Powder Automatic Fire Extinguisher - 3kg

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Automatic activation at 68°C for ABC сlass fires

Corrosion-protected valve with pressure gauge

Versatile multipurpose dry powder for various fire types

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Anaf Group
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Sale of Powder Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Here’s why the ceiling Powder Automatic Fire Extinguisher for sale from Anaf Group is considered one of the most reliable fire extinguishing equipment on board a yacht. You also get some additional bonuses when getting it through topRik marketplace.

First, to evaluate the technical characteristics of this product, which is designed to extinguish Class A , B and C types of fire, you should know the principles of their classification depending on the material of the combustion:

  • A – combustion of flammable solids (plastic, wood, deck coverings, etc.);
  • B – ignition of flammable liquids;
  • C – combustion of flammable gases;
  • D – combustion of metals;
  • E – electrical wiring fire or live equipment fire.

Advantages of Powder Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Types of fire extinguishers according to their extinguishing composition are classified as powder, foam, carbon dioxide, halon, liquid chemical and class D. We will not consider the last two types for obvious reasons; let’s compare the first four classes.

Powder fire extinguishers are versatile, as proven by many years of practice in their use. They are effective in extinguishing fires of classes A, B, C, E. The powder mixture is directed to the source of fire, thanks to its finely dispersed structure, it quickly and effectively limits the access of oxygen, localizing the fire.

When it comes to foam extinguishers, for all their versatility, have one drawback. When extinguishing burning liquids, when directing a direct foam jet, the liquid will begin to splash to the sides, which helps to increase the area of the fire. The foam contains water, so it is not advisable to use them when extinguishing electrical equipment. They are also useless when extinguishing flammable gases. Other type, carbon dioxide extinguishers, are not effective in class A fires, they are designed to extinguish electrical wiring and live equipment, and are used in class B, C, E fires. Halon extinguishers ones the most versatile and effective, used in class A, B, C, E fires, but their price is usually way too high (compared to powder and carbon dioxide).

Therefore, a Powder Automatic Fire Extinguisher for sale from Anaf Group is the most optimal option for a yacht in terms of efficiency, versatility and price. It is also perfect for mounting it on the ceiling.

After choosing this product, you will be able to:

  • install it in all flammable places, for example, above the galley;
  • set up automatic activation of the fire extinguisher when the temperature in the sensor area reaches 68°C;
  • use 3 kg of fine powder in the process, which will effectively cover the fire zone and block the access of oxygen;
  • effectively extinguish of all types of fires, except metal fires.

The seamless aluminum fire extinguisher cylinder is coated with polyester resin to ensure its integrity. The device is equipped with a sprinkler-type valve with a nickel-plated body and a pressure gauge. The external parts of the valve are protected against corrosion.

And if you choose sale for powder automatic firee through the topRik marketplace, then you will receive an additional bonus - a free consultation from experienced experts on our trading platform. Just call the specified phone number or use the website’s quick contact form. If you have a lot of questions, you can send them by email to [email protected].

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