Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 Review

We present to your attention a tour and a review of the cruising sailing catamaran Samana 59 from the designers Berret Racoupeau and the famous French shipyard from La Rochelle. The article will present both the personal impressions of the topRik team and the opinions of professional reviewers and magazines dedicated to navigation.

Fountaine Pajot, founded back in 1976, is a pioneer in the construction of cruising catamarans. And throughout history, the shipyard has always considered sailing vessels to be its main specialty.

Samana 59 Review

With a few reservations, we can say that in the early 1980s, the French company practically created this niche, thereby opening up the world of travel for millions of dreamers in love with the sea. Since then, the yard has expanded its lineup to include superyachts and powerboats, but sailing cruisers are still the main focus of innovation.

Samana 59 is a combination of the company's developments and experience over the years and a kind of mix of two older models. Design Bureau Berret Racoupeau tried to combine the design solutions of the Ipanema 58 with the luxury of the Alegria 67. According to the developers, the pleasure of cruising and safety were the focus of this boat, as well as ease of operation and maintenance.

Samana 59 Review

Over the years, the shipyard has changed several ways of manufacturing and connecting hulls, settling on the most optimal one, which provides a balance of price and quality, and in this case, we got fiberglass hulls impregnated with resins with a basalt core and bulkheads reinforced with carbon.


Features of Fountaine Pajot Samana 59

  • Brand: Fountaine Pajot
  • Hull type: Catamaan
  • Overall length, m: 1878
  • Width, m: 946
  • Draft, m: 165
  • Displacement, t: 28.2
  • Water tanks, l: 1150
  • Exterior design (Architect): Berret-Racoupeau Design
  • Interior Design: Berret-Racoupeau Design
  • CE Certification: A
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Furling genoa
  • Mainsail area, m²: 117
  • Jib area, m²: 87
  • Engines, hp: 2 x 110
  • Option engines, hp: 2 x 150
  • Fuel tanks, l: 1200

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Review of Samana 59 by TopRik Team

The exterior design and smooth lines of the yacht give it a streamlined, swift and even slightly predatory style, in contrast to the previous model, which had sharper hull angles, especially in its bow. What else immediately catches the eye compared to the Ipanema 58 is the larger flybridge with a canopy. Side windows, with their size and design, have clearly migrated here with the Alegria 67 and this looks like a good solution.

Samana 59 Review

Despite the fact that the length of the catamaran has increased by almost four feet, the draft at the hull is still small - 1.4 meters, so the Samana 59 will not have problems in shallow water. Certification A opens up opportunities for sailing all over the ocean, although with the declared set of hedonistic attributes that we are promised, you may not want to move away from the warm seas at all.


At the Transom

The main change in the aft part of the boat is a wide hydraulic bathing platform that lowers between the ladders and can serve as a space for sunbathing and relaxation, a place for storing and mooring a dinghy or a scooter, and also serves as a convenient device for diving, fishing and spearfishing. The platform can easily withstand a load of up to 450 kilograms, it can be lowered into the water and become a "beach" for children, the little ones can be fastened to a life buoy or vest. Optionally, this platform can be replaced with electrically powered davits. The stern also provides space for an inflatable life raft for 10 people.

Samana 59 Review

Two wide ladders with non-slip coating and comfortable handrails lead to the deck, they are also equipped with folding ladders, which makes it convenient to get out of the water after swimming.

The sides at the rear are cut at an angle to facilitate access to the gangways from the pier. Electric capstans are installed on their gunwale, which greatly facilitates the fuss with sheets and ends. Also, more massive, compared to predecessors and competitors, stainless steel cleats are mounted here. Another nice little thing is the fresh water shower, which allows you to rinse as soon as you get out of the water.


Engine Compartment

Once on deck, the owner can gain quick access to the ship's engine compartments via two floor hatches at the edges of the boat's aft. The catamaran is equipped with two 110 hp engines. manufactured by Volvo or Yanmar, optionally they can be replaced with more powerful 150 hp ones. In our model, the boat has two Volvo Pentas for 150 horses, powerful and not noisy.

Samana 59 Review

Further, a 17 kW Cummins ONAN generator sits in the aft technical compartment, so even with a small hurricane, there should be no problems with the vessel's power supply. The bran is the undisputed leader in the marine generator set industry and supplies its products to the military, cruise and commercial ship owners, also yacht manufacturers. The compartment is spacious, pretty much an engine room, where you can stand almost at full height and there is still space for shelves and toolboxes.

Samana 59 Review

Additionally, here you can also find a 220-volt reverse osmosis watermaker from the Horizon company, a water supply pump and a central air conditioning system. From the inside, the compartment is sheathed with soundproof materials and equipped with a fire extinguishing system.


On the Cockpit

The aft deck is really big, more than 27 m² with a boat length of 18 meters, which looks very impressive compared to competitors and vessels of similar dimensions. At the same time, the cockpit on the Samana 59 is also very well thought out from the general idea to every little thing. After our own tests we can say that in total, there are three seating areas in the cockpit, and on the left side there is a dining table for 12 people with the option of additional seating and a soft corner where you can raise the seats and gain access to the lockers. In general, there are lockers for storage under almost every sofa, couch, and even in the floor.

Samana 59 Review

A serious difference from the previous model is the approximately thirty percent enlarged doorway leading to the saloon. Fully open sliding doors practically merge saloon and cockpit into a single space. The entire dining area and most of the deck are under the roof, and in case of bad weather they can also be covered with a stretch awning. On the ceiling night lights are installed, as well as outdoor surveillance cameras that help to view the stern and manage the situation during mooring from the control station.

In addition, there is now a full-fledged galley, and many prefer to cook some dishes here to avoid the smells of meat and seafood in the saloon. The aft kitchen has a grill with electric ignition, a top-loading refrigerator, a sink with a mixer tap, an artificial stone cutting surface, several bedside tables.

Samana 59 Review

In the aft bulwark there are fittings for supplying sea and fresh water to the cockpit while moored in the harbor, in case you suddenly need to wash the deck, platform or dinghy. They also allow you to fill tanks with fresh water or provide water supply from the shore, using the pressure from the marina instead of your pump.

Another panel on the right side allows you to start the fire extinguishing system from the stern, there are also several sockets for charging service batteries at 60 and 50 hertz, for providing electrical power while at the pier and for powering the air conditioner.


On the Foredeck

We move on from the cockpit along a wide deck, hanging on to lifelines instead of solid handrails, arriving to the bow deck, the area of which is just over 10 m². Here we are met, no, not by a jacuzzi, as on Alegria 67, but by a bow cockpit in a pit.

Samana 59 Review

This is a social area with soft sofas; optionally, you can install a freezer for drinks and night lighting. A massive door leads directly from the foredeck to the saloon and thus one can go straight to the stern through it. The door looks well reinforced and closes tightly to protect against strong waves during that walk.

The winch for lifting the anchor on a 14-mm chain is hidden in a chain box next to the folding cleats, this is all arranged, apparently, so that when moving, you do not hit your toes against these protruding metal pieces. And of course, there is a trampoline so beloved by vacationers, especially children.

Aside from the joys of a charter passenger, here we have a Facnor electric furler for genoa and an additional stay, apparently in order to add two headsails in the future. Capable of carrying a gennaker, asymmetrical sail or Code Zero, this is an asymmetric spinnaker designed to operate like a genoa with free leech.

Two forepeaks, one for each hull, were empty, the owner of the boat, apparently, had not yet decided how to use them. Meanwhile, the company offers many options and features. They can be converted into crew cabins with beds and even provided with individual bathrooms, make them huge warehouses for storing supplies and all sorts of things. We somehow came across an option where the forepeak was converted into a laundry room with an installed washing machine, dryer and other equipment.


The Saloon

From the foredeck we went to the saloon, where the dining area is located, as well as the main place on the ship - the skipper’s table. This is a large, well-lit room of more than 30 m², from which there is quick access both to the stern of the vessel and to the foredeck. Stairs lead from here to the master cabin and other living quarters. And thanks to this layout, the interior is easily and quickly ventilated.

We must say that Samana 59 is one of the flagship models, in the configuration and layout of which the company offers a huge number of options. Therefore, there are several options for the saloon.

Samana 59 Review

The so-called lounge saloon involves a galley below, in the port float, and its place in the saloon is occupied by a huge folding table and a social area. The right side remains almost unchanged, except that the drinks table can be turned into a folding table with an electric drive. You can lower it and create, together with the sofas, a huge bed.

In addition, there is a bar counter, a large refrigerator for drinks and an ice machine. This option is well suited for large parties, weekends with the company or some holidays and may be of particular interest to charter companies.

The topRik team also took a look at a more familiar version of the catamaran with a galley on top, and according to statistics, this layout option is most in demand among buyers. And it is clear why - this is a real large and comfortable kitchen with a five-burner stove, a convection oven and grill, a dishwasher, a 120-liter freezer and a top-loading refrigerator.

Samana 59 Review

There is also a microwave oven, a large double sink, a huge number of drawers for dishes and kitchen utensils. Table tops and corners are prudently rounded to avoid possible impacts during rolling. The furniture itself is sheathed in smoky oak veneer, which has become popular with buyers due to the fact that it does not leave prints and stains – very handy. There are a large number of outlets and connectors for charging. Otherwise, this option does not differ from the lounge version, on the starboard side there are comfortable sofas, a folding table and a skipper’s table with a mini-bar nearby.

Samana 59 Review

The navigation post is equipped with all the necessary equipment for navigation and mooring. There is a 22-inch monitor and a dashboard for working with all ship systems, autopilot, diesel generator control, lighting, air conditioning, watermaker, anchor drop and the like.

Surveillance cameras allow you to monitor the situation aft and on the sides alone, and the engines are controlled using the gas-reverse lever. Sensor readings are displayed on the auxiliary screen. If, say, the chartplotter is turned off, you can still monitor the situation. There is also a large number of connectors for additional equipment and electronics.


Living Spaces

Fountaine Pajot offers customers four interior hull layouts to choose from, ranging from 4 to 6 cabins. Our team visited the Maestro version, which has one owner's cabin and four more double cabins for passengers and guests. One of the guest cabins can be accessed from the cockpit, while the other three can be accessed via stairs from the saloon. The master cabin can be accessed both from the saloon and from the aft deck, which is very convenient. We got only double guest rooms, but if desired, one of them can be converted into a cabin for the crew, installing a bunk bed there.

Samana 59 Review

The standard passenger cabin is about 8 m² with high ceilings and a queen-size bed in the center. There is also a closet for storage, enough natural light and the ability to ventilate the room. Each cabin has its own bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.

The captain's cabin is a full-fledged apartment for two people with an area of about 17 m², a giant double bed and large windows in the walls and ceiling. There are two large double wardrobes with mirrors, plenty of shelves with latches in case of pitching, a pull-out TV option and a comfortable corner where you can work with a laptop or use it as a dressing table.

Samana 59 Review

Lamps and night lights create a warm and cozy feel in the evenings. The large bathroom includes a sink, toiletry cabinets, a mirror, a spacious shower room with two types of faucets and a toilet.

Samana 59 Review

In general, the layout and amenities are much more reminiscent of Alegria 67, the company has created very comfortable conditions for both guests and the owner of the yacht.



Climbing the stairs from the saloon, we found ourselves on the flybridge, which, unlike the Ipanema 58, and other similar ships, is simply gigantic – whopping 30 m²! At the same time, this is not just space for space’s sake, everything here is quite sensibly arranged. Well, except for the galley, maybe. This is the third galley already, how much of them do you need? Will you hold some cooking competitions here? Based on our experience with flybridges, a bar would be enough.

Samana 59 Review

Otherwise, it's an impressive space with a huge social area and sun loungers, plenty of room for kids to play and move around freely. The site is surrounded by secure handrails around the perimeter, and there is space for solar panels in the aft part, which will help save fuel and protect the environment. Near them, behind the fence, there is a mainsheet’s traveler with all the line control brought to the helm station.

Samana 59 Review

The front of the deck is covered at the top with a rigid, fixed bimini, optional plastic or fabric canopies are available, while the roofed flybridge area can be covered with a perimeter awning and create a kind of wall in case of bad weather.

Windows built into the ceiling allow you to watch the sails and the boom, which is made in the style of a canoe, which greatly facilitates lowering the mainsail. As a result, on such a large yacht, one person can handle the mainsail cover.

The control post is located in the bow, thanks to which the helmsman has an excellent view of the front floats, allows you to control the situation on both sides, and the stern is supposed to be monitored using a rear-view camera.

Samana 59 Review

The control panel is equipped with a large monitor, engine control panels, anchor winch with windlass, VHF radio, and there is also access to the bow thruster. Next to the helm are the engine control levers, while they can be taken out or duplicated in any part of the vessel, such as the cockpit. And perhaps this would be a good solution, because it is easier to moor on cats by maneuvering the engines.

The rigging is supposed to be controlled by four electrically driven winches, all ropes are brought to them through powerful locking devices, besides, from here we have easy access to the mast and work with it.


At the Sea

The sails on board the Samana 59 are large, but powerful furlers and winches help to cope with them. A team of two people can easily cope with the management and maintenance of the boat, and often, with enough effort, even one person can manage. Hydraulic furling makes headsail easy to handle, while electric winches on the flybridge serve to steer halyards and sheets.

On this cat, the mainsail looks more like a trapezoid than a familiar triangle. In addition, Samana 59 has two stays. One carries the genoa, and the second one can be equipped with a staysail. The first option will create more of a sailing feel and give you more speed.

Samana 59 Review

In any case, due to the dimensions and hydraulic steering, the boat cannot be called sensitive in terms of control, a certain inertia is always felt.

With the engines turned on, it turned out at 2,400 rpm to accelerate the speed to 9 knots. At the same time, it was still quite quiet inside the cabin, at high speeds (2,900 rpm) the speed was already 11 knots, which is quite good performance for a comfortable cruising catamaran.


Advantages of Samana 59

Having carefully studied the yacht and having tried it on the water, we have identified a number of advantages and strengths of the Samana 59.

  • It seems that Fountaine Pajot has achieved the best combination of price and quality. Luxurious conditions for its size rightfully made the Samana 59 a bestseller and allowed it to bypass its predecessors.
  • Ease of operation and automation makes it possible to gain sailing experience even after a little training. A team of two people is guaranteed to handle the yacht without much difficulty.
  • A large selection of layouts and optional equipment allows the customer to assemble almost any boat from a party vessel, which almost does not leave the shore, to an ocean cruiser capable of making long sea voyages with full autonomy.
  • Comfortable conditions and a large amount of usable space will allow a company or a large family to travel, allowing both to spend time together and not interfere with each other at all, giving everyone the opportunity to retire if desired.

Reviews of FP Samana 59 from Professionals

The boat at one time was showcased through a number of articles and publications of famous yachtsmen and observers - we will give some of them as an example.

The reviewer noted the manufacturing technology used to produce the hulls and cladding, materials for the trim, doors and countertops. Also, his attention was drawn to the life support system on the boat: air conditioning, power of electric generators, water and fuel supplies.

Their test catamaran was also fitted with a pair of optional 150 horsepower Volvo diesels that drove the propellers via a V-drive and shaft, a tried and tested transmission system that should not fail.

Aligning with our own data, with 2400 rpm the boat maintains 9.5 knots with 76 dBA noise level. With 2900 rpm it goes all the way to 10.5 knots. It is very easy to handle the yacht during mooring as backing, stopping and turning are easy with the bow thruster.

Overall author is sure that Samana 59 is a spacious luxurious vessel well suited for professional captains or charter businesses. The sailing is on point and the comfort is very high also.

The CW Editor-in-Chief drew attention to the comfort of the boat he visited in Annapolis, Maryland, as well as the views from the flybridge. Noted the boat's stylish appearance, and the fact that the yacht retains the visual DNA that Olivier Racoupeau has used in the rest of the FP range.

They tried the boat on the move with a wind of 9-10 knots, tested the sailing equipment and conducted a study of the interior – read more about it by visiting the link above.

Mark also recommends to have at least two people on board for better management. Various layouts allow the owner or the business to find many different uses for the boat. The author also calls Samana 59 a potential “breadwinner”.


Video Reviews

As always, we found the best videos on the yacht out there so you could see its performance and comfort captured on camera.

First, inspiring footage from Fountaine Pajot:

Next, we get the 10-minute walkthrough of Samana 59 with insightful commentary:

Owners of the catamaran explain their reason for the purchase:

At last, here is a no-commentary walkaround tour at 2021 Cannes Yachting Festival:



For a couple of decades, Fountaine Pajot managed to sell more than 2,000 boats. Having tested this twin-hull flagship, we understood how they succeed and why they are not going to stop.

This is an excellent example of a cruising catamaran, the structure of which combines the technical and design experience of previous years, as well as the practical experience of sailors, mechanics, customers and designers.

The yacht is hardly suitable for being managed alone, but it will be a good purchase for:

  • family sailings and cruises even in shallow waters;
  • lovers of outdoor activities with the company;
  • charter firms and enterprises;
  • those who want a pleasant sailing experience;
  • connoisseurs of comfortable conditions and safety.

Samana 59 Review


Where to Buy Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 at a Bargain Price

If you wish to receive additional information or are interested in purchasing the Samana 59, then contact the consultants of our topRik marketplace using the feedback system on the website. You will be able to get a free preliminary consultation on the purchase, additional equipment for the vessel, preparation of all necessary documents.

We don’t include any extra equipment you don’t need or upsell. After the consultation and agreement on the details we will negotiate with the manufacturer while keeping you updated on the progress. When your yacht is ready to go, we will move it at the specified location on our own.

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