Pear-shaped Mini Inflatable Fender - Ø 26 cm

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Global expert in marine equipment G.F.N. (Gibellato Forniture Nautiche) has developed a mini inflatable fender with a diameter of 26 cm and a height of 36 cm for boats and dinghies up to 5 meters long. The sides of your boat are protected when moored to a pier or side of another vessel. Don't forget that even for such a small boat, it is recommended to buy at least 3 pear-shaped inflatable fenders for one board. The price of such a buy will be much lower than the repair of a damaged board.

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BrandG.F.N. SRL Shipping fromItaly Diameter Ø, cm26 TypePear-shaped fender
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Diameter Ø, cm
Height, cm
Pear-shaped fender
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When a side or other part of a mooring vessel collides with a berth or a neighboring boat, energy is generated that can break through the hull if it is not protected. Pear shaped inflatable fenders transform collision energy in such a way that they are both effective shock absorbers and dampers (vibration reducing) devices.

They take all the force of the impact - that's why the total area of protection is so important. The impact force is distributed over this entire area, reducing the impact at each point. Therefore, the more fenders, the more secure the boat.

In order not to mount too much on the sides, there is a simple calculation: 1 fender for every 2.5-3 m of waterline length.

For bow mooring, attach the mini inflatable fender closer to the stem on both sides. If mooring astern, one pear-shaped inflatable fender on each side of the transom will suffice.

You can buy a mini inflatable fender to use as a marker buoy. White is the classic color for marine signaling. A pear-shaped mini fender can also be used to mark the location of a dead weight anchor or can be used as a line-throwing buoy.

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