Speedboats Pirelli 30 Review

topRik team shares their impressions, gained in practice, on the capabilities of the rigid inflatable 10-meter boat Pirelli 30 from the Italian manufacturer TecnoRib, which is called a supercar on the water.

We also offer to check out other reviews of this boat from other sailing journalists writing for the yachting media: excerpts from their reviews and links to published materials are provided. As usual – many photos and several video reviews included.

Pirelli 30 Review

Let's immediately remove the question about the boat brand. The famous tire manufacturer does not build boats and yachts. The company simply “donated” its name to the RIB line under the same name, of course, under licensing conditions.

At the boat show in Dusseldorf 2023, where the big premiere from Sacs Tecnorib took place, Italian manufacturers presented several models of different directions.

Rebel line, which combines luxury yacht solutions with military and rescue technologies, has introduced a new version of the Rebel 47.

The line of speedboats under the Pirelli brand was represented by the Pirelli 30 and Pirelli 42 models, as well as the flagship Pirelli 50 model with an enclosed cockpit version.

The small 10-meter RIB was not lost against the background of these monsters, and this was later confirmed at the Cannes Yachting Festival, where a sizeable queue lined up to test the boat.

A new product in the line of pleasure boats from TecnoRib was created by the Mannerfelt Design Team led by Ted Mannerfelt, which has enormous experience in the construction of racing hulls.

The Pirelli 30 is part of the Walkaround series and retains all the essential DNA of this line, which now opens as the smallest boat of the series, with flagship being the 50-foot model.

Model 30 is a day cruiser designed for sport and adrenaline, which is emphasized by the presence of a pair of outboard engines without any compromise compared to the inboard version.

However, the developers have given the future owner the opportunity to choose the configuration of the bow and cockpit, as well as the finish option, which we will discuss below, and the amenities that this magnificent ocean rib offers passengers.

Pirelli 30 Review

Features of Pirelli 30

  • Brand: Pirelli
  • Hull type: Monohull
  • Overall length, m: 9.8
  • Overall length, ft: 32
  • Width, m: 3.3
  • Draft, m: 5.13
  • Displacement, t: 34.7
  • Water tanks, l: 80
  • Exterior design (architect): Mannerfelt Design Team - TecnoRib
  • Interior design: Mannerfelt Design Team - TecnoRib
  • CE Certification: A
  • Type of engines: Outboard
  • Fuel tanks, l: 350
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Maximum Speed and Fuel Consumption

Max speed Up to 55 knots
Cruising speed Up to 21-35 knots
Fuel consumption 65 l/h when planning at a speed of 30 knots

Review of Pirelli 30 by topRik Team

topRik team first saw the Pirelli 30 at the Dusseldorf boat show 2023, where the big premiere from TecnoRib took place. This is how it looked back then, leaving us restless until we finally tested it at sea at the Cannes Yachting Festival.

Pirelli 30 Review

First Look

Manufacturers claim that the profile of boats in this line is reminiscent of the Cinturato Blue Full Wet tread pattern. This is a wet road tire used in top level motorsport, Pirelli is its sole supplier.

We are not sure how obvious it is in relation to the hull profile, but the bow of the boat is precisely reinforced with this tread as a tribute to the experience that the famous tire manufacturer Pirelli has accumulated to withstand extremely wet roads.

The boat itself is extreme enough itself: Pirelli 30 is rated A in the CE design classification system. This means that the ship is designed for ocean travel when the wind force exceeds force 8 and the wave height can be significantly more than 4 meters.

Pirelli 30 Review

Of course, in the study of this boat it is difficult to maintain our usual order of description, since the RIB interior is mostly cockpit, but we will still try to “divide” it into significant parts.

By the way, please note that the inflatable sides practically do not reach the water due to the highly raised fiberglass body. This protects from splashes even at high speed and in heavy seas, which is important if the Pirelli 30 is intended to carry passengers and luggage on superyachts.

And fans of speed and turns also don’t really like being splashed by a mass of salty water, especially outside of hot sea areas.

But if the climate allows, you can skip the T-Top, which is an optional sun protection design. Although, together with a large windshield, T-Top can also protect you from rain.

Pirelli 30 Review

On the Transom

Don’t even expect that there may be two options here - with outboard or stationary motors. No, no, only adrenaline, only hardcore in the form of two outboard engines and a split swim platform.

Pirelli 30 Review

But the width of the boat is more than 3 meters, which makes it possible to leave a significant area of this platform on both sides for those who like to swim in the ocean and equip this beach with a ladder for descending into the water.

Between the swim platform sections you have a much larger transom platform for mounting outboard engines.

As you can see, this is a symmetrical design, and you can enter the cockpit on the left and right sides, which is very convenient if the boat must be moored sideways to the pier. In this case, the transition from the pier is facilitated by the far protruding part of the bathing platform, not blocked by the sides.

In the Cockpit

The Pirelli 30 has an open cockpit. You can’t consider the back of the sofa turned towards the cockpit as the transom wall. Moreover, part of the deck even extends beyond the boundaries of this sofa.

Pirelli 30 Review

This part of the cockpit is an area that can be transformed from a dining area into a sunbathing area. For this purpose, the design of the table has been specially developed, it can be lowered and raised, the tabletop can be folded out to the required length.

This is what this part of the cockpit looks like if you plan to have an outdoor meal or just to chat in a pleasant company. If the boat is used to transport passengers, the table can be lowered and some luggage can be placed on it.

Pirelli 30 Review

The sofas on both sides of this table are also transformed by folding backrests. And then an additional mattress covers the tabletop, lowered to the level of the sofa seats, their backs fold out, and we get a huge sunbed for sunbathing lovers.

Pirelli 30 Review

Please note that there are quite wide passages along the sides, which allow you to move freely across the entire deck. But be careful when moving from the platform to the cockpit - this is still not a raft, but a boat with sides high enough for an RIB, so the cockpit level is lower than the platform level.

Pirelli 30 Review

Stainless-steel handrails are built along all sides inside the hull for the safety of passengers. Such handrails also decorate various elements of the boat's design, for example, the galley, which is located between the dining area and the helm station, and at the helm station itself. We’ll get to the wheelhouse later, but for now let’s focus on the galley.

At the Galley

You might raise an eyebrow, wondering: what kind of galley is available on an inflatable boat less than 10 meters long?! Well, it’s almost complete - with a grill, a refrigerator, a sink and a convenient storage cabinet. You can even divide the responsibilities and do the cooking together: from the sink side one could wash fish, meat, vegetables, and from the grill side - cook the prepared foods, immediately serving them on the table.

Pirelli 30 Review

Under the other two covers at the photo above are a grill (or hob) and an upright refrigerator. But those same handrails that we have already mentioned are stainless and reliable.

The Wheelhouse

Let's call this well-equipped control console that way, since not every rigid boat or fiberglass yacht can boast such a helm panel. TopRik experts were especially delighted by the ability to install such a large display, as well as the powerful throttle control lever.

Pirelli 30 Review

In addition to the already existing sensors and indicators, there is still room here if you want to install control over any other Pirelli 30 equipment, add communications, thruster, etc., as in the photo below.

Pirelli 30 Review

One of the most important aspects of the helm station is the helmsman's seat. Here Sacs Tecnorib also does not accept compromises: a very comfortable sofa for two and a footrest under the helm.

Pirelli 30 Review

If in some situations or just from time to time, to warm up, you prefer to operate the boat while standing, this option is also taken into account. The seats fold down, and in this position the chair serves as a convenient support for the helmsman without any traumatic elements.

Pirelli 30 Review

Living Area

The entrance to living area is located to the left of the helm console; the door is made of darkened translucent plastic.

Pirelli 30 Review

Downstairs you have everything necessary for hygiene and care - shower, washbasin, toilet, mirrors, cabinets for storing cosmetics and detergents.

Pirelli 30 Review

Pirelli 30 Review

At the Bow

Further progress along the side decks brings us to the bow of the Pirelli 30, which can also be equipped depending on the purpose of the boat and the preferences of its owner.

This area is available in two different configurations: first one is a promenade version for on-board entertainment and socializing, with seats and a large sun lounger arranged so that passengers face each other.

Pirelli 30 Review

A version in the Mediterranean tradition is also available, where the entire bow is used as a large sunbathing terrace.

Pirelli 30 Review

At the Sea

As we have already reported, topRik experts were able to test the Pirelli 30 as part of the Cannes Yachting Festival. We had a boat with Mercury Verado V8 2 x 300 HP engines. On the penultimate day of the festival, clear weather without rain was promised, although every day of the exhibition before that was marked by rain and cloudy weather. The morning of testing was clear and we hoped it would continue to be so as we decided not to use the T-Top.

We were lucky that there was no rain, but we would have liked at least some rough seas, but the wind was no more than 2 meters per second, so we had to create waves ourselves to test the stability of the boat by repeatedly crossing our own wake.

Handling was superbly easy, thanks in particular to the automatic engine trim control with integrated Active Trim Mercury GPS receiver.

The hull lifts off the water when it reaches 2000 rpm, a speed of just over 10 knots with a fuel consumption of about 32 liters per hour. As the speed increases, the double redan is activated, the resulting air cushion dampens the water resistance, and the boat quickly reaches an average and comfortable cruising speed of 30 knots while consuming 65 liters of fuel per hour.

We even managed to exceed the maximum speed of 55 knots, which we reached in the 14th second of acceleration - by half a knot, but we did not get carried away and returned to comfortable 20 knots, as fuel consumption began to approach 185 liters per hour.

Despite the fact that we maneuvered very actively, repeatedly crossing our wake, the boat, when listing, practically did not touch the water with its inflatable chambers and quickly leveled out as soon as it went at a straight line. As one of our experts said, it's so much fun and adrenaline that it's comparable only to car racing. The rest did not argue - all four test participants were delighted with the handling of the Pirelli 30, although not all of them are into sports cars.

Pirelli 30 Review

Advantages of Pirelli 30

Marine supercar Pirelli 30 is based on the classic RIB (rigid inflatable boat), or, as it is more often called in Europe, RHIB (rigid-hulled inflatable boat). The second name is more suitable for the smallest model of the Walkaround series from TecnoRib, since its inflatable chambers on the sides practically do not come into contact with the water thanks to the unusually high body.

Active engine trim control system, Trim Mercury, with built-in GPS, offers simple, intuitive controls that quickly get you on plane to save fuel.

Excellent maneuvering at a comfortable cruising speed provides a lot of pleasant impressions from a boat trip.

The quality of the design and materials used to manufacture the Pirelli 30 is eloquently evidenced by the fact that the boat is certified class A.

To assess the quality of the equipment, it is enough to name two companies - Mercury (engines and trim control system) and Raymarine (navigation equipment).

All of the above indicates the reliability and safety of the Pirelli 30.

Add to this its multi-purpose use and you have the perfect inflatable boat for owner, business or corporate purposes.

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Reviews of Pirelli 30 from Professionals

Since the Pirelli 30 is a completely new model, it cannot yet boast of a large number of reviews dedicated to it. The opportunity to test the new product en masse only appeared within the framework of the Cannes Yacht Show. That’s why the very first reviews from testers who did this for dealers are so interesting. We invite you to check out the reviews of this RHIB from Epco Ongering and Fabio Ratti .

Epco immediately called the Pirelli 30 a premium supercar on the water, and also compared it with a thoroughbred horse of Italian blood. He stated that the boat reaches a top speed of 54 knots in 13 seconds and you are guaranteed to be in control of the boat at all times thanks to its incredible stability.

The author immediately removed the question of how the boat got this name, because Pirelli is a manufacturer of tires, not boats. But Pirelli's design department licenses the use of this famous brand to select companies that produce luxury goods.

TecnoRib is one of them, producing luxury inflatable boats . They are known for both their exquisite design and the excellent quality of material, design and workmanship. The company's developers do not accept compromise in the quality and marine characteristics of the boats produced.

TecnoRib produces inflatable boats ranging in length from 3 to 19 meters in shipyards in Roncello. Walkaround models, which include the Pirelli 30, are large cruisers with a compact control console in the center and plenty of room to move around on board.

The body is optimized for maximum speed with ultra-fast acceleration, and the Pirelli 30, the smallest in the range, is not inferior in this performance to its larger relatives with more significant dimensions.

Epco carefully examined the entire boat and described all the features of its exterior and interior, as well as its configuration options.

He dwelled in particular detail on the engines – the boat he tested also had a pair of Mercury outboards installed Verado V8, each rated at 300 HP.

As soon as the boat set off, the author of the review was struck by the smoothness and quietness of the engines, but the potential power was also felt - the Pirelli 30 asked to be free, into the open spaces of the sea.

You can read the results of this testing yourself by following the link, but I would like to add a comparison that Epco gave when describing the effect of acceleration. It was as if he had been caught in the wake of a fighter jet.

A famous Italian boat expert, who had previously tested many RIBs of the same length but less expensive, wanted to know if the price difference was justified. That's why he ended up at the Sacs Tecnorib pier in Mergellina.

The boat's length of about 10 meters is very suitable for the Persian Gulf, this is just the minimum for a fast and non-bulky RIB, simple and easy to operate even on waves.

The author noted that the similarity with family relatives is immediately evident; the Pirelli 30 looks more proportional.

The decks of the boat that Fabio tested were lined with a gray teak-like finish. The author briefly described the equipment of the boat he tested, noting that in the bow he would have preferred to be able to reach the chain locker over the deck rather than over the sunbed mattresses.

Already on the way to refuel, Fabio felt how easy it was to control the boat in this cramped part of the harbor. He also liked the control console and the minimalistic, but informative selection of equipment located on the panel.

Next, he describes the process and results of the actual water test, which you can check out by clicking on the link.

Video Reviews of Pirelli 30

Here is some recorded proof that this boat deserves the compliments for its performance.

Turning, acceleration, planing demonstrated briefly:

Interiors and features explained at Dusseldorf 2023:

Quick teaser of main features:

More detailed review with some tests on the water as well:


In the section on the benefits of rigid - hulled inflatable boat Pirelli 30 we mentioned the versatility of this boat.

  • It is fast, spacious, reliable and easily transportable, it is ideal for special services, such as rescue or water surveillance. This type of boat has proven itself well in the US Army, for which it was originally developed.
  • Thanks to its reliability, high hull, stability, relatively small dimensions and passenger comfort, the Pirelli 30 can be used as a luxury support boat for escorting megayachts.
  • Adrenaline lovers of long sea voyages can test her readiness for such voyages in accordance with her class A in the CE classification system.
  • Fans of sea fishing will be attracted by this boat due to the presence of huge spaces where they can lay out gear and attach spinning rods without the fear of hitting anyone. Since the boat has all the amenities and a galley, a spacious sleeping area can be provided at the bow, fishing trips can be planned for several days.
  • This is a great boat for anyone who loves water sports and diving for a variety of purposes: surfers, divers, spearfishers, wreck hunters, etc.
  • The boat is designed as a fully equipped day cruiser, making it ideal for family holidays or cruising with close friends.

Such wide possibilities for using the Pirelli 30 make it very interesting for entrepreneurs who rent out a boat.

Pirelli 30 Review

Where to Buy Pirelli 30 at a Bargain Price

It's time to find out where to buy Pirelli 30 at a good price? We have good news – you might not even have to go anywhere from this page.

If you need to figure out the cost of a particular Pirelli 30 package, just go to the price calculator section – it is completely free and you don't even have to register.

Another bonus for you: while you are deciding on the configuration, you can ask topRik experts any questions about this boat: all consultations at this stage are free.

But even after you make your choice, the topRik marketplace will not leave you alone with the manufacturer or dealer, as well as the need to fill out a bunch of documents and ferry the Pirelli 30 to your pier.

At your request, our experts will either accompany your actions or completely take on all the tasks that you face as a boat buyer.

To get support from professional sailors on our marketplace, contact our experts right now through the website’s feedback system. You can also call the specified phone number or send your questions or service request to [email protected].

topRik marketplace, even without your participation, will deliver the boat you choose to the berth you specify.

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