Easyfire® HFC227 Extinguisher - 12kg

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EASYFIRE® automatic extinguisher for A, B, and C fires

Adheres to EN 15004 and NFPA 2001 standards

Utilizes HFC 227, RINA-approved for small boats

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The EASYFIRE® automatic extinguisher is engineered for swift and straightforward installation, adhering to EN 15004 and NFPA 2001 standards. Effectively combatting class A, B, and C fires, it is recommended for safeguarding heater rooms, engine rooms, boats, and flammable storage areas. Designed to ensure compliance, the extinguisher incorporates a pressure switch for charge verification, closure of potential openings, and shutdown of engines, generators, or other equipment that could hinder extinguishing medium discharge.

For internal installations or when the fixed system activates automatically, a visual discharge indication outside the protected area is mandatory. Customers can choose the visual indication based on detection system specifications. Approved by RINA for small boats under ISO 9094:2015 and PED by Bureau Veritas, the EASYFIRE® comprises essential components, including an automatic valve with a bulb set at 93°C (or 68°C upon request), a marine bracket, pressure switch, and RINA-recognized extinguishing agent HFC 227 (FM200).

Tailored for onboard engine boats, the system provides automatic protection for engine compartments, electric panels, and mainframes. Utilizing HFC as a gas for total flooding, the specified volume pertains to the engine room without ventilation openings.

EASYFIRE® operates in personnel-absent scenarios, with unit intervention triggered by seal bulb rupture. This rupture can occur due to temperature escalation during initial fires or, upon request, through manual discharge control devices or pyrotechnical actuators.

For engine rooms with human presence, the unit requires a non-heat-sensitive glass bulb and manual control only. During maintenance, the system must be disconnected, whether in automatic or manual mode. Technical assistance is necessary if the pressure gauge pointer enters the red field.

Installation mandates the use of the provided special support with the sprinkler valve facing downward, although a horizontal execution is available upon request. The EASYFIRE® ensures a seamless integration of fire safety measures in various environments, meeting stringent international standards.

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Datasheet (EASYFIRE®_HFC227.pdf, 683 Kb) [Download]

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