Pimp My Yacht: Lagoon 46

Remember a show called Pimp My Ride? Did you know that you can upgrade not only a car, but also a yacht? And we are not talking about the features that the yacht manufacturer provides through the standard and optional equipment list.

You can bring us your own yacht or buy an “empty”, standard boat, contact topRik specialists - and as a result of upgrading, you will receive a yacht that will exactly match your preferences in all aspects. At the same time, you will save significantly, one and a half to two times, on tuning. The boat will receive a sharply individual look and will be filled with equipment that is not even included in the option list.

The range of services of topRik Group OU includes the development of a general concept of interior and exterior design and turnkey interior and exterior work on yachts and boats of any class.

But, as they say, better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. Therefore, we will accompany this article with a demonstration of our latest upgrade.

Initially, it was a Lagoon 46 catamaran. In many respects, it remained that way, of course, but received a number of changes even in the exterior, not to mention on the inside. Moreover, on the inside means not only additional equipment, but also interior decoration, as well as changes to the exterior.

So, what it was and what it became...

topRik team received an application from our customer for such an “empty” catamaran and a whole list of requirements for its tuning.

Lagoon 46
  • Brand: Lagoon
  • Boat type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 13.99
  • Width, m: 7.96
  • Draft, m: 1.35
  • Air draft, m: 23.21
  • Water tanks, l: 2 x 300
  • Mainsail type: Square top
  • Jib type: Self-tacking
  • Mainsail area, sq.m.: 80.5
  • Jib area, sq.m.: 46.5
  • Engine: 2 x 57 HP
  • Fuel tanks, l: 2 x 520
Lagoon 46 get price

Let us say right away that for our specialists both tasks are feasible thanks to experience of managing our SimpleSail fleet, located in our marinas in Croatia and Montenegro for over a decade. We constantly negotiate with the world's best manufacturers of yachts and boats, as well as the most reliable dealers to ensure the purchase of yachts and boats for our clients at competitive prices.

Upgrading the yacht is also not a surprise, since we try to meet the requirements of those who use the services of our charter fleet. It is often necessary to make significant changes to the “original” configuration, for example, to manufacture and install arches for towing or a stand for trolling fishing.

Therefore, upgrading the Lagoon 46, which we purchased for our client at a good price, was not something unusual for our technicians and designers. It’s just that on the day of writing this article, this was one of the last upgrades, which required quite extensive changes, and we decided to use them as illustrations for this material.

Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46


Types of Services for Upgrading Yachts and Boats Provided by Toprik

All modifications in the field of tuning, carried out by the yacht owner himself or with the help of contractors, are based on practical experience. You probably saw an interesting design element somewhere, were surprised by the performance of a friend’s boat, visited an exhibition and found exactly what you were looking for.

Based on the purpose of the improvements, they can be divided into the following main areas:

  • improvement of hull performance;
  • changes in the characteristics of the motor-propulsion complex;
  • installation of various gadgets;
  • redesign of the housing with installation of additional accessories;
  • modification of the cockpit and cabin - ergonomics and appearance;
  • improving the comfort of life on board;
  • enhanced safety for passengers and crew.


Tuning the Underwater Structures

This type of boat upgrade requires certain knowledge of hydrodynamics, an accurate understanding of the dependence of the result on the actions performed, as well as the availability of space, time and funds. Therefore, it is better not to try to carry out such work yourself.

Owners of small aluminum alloy motor boats are experimenting with hydrofoils, longitudinal and transverse steps, splash guards, hydraulic washers, tunnels, transom wedges, and crinolines. Our experience shows that these innovations often have a stunning effect in terms of speed performance.

Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46

But most yachtsmen do not go that far in their desire to improve performance by radical methods. Owners of plastic boats and motor yachts mainly install adjustable transom plates to correct roll, thrusters to facilitate mooring in difficult conditions, and treat the bottom with antifouling compounds. All these services are performed by topRik specialists: from delivery of the necessary equipment to its installation and sea trials.


Refinement of the Power Drive

The most affordable way to significantly improve the speed and economic performance of a small vessel is to get the right propeller (or impeller for a water jet). It allows you to coordinate the operation of the engine with the characteristics of the hull and loading. A correctly selected propeller will save hundreds of liters of fuel over a season, allow you to use the engine in the optimal speed range and achieve the best speed performance.

Some engines, especially in the case of outboard models, allow you to increase power within the same line or even by replacing them with engines from other manufacturers. On some yacht models this is justified. But each case should be considered individually.

Bleeding the engine itself is too expensive a service to talk about here. Let’s just add that the topRik team has a group of experienced specialists who will select the optimal engine for your yacht and change the one already installed, modifying other parameters if necessary, for example, replacing a regular Volvo Penta for installation with IPS drive.

Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46

We work with all types of engines (stationary and mounted), as well as all brands.


Installation of Additional Equipment

The most common type of tuning involves installing various electronics and servos into the boat. When purchasing a new empty housing, owners immediately strive to equip it according to their requirements for safety and comfort. Here’s some of the equipment that improves these parameters and to which the owners of a new boat pay special attention:

  • navigation equipment - from a compass to a sophisticated marine display with an echo sounder;
  • running and parking lights;
  • steering;
  • motor control levers;
  • monitoring devices (tachometer, hour meter, trim indicator, emergency oil pressure and overheating indicators, etc.)
  • bilge pump, reserve pump;
  • means of communication.

Navigation Post


The owner of Lagoon 46 wanted to completely refurbish the navigation station in the cabin. Before the “pimping”, there was just a niche for paper maps and documents. The owner wanted to install a full-fledged chartplotter here, one of the functions of which was to get the information from rear view cameras, which we also had to mount on this yacht.


As you can see in the photo below, the chart table has been transformed into a full-fledged workplace. There is a multifunctional marine display installed here, and a barometer, clock and thermometer are located above the table. On the navigator's right hand there is a control panel for the heating system, a control panel for the desalination plant, as well as indicators that reflect the status of the yacht's main equipment.

Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46

To prevent damage to the original tabletop coating when working with maps and documents, we protected it with decorative leather.

In addition to this list, there are many other necessary instruments, the installation of which on a ship makes the life of a yachtsman easier and the control of the ship:

  • autonomous heating systems;
  • multimedia centers;
  • equipment for arranging a galley and latrine;
  • anchor winches;
  • electric motors;
  • fishing stations and devices, etc.

Autonomous Heating System


As we have already said, we purchased a “no frills” catamaran for our client. The heating system was included in this definition, and we had to select and install the heating equipment ourselves.


We abandoned the heating system offered by the shipyard and selected a more optimal one, with a reasonable price and repeatedly tested in practice.

Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46

The heating system is installed in each float according to the same principle. We installed an expansion tank with a pressure gauge to monitor pressure and temperature. In front of each fan and heater there is a pump for the coolant.

And the owner of the boat does not even have to go into all these details; it is enough for him to know which button on the navigation station needs to be pressed so that the inhabitants of the yacht feel comfortable.




Plastic flooring in a galley isn't just unsightly, it's also dangerous. But teak flooring for a galley is also not a first-class solution, since it will retain greasy stains. The customer set the task of finding an easy-to-clean covering with pile, almost a carpet.

He was also not satisfied with the dishwasher offered by the shipyard, and the one he chose did not fit into the niches available in the galley.


Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46

Before installing the dishwasher, we remodeled the front to accommodate a 6-place dishwasher in that space. The drain was changed for the same purpose.

Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46

Our designers selected carpeting for the galley in the color and pile that the customer desired.

Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46


Comfort on Board for Passengers and Skipper

Comfort comes from the little things. Therefore, we installed a TV, a washing machine, a seawater desalinator and additional sockets on our client’s yacht.

Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46

The rear view cameras we mentioned make things a lot easier for the skipper when docking and maneuvering in tight marinas.


Improving the Habitability of the Cockpit and Cabins

In addition to performance and the correct selection of equipment, the coziness and comfort of being on board is important for the yacht owner and his guests. Everyone’s tastes are different - some prefer high-tech with carbon inserts, some prefer conservative wood and fabric, while others will leave the standard vinyl artificial leather, adding bright colors.

Upholstery of yacht furniture is an important stage in the formation of the interior space. It is necessary to carefully select the material both in terms of its performance qualities, so that it does not lose its attractiveness during temperature changes and rain, and also when it comes to matching the color scheme and texture of neighboring elements. The presence of inserts made of various materials can advantageously emphasize the elegance of the interior space of the boat.

For small boats, every centimeter of free space is important. Therefore, the maximum number of shelves, lockers and hidden containers should be provided.

Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46

Let's also not forget about the fender baskets.

Attention should also be paid to the dining area. If the galley is used for cooking, then the yacht's passengers spend a significant part of their time relaxing on the water at the table. Therefore, you should take the installation of countertops and drink holders with full responsibility. Deck brackets for chairs have proven themselves to be excellent. During the feast, they allow you to rearrange the seats mounted on stands to the table.

If smoking is allowed on board, ensure there are sufficient ashtrays. Ashes from a cigar or cigarette can ruin the interior, and a cigarette butt thrown overboard can ruin your mood. We will install a container for waste in an inconspicuous but accessible place, so that upon returning to the shore you will not have to search for garbage all over the deck, but simply take the bag to the container.

The choice of coatings for the deck of a yacht and flooring for a boat allows you to equip the boat for any purpose. For fishermen, we will choose practical corrugated or slatted aluminum; for a small pleasure boat, we will choose carpet that is pleasant to the touch; on an expensive yacht, teak or mahogany will look harmonious. But it’s not just about aesthetics and harmony...


Safety on Board the Yacht


In the very first photo of this article, you can see the pristine white plastic decks of the Lagoon 46 catamaran that we bought for our customer. Even if bare decks seem beautiful to some, this does not eliminate safety concerns.

Our client (like us) finds teak flooring much more aesthetically pleasing , and there can be no two opinions about its absolute safety: even if water gets on it, you won’t slip or fall.


Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46

Therefore, according to the client’s order, we selected high-quality teak covering and laid it on the deck, flybridge, cockpit, and covered the steps of the gangways and the swim platform.

Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46


Hull Styling, Yacht Exterior Upgrades

If the internal space is accessible only to the eyes of the owner of the boat and those invited on board as guests, then the hull of the vessel is in full view of everyone - neighbors in the yacht club, crews of other ships, people on the shore.

Therefore, special attention is paid to the design of the hull. For external decoration, elements of ropes, paints and varnishes, vinyl films, polished metal nameplates, teak coverings and decorative inserts are used.

In addition to adding individuality to the hull, it is necessary to incorporate utilitarian elements into the silhouette of the boat:

  • ladders, swim platforms;
  • towers, holders for sports equipment;
  • custom designed awnings;
  • radar stands;
  • flagpoles;
  • railing;
  • tender and its launching mechanism, etc.

Therefore, before you begin work on changing the appearance of the boat, you must carefully draw out all the planned alterations. Assess how harmoniously new objects and decorative elements will look.


Custom Roof with Solar Panels

For the topRik team, changing the exterior of the Lagoon 46 was not a particular challenge, including the welding work on stainless steel.


topRik team purchased a Lagoon 46 catamaran with T-top for our client, which protected the helm station only from light rain and from sunlight in a certain direction of travel. The new owner wanted additional space to accommodate solar panels and set the task of providing more reliable protection for the control room from rain and wind.


Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46

The custom roof that we mounted on the cat is a specially shaped plastic plane on a metal structure. Pipes are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. The welding quality is indistinguishable from the factory one.

Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46

Along the entire perimeter of the roof there are lifting awnings, with the help of which you can completely close the space under the roof from external influences. The height from deck to roof is 1.90 meters, lighting is installed on decorative panels.

There are opening windows in the ceiling, through which you can see the sails while standing at the helm.

Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46

The next part of the description of the custom roof should have been placed in the section dedicated to additional equipment. But these solar panels are an integral part of the roof, for the most part for which it was conceived and brought to life.

Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46

These four solar panels with a power of 120 W are enough to avoid the need for a generator when using household appliances during anchorage and while sailing. This is not only fuel saving, but also our contribution to the fight for improving the ecology of the seas.

Similar standard designs offered by shipyards cost about 30 thousand euros. We completed the order for 20 thousand, and we believe that our design is more thoughtful than those offered by shipyards.

Now you know that qualified topRik craftsmen will manufacture and install on your yacht a frame-awning product of any complexity, design and construction, including the installation of solar panels on them.

Upgrade Yacht Lagoon 46


Knowing Your Limits

In conclusion, I would like to note that the main thing in boat design is a sense of style and proportion. A hull overloaded with decorative elements will look like a Christmas tree. And the abundance of deck structures will reduce the comfort of staying on board and can lead to injury.

Excessive enthusiasm for various lighting can mislead other yachtsmen at the sea.

When planning to change the interior and exterior of a small boat, do not rely only on your own experience as a designer, constructor, mechanic, welder, electrician, etc. Such work better be left to a team of professionals.

Just provide us with your sketches or requirements. All other actions are up to us. This will save you a lot of effort, money and time, because correcting the sketch is much easier than reinstalling incorrectly installed equipment or cutting off traumatic futuristic-looking deck structures.


Advantages of Upgrading a Yacht at topRik

We do not argue that all shipyards provide the opportunity for the future owner of a yacht to choose some of the necessary options. But the trouble is that the range of these options is limited.

Our clients already know that they can order us to purchase an “empty” boat and provide a list of requirements for its equipment and upgrade route. They just find out in practice that it costs them from one and a half to two times less, and they get the yacht of their dreams, on which everything is arranged exactly the way they want.

Therefore, order an empty boat from the shipyard (or provide your own), contact topRik specialists, and we will upgrade your yacht to the parameters you need in all respects. Just call the phone above, send a message to [email protected] or use the feedback form in Contacts section.


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