Bali 4.4 Review

We are talking about the sailing boat Bali 4.4, which replaced two predecessors of the Bali Catamarans shipyard, accompanied by a review of topRik experts with photos and schematics, including excerpts from the review by Emmanuel Van Deth, who was one of the first to test multihull from Catana Group at sea.

Review Bali 4.4

Bali Catamarans is a relatively new name on the European market. The author of the project is Catana Group, a recognized leader in the production of exclusive catamarans. The Bali range itself is a successful attempt to enter the mass production segment.

High-sided, with voluminous deckhouses, all slightly angular, with low masts and a moderate sail area. But despite all this, demand for catamarans is actively increasing, especially in the charter segment and in warm regions. And this is no coincidence: they provide space and comfort, have large holds and voluminous lockers, comfortable sofas, wide berths and spacious showers.

And this fact is well confirmed by the rapidly growing sales figures, which are not lagging behind the largest manufacturers in the mass catamaran segment. Still a recent newcomer to the mass market, Bali is a subsidiary of the leading luxury Catana brand, whose models are mainly intended for individual owners.

The creator of both brands Olivier Poncin developed Bali as a second line and conceptually aimed in the same direction as its other large-scale French colleagues, that is, it created a relatively inexpensive mass-produced boat that would be of interest to both individual customers and the charter market. In the end, the French were able to sell the first 100 hulls in less than two years.

Bali models Catamarans definitely have unique features that make one talk about Bali's already formed DNA. For example, in front there is no longer a soft mesh between the hulls, but a solid deck flooring. This space can be used as a full-fledged second cockpit: for relaxing guests and for sunbathing, for example.

Additional advantages of this solution: if the boat is in the Mediterranean Sea (where they are moored, as usual, stern to the pier), then the bow cockpit will provide the proper level of privacy from neighbors on the pier. Both when anchored and underway, the crew (or part of it) can choose to stay in any of the two cockpits, therefore, the main (aft) cockpit will be more spacious.

Review Bali 4.4

The garage-type lift-and-tilt door, which already bears the name of the brand that it personifies, is forever included in the DNA of the line - the Bali door. If you want to completely close the yacht, the crew closes the side sliding windows and lowers the entire rear wall of the cabin, which is called the Bali door, using a pneumatic mechanism. After this, the interior of the yacht is acoustically, thermally and optically isolated from the external environment - just like boats with a traditionally designed interior.

And for some time (since model 4.2), a door leading to the foredeck was added to the distinctive features of Bali. In the first smaller models, in its place was a large, fully folding windshield, which is used as a hatch and for ventilation.

Maximum openness in good weather and reliable protection from bad weather are a big plus of this line. From the aft section of the cockpit to the front wall of the wheelhouse there is one continuous, flat surface, which can be viewed in any way: either as an open-air galley, or as a sea terrace with an attached kitchen. In addition, there is also a navigation corner and a huge refrigerator.

However, the structural loss of rigidity due to the absence of the rear wall of the cabin, which on catamarans takes on a considerable part of the lateral loads, mainly due to torsion, must be somehow compensated for, so Bali is designed very elegantly overall. Both inner half-hulls are laminated together with the bridge and rigid foredeck as a single unit in one complex matrix. This uses vacuum infusion, as well as molded or co-laminated local reinforcements, stringers and stiffeners.

Review Bali 4.4

Another interesting solution: the false fins are made in the form of separate parts, glued to the hulls after the latter have been manufactured. The calculation is made that in the event of an unsuccessful grounding, the glued keels will come off, while the hulls of the catamaran themselves will remain intact. But, despite this, the catamaran is designed for drying and winter storage on the shore, supported by hull fins. Additionally, we point out that the forepeaks of the catamaran are designed as ram compartments - with sealed bulkheads.

The high-mounted helm station, combined with the desire for headroom, caused the boom to move strongly upward. However, despite this decision, Bali sail much better than it might seem at first glance.

Free space is always an important issue on a cruising yacht. With the Bali range, everything is in order: sofas in the cockpit, 2 meters of height in the saloon, the bow cockpit with a seating area is very comfortable both on the road and in the parking lot. The raised helm station is separate from the wheelhouse and the cockpit, but there is additional seating and a soft bench next to the helm on the cockpit hardtop.

All controls are concentrated near the steering post; all the running ends of the halyards, sheets and guys are brought out here. The visibility from the helmsman's seat is excellent, except that the stern of the starboard hull is poorly visible - which is a typical situation for a similar architecture of a cruising catamaran with a remote helm station on the port side. If necessary, a second helmsman's seat can be installed on the yacht in the main deck saloon (or wheelhouse); it will be equipped with a joystick (instead of a steering wheel), electronic engine control and other equipment and indicators.

The world premiere of Bali 4.4 took place at International Multihull Show 2022, in La Grande Motte, France. It was designed to replace two predecessors at once: Bali 4.3 with a central control post and Bali 4.5 - the very first model in the line. topRik team will try to understand whether this model was successful at that.

Review Bali 4.4

Features of Bali 4.4

  • Brand: BALI Catamarans
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 13.48
  • Overall length, ft: 44
  • Width, m: 7.4
  • Draft, m: 1.26
  • Displacement, t: 13.6
  • Air draft, m: 21.55
  • Water tanks, l: 860
  • Exterior design (architect): Xavier Faÿ
  • Interior design: Lasta Design Studio
  • CE Certification: A
  • Engine power, HP: 40
  • Fuel tanks, l: 800
  • Mainsail type: Full battens
  • Jib type: Self-tacking
  • Mainsail area, sq.m.: 74
  • Jib area, sq.m.: 42
  • Code 0 area, sq.m.: 82
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Virtual tour

Review of Bali 4.4 by topRik Team

As already reported, world Bali 4.4 premiered at the International Multihull Show 2022, and topRik experts were able to take a look at it later, at Cannes Yachting Festival.

Review Bali 4.4

The size and layout of the Bali captivated us, and the first glance at the price tag made us urgently sign up for testing.

First Look

In such a dense “population” of the pier it is difficult to look at such a large yacht from afar. Of course, it’s easier for you, we’ll show you a photo of what we should have seen at the Bali Catamarans stand.

Review Bali 4.4

We assure you that even without the ladies in bikini and at a very close distance, Bali 4.4 knows how to impress. First of all – with its harmony. Naval architects were able to develop a boat with a flybridge, which does not look like a three-story cottage that was swept out to sea by a tsunami. We responsibly declare that not all experts share the ironic view of boats with a flybridge, especially if the purpose of the yacht is charters.

All these free spaces on a relatively small (13.5 meters) boat were quite impressive. And the ability to close the huge saloon on all 4 sides is noticeable even from the pier. Also impressive is the side glazing of the hulls and the height of the sides themselves, which promises sufficient headroom in the cabins.

We see that the mast, shifted to the stern, is somewhat shortened, and the boom is at a convenient height, which promises comfortable sail control. All that remains is to get on board and verify our assumptions.

On the Transom

You can board Bali 4.4 catamaran from the platform at the pier - the middle part of it is intended more for transporting an inflatable boat, for which davits are provided, and the side sugarscoops are used for sunbathing, on the lower step of which a sliding ladder can be equipped.

On both sides, the entrance to the cockpit is blocked (or opened) by steel cables. Stainless steel side cleats, a shower, a neck for refilling tanks - everything is familiar, as in many other cats.

Review Bali 4.4

In the Cockpit

With the Bali door closed, the cockpit doesn't make much of an impression - a narrow strip of deck with a large transom sofa. True, there is a large grill on the port side, and a freezer can be hidden in the locker if you choose this optional equipment.

The engines are located in a manner that has become typical for catamarans: in the stern of each of the hulls in engine rooms, well accessible for maintenance, but completely isolated from the internal space to reduce noise and vibration.

Review Bali 4.4

In the Saloon

And the cockpit makes a completely different impression when the door to the saloon is open - it becomes part of the huge space from the transom to the bow. Why to the bow - you will find out later, but for now make sure that the effect of the raised Bali door changes your opinion of the cockpit as just a narrow strip of deck.

Review Bali 4.4

And if you change the view so that you can see all the way to the door leading to the foredeck, you will have an almost complete view of this huge space.

Review Bali 4.4

The modular design method allows you to change the interior arrangement: instead of two armchairs with a cabinet (for cigars or wine), you can install a large comfortable sofa between them, as in the dining area opposite. You can freely seat 8 people at the folding table, and if you make room, then the whole ten. The catamaran is designed for 12 passengers, and a maximum of 12 sleeping places can be equipped if you use the forepeaks and lower the table in the saloon, covering it with a mattress.

But how can we feed these dozen, because so far we have only seen a grill in the cockpit... Oh, and there are also huge refrigerators on the starboard side, this already makes our task easier.

Review Bali 4.4

Well, if you get to the refrigerators, you'll of course also see that superbly equipped galley that rivals some home kitchens in terms of equipment, including an optional dishwasher.

Review Bali 4.4

And this is only part of the galley - as you can see in the photo below, there is also a cabinet with a large work surface and many drawers. But this natural wood finish is an option for those who prefer comfort and elegance.

Review Bali 4.4

Opposite the galley, on the starboard side, there is a full-fledged chart table, which can be equipped as a second control station with the installation of all the equipment that is provided at the main control station.

Review Bali 4.4

And to make it easier for you to navigate the placement of areas and furniture on the main deck, we suggest checking this schematic, because we are not finished yet. Through that door, to the left of the chart table, we go out onto the bow deck.

Review Bali 4.4

Even from the diagram it is clear that this entire area is given over to a recreation area. The entire area from the outer sides of each hull is used here, since the rigid bow deck is one of the Bali’s distinctive features, which attracted the attention of the topRik team.

Review Bali 4.4

This is a great solution both for an owner with a large family or a bunch of friends, and for a charter cruise. By the way, the Bali 4.4 has class A in the CE classification, that is, it allows even transatlantic crossings.

Inside the Cabins

Here again we invite you to consider the layout of the cabins. There are two main options: with three and four cabins, as well as with different possibilities for using quite spacious forepeaks. They can be equipped with berths for the crew or additional storage space can be arranged here.

If you are going to use the boat as an owner, we recommend the 3-cabin version. The left float here is completely dedicated to the master cabin; the design developers have achieved maximum comfort for its inhabitants.

Review Bali 4.4

Conventionally, the building can be divided into familiar zones: a king-size double bed with a large locker under it is a bedroom, a sofa with a work desk (or dressing table) is a boudoir or an office, and then in the bow there is a bathroom.

Review Bali 4.4

The bathroom is worth showing in more detail, since it is not always possible to see an isolated shower cabin of this size on a yacht of this length - the entire width of the hull, even in its narrow part, as well as two washbasins. There is enough space for both a toilet and a floor cabinet. Above the washbasins there are shelves, cabinets and a mirror.

Review Bali 4.4

In the other two cabins, the bathrooms are also individual, but the shower room, of course, is not the same size, and the cabins themselves are more modest, still they have everything you need for a comfortable life on board.

This is what the cabin located at the stern looks like: the bed is also double and large with a locker under it, and the number of portholes is the same as in the master cabin bedroom.

Review Bali 4.4

The configuration of the cabin at the bow is interesting: from here you can enter the forepeak - an inexhaustible source of ideas for children, and for boring adults - just a place to store luggage. Here, in addition to the porthole, there is also a hatch in the ceiling.

Review Bali 4.4

In general, you probably already noticed without us how much natural light and ventilation opportunities there are under the main deck of the Bali 4.4. Bathrooms are also keeping up with this trend, even in guest cabins.

Review Bali 4.4

The 4-cabin version is more suitable for a charter business or when purchasing a catamaran for two owners. The layout shows that the left hull with this configuration is a mirror image of the right one, and the photographs of the guest cabins posted above are also illustrations for this 4-cabin option.

Review Bali 4.4

Don’t forget also that a place to sleep for two can be arranged in the saloon, and we still have 2 forepeaks left in stock. A total of 12 sleeping places – everything fits together.

Well, it's time for the topRik team to head to the control room and head out to sea for further testing.

On the Flybridge and at Sea

The yacht turned out to be much more maneuverable than it seems at first glance. Bali 4.4 can be equipped with an additional headsail: it can be a spinnaker or a code 0, which provides the boat with good speed even in small tailwinds. Thanks to the dense structure of the structure and light weight, the yacht breaks into motion at a wind speed of 4.5-5 knots, at which it makes sense to adjust the sails.

The most comfortable control of winches and sheets, everything is within the skipper’s access with one hand, only the head sail is extended a little further. The helm panel is well equipped, and there is a very comfortable sofa that can accommodate up to 3 people, including, of course, the skipper.

Review Bali 4.4

Other observers can take seats on the mezzanine - just above on the flybridge there are excellent sun loungers and sofas. Entrance to the flybridge and helm station is from different sides, which is very convenient.

Review Bali 4.4

The mast on the catamaran is located aft, which is why the automatic staysail is larger and works quite efficiently. At the same time, the jib is by no means necessary when making tack turns: as we were able to see, even under one mainsail the Bali 4.4 maneuvers simply excellent - at least on smooth water.

This catamaran delights its helmsman: both due to its very decent speed and pleasant responsiveness of the helm, which is not typical of every double-hulled yacht. It really pleases with its driving performance, judge for yourself: with a wind of up to 15 knots, the Bali 4.4 on a sharp course developed up to 7.5 knots at a tacking angle of 110 degrees. You can go steeper into the wind than 55 degrees (sometimes this is even advisable, so as not to make unnecessary turns), but the speed drops significantly.

In our test, we were able to accelerate the boat to 8.2 knots without using a gennaker or code zero, which are a highly sought-after type of “turbocharging” for catamarans. Both of these sails - if the yacht is equipped with them - can be easily stored either in the forepeaks or in the lockers of the foredeck, where the tanks and anchor gear are located.

Review Bali 4.4

Advantages of Bali 4.4

Freedom, space and comfort are the main advantages of Bali 4.4. Moreover, comfort refers both to the arrangement of life for passengers on board the catamaran, and to the organization of the work of the crew. Everything is provided in full: from the absence of sharp corners and cutting surfaces to excellent ergonomics of the control station.

Bali 4.4 allows guests to fully enjoy even a long-term cruise, and the skipper and assistants to get real pleasure from working with sails without unnecessary difficulties.

Cost is last but not least advantage of such a thoughtful design and sufficient comfort for everyone.

Reviews of Bali 4.4 from Professionals

To date, reviews of the Bali 4.4 from professionals are limited only to the results of testing this catamaran by the author of Multihulls World, editor-in-chief of Multicoques Magazine and famous yachtsman Emmanuel Van Deth.

Emmanuel with his team tested Bali 4.4 in La Rochelle in sub-zero temperatures. He complained that they were unable to experience the beauty of the open space because the famous door was down and the windows were closed. But even in these conditions, the freedom of movement on the main deck was impressive, and the large saloon windows created a warm, homely atmosphere. True, to warm this atmosphere, a couple of heaters were still needed.

The crew had to gather their courage to unfurl the sails, since all the ropes had become stiff and cold from the frost.

All sailors commented on the very rigid composite sandwich deck - a carefully thought out deck design.

Next, Emmanuel describes the speed tests of the catamaran, linking the results with wind speed and the peculiarity of the sailing equipment - they have a raised mainsail, and also deployed “Code 0”, which was later changed to the self-tacking solent.

The author devoted the rest of the review to describing the design and equipment of the cockpit, saloon, flybridge, foredeck and cabins.

Video Reviews of Bali 4.4

Here are some good walkthroughs and reviews from reputable sources – this boat is really photogenic both outside and inside.

First, Bali themselves proudly demonstrate their product:

Tour around the interior of the boat:

More interior footage with more explanations:

Short and sweet review from Multihulls World:

More information on various features:


After testing this product for ourselves, we can say that the comfortable and easy-to-handle sailing catamaran Bali 4.4 is suitable for both charter companies and owners.

Charter companies will be attracted by the relatively low cost of this cat, as well as its popularity among many categories of sailors, including:

  • heads of families who want to provide a comfortable and safe cruise for their family;
  • those who like to gather a friendly group of friends on board for a fun holiday at sea;
  • lovers of transatlantic crossings or simply long coastal cruises;
  • supporters of yachting without extreme sports;
  • lovers of living on a boat for a long time.

Review Bali 4.4

Where to Buy Bali 4.4 at a Bargain Price

If you are interested in where to buy a Bali 4.4 at a good price, just ask our experts who will advise you for free on all issues related to buying a boat.

And if you want to have only joyful memories from this process, entrust the topRik team to take care of all the problems: negotiations with the manufacturer or dealer, paperwork, control at the production or shipping site, transportation of the Bali 4.4 catamaran to the location you specify.

You just need to call the specified phone number, use the quick contact form or send a message at [email protected] so that the purchase of Bali 4.4 turns into a holiday for you.

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