XO DSCVR 9 Review

Are you interested in XO aluminum boats? Then this detailed review from the topRik experts, dedicated to two DSCVR 9 models, is for you.

We talk about modifications of the Open and T-Top versions and our testing of one of the DSCVR 9 models at sea. As always - a lot of photos and some video footage.

Review XO DSCVR 9

DSCVR 9 is one of the most honored boats of the Finnish shipyard XO Boats. She became a finalist in Motor Boat Awards 2022 in the Sportsboats category up to 30ft and European Powerboat Award nominee of 2023. This is a tremendous success, especially if you pay attention to very famous rivals. It should also be taken into account that the militarized, brutal exterior of the XO Boats aluminum hulls with a deadrise in the bow of up to 63 degrees was originally intended for the northern seas. Perhaps this roughness could not withstand competition with Mediterranean glamor.

But it is also quite possible that the organizers and jury of the competitions considered that they had already paid tribute to the XO 260 DSCVR and XO 260 DSCVR Cabin, and the DSCVR 9 line was considered a relaunch of these legendary models. However, the innovations introduced during the relaunch, as we see, were also highly appreciated. Of course: after all, the speed of these relaunched models rose to 50 knots versus 40 for their predecessors, although DSCVR 9 outstripped them in length by almost 20 cm.

However, you are unlikely to find many reviews of famous yachtsmen on the DSCVR 9 model, since they have already expressed all their admiration in articles and video reviews dedicated to the XO 260 DSCVR and XO 260 DSCVR Cabin. Interestingly, both 260 models of the DSCVR series are a development of the popular 270 series, which has now been discontinued.

The relaunch of these well-known series is associated with changes in the company's management, as well as organizational changes.

Review XO DSCVR 9

In November 2018, when the position of CEO was again taken over by one of the founders of Erkki Talvela, XO Boats has set a course to reorient itself from a niche manufacturer of custom boats to a mass manufacturer of high-quality boats. Now the entire process of purchasing consumables controlled by the company, including aluminum, plastic and resins – as well as equipment for laser cutting, welding, etc. XO Boats also took over the design process and production support, which also includes the production of aluminum hulls for other brands.

XO Boats' commitment to aluminum hulls is explained by the environmental friendliness of this material, which is also recyclable and requires electricity rather than fuel to produce.

One feature of the XO boats is the use of military-grade marine aluminum as the basis of the hull design, which is considered by manufacturers to be the most efficient in rough waters in this class of boats. In addition to its high strength, aluminum differs from fiberglass, which is the material for most well-known mass-produced brands, in the ability to save resources for production, since it does not require a special mold. But the main thing is that it allows for finer adjustments than fiberglass, with fewer production resources. As a result, sailors receive a reliable boat with a long service life and excellent seaworthiness at an adequate cost.

Review XO DSCVR 9


Features of XO DSCVR 9

  • Brand: XO
  • Hull type: Monohull
  • Overall length, m: 8.57
  • Overall length, ft: 29
  • Width, m: 2.57
  • Draft, m: 0.94
  • Displacement, t: 2.259
  • Exterior design (architect): XO
  • Interior design: XO
  • CE Certification: C
  • Engine: MERCURY
  • Engine quantity: 2
  • Type of engines: Outboard
  • Power, hp: 2 x 450
  • Fuel tanks, l: 305
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Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 50 knots
Cruising speed Up to 30-35 knots
Fuel consumption 65 l/h when planning at a speed of 30 knots

Review of XO DSCVR 9 by topRik Team

The Finnish brand XO Boats presents another model, which is available in several modifications. The idea of building different versions of pleasure boats in one hull, for example, a model open to all winds and with a wheelhouse, is not new and is dictated by purely practical considerations. The shipyard saves on equipment (in this case, the same jig is used for the light alloy hull) and at the same time attracts different groups of consumers with different ideas for the boat’s usage.

The same goal was pursued by the developers of XO Boats, who use this method for almost all series. XO DSCVR 9 was no exception, represented by Open and T-Top modifications.


First Impression

The hull of the boat with a hard top on racks (T-Top) and a powerful longitudinal-transverse set is made of light alloy of the military category grade (this is a marketing term, synonymous with the concepts of “strong”, “tough”, “high quality”). The brutality of the boat with a relatively high side is hidden (or emphasized?) by the black carbon film coating and artificial teak on the deck.

Review XO DSCVR 9

The design of the open model includes a central cockpit with a steering console across the entire width of the boat, with an aft sofa and a dining area behind the helm, as well as two platforms from which it is convenient to service the outboards engines or climb into the water.

Review XO DSCVR 9

From the steering console there is a passage into the bow cockpit through a folding door at the bottom and a folding windshield at the top. The windshield is designed for a tall skipper if he will be steering the boat while sitting at the helm. The windshield completely surrounds the cabin and protects the passengers sitting there from the wind.

Review XO DSCVR 9

In addition to powerful handrails in the bow of the boat, rigid metal construction is attached to the transom board, which can become not only the basis for installing spinning rods here, but also a place for attaching a cord for fans of towing water sports.

Review XO DSCVR 9

Even though you get no cabin, experience with this manufacturer suggests that we can certainly discover the wonders of a modular interior in the saloon and forward cockpit. From the pier it is difficult to determine the presence of a galley and a toilet room, but it is encouraging that there is enough space for this. Shall we check?


Aft Cockpit

The open aft cockpit allows you to enter directly from the platform, unless, of course, there is a sunbed in your way, as in the photo below. And yes, we were right: here we already see the wizardry of modular furniture.

Review XO DSCVR 9

You can create a dining area here using a transom sofa, a couple of mattresses and a convertible table.

Or, using this table, by laying it out accordingly, adjusting the height and adding a couple of extra mattresses, you can create a large sunbathing area to sunbathe, as shown in the “before” and “after” layout plan.

Review XO DSCVR 9

Review XO DSCVR 9

By the way, this diagram will be useful for you to navigate our virtual tour. Moreover, it is suitable for both Open and T-Top. The difference in the vertical projection of both modifications will be only in the presence of the roof, which covers almost the entire interior of the cabin.

Review XO DSCVR 9

Of course, if you have a group of people going fishing on any of these modifications, then you won’t need all these mattresses and tables in the aft section. And you can have lunch in the area amidships, where you have... But wait, this is the next section.


The Central Cockpit - Also Known as the Saloon, Also Known as the Wheelhouse

Of course, in such a boat this division into three cockpits (after all, there is also a bow one!) is very arbitrary. Actually XO DSCVR 9 is one large cockpit, which we conditionally divide into parts by analogy with sailing ships, the parts of which differ not only in their functional purpose, but even in their level in relation to the main deck. Here, the entire “gondola” from the descent at the platform to the ascent at the foredeck is on the same level.

Review XO DSCVR 9

In the photo above you see the saloon equipped with comfortable sofas on both sides. But optionally, on the starboard side, you can install a galley/wetbar with an under-counter sink and space for a portable stove. Below, in the drawers, you can place dishes and non-perishable food.

Review XO DSCVR 9

For products that spoil fast, a refrigerator/freezer is available as an option. The place for it is in the console with the steering wheel panel.

Review XO DSCVR 9

But in the console on the left side there is a toilet room! You can’t stand up there at full height, it’s not easy for a large person to get in there, but it’s bright (daylight pours through the frosted glass panel) and there’s a sink with a hand shower.

Review XO DSCVR 9

On the steering console with a 12" diagonal Simrad GO12 MFD (navigation, echo sounder readings, PM monitoring), system switches are located around the adjustable helm, including a 2 kW bow thruster.

Review XO DSCVR 9

Separately, we would like to include here a photo of the button panel located directly under the right hand: we found this placement and the panel itself convenient - no touchpads whatsoever!

Review XO DSCVR 9

Also worth noting are the very comfortable, adjustable seats with serious shock absorption. The skipper is provided with an individual chair, which, if desired, can be turned towards the table if a feast is planned. And across the aisle there is a double seat for passengers.

Review XO DSCVR 9


In the Bow Cockpit

There is a relaxation area in the bow cockpit. Here you have an L-shaped seat passing by port side and across the bow, separate seat on the starboard side, as well as lockers under the seats.

Review XO DSCVR 9

There are quite a few of them on board: in the stern along the sides (for mooring lines or fenders) and in the deck (for wakeboards, skis, etc.), under the dinette seats in the wheelhouse and the seats of the bow cockpit (for baggage).

The anchor installation is located at the very bow of the boat. In the photo below you can see the hatch cover leading to the forepeak.

Review XO DSCVR 9

An anchor box is “hidden” under the hatch cover in the forepeak, where you can install an electric anchor winch.

Review XO DSCVR 9

The bow cockpit is quite deep (about a meter from the floor to the railing), which makes it especially safe for children, and if you put a table here, it will become a pleasant place for lunch with a sea view. A groove for a table in the deck is provided.


At the Sea

Here are the sea test results for XO DSCVR 9 Open, with Mercury Verado 400 engine – it demonstrates good dynamics as it quickly reaches planing (5 seconds) and accelerates to 51 knots. But this is painful for the wallet: already at 40 knots the fuel consumption is 130 l/h, and the range is only 90 miles (with 10% reserve). But at a speed of 30 knots, the consumption is already cut by half, and the cruising range is over 150 miles.

The hull received a deadrise of 23° (“deep” V), a chine and longitudinal steps - you rarely see them on XO brand models, and the boat’s ride is soft; the vertical stem cuts through a moderate oncoming wave easily. During sharp maneuvering, short-term ventilation of the propeller was noted, but the feeling of comfort and safety was long-lasting. It is equally comfortable to operate the boat while sitting or standing. The steering console demonstrates a good level of ergonomics, and the armrest provides confident support for the hand when controlling engine speed.

Review XO DSCVR 9

The driver's seat is well protected by the windshield. When sailing on a decent wave, spray from the bow will inevitably fall into the bow cockpit, but the glass and the door underneath, which closes the passage, provide reliable protection from water and drafts. And the splashes from the glass will be gone thanks to the windshield wipers.

For XO DSCVR 9 T-Top version, the weight of which is slightly greater due to the wheelhouse (by 300 kg), the speed drop is expected to be insignificant, and in terms of comfort on the move and when docked, the wheelhouse with a door to the cockpit, especially at the end of the season, is generally unrivaled. In short, XO DSCVR 9 in any modification is a nimble, maneuverable, responsive and pleasant device to operate (not least thanks to the power steering). This is what is required from a boat with an eye for sportiness or a family multi-purpose boat for the whole weekend/short trip.

And another thing. If Open and T-Top in the name do not raise any questions, then the letters DSCVR look somewhat strange. But everything is simple here: XO Boats has the DFNDR (defender) and EXPLR (explorer) series, and DSCVR means discovery. There are possible ways to interpret it here, one of which is: the opening of new boating opportunities in different natural and weather conditions. We agree with this interpretation, since they examined the boat in the region of its production, where the usual Mediterranean yachts are out of season almost all year round. XO DSCVR 9 did a great job! Therefore, all doubts about its successful operation in warm climates immediately disappear.

Review XO DSCVR 9


Advantages of XO DSCVR 9

Durability, reliability, excellent seaworthiness, a sufficient level of comfort that can be improved through options, a well-thought-out and simple control system - this is not a complete list of the advantages of this boat, which you can get at a very reasonable cost.

Both versions of the DSCVR 9 have a proprietary XO hull made of military-grade aluminum. This means that its thickness in the most vulnerable places is eight millimeters. From the keel to the side plate, the hull is five millimeters thick and the sides are four millimeters thick. The stiffening ribs of the stringer located inside the body make it strong and stable; in general, the stringer has a thickness of five millimeters. The thick interior of the hull is covered with honeycomb plates for sound insulation and reduction of sea noise to make driving as comfortable as possible.

This is a truly all-weather boat: the Open version is designed for warm and temperate climates, and the T-Top version is designed for more severe climates. Options include a full canopy that covers the entire cabin, as well as a Webasto heating system for very cold weather.

This is a multifunctional boat that is interesting for various categories of sailors; we will talk more about this in the next section.

Review XO DSCVR 9


Video Reviews of XO DSCVR 9

Take a look at these useful review – you can check out with your own eyes how different design problems were solved with demonstration of all spaces on board.

Here we have a review of XO DSCVR 9 Open’s main features from XO Boats:

The T-Top version’s review in detail:

Test drive of T-Top version from Ribeye Boats:

And a walkthrough from the same source:



Not luxurious, but comfortable, reliable and fast, the XO DSCVR 9, as already mentioned, is in demand among different categories of sailors:

  • reliability and durability, sufficient capacity make it indispensable for delivering the owner or passengers to remote places along the coast (vacation, work, visit friends, providing delivery services, etc.);
  • ease of operation allows it to be used by those who do not like companies and even assistants on board, preferring solitude among the waves;
  • the design and equipment allow it to be used for various types of water activities and sports - skiing, skurfing, bi-skating, wakeboarding, etc.; for this purpose, it will be useful for both a charter company and a company organizing entertainment activities on the water;
  • the boat is perfect for lovers of fishing in closed water bodies and in the coastal sea zone;
  • a very convenient option for lovers of underwater sports and hobbies: hunters, deep explorers, drivers, sunken objects finders and others;
  • a great option for a family vacation or a weekend getaway with a group of friends;
  • an option for novice sailors to gradually join the maritime community, since the controls are quite intuitive.

Due to the number of categories that show interest in the XO DSCVR 9, it can be safely recommended for charter companies - it will pay for itself, and probably in a short time.

Review XO DSCVR 9


Where to Buy XO DSCVR 9 at a Bargain Price

A pleasant surprise: you are already there, where the topRik team will help you buy XO DSCVR 9 at a good price.

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You can order purchase support from our experts or entrust to them the entire process from troublesome beginning to pleasant outcome. This process includes:

  • searching for a boat on conditions favorable to you (perhaps it is already in our catalog, as happened with both versions of XO DSCVR 9);
  • negotiations with a manufacturer or trusted dealer on the use of marketplace rights for a discount or other bonuses;
  • registration of all documentation taking into account the legislation in different regions of the European Union and countries of the world;
  • control of the equipment and condition of the purchased boat;
  • delivery to the point you specify by sea transportation or other means.

No matter which type of service you choose, you are entitled to a free consultation with topRik experts during the XO DSCVR 9 virtual configuration process. To do this, simply go to Price Calculator even without registration and, of course, for free. Choose the boat version and its equipment, focusing on the main and optional lists. This will allow you to clearly fulfill the task of spending the funds allocated for this purchase. If difficulties arise, contact our experts, who know all the nuances of maritime affairs, and have studied the features of hundreds of boats from their own experience. You will receive answers to any question related to your choice.

Use the feedback section on the site (Contacts), dial the specified phone number or send a request to [email protected].

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