Efficient A-300 Watermaker


Thanks to the recovery system, the Efficient A-300 watermaker consumes 80% less energy than other similar equipment. Designed for ships with a length of 15 to 30 meters and a tank capacity of 500 to 2000 liters, it qualitatively cleans 300 liters per hour of sea, fresh or polluted water. If you have problems with drinking water - buy Efficient A-300 to take care of your health and improve your quality of life.

The yacht company SimpleSail was founded in 2013 as a charter operator of pleasure yac...
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Performance300 l/h Power220V AC monophasic, 220V AC three-phase, 380V AC neutral three phase Watermaker typeStationary installation BrandEco Sistems
300 l/h
220V AC monophasic, 220V AC three-phase, 380V AC neutral three phase
Watermaker type
Stationary installation
Eco Sistems
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Why do we talk about health when it comes to the purity and quality of drinking water? The reverse osmosis method, which is used in the Efficient A-300 desalinator, is “forcing” the sea water to go under high pressure through membranes with tiny holes, invisible to the eye, through which only water molecules pass. All particles exceeding this size are filtered out. This also includes bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms dangerous to human health.

Watermaker on board a cruise yacht helps to solve other problems besides caring for the health of the crew and passengers:

  • the desalinator is equipped with a pre-filtration system, after which water under pressure enters the membranes, providing double filtration;
  • the desalinator has 4 membrane filters, which guarantees the quality of cleaning up to 99%, a little salt gives the water the taste of mineral water;
  • the route of the yacht is not tied to places where you can replenish fresh water tanks;
  • the duration of the route is not limited by the ability to replenish the reservoir with high-quality water;
  • you do not risk spoiling your health with water from an unverified source;
  • you don't have to spend money on buying water, in places where it is scarce, prices reach up to 25 euros per gallon.

The production of high-quality drinking water in the specified volume provides for all the needs of the crew and passengers for cooking, hygiene procedures, technical and other needs.

Buy the Efficient A-300 sea water maker for cruises with family or friends, or for organizing charters.


Min. 14 m., land based use


300 l. / h.

Tanques de agua

Water tank






220V AC monophasic |

220V AC three-phase |

380V AC neutral three phase

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