Inflatable Fender with Thru Hole - Ø 15 cm

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This is an inflatable cylinder-shaped fender that has a thru hole along its entire length, in this case - 43 cm. The diameter of the fender is 15 cm. Such parameters, the material it’s made of (PVC) and the design of the fenders make the sides of your boat well protected against collisions. Having passed the cable through the through hole along the entire length, you can mount the protection on the sides both vertically and horizontally.

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BrandG.F.N. SRL Shipping fromItaly Diameter Ø, cm15 TypeCylinder-shaped fender Length, cm43
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Diameter Ø, cm
Cylinder-shaped fender
Length, cm
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Despite the classic cylinder-shaped fender shape, the model has a number of differences and advantages.

1. A through hole along the entire length of the fender allows multiple options for mounting on boards, and also makes the fastening more secure. Having passed the cable through the through hole along the entire length, you can mount the protection on the sides both vertically and horizontally. If you secure both ends of the cable, the fenders will not sway from the wind and pitch, they will not be torn off the sides. In this case, the protection will be evenly distributed throughout the board, regardless of the weather conditions. In addition, free-hanging and swaying fenders in bad weather can increase the amplitude of the vessel's oscillation and provoke collisions with the quay wall or neighboring boats.

2. Inflatable fenders are made of soft PVC by injection molding. This eliminates the unevenness of the wall thickness of the product and ensures that it does not tear at the point of thinning during the impact of the inflation process.

3. The nylon crew-shaped valve on the inflatable fender with thru hole makes the inflation process easier and faster. This matters a lot if you store side protection on your yacht in a deflated state.

4. The material and manufacturing method used provide fenders with effective bumper and damper properties.

Please note that we have an inflatable fender with a through hole in various sizes. When you buy the product, use the dimensions of your boat as a guide for which model to pick. The cost of the inflatable fender with thru hole does not include cables for fastening, they must be purchased separately.

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