Powder Fire Extinguisher Firekill Kit - 12kg

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Automatic extinguishing system with versatile valve distribution

Thermosensitive bulb for precise temperature-based activation

Non-corrosive, non-toxic dry powder for effective fire suppression

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FIREKILL is an automatic extinguishing system featuring a pressurized cylinder filled with ABC powder. The package encompasses a manual remote control and a thermosensitive bulb, which can be set at 93°C (or adjusted to 68°C upon request).

The system incorporates a pressure switch for charge verification and closing potential openings. It can also shut down engines, generators, forced ventilation, or other permanently installed equipment that could hinder the discharge of the extinguishing medium in the protected area.

For systems located inside the protected space or with automatic activation, a visual indication of discharge outside the protected room is provided. The type of visual indication can be chosen by the customer based on the detection system specifications.

FIREKILL utilizes a versatile valve that can operate fully automatically without the need for an external power source. It can be equipped with a manual remote control pull cable or an optional electric actuator upon request. Additionally, a control panel complete with smoke or temperature detectors can be connected.

The unique valve of FIREKILL has two 3/8" outlet pipes and can accommodate a maximum of 4 nozzles. It allows for precise distribution of the extinguishing agent to the specific fire risk area. Assembly is simple and quick, without the need for threading tubes. The system is suitable for protecting varnish mixers, garages, flammable liquids storage, and more.

The package consists of a steel cylinder that is CE-approved, a rapid discharge valve constructed from chromed brass, and a pressure gauge. Additionally, it includes a thermosensitive bulb set at 93°C. It also includes the extinguishing agent, a pipe with fast connection couplings, discharge nozzles made of chromed brass, a remote control with a handle, a wall bracket, and an optional electric actuator for connection to an automatic control panel.

The dry chemical powder ABC 30% used in FIREKILL is produced in accordance with EN 615 standards. It consists of ammonium phosphate and ammonium sulfate, along with silicone additives for easy flow discharge and prevention of clogging. The dry powder is safe for humans and animals, as it is non-corrosive, non-abrasive, and non-toxic.

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Datasheet (Firekill_Powder.pdf, 2,392 Kb) [Download]

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