In Hawaii, 28m Yacht Nakoa Runs Aground

Reports allege fuel has spilled from the yacht as salvage efforts are underway.

On Monday, 20th February, Maui officials reported that the 28m Nakoa had come loose from its mooring, running aground in Honolua Bay. It is confirmed that the yacht has leaked diesel into the waters nearby, though the extent of the damage is yet to be determined.


The US Coast Guard, the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), and a third-party contractor have collaborated to dislodge the yacht and stop further contamination. Nonetheless, the boat won't be able to be moved until all fuel, batteries, and other pollutants on board have been taken out.

An image depicting a luxurious yacht can be seen here, with a new white hull and tall masts. Sparkling turquoise waters surround the boat, and its sleek design is a testament to its high-end build. The vessel is seen in all its glory as a representation of the height of extravagance.

The head of Nakoa expressed regret for what occurred, characterizing it as a "freak accident" and denying any carelessness. They noted Coast Guard had secured the yacht offshore for the preceding two days when the mooring rope snapped. The vessel is still on the seabed as of this writing.

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