Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

The review is dedicated to the next model from Azimut Yachts is a motor yacht that complements the Atlantis size range. As usual - a lot of photos and videos, a full-scale review from practicing topRik experts with excerpts from other yachting journalists’ reviews of this yacht from leading yachting magazines.

Despite the fact that the number 45 appears in the name of the vessel, her overall length is 46 ft. The yacht embodies the main DNA features of this line, which became popular on the day the first model was launched.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

Azimut Yachts, as planned, captured everyone's attention in September of 2019 at the annual Cannes Yachting Festival. The Italian shipyard opened the yachting season by presenting three new yachts, among which was the new model of the Atlantis collection with a length of 14.6 meters.

Azimut Yachts shipyard’s range of sports cruisers named Atlantis is characterized as modernist conservatism. The compact member of the family, the Atlantis 45 fits the bill perfectly, offering its future owners a sleek modern silhouette, large open spaces and an optimally designed living deck well lit by large windows. On the one hand - nothing superfluous, on the other - everything you need for a comfortable and exciting holiday at sea.

The Atlantis 45 is based on the shipyard's bestseller, the highly successful Atlantis 43, with over 140 units sold in 4 years. But the new outlines of the exterior repeat the dynamic contours of the older sister Atlantis 51. Vertically raised wide nose of Azimut Atlantis 45 gives the exterior some predatory aggressiveness. And the contour of the panoramic windows along the entire hull emphasizes the swiftness of this yacht, built for performance.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

According to the manufacturer and testers, the maximum speed can reach up to 36 knots per hour, and cruising - up to 30. The topRik team conducted their own testing and in practice made sure that these statements are true, although the shipyard prefers to indicate more gentle speed stats in the technical specifications.

You will learn more about testing the motor crossover Azimut Atlantis 45 below, but for now we offer you to get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the yacht presented by Azimut Yachts.

Features of Azimut Atlantis 45

  • Brand: Azimut Yachts
  • Hull type: Monohull
  • Overall length, m: 14.6
  • Overall length, ft: 46
  • Width, m: 4.2
  • Draft, m: 1.1
  • Displacement, t: 16.6
  • Water tanks, l: 350
  • Exterior design (architect): Neo Design
  • Interior design: Azimut Yachts
  • CE Certification: B
  • Engine: VOLVO IPS 600 - 440 hp (320 kW)
  • Fuel tanks, l: 1000

Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 33 knots
Cruising speed Up to 28 knots
Fuel consumption 58 l/h when planning at a speed of 11.5 knots

Review of Azimut Atlantis 45 by topRik Team

Azimut yacht Atlantis 45 seen by topRik team for the first time at Cannes Yachting Festival, where we went, among other things, to test some new additions to our SimpleSail fleet.

We told you in detail about the results of testing various yachts and catamarans during the festival in several previous reviews.

In addition to sailboats, we wanted to pick up a compact and comfortable motor yacht for fast travel between our marinas in Montenegro and Croatia. Another requirement for our future motor yacht was a sliding hardtop.

All this led us to the "stands" of a certain Italian shipyard specializing in motor yachts of various levels of comfort and luxury. We were warmly welcomed, listened to attentively and found out that this model was developed by naval architects from Neo Design and Design Azimut Yachts specifically for us! Of course, the representative of the shipyard was joking, since it is a production model, but overall, we were very impressed after we learnt more about it.

View From the Pier

As it turned out, it was precisely these requirements of the sailors that the manufacturers were guided by. Naval architects and designers were instructed to develop a new model that combined all the advantages of previous boats with maximum improvements.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

It is noticeable even by eye that, in comparison with the youngest predecessor, Azimut Atlantis 45 has grown a lot. The brochures inform that the difference is almost a meter, while the layout has remained the same, as a result of which it has become much more comfortable to move around.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

And even from the dock, the aggressive exterior of the Atlantis 45 makes a strong impression. This is greatly facilitated by the sliding hardtop hanging over almost the entire stern. Its roof seems too pressed against the deck, but it is not - there is enough height and space in the cockpit, and the aft cockpit is located below the level of the cockpit.

But we are already getting ahead of ourselves, so let's temper our emotions, return to our usual algorithm and start the practical study of Azimut Atlantis 45 from the transom.


A powerful transom platform serves as a first step from gangway to the cockpit - the gangway itself is located on the port side. A huge sun lounger is also deployed on the platform.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

It is an excellent family beach: you can not only swim and sunbathe right in the sea, but also pull out all the water toys here, including windsurfing boards, kayaks, snorkeling or hunting equipment - there is enough space for all that. The tender can also be transported directly on the platform. But why take up useful space if there is a fairly spacious garage right under the sunbed, where even a small RIB or jet ski will fit, and, for sure, a couple of folding bikes too.<

And one more thing: right from the transom, we begin to count all the comfortable places to stay. ONE - huge beach platform, TWO – sunbathing area with mattresses and pillows.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

In the Cockpit

And now let's go to the cockpit and immediately say: THREE! We counted this as another social zone where you can just relax or have a meal in the company of friends or with your family in the fresh air. For this there is an excellent modular sofa, one of the parts of which is located along the transom, and the other two go around the folding table. This table can accommodate up to 10 people at the same time.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

There’s a grill and refrigerator, so you don't even have to go down to the galley unless you're going to cook something big. For small snacks with juice, cocktails and beer, this mini galley with both a sink and a trash can is more than enough.

Partially this area is already covered by the retractable hardtop roof. But the main part of the upper deck, which is completely protected by it, is the wheelhouse, or rather, the saloon of the upper deck. We go there and immediately say: FOUR!

Saloon on the Upper Deck

How can a wheelhouse be a recreation area? – you might ask. But look inside and decide for yourself whether it counts! The photo below is a view of the saloon/wheelhouse with the hardtop extended. Do you see this luxurious lounger next to the equally luxurious pilot and assistant seats?

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

This is how it looks closer - great resting place for passengers who do not want to leave the pilot alone. It is also a great opportunity for the pilot himself to rest, if the helm is handed over to an assistant or autopilot.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

Why are we using the word pilot? It’s just when you see these chairs, this steering wheel and this panel in the futuristic style of interstellar ships, you involuntarily replace the “skipper” with a “pilot”.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

Here the ship's helm has taken the form of a steering wheel. The stylish panel displays the screens of two marine displays, indicators of all instruments that control the yacht's life support equipment, navigation and communications equipment, and a reliable throttle/reverse lever.

Although, to be honest, some of the topRik experts were not fond of these stylish black panels, especially if you have to take care of the yacht yourself.

As you can see from all the previous photos of the upper saloon, the skipper's seat offers a magnificent 360-degree view. And tinted glazing protects the captain's eyes from the bright sun. And right behind the central glass we see a vast nasal area and... FIVE!

At the Bow of the Upper Deck

We remind you: we are on a boat with a length of 14.6 m and a width of just over 4 meters. And at the same time, only on the upper deck, we counted 5 social zones where you can relax under the splash of waves or throw a grand party.

And the sunbeds in the bow are one of those places.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

Of course, if you are traveling with children, then it is better to sunbathe in the bow of the yacht while docked. But for adults, there is absolutely no danger of enjoying the speed and flight while lying or sitting here right during a boat trip.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

It remains for us to inspect the saloon and cabins located below deck. You can enter the living areas from the wheelhouse, which is also the saloon of the upper deck. This is where we end our count as the entire space below deck is a social area made to relax, sleep, dine, or simply enjoy moments with family or friends.

In the Saloon under Deck

This is how the saloon looks like from the side of the entrance from the wheelhouse, from where a ladder descends with wide comfortable steps. On the port side you see the entrance to the aft cabins.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

This is what the main saloon looks like from a different angle. Here you can see the entrance to the master cabin, located in the bow for the entire width of the boat.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

A very cozy dining area is equipped with a large table and a C-shaped upholstered sofa. The table is equipped with a hi-lo lift system. Lowered to the required height, it, together with the sofa, will provide one more extra bed for a one-time overnight stay.

Atlantis series portholes provide the lower deck areas with excellent natural light. At the same time, the windows are not tinted, but are equipped with blinds.

Opposite the dining area is a well-equipped galley. Together with the upper deck mini-galley, this solves all the problems of providing those present on the yacht with fresh hot meals, a supply of food, drinks, ice cream, fruits and vegetables.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

Pay attention to the number of different storage spaces - a lot of shelves, cabinets and lockers.

By the way, the same can be said about all the premises of the yacht - the total amount of storage space for everything that you might need on a boat trip is impressive 8000 liters!

Inside the Cabins

The developers acted very wisely and did not cram the third cabin into these increased volumes. As a result, Azimut Atlantis 45 boasts a very spacious forward master cabin. It is equipped with two beds that can be moved into one large king-size bed.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

Doesn’t it also look like a suite on a spaceship that will take you half across the galaxy? The aft cabin accommodates three beds, two of which can be moved if necessary, and the third one can be left for the child.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

This "baby" bed is located under the window, which provides excellent visibility and plenty of natural light. As you can see, there are “windows” everywhere so the natural ventilation will not be a problem.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

Both cabins have large bathrooms, but the master cabin bathroom is not accessible from the saloon. So during a crowded party, guests will use the bathroom of the second cabin in the aft.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

At the Sea

The weather was just right for testing the performance of the boat: the rain stopped, but the wind did not subside, so we were happy with the panoramic windows.

We’ll be honest: right away that we tried to beat the officially declared maximum speed, reaching that number that we were told "in secret".

In such weather, the boat behaved excellently - the hull practically did not react to the side wave, does not pitch too much forward, and doesn’t bury its bow in the waves either during acceleration or when gliding at a speed of 20 knots per hour. It took us 10 seconds to reach that speed and 23 seconds to get over the 30 knots limit. Something in between these two numbers and it will be a comfortable speed with acceptable fuel consumption - less than 100 liters per hour for both engines.

The Atlantis 45 we tested had a pair of VOLVOs IPS 650 480 HP installed, which until now were installed only on 50-ft and larger yachts. This provided the vessel with significant advantages:

  • Active Trim tab control allows even inexperienced sailors to easily and comfortably steer a yacht.
  • Owners testing the yacht managed to significantly exceed the advertised top speed of 33 knots per hour, breaking 35 knots in 31 seconds.
  • Fuel consumption is below 60 l/h at planing at 11.5 knots while minimizing vibration and noise.
  • Ability to install Seakeeper thanks to the expansion of the engine compartment.

And we actually managed to reach an experimental maximum speed of almost 36 knots per hour in just over half an hour. But the fuel consumption is not exactly something to brag about. It’s simple - don't do it under normal coastal cruising conditions. Just know that on occasion you can always quickly drive away from any danger.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

Advantages of Azimut Atlantis 45

The shortcomings identified by our team, with which we usually begin this section, are purely the matter of taster: the black color of the panel and the shape of the helm in the form of a steering wheel. This does not affect the high performance, excellent speed characteristics, excellent maneuverability and comfortable handling.

We complement these main advantages with a well-thought-out design that ensures the safety of the crew and passengers.

To additional pleasant advantages, we add a high level of comfort, comfortable furniture, beautiful design, excellent quality finishes and unobtrusive elegant colors.

It's nice to relax here, it is comfortable to drive, you feel connected to the environment, and all this without excessive effort – you get sea recreation in it’s the best traditions: speed, waves, wind, delight.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Get Price

Reviews of Azimut Atlantis 45 from Professionals

We present popular authors of no less popular yachting online magazines who paid close attention to the Azimut Atlantis 45 yacht – we present their opinion about this boat with links to full reviews.

The author participated in the testing of Atlantis 45 on the first day of the Cannes Boat Show 2019. He noted terrible weather with wind and heavy rain. The Bay of Cannes was a muddy mess. But the latest Volvo engines Penta IPS 600, with 80 HP more power against the motors of the 43rd model, did their job.

Jack, of course, mentioned the predecessors of this yacht and listed the best features that this vessel inherited and briefly dwelled on the differences from her relatives.

He dwelled on the maximum and cruising speeds that the team achieved during testing, recommending a speed of about 26 knots per hour, which guarantees economical fuel consumption.

The yachtsman-journalist thought that the steering wheel was too bulky, while he called the helm station as a whole neat and well-finished.

The main deck seemed cramped to the author, but he justified this impression by the fact that in addition to the skipper, not only he, but also his colleagues from other yachting media participated in this testing. It was the world premiere of Atlantis 45 in Cannes after all.

Jack described the lower deck areas briefly, noting the vast spaces and plenty of storage space.

Describing the exterior of the Atlantis 45 and listing the recognizable features of her predecessors, Phil noted that the use of side windows visually reduces and elongates the yacht's profile. But the author did not limit himself to comparing with yachts from the same line, in particular with the 51st. He found similarities with other models, citing as an example the flagship of the S Collection - Azimuth Grande S10 - despite the fact that S10 is twice as long and five times as large.

Describing the speed test results, the author reported that the Garmin instruments showed a speed of just over 34 knots in Trim Assist mode. By disabling this mode, Phil actually convinced the yacht to move north at a speed of 35 knots per hour. In his opinion, the range in a moderate or fast cruise will be from 200 to 240 nautical miles.

He noted the excellent handling accuracy of the yacht throughout the entire engine speed range. He sees the reason for this in the V-shaped hull with a 15-degree deadrise transom. The tester appreciated the usefulness of the electronic control joystick, as Phil put it, in close combat.

The journalist and experienced sailor noted that in order to improve the ergonomics that already distinguish Azimut boats, in this model, two side seats on the starboard side turn to the console. To the left of the steering wheel is a double seat, which the author would have left in the form of a square chaise longue, into which it transforms. A great place to lay down with a good book in the rain, says Phil - of course, if you close the sliding hardtop.

The headline by Alan Harper is "The Azimut Atlantis 45 has plenty of ways to maximize a day at sea." And then the author very substantively proves this statement.

But before that, he stopped at a description of the weather in which the voyage took place. This is quite a coincidence: all the tests described here took place in different years, but under almost the same weather conditions, although practice shows that this is a rarity on the Cote d'Azur. Alan claims that at the time of launch, the atmosphere in the old harbor of Cannes was like a monsoon. It's good that the windshield wiper was broken only on the port side...

He described in detail the exterior and especially the interior of the yacht, and presented the speed test report in the form of a table, which you can see if you follow the link after photo.

Video Reviews of Azimut Atlantis 45

Of course, we couldn’t pass on our traditional picks of best videos on the subject. Starting with the video from Azimut Yachts that gives you five good reasons to purchase this particular vessel:

We continue with the tour around the yacht from Aquaholic:

More footage, more explanations and more doors opened on board:

There’s no such thing as too many interior reviews:

Finally, in case you need all the information possible on the yacht, here’s another present from Azimut Yachts:


We think we have managed to show the features of the yacht Azimut Atlantis 45 from all angles: she is very fast, easy to handle, provides a comfortable environment for all passengers on board. It has well-equipped divided areas: for rest, sleep, meal, cooking, management, sunbathing, swimming in the sea, etc.

Given all these features, we believe that this yacht is ideal for those sailors who:

  • love speed, but don’t want to bother with sails;
  • want to provide the family with a safe and comfortable vacation at sea;
  • prefer loneliness among the waves;
  • want to impress a loved one and spend the weekend alone;
  • prefer sea travel in the company of his closest friends.
  • Our team highly recommends Azimut Atlantis 45 for charters also – not many tourists will say no to a trip on a beauty like this.

Azimut Atlantis 45 Review

Where to Buy Azimut Atlantis 45 at a Bargain Price

To buy Azimut Atlantis 45 at a bargain price, you just need to use any means of communication that are listed on this page. You will get a response from our experienced yachtsmen who select, purchase and haul yachts and boats on a regular basis. All topRik team experts have many years of experience in this field.

In addition, you are entitled to another bonus from our marketplace - price calculator, a free virtual configuration tool for this motor yacht, which can be found on the Azimut Atlantis 45 sale page.

Once you have made your choice, the topRik team, following the contract, will go through the entire process of purchasing a yacht, which includes:

  • negotiations with manufacturers about favorable conditions for you;
  • preparation and signing of all documentation;
  • control over the complete set of the yacht at the place of shipment;
  • transfer of the boat to your berth.

Our marketplace gives you the opportunity to also complete the yacht with equipment and accessories that are not provided by the yacht manufacturer: dishes, fenders, bed and table linen, rugs, etc.

Call, send a message, use the feedback form – we are always eager to help.

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