Pardo 38 Review

This review is dedicated to the Pardo 38 - motor yacht with a huge range of customization. topRik experts share their experience of testing yacht on land and at sea.

As usual, there are a lot of photos, schematics and a video gallery, as well as reviews about the boat from famous yachtsmen with links to the pages of popular yachting media.

Pardo 38 review

The Pardo Yachts brand was founded in 2016 by the Italian shipbuilding company Cantiere del Pardo, which had forty years of experience by then and was known for its Grand Soleil sailboats. The new brand was supposed to provide it with entry into the motor boat market. Although the creation of Pardo Yachts is associated with litigation, the brand has subsequently enjoyed continued success.

The shipyard's first model, Pardo 43, created in collaboration with Zuccheri Yacht Design, was banned from production and sales due to a plagiarism lawsuit from the German company HanseYachts. However, the manufacturers subsequently came to an agreement, Pardo 43 was presented to the public and within a year about 40 customers had chosen it for themselves.

All the following models also received recognition from experts in the form of awards at international exhibitions and were high in demand. According to the manufacturer, about 200 hulls were sold in the first three years of operation. In 2020, a controlling stake (60%) of Cantiere del Pardo was acquired by the Italian investment company Wise Equity.

Pardo 38 review

Pardo Yachts yachts are built at the production facilities of the parent company, where boats from other brands owned by Cantiere del Pardo are also assembled. The main shipyard's only plant is located in Forli, near Bologna. Its indoor premises alone cover an area of 40,000 m².

In addition to experts from the technical department of Cantiere del Pardo, eminent specialists are involved in the construction. Thus, the flagship model Pardo E60 was created in collaboration with the Nauta Design studio and the Davide Leone design bureau.

Pardo Yachts is the official partner of the Italian team Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, which participates in the shipyard's boats (Pardo 43) in world regattas. The company has a wide dealer network in Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Currently, the shipyard produces 7 models ranging from 11 to 23 m in length. Pardo Yachts boats are designer vessels that combine seaworthiness and speed characteristics. There are models, both open and more practical, closed (but with the ability, if desired, to “open” the yacht as much as possible), with a high degree of customization.

Pardo 38 review

Thus, the hero of this review, the almost 11-meter motor yacht Pardo 38, is distinguished by a large selection of motorization options. The model is equipped with outboard motors or sterndrives. A wide choice of seven different combinations is provided, with a maximum power of 1050 HP. By default, two Volvo D6-280 CV gasoline engines with a power of 280 HP are installed, the maximum speed of the boat is 45 knots.

Pardo 38 was built in collaboration with the Zuccheri Yacht Design studio and retains the spectacular, laconic design and concept of all motor boats of this Italian shipyard. The layout is simple but functional: the sunbed accommodates three people, there are additional seats at the very bow, the cockpit is transformable, equipped with a small galley, the bathing platform is expanded, there are storage spaces. The yacht is easy to move around thanks to its walkaround layout with wide side decks.

It is no coincidence that the motor yacht Pardo 38 is the champion of European Powerboat of the Year 2020 in its category and was nominated for the Vela e Motore "Barca dell'anno 2019" award.


Features of Pardo 38

  • Brand: Pardo
  • Hull type: Monohull
  • Overall length, m: 10.95
  • Overall length, ft: 36
  • Width, m: 3.6
  • Draft, m: 0.9
  • Displacement, t: 7
  • Water tanks, l: 180
  • CE Certification: B
  • Engine: VOLVO V6-280 HP gasoline
  • Power, hp: 2 x 225
  • Fuel tanks, l: 1000
  • Option engine: 2 x Volvo D4 300 HP diesel with stern drive and interceptors / 2 x Volvo D6 380 Hp diesel with stern drive and interceptors / 2 x Volvo D6 440 HP diesel with stern drive and interceptors
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Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 45 knots
Cruising speed Up to 35 knots
Fuel consumption 78 l/h when planning at a speed of 26 knots

Review of Pardo 38 by topRik Team

Pardo motor designer boats attract attention at any boat show, no matter what luxury yachts, catamarans or super comfortable RIBs are next to the Pardo Yachts stand.

The Pardo 38 was officially presented to the world yachting community at the Cannes Yachting Festival in 2019 and was nominated for European Powerboat of the Year and was later declared the winner at the Düsseldorf Boat Show.


First Look

It definitely has a planing hull - this is immediately apparent, especially at the Düsseldorf Boat Show, where the boats are in pavilions, and the underwater part is also on display, in contrast to the Cannes festival, where the boats are presented in their natural environment.

Pardo 38 is the smallest boat in the line, which includes motor yachts up to 23 meters in length. Of course, its closest relatives are the Pardo 43rd and 50th, but the 38th clearly shares DNA with the larger and more comfortable GT and Endurance models. Just look at the contours of the hull and the reverse stem, high sides and a huge swimming platform. All these models are connected by folding “wings” on the sides, which allow you to get off the pier with all the amenities.

But the main difference between the Pardo 38 and its predecessors is the ability to choose from 7 motorization options, including a choice between outboard engines and inboard ones:

  • Volvo V6-280 HP petrol (standard) – inboard/outboard;
  • Volvo D4-300 HP x 2 diesel (opt) – inboard/outboard;
  • Volvo D6-380 HP x 2 diesel (opt) – inboard/outboard;
  • Volvo D6-440 HP x 2 diesel (opt) – inboard/outboard;
  • Mercury Verado 2 x 300 HP (opt) – outboard;
  • Mercury Verado 2 x 350 HP (opt) – outboard;
  • Mercury Verado 3 x 350 HP X 3 (opt) – outboard.

At the Transom

The photo below shows two versions of the Pardo 38’s transom, depending on the choice of the future owner. Closer to the viewer is the transom of the model with inboard engines. In this case, the transom is an open stern with a huge swim platform. A thick stainless-steel pipe gate opens the entrance to the cockpit.

Pardo 38 review

In the same photo, further from the viewer you can see a version of the Pardo 38 with outboard motors. In this case, you will have to sacrifice the beach transported on the transom. Although the boat owner still has two rather impressive “islands” on both sides of the engines (2 or 3 depending on preference). One of them is equipped with a ladder for descending into the water.

Pardo 38 review

But still, most of the sturdy transom space is occupied by motors, regardless of their number. A fairly wide part of the deck is left for movement between the beach “islands”.


In the Cockpit

If you think that after looking at the photos above, you already have an idea about the Pardo 38’s cockpit, you are in for some surprises. A huge lounger can be transformed, turning towards the platform, which can be converted into a comfortable dining area.

Pardo 38 review

Here's a little surprise: the configuration of the lounger can also be changed by raising the backrests on both sides. Now you can sunbathe without fear and even sleep, lying across and without fear of sliding into the water.

Pardo 38 review

And here’s a bigger surprise – under the seats there are spacious dry lockers for storage. By the way, these niches can be adapted for freezers if the boat is intended for a large group or family vacation for several days.

Pardo 38 review

But the most pleasant surprise is a little further, behind the sofa in the dining area. It’s not for nothing that we called it a dining room, since it provides a completely practical, well-equipped galley. So, the smells of cooking food will not haunt you in the cabins. Well, more about the cabins later, but for now let’s take a closer look at the galley.

Pardo 38 review

A sufficient working surface area is divided into two parts: a sink and a stove, which can be electric or gas. In the niches underneath there is a refrigerator, a trash container and drawers.

Pardo 38 review

If someone seems to have little space for storing food and kitchen utensils, think about the lockers under the sofas. In addition, the niche on the right can also be used for a second refrigerator or freezer.

Pardo 38 review

Notice how freely you can move around the galley; even the three of you won’t feel crowded here, for example, while preparing for a holiday meal. And it will be just as spacious at the table - 6 people can comfortably fit here, and if you add more chairs at the ends of the table, then 8.

Pardo 38 review

In general, the boat is designed for 12 passengers, including the crew. Here we counted a maximum of 8 places, but where will the rest be located? Let's continue our research...


At the Wheelhouse

Yep, there are three luxurious chairs here. Of course, not only the skipper, but also his assistant observers are unlikely to want to exchange them even for such comfortable sofas that are in the cockpit. The chairs in the wheelhouse are adjusted to your height and driving style - standing or sitting, opposite below, under the control panel you have a comfortable footrest, which is also adjusted to the helmsman.

Pardo 38 review

These places are also attractive because there is a powerful T-top above them, protecting from the sun and rain, while the cockpit is almost completely open to direct sunlight.

Of course, when equipping the pilothouse, the developers first of all thought about the convenience of the helmsman, and those who will occupy the neighboring seats are simply lucky, enjoying all the amenities here, including wind protection, which is guaranteed by a thoughtfully located windshield. The developers have foreseen an increased demand for seats in the wheelhouse, so you can order two additional seats and completely fill the width of the boat here.

Pardo 38 review

At the same time, those occupying seats in the stalls, of course, will not participate in steering the yacht (and sometimes even distract from it), shifting this part of the worries to the skipper.

This is the most amazing thing about any motor boat - racing towards the wind while standing at the helm. Moreover, when the control panel is designed and filled with such thoughtful calculations as on the Pardo 38.

Pardo 38 review

As you can see, there is enough space on the panel to place another chartplotter, display additional indicators here, or add navigation equipment in addition to the existing one.

If desired, the hardtop's sunroofs can be opened if you suddenly don't have enough wind in your hair. From the helmsman's seat there is excellent all-round visibility; this not only gives pleasure while sailing, but also makes mooring easier, since all control points of the yacht are clearly visible - the bow, transom, both sides.

Pardo 38 review

Concern for passenger safety is beautifully demonstrated in the form of these numerous solid handrails at the helm station. From the photo above you can also estimate the height of the sides and the non-slip coating of the fairly wide side decks, which in the wheelhouse area are already beginning to narrow towards the bow. By the way, what about the bow?


At the Foredeck

The Pardo 38's bow is almost entirely dedicated to the sunbathing area, and we now understand how the yacht can accommodate the stated 12 people. Well, according to our calculations, you can throw a party for 20 during the stay.

The sun lounger cushion covers the hatch to the master cabin, which can be kept open while relaxing at the saloon.

Pardo 38 review

Two steps here can be used as seats and the anchor is disguised as part of the stem, which is a feature common to the entire line of Pardo's DNA.

Pardo 38 review

This is what the beginning of the anchoring process looks like - this is the dominant gene of the entire Pardo family.

Pardo 38 review

The anchor system is equipped with a video camera, the image is transmitted to the chartplotter screen, which simplifies maneuvers and makes them safe.

Pardo 38 review

The photo below will help you navigate the relationship between different parts of the main deck allocated for relaxation and work.

Pardo 38 review


Inside the Cabins

Depending on the use of the boat, you can order the Pardo 38 version for 2 or 4 berths, in both cases you get one bathroom with washbasin, toilet and isolated shower.

Pardo 38 review

A double cabin with a double bed is located in the bow of the yacht. In the room amidships you can equip a dressing room, living room, office, storage space, etc.

Pardo 38 review

In both options, the large 2-berth cabin is equipped with a king-size double bed, shelves, bedside tables and wardrobes. You can store bedding in a niche under the bed.

An opening hatch and two portholes provide fresh air and natural light.

Pardo 38 review

The room amidships can accommodate two single beds with a bedside table and shelves - and this would be an excellent bedroom for children or guests. Taking into account the fact that in this part the ceiling is low, there is a recess in the center of the room so that you can stand up to your full height, get dressed, undress, spread out or make the bed.

Pardo 38 review


At the Sea

We have already listed all 7 motorization options for the Pardo 38 in the review, so we won’t repeat ourselves, but let’s say right away that for testing we chose a yacht with three 300 HP Mercury V8 outboard engines.

With these engines we were even able to slightly exceed the manufacturer's stated maximum speed of 40 knots. Based on our experience, to reach planing, it is enough to reach a speed of 12 knots, which does not require significant trim. But with increasing speed, it will be necessary to control the optimization of the body and the angle of inclination of the propellers. At planing speed, fuel consumption is 36 liters per hour.

Even in adverse weather conditions, the Pardo 38 behaves perfectly, does not yaw, does not bounce and maintains its balance even in high waves, crossing its own wake. It is especially comfortable at a speed of 23-25 knots, but if you increase the speed to 30 knots, it will also be quite efficient and fun. Beyond this average cruising speed, it is necessary to hold on to the handrails from time to time.

At 26 knots, fuel consumption is fixed at 78 l/h, at 35 – 116 l/h.

Control is excellent - the boat is obedient to the helm, but still makes you feel one with the driving power of the motors and propellers.

Pardo 38 review


Advantages of Pardo 38

The design motor yacht Pardo 38 is designed for fun and relaxation, coastal cruising, and it fully meets the requirements for such boats.

Its main advantage, in addition to the quality of construction and manufacturing materials, which is inherent in all boats of the shipyard, is its wide customization: only 7 versions of motorization are offered. You can choose the number of cabins and, accordingly, sleeping places.

The ability to choose according to the preferences of the future owner is a benefit that allows the Pardo 38 to go ahead in comparison with other planing motor yachts of the same size.

The developers have struck the perfect balance between elegance and brutality in the exterior, luxury and practicality in the interior, comfort and excesses in organizing a comfortable life on board.

Let's add here excellent seaworthiness, comfort for passengers and the helmsman, safety on board, freedom of movement and many spaces for a wonderful pastime, and we will no longer be surprised at the recognition and demand for this yacht. This boat truly deserved to be the boat of the year right when she first appeared in the yachting community.

Pardo 38 review


Reviews of Pardo 38 from Professionals

John Ford describes testing Pardo 38 in Australian waters, and Yachting News author Luca D'Ambrosio went out to test the boat from the port of Moniga del Garda in the Pardo's homeland.

John Ford has already given his verdict in the subtitle: for those who want a stunning exterior and uncompromising performance, the Pardo 38 is the perfect choice. He talked about the history of the company, which began to experience falls while producing sailboats. Therefore, the shipyard had to change its approach after producing 4.5 thousand sailing boats.

The bet on motor yachts turned out to be a win-win, especially since Cantiere del Pardo has always been synonymous with quality. The first boat exceeded expectations.

John describes in detail the exterior, design and interior features of the Pardo 38, as well as its many options.

He focused on the options for choosing engines and their design. John regretted not being able to try out the inline engine package to compare the performance to his review boat with the 300 HP triple pack.

The author noted that the boat he tested handled as if it were less than 38 feet. All dynamics and acceleration were smooth and predictable at all speeds, including a maximum of 45 knots.

Next, John describes some of the speed and fuel consumption test results.

The Pardo 38 Luca was tested in the Moniga del Garda region in sunny weather and smooth water. Already at low speeds, a soft ride was noticeable, which provided a pronounced V -shaped profile and a lift angle of more than 15°. The boat is equipped with a pair of Volvo engines Penta D6 with a power of 380 HP each.

Next, the author describes in detail speed tests of the boat under different conditions, as well as fuel consumption at different speeds.

After maneuvering, turning and entering his own trail, Luca exclaims in admiration: “What a hull, guys, that a hull!”

Only after describing the tests at sea, the author begins a detailed story about the configuration of the boat, starting with the deck plan.

He noted that the T-top is durable and vibration-free, calling it a small masterpiece.

The space below the deck, according to the author, is stunning, since the exterior does not promise such space.

Talking about the features of the interior, Luca concluded that luxury is not only a beautiful and sophisticated finish, but above all comfort. And on board the Pardo 38 you will undoubtedly find all this.


Video Reviews of Pardo 38

Here we will try find next best thing to driving this boat yourself – most informative videos we could find.

Breathtaking short teaser from Pardo Yachts:

Good review from Club Marine TV:

Much longer, in-depth walkthrough of Pardo 38:

Almost 28 minutes of valuable information:



Designed for fun, comfortable and easy to handle, but capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 knots, the Pardo 38 motor yacht is in demand by different categories of sailors, including:

  • lovers of speed and wind in their hair, who are tired of sails;
  • those who are looking to spend comfortable holidays at sea with a family or a small group of friends;
  • those wishing to travel alone - the boat is easily controlled by one skipper;
  • fans of coastal cruises in a comfortable environment;
  • those who prefer to live on a yacht for a long time.

These are not all categories of sailors who choose the Pardo 38, but even this incomplete listing makes it interesting for the rental and charter businesses.

Pardo 38 review


Where to Buy Pardo 38 at a Bargain Price

Contact topRik experts, and they will not only tell you where to buy Pardo 38 at a good price, but will also help you do it.

Marketplace employees have many years of experience in selecting boats for our SimpleSail fleet, they test sailboats (monohulls, cats and trimarans), motor boats with aluminum and plastic hulls, RIBs, etc. topRik experts have excellent knowledge of the market, the properties of boats and the conditions for their purchase from the manufacturer and dealers. All this experience is now yours.

What can you do right now, for free and even without registering on the site? Go to the price calculator and configure Pardo 38 according to your needs and planned financial expenditure.

But that's not all! You can also consult our experts during the configuration process for free. This way you don’t risk buying too much and being left without what you need.

After you made your choice, allow topRik employees to accompany you in the further process of searching, purchasing and delivering a boat, or completely delegate these efforts to our experts. They have extensive experience in negotiations, preparation of documentation, checking the layout and condition of boats, as well as transporting them from different shipyards around the world to any location.

Use any of these methods to contact our team: phone number (above), contacts section or email - [email protected].

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