Lagoon 42 Review

We are talking about the opportunities that the Lagoon 42 sailing catamaran will provide to its crew and guests. The veterans of the topRik team will remember their visit to the Düsseldorf 2016 exhibition, where the premiere of the double-hull vessel took place, and together with you will board the cat delivered this year. As usual - a lot of photos, videos and reviews from mass media sailing writers.

lagoon 42 review

Purposeful double hull sailboat Lagoon 42 with superb interior finishes, designed by French naval architects VPLP Design showcases all the features of a great cruising catamaran.

The very next year after the world premiere of Sail Magazines awarded him the title of Best Multihull between 41 and 50 feet (12.5 and 15.2 m). But Lagoon 42 did not stop there and at cruising speed broke into the leaders of Cruising World's Boat of the Year in its category.

A bright novelty of 2016 in the world of cruising catamarans is the third generation of 42-foot catamarans from the Lagoon shipyard. The ancestor of this family was Lagoon 420, which perfectly fulfilled this role in 2008-2010. It was replaced by Lagoon 421 (2009-2015).

Lagoon 42, released in 2016, filled the gap between two popular models - Lagoon 450 and Lagoon 400 and approached the Lagoon 45 in terms of comfort.

lagoon 42 review

Features of Lagoon 42

  • Brand: Lagoon
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 12.8
  • Width, m: 7.7
  • Draft, m: 1.25
  • Displacement, t: 12
  • Air draft, m: 20.65
  • Water tanks, l: 300 (+300 opt.)
  • Exterior design (Architect): VPLP design
  • CE Certification: A:12 - B:14 - C:20 - D:30
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Self-tacking
  • Mainsail area, m²: 55
  • Jib area, m²: 35
  • Code 0 area, m²: 68
  • Engines: 2x45 hp YANMAR 4JH45
  • Fuel tanks, l: 300 (+300 opt.)
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Max speed Lagoon 42

The maximum speed of a Lagoon 42 yacht depends on various factors such as wind conditions, sea state, and load on board. However, according to the manufacturer's specifications, the maximum speed of a Lagoon 42 sailing yacht is around 8 to 9 knots (9 to 10 mph or 15 to 17 km/h) under sail, and around 10 to 12 knots (11 to 14 mph or 18 to 22 km/h) with the engines running.

It's important to note that these are only approximate figures, and actual speeds may vary depending on the aforementioned factors.

Review of Lagoon 42 by TopRik Team

TopRik team on the approach to the pier recalled how almost 7 years ago he attended the premiere of a catamaran, which this time we had to test as a probable addition to our “flotilla”. The double-hulled sailboat Lagoon 42 became a highlight of the Düsseldorf exhibition and in the same and subsequent years collected the most prestigious awards in its category.

At the Exhibition in 2016

lagoon 42 review

The designers of the catamaran gave it a modern design, in particular, the bow shape of the floats changed - they became chopped off, which gave the cat a visually more aggressive look.

Of course, our skipper did not remain indifferent to the way the developers placed the control station on the port side. He even kept pictures from the exhibition of this post in several angles.

lagoon 42 review

lagoon 42 review

The skipper liked this arrangement of the station. But he was disappointed that in order to view the bow of the cat on the starboard side, he would have to bend down more than once when mooring or setting off. In addition, one could only hope that a small boat without AIS would not be encountered to this side.

In all other respects, our captain was satisfied with both the powerful helm and the helm panel, where all the necessary devices for monitoring the passage of the route and the operation of all the equipment of the catamaran are located. Very solid reverse and throttle lever.

In general, the compact arrangement of all the elements that are involved in the management of the yacht were very pleasing. Most of the sheets and halyards are brought to the winches at the helm, which are dropped into special bags under them so as not to create traps for the helmsman's legs. There are also two additional winches in the cockpit.

Directly from the control station there you can climb a ladder to the roof if you need access to the boom.

Other amenities are also very well thought out: a double folding seat and a bimini hardtop over the helm station with opening hatches. In addition, the post can be protected from rain and wind from all sides with a transparent film.

Six Years Later

So, while talking, we reached the pier and were able to see for ourselves what the skipper of the topRik team was talking about. We saw approximately what is shown in the photo below. Two ladders on both sides for climbing into the cockpit with very wide lower steps that can be equipped with ladders for descending into the water if you feel like swimming.

lagoon 42 review

Very roomy cockpit with traditional sofas on both sides of the table and along the transom. And with absolutely non-standard sunbeds on the starboard side and below the helm station. 10 people can easily fit in the cockpit alone. There you have a refrigerator with a freezer for cooling drinks and storing ice cream.

lagoon 42 review

A large locker in the center of the transom is designed for life-saving equipment - rafts, pumps and vests. Everyone liked the very strong davits and their fastenings: they are really able to withstand a boat with a hard bottom and a motor.

Shown above is a bare deck and below is a teak deck. So, it will be much safer if the catamaran is intended for a family with children.

lagoon 42 review

We appreciated this ledge of the lower step flush with the board. This is an additional convenience if the boat is side to the pier, which will facilitate the ascent to the pier and the descent from it to the deck: there will be no need to climb over the side or place some kind of additional ladder.

From Deck to Roof

Of course, the very wide side decks did not hide from our eyes. Walking on them should be done with care so as not to step on the hatches during rolling - there are a lot of them here, they serve to ventilate the cabins, and the hatch on the very bow of the hull opens the entrance to the forepeak. A very roomy cabin is created as a result. For those who are involved in charter business, Lagoon 42 is just a godsend!

lagoon 42 review

On the foredeck itself there is a lot of space for creating a sunbathing heaven with the help of several huge mattresses with headrests, you can even place a couple more sunbeds with backs on the nets. And pay attention to the roof - there is also a place for sun loungers. But we are not sure that they can be used at all while the yacht is moving, especially with the sails raised. As they say, better not try this at home...

lagoon 42 review

Seeing this extended mast, we expect to find... well, of course, here it is - a folding bowsprit. This decision of the architects made it possible to shift the center of sail and provide Lagoon 42 with a sail plan using a gennaker, which allows it to reach speeds of up to 15 knots with a true wind of 22 knots. Great entry for the ARC Rally across the Atlantic!

lagoon 42 review

Through the Saloon to the Cabins

We said that the cockpit alone can accommodate more than 10 people, not counting, of course, the skipper and assistant at the helm. And now add to this the number of people on the foredeck, from which we have just returned. And that's not all! Pass through these huge sliding doors into the saloon and you will discover additional work and leisure areas.

lagoon 42 review

We classified the skipper's table and the galley as work areas. As you can see, these two important places for the functioning of the yacht are adjacent...

Well, not really, as the galley continues to the port side (one of the hallmarks of the Lagoon), so there is room for chef and a helper from among the guests or family members. The galley is equipped with all the necessary equipment, not every home kitchen can boast of such a set. Just look at the number of shelves, hanging and floor cabinets!

lagoon 42 review

As usual, we pay attention to the rounded joints of the walls of the furniture - there are no dangerous sharp corners here that can be the cause of injury during pitching or a single large wave. This is high level of comfort from catamaran designers!

The galley furniture, like everything else, can be supplied in various solutions: with dark or light veneer. The comparison is illustrated below.

lagoon 42 review

We attributed a large dining space to the recreation area. Pay attention to how conveniently the skipper's table is located - between the galley and the dining table: not a single snack or drink will escape the captain's eyes (and mouth too). But in front of him, as in front of all the rest in the cabin, a magnificent view opens up through these large windows with portholes. They provide not only natural light, but also natural ventilation of the room.

lagoon 42 review

Without sitting at the tables, we go down to the cabins. We tested the 3-cabin option. The master suite occupied the entire float with a sleeping area, lounge and bathroom.

A large double bed, a sofa with a table and a wardrobe in the living room, a well-equipped bathroom with a separate shower, washbasin and toilet - everything you need and a little more.

lagoon 42 review

lagoon 42 review

This “a little more” that was taken in luggage bags from home can be laid out on cabinets, shelves and bedside tables. In our opinion, there is enough space, and you won’t have to limit yourself even on a long cruise due to the lack of your favorite gadget, book or outfit.

Two double cabins in another float – for guests or children. These are also cabins with fairly high ceilings, hatches and portholes. As in the owner's cabin - enough light and air. Each cabin has a private bathroom. The large double bed, if desired, can be replaced with two single beds or one bunk bed.

In the four-cabin version, they are located in pairs in each float, each with its own bathroom. Bow cabins differ from aft cabins only in that they taper slightly towards the headboard.

lagoon 42 review

lagoon 42 review

Taking into account the two places for the crew in the forepeaks and the possibility of organizing 2 berths in the saloon, 12 people can be freely accommodated on the yacht. This is a very attractive option for those who like cruises with a large group of friends, have a large family or organize charter voyages.

Advantages of Lagoon 42

Traditionally, we begin the section of advantages with the identified shortcomings, among which various experts noted recessed handrails on the roof, which are inconvenient to use, and a problem with viewing the bow of the right float from the helm station. It also seemed to some that there was not enough storage space for a long cruise. There was some disagreement regarding all these cons though – these are down to preference.

But this placement of the electrical panel caused general disapproval - all experts experienced in practice what happens when a passenger accidentally leans on such a panel when he/she loses balance.

lagoon 42 review

If it is not possible to move it to another place, it would be necessary to provide for it some kind of strong transparent cover. But on the other hand, the panel is very convenient - push-button, not touch, ideal for use in sailing conditions.

But all these shortcomings are more than outweighed by the large-scale advantages of Lagoon 42 associated with a high level of safety, ease of operation and the comfort of everyday life on board.

  • Safety. Exterior designer Patrick Le Quement with the naval architects of France's VPLP Design have reduced the weight of the vessel using modern casting technologies for making the floats and other parts of the catamaran. The bottom below the waterline is completely fiberglass, yet much lighter sandwiches with a balsa core were used for the hulls. At the same time, the central load-bearing beam gives the structure strength. The result is excellent vessel stability even in heavy seas at high performance.
  • High seaworthiness. The design team of Lagoon 42 once again shows that their fame is well-deserved. Even the catamaran type of the sailboat made by them shows exceptional performance. Lightweight, with a low wetted area, it tacks well under sail. And, of course, let's not forget that Lagoon catamarans are the most popular double hulls that take part in the ARC Atlantic Crossing Rally.
  • Ease of management. The architects did all they could so that the catamaran can be managed by a single skipper with coastal sailing experience. And if you have experience of long autonomous navigation, then handling this catamaran alone will be an even easier task.
  • Comfort for life on board. It is provided by large spaces on deck and in the hulls. Wide side decks do not constrain guests and crew during movement. The large areas of the cockpit and saloon, united into a single zone by a sliding door, create the feeling of freedom. There is a lot of natural light and ventilation in the rooms not only on deck, but also below deck, in comfortable cabins with fairly high ceilings, portholes and hatches.
  • Made for family. The safety of the catamaran, a large number of places for recreation, dining, swimming and sunbathing provide ample opportunities for family cruises with children.
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lagoon 42 review

Reviews of Lagoon 42 from Professionals

Well-known journalists and yachtsmen provided reviews of the Lagoon 42 over the years – we start from the day of the world premiere and end with testing at sea a few years after this event to confirm the high titles that this sailing catamaran was awarded.

Chris attended the world premiere of Lagoon 42 in Düsseldorf in 2016 and did a full review of the cat which he shared with Yachting Monthly readers.

Anticipating the skepticism about catamarans seen five years ago among racing sailors, Chris Beeson stated that "a boat is to be lived in, not looked at". The reviewer credited the shipyard for bringing in the VPLP design team and commissioning them to develop a boat aimed at the growing family market.

Calling the project smart, Chris emphasized that VPLP's naval architects, knowing a lot about designing sports racing yachts, did a great job and created a boat that is easy to sail, spacious, comfortable and even somewhat luxurious. Developing his idea further, the author stated that this is not a deviation from the norm, but a prudent expansion of opportunities for family swimming. Few yachtsmen want their family to live on a wet shore during the stay, and they most likely will not have the desire to go around Cape Horn during the weekend either.

Ease of operation, convenience for life on board and safety - these are the main goals that the manufacturers were striving for. Even with a little practice in maneuvering, this will not be a problem even in strong winds, thanks to the two engines.

The speed of this catamaran is comparable to that of a monohull of the same size, but only in the case of a catamaran you will feel such clear feedback from interaction with the boat through the helm. An automatic staysail takes care of rotary tacking. The sails can be steered by one person or even by an autopilot while the skipper enjoys the views.

From the elevated helm station, three corners of the catamaran are perfectly visible, and to view the fourth, just crouch under the bimini. From this place you can control all the sails.

In the cockpit there is an excellent shaded seating area with plenty of seats, two platforms for launching into the water. Davits on the transom allow you to launch and raise the boat.

Chris compared the wide side decks of the cat to the boulevard and suggested going to the bow deck if you wanted to sunbathe - there is a huge area for that. You can also use the huge sun lounger in the cockpit near the helm station.

Refresh yourself after sunbathing with drinks from the saloon galley fridge. At the same time, you can refine the route at the chart table.

If you want to take a shower and change clothes, there is a bathroom in the owner's cabin, which occupies the starboard hull. For family members or guests, there are two cabins in the left float with private bathrooms. There is also an option with 4 cabins, each with a private bathroom.

The catamaran is suitable for a family going on a cruise in the Mediterranean, or a couple planning a trip around the world. Climb aboard for a while and this catamaran will sell itself, Chris concluded.

Zuzana Prochazka wrote her review in 2016 at the world premiere of Lagoon 42, and then updated the material in 2017 after testing the boat at sea.

Zuzana pays tribute to exterior designer Patrick Le Quement and naval architects of the French company VPLP Design, who have long been known for their racing hulls for the world's leading shipyards.

For the Lagoon 42, they designed the lower part of the deck to allow this "gull wing" to minimize the impact of waves in rough seas. She noticed that the glazed windows of the saloon go around the corners and cool the spaces perfectly.

The author said that the designers have achieved a reduction in the mass of the boat to 11.8 tons.

The mast position opens up the headsail and provides more options for flying sail selection. This solution also balances the yacht's weight relative to the center. The shorter boom and longer mast give you the opportunity to improve the sailing plan: the straight top mainsail adds nearly 4 m² to the sail area. The automatic jib makes solo sailing easier as it moves forward from the mast.

Raised helmsman's post on the left side, its equipment and design are thought out to the smallest detail. From the convenience of communicating with passengers in the cockpit to the ability to work here with an assistant without interfering with each other: one is at the helm, the second is managing the winches. If desired, there is room for a third.

The significant dimensions of Lagoon 42 and its high performance do not interfere with sailing the yacht alone, since all the equipment necessary for this is located within reach of the skipper standing at the helm. To control the sails, a window was cut in the roof above the helm station, allowing you to control the mainsail.

Zuzana also noted that there are no handrails on the cabin roof, and the slot that replaces them is not a good solution, especially for those who will keep their balance by grabbing this smoothly finished part with wet hands.

Speaking about the interior of the catamaran, the author noted that the Italian Nauta style adds elegance to the design. Textiles and decor can be ordered in different versions.

During testing, Zuzana was part of a team of 4 people. Testing begins in Biscayne Bay in Miami and under the Rickenbacker Bridge Causeway with a true wind speed of 8 to 10 knots. The team had to pass through the central span of the bridge, as the air draft was almost 21 m, and the team did not want to damage the antennas located on the mast.

Then, nevertheless, with a wind speed of 11.6 knots, the boat managed to reach 6.1 knots. The real fun began after the installation of a giant code 0 area of 68 m²: in total, with a wind speed of 10 knots, the cat was moving at a speed of 7 knots per hour.

On 57 hp Yanmar engines the yacht developed a speed of 8.7 knots at 3200 rpm. Zuzana advised yachtsmen going on autonomous long voyages to increase the volume of water and fuel tanks.

She concluded by saying that Lagoon hit the mark with the model 42. She suggested that most of the new models will be in demand by private owners, and only a small part will go to the charter business.

Video Reviews of Lagoon 42

Some footage is always welcome when it comes to choosing a yacht.

Let’s start with BoatTube – as always, they provide a high-quality walkaround tour of the yacht, no audio commentary:

Lagoon 42 at the sea – informative demonstration of vessel’s seaworthiness:

Sea test, interior tour and great audio commentary – three in one:

The title of the review says “overly detailed” – and it sure is:

A lot of footage – interior, exterior, during movement and management:


As we have seen, the double-hull sailboat Lagoon 42 is a very versatile catamaran, which is focused on more than one target audience. By releasing this boat into the world, the shipyard undoubtedly focused on the family segment of the yacht market, but after 5 years on the market we saw that it is in demand by a much wider audience of yachtsmen, including:

  • couples with and without children;
  • lovers of cruises in the company of close friends;
  • supporters of comfortable autonomous navigation;
  • those who prioritize living space on a cruise ship;
  • entrepreneurs who rent boats or deal with charters;
  • those wishing to experience the speed qualities of the catamaran and its maneuverability when sailing alone.

lagoon 42 review

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  • interior design and finish.

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