Liferaft Transocean ISO 9650 in Canister - 10P - Standard pack <24h

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Trust the Made In France quality and service of a longestablished company, renowned as Safety Specialist

At Plastimo, all operations are certified by Bureau Veritas as ISO 9001 compliant: product design, selection of materials, production and testing process

Only Plastimo liferafts feature a double chamber construction and are backed by a 18-year warranty

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Designed for navigation in extreme conditions: -15°C inflation temperature (group A), double insulating floor, fluo orange canopy with automatically erecting arch tube, 4.3 cd. outside light and retro-reflecting stripes, large capacity and quantity of ballast pockets, large volume drogue anchors.

Features a ballasted reversible ladder and grab handle to ease embarking. This system allows the casualty to hoist him/herself up on the ladder and then topple easily into the raft. Should the liferaft inflate upside down, the boarding ladder simply reverts, to allow the casualty to pull him/herself on the capsized liferaft and make it easier to turn over the raft in its natural position.

Inferior or superior to 24 hours, what is the difference:

Two types of survival equipment packs available, depending on the time the casualty may potentially spend in the liferaft until rescue teams arrive:
standard pack (rescue expected within 24 hours), contains all the equipment related to the liferaft structure and visibility including some pyro.
emergency pack (rescue expected beyond 24 hours), contains additional equipment such as water and food rations, extra handflares and torch, SOLAS thermal protective aids.

You can find the full list of items included in the Lifelaft Survival Pack in the attached file.
Liferaft Survival Pack can also be completed with a grab bag.

We recommend that you choose a canister rather than a bag: the liferaft is better protected, and can be secured on board nicely and safely with the addition of a specially designed cradle.
Canisters are equipped with 2 or 4 handles (depending on model), for a better grip and carrying facility ; they also make throwing into the water much easier.
In case the liferaft would be stored on its side, do make sure that the firing lanyard is upwards. We remind you, however, that a liferaft should ideally be lying flat, with instructions on the topside.
Even though a canister raft is better protected than a raft in a bag its rigidity does not allow you to use it as a stool or a seat! Take good care of it: instead of thinking of it as a big clumsy box, do remember that this box contains concentrated technology which could save your life at any time.

The valise is manufactured from highly resistant coated fabric, impervious to UV-rays.
A valise-packed liferaft requires some relative protection: you will select its location on the boat accordingly, i.e. avoid the skirt for example.
Indicated dimensions of liferafts in valises may vary by ± 10 %, due to the lack of rigidity of the valise.
Be nice to your liferaft - think of how precious it could turn to be, especially if it is packed in a valise: do not drag it, do not tread or sit on it.

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