. We also provide video reviews, and, as always, we accompany all this with a large number of photos.

As our experience has shown, the high-speed motor cruiser Atlantis 51 from Azimut Yachts is all about the balance between seaworthy performance and comfortable living on board.

The yacht is equipped with Volvo Penta IPS 800 engines, giving you 600 HP - according to the manufacturer they provide a maximum speed of about 35 knots and a cruising speed of 30 knots per hour. At the same time, due to drive upgrades, it was possible to save fuel consumption (up to 35% under certain conditions).

We can confirm that these numbers are not just achievable in practice - it is possible to actually exceed them during testing.

As for the comfort for passengers, this was the fundamental goal that the shipyard set for the naval architects and designers from the Milanese firm Neo Design. Serious marketing research was conducted, during which it turned out that a huge number of seafarers want to involve family members in their hobby. To do this, they need a reliable and safe 4-6-berth fast yacht, with a comfortable environment and free space to move during short cruises in coastal waters.

Keep in mind that this development was started in 2016-2017 and think about how little motor yachts of this size and with such a spacious layout were offered at that time by shipyards from different countries: you wouldn’t run out of fingers on one hand.

Azimut Yachts took a risk, but they already enjoyed the colossal success of this range’s firstborn - the legendary Atlantis 43. And do not think that the developers simply increased the size of the 43rd to fit a third cabin. It would be too simple, and simple solutions are not in the style of Azimut Yachts and Neo Design.

How the developers achieved their goal and what came of it - read further in this review from topRik experts, in which we share our impressions of the practical testing of the boat.

Let’s get moving! But first, check out the technical specifications of the Azimut Atlantis 51motor planing cruiser.

Features of Azimut Atlantis 51

  • Brand: Azimut
  • Hull type: Monohull
  • Overall length, m: 16.18
  • Overall length, ft: 53
  • Width, m: 4.55
  • Draft, m: 1.3
  • Displacement, t: 22.3
  • Water tanks, l: 450
  • Exterior design (Architect): Neo Design
  • Interior design: Neo Design
  • CE Certification: B
  • Engines, hp: 2 x Volvo IPS 800, 600
  • Fuel tanks, l: 1500

Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 35 knots
Cruising speed Up to 30 knots
Fuel consumption 58 l/h when planning at a speed of 11.5 knots

Review of Azimut Atlantis 51 by topRik Team

As we mentioned above, topRik team saw the Atlantis 51 for the first time at the Düsseldorf boating show. When it comes to this yacht, we were attracted by the combination of excellent speed qualities, as well as spacious, comfortable volumes on both decks.

Moreover, the upper deck is just ideal for a medium-size company (friends or family) who want to spend most of the cruise in the fresh air, under the sun and wind, enjoying the speed, the view of the sea and coastal beauty.

As for the interior of the lower deck... But let's not get ahead of ourselves, because we first need to evaluate the exterior and draw conclusions on the changed size of the vessel.

First Look

Well, yes, it was hard not to notice the difference of 3 meters in the hull length, especially since we already were familiar with 43rd model at that time. But the width of the 51st has increased by only 30 cm, as a result of which the exterior of the boat has become even more reminiscent of an aggressive beast, preparing for a swift attack.

The swiftness of the contours was also emphasized by the side glazing - a continuous toned area interspersed with opening portholes.

The vertically upturned bow also contributes to the vessel's predatory exterior, while the forward-facing railing that follows the contours of the deck and the flying shapes of the low-lying hardtop complete the image of swift aggressiveness. With all of its apperance Azimut Atlantis 51 claims to be ready to take on the resistance of vast masses of water for speed and maneuverability - it is determined to win.

Atlantis 51

Before we continue with the topRik team's further exploration of the boat's features, here are the layouts of the yacht: a general view with the hardtop retracted and a plan of the main deck so that you can better understand the yacht’s interior.

Atlantis 51

Atlantis 51


We can still inspect and evaluate this part of the yacht from the pier, since it offers an excellent view of a rather powerful platform that can withstand not only the entire available number of passengers on the yacht (maximum 8 people, based on the number of beds in the cabins, as well as additional ones - in cockpit and saloon) – in case they want to swim all at the same time. You can even comfortably sit on the wide steps of the ladders on both sides of the ship or relax in this huge sunbathing area after you climb up.

Atlantis 51

This artificial beach spot also allows you to place on it all the necessary attributes of sports water entertainment: equipment for scuba diving, hunting, kayaks and windsurfing boards.

But what about dinghy? - you ask. Surprise!

Atlantis 51

If you tilt back the huge sunbathing area, which faces the platform and almost hangs over it, a very spacious garage opens up. A full-fledged 3.25-meter RIB tender with an outboard motor will easily fit here.

And this is what the roof of this garage looks like when it is covered with mattresses - a great area for relaxing and sunbathing - there is no shadow from the hardtop that protects the cockpit and cabin. Three adults and even more children with gadgets, books and toys can comfortably accommodate here.

Atlantis 51

And one more surprise that this design brings you, but now with the garage roof down. Somewhere there you will find a barbecue - a great solution, which, in combination with a swimming platform and mats, promises many pleasant moments. Don't forget to kiss the cook!

<р3>In the Cockpit

We got so carried away playing with the garage “door” that we do not notice how we climb inside the cockpit. This is a spacious area where you can relax, escaping from bright sunshine or rain in inclement weather, which is what the sliding hardtop is designed for.

Atlantis 51

As you can see, there is beautiful upholstered furniture here. The shipyard representative explains to us that furniture for Azimut Atlantis 51 was designed by a craftsman who makes furniture for real estate. Agreed, quite a cozy home environment for a family who wants to relax, chat or dine together.

In order to comfortably fit around the table with the whole family use the poufs that make up the sofa on the starboard side, unfold the table and raise it to the required height - the dining room is ready.

By the way, you can also equip an extra bed for lovers of fresh sea air - just adjust the height of the table and add a large mattress.

Atlantis 51

A family or a group of friends can enjoy dishes cooked on the spot (that’s what the grill is for), as well as use the contents of the refrigerator and freezer, serving ice cream or fruit for dessert. From this angle, the cockpit mini-grill and fridge-freezer are visible - they are located on the starboard side, on the sides of the comfy sofa.

Atlantis 51

Well, what's ahead? This is the helm station in the cockpit, where we are moving right now.

In the Cockpit

Frankly speaking, we made the division of the main deck into a cockpit and a saloon just out of habit. In fact, all of this is a single space where you can move quite freely and not interfere with the captain managing the yacht. All this space can be simply called the saloon of the upper deck, where the division into zones is mostly arbitrary.

The control post with a lounger attached to it (on the port side) is separated from the social zone simply by the arrangement of furniture - the back of the sofa, the wall of the refrigerator and the backs of the chairs of the working area. Throughout this area there are no ladders, let alone steps - even more room for small children and absent-minded adults.

But back to the working area. In addition to very comfortable and luxurious chairs for the skipper and assistant, which can be adjusted to your height and build, it includes a helm in the form of an automobile steering wheel and a beautifully equipped panel.

Atlantis 51

There is enough space on the panel for a large marine display, communications equipment, navigation equipment, a powerful, very comfortable throttle/reverse shift knob. Various sensors can also be accessed here to monitor all the equipment of the yacht in order to quickly respond in case of a malfunction.

Some of our testing crew traditionally complained about the shape of the steering wheel – they believe that the ship should take inspiration from vessels and not the automotive industry. But, as tests later showed, this steering wheel is very responsive to touch. So, these claims are purely a matter of taste regarding form, not function. Our skipper was glad that he even felt the feedback when tacking, and we must admit that tacking in planing mode is one of his favorite pastimes in driving a motorboat.

Atlantis 51

After the “flight” over the water surface, you should have a little snack and/or take some rest - and for this a comfortable ottoman is provided on the port side through a small passage from the skipper's post. Relax on your own, spend some time with kids or invite friends here to watch the controls and have a chat so you don’t get bored and doze off at the helm - the sunbed provides tons of options.

Atlantis 51

And then, you can always ask the inhabitants of this area to climb down for a drink or crispy barbecue from the grill.

Well, if you are really hungry, give way to an assistant at the helm and go down to the saloon, where there is a full-fledged galley and a large dining area.

In the Saloon on Lower Deck

Here’s the plan of the lower deck of Azimut Atlantis 51 so you get the full picture.

Atlantis 51

You can enter the saloon via a ladder between the helm station and a small lounger in the bow of the main deck. In the saloon, as well as on the upper deck, there is quite some home furniture: soft sofas of various designs and a large table that can be folded, with adjustable height. This design of the table allows you to equip an extra bed, lowering the surface of the table to the level of the sofa seats – after this you can cover it with another mattress.

Atlantis 51

During the day, this is a great place to socialize during bad weather or for a full family dinner.

And you can cook it right here - there is a well-equipped galley with a stove, oven, microwave, a spacious refrigerator and a large number of cabinets and closed shelves for storing non-perishable food, dishes and kitchen utensils.

Atlantis 51

If fatigue knocks you down and you need a good sleep, take a seat in your cozy cabins or take advantage of additionally equipped sleeping places in the areas of upper and lower decks.

In the Cabins

The unique layout of the lower deck offers a central living room, which we have already visited, a fully equipped galley, which we have already examined, and 3 cabins - two amidships and a "master" in the bow of the boat.

The owner's cabin (look at the plan) occupies almost the same area as the two cabins amidships due to the extended bow of the yacht.

Atlantis 51

The narrower part accommodates a large double bed, while the normal width part of the cabin houses a small area with a table and a pouffe, as well as a large bathroom with a washbasin, shower and toilet.

Atlantis 51

Cabins amidships can be with one double bed or two singles. If desired, a bunk bed for children can be installed through partition or directly in the cabin.

Atlantis 51

Atlantis 51

For these two cabins there is one shared bathroom with access for all passengers of the yacht.

From the master cabin there is an emergency exit to the fordeck. By the way, what is there on the foredeck, besides an emergency hatch and a box for an anchor chain?

Atlantis 51

On the Foredeck

And here the lid of a huge storage locker is transformed with the help of a mattress into another luxurious sunbathing area, which, if desired, can be equipped with a small bimini.

Atlantis 51

Advantages of Azimut Atlantis 51

The main advantage of the motor planing cruiser Azimut Atlantis 51 is that you don't have to choose between speed and comfort on board. This boat perfectly combines these two advantages.

Add to this the use of reliable hull technology, the best marine equipment, including engines, and you have a safe, high-speed yacht with excellent living conditions.

And if you don't always aim for maximum or cruising speed, you'll save a lot on fuel thanks to the design of the engines.

Also, the yacht creators took good care of safety – just look at these hard metal railings on the bow. We are always happy to see family cruisers taking children’s wellbeing into account during development.

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Reviews of Azimut Atlantis 51 from Professionals

This time we have selected three reviews on Azimut Atlantis 51 from professional journalists and yachtsmen who cover events in the yachting world. They are Kelley Sanford, Jack Haines and Niccolò Volpati of the leading yachting electronic media - Yachting Magazine, MotorBoat & Yachting and Barche Magazine.

Opening up his first-look review, Kelley Sanford quoted manufacturers as celebrating the easy driving and excellent maneuverability of the Azimut at the world premiere in Düsseldorf Atlantis 51. He writes that the 53-foot yacht was worked on by Marco Biaggi and Filippo Salvetti of Neo Design, who developed her younger sisters - the Atlantis 34 and 43 series models.

Describing in detail the interior of the main and lower decks, Kelley noted that the term "spacious" is appropriate to describe the lower deck, and the word "open" very accurately describes the space of the main deck.

According to the author, the lower deck dining area and galley make full use of its almost 15-foot width. He noted that the yacht is equipped with a dishwasher and a washer-dryer. Both units are located in the saloon on the lower deck: the first one is built into the galley, and the second one is located under the ladder from the upper deck.

The author liked that the yacht has a lot of storage space, including drawers under the beds. He also noted an efficient solution to the use of space - a retractable seat in front of the dressing table.

MBY author Jack Haines devoted a lot of space in his review to describing the comfort that Azimut provides to the owner and his guests. We will skip this part as it echoes previous reviews and will go into more detail on Jack's ratings of the boat's speed and performance.

He noted that the engines hit planing speed quickly, yet achieve a smooth and polished ride as you adjust the throttles to soak up the miles. In this respect, this model is superior to others.

Jack recommends sticking to 18 to 32 knots to get the most out of the ride, making the management light and enjoyable. He stated that a top speed of 34.5 knots per hour was achieved in testing, with the fuel tanks a quarter full and a Pirelli tender in the garage.

The author criticized the steering wheel a little, the size of which, in his opinion, is comparable to large shipyard models with a flybridge. Because of this, it seemed difficult for him to rotate this steering wheel from lock to lock. Jack thinks the smaller diameter would be more comfortable here and wouldn't take up as much space on the dashboard.

The author would also have swapped the throttle and joystick, but, as he stressed, these minor remarks do not affect the very positive impression that he received from the management of the yacht.

Jack expressed his regret that the seas during testing were too calm and they were not able to test the hull properly.

The author of Barche gives the results of testing Azimut Atlantis 51 at various speeds, which was conducted to determine the fuel consumption in different operating conditions of the yacht.

So, at full throttle, the yacht accelerated to a speed of 34 knots, to get to planing mode it took a little more than 13 knots per hour. Niccolò advised against aiming for that speed while cruising in order to save fuel. Cruise speed allows you to achieve fuel consumption that is comparable to other fuel-efficient boats, but you have the possibility of a much wider range of speeds.

As proof, he cites several examples from practice during this testing. At maximum speed, the rate is 241 liters per hour. He contrasts this result with the minimum speed for planing: fuel consumption is reduced by almost three times then!

If you travel at a speed of 20 knots, you will spend 125 liters of fuel every hour, but already at a speed of 25 knots, you will need 160 liters of fuel for every hour.

The reviewer commended the precise calculations for the design, which in many ways provides excellent control. He noted that the developers very accurately combined a large beam (4.5 m), a low center of gravity and a deadrise angle of the hull, which increases from the bow to the midships.

Thanks to the balance and harmony between all elements, including dimensions and engine power, the Atlantis 51 sits perfectly on the water, cuts oncoming waves and maneuvers really well.

Video Reviews of Azimut Atlantis 51

As promised, here are the most informative videoreviews out there.

Full walkthrough and entertaining explanations from Aquaholic:

High-quality review from Azimut Yachts themselves:

Main features and advantages of the yacht well described:


Fast, planing, maneuverable and comfortable motor yacht Azimut Atlantis 51 is ideal for:

  • day cruises with a small group of friends or a large family;
  • those who like to slide through the open sea with friends or compete with other speed lovers;
  • solo sailors who want to be left alone with the sea;
  • transportation of passengers in small groups in comfortable conditions.

Atlantis 51

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