Fountaine Pajot MY4.S Review

In this review, we talk about the motor catamaran Fountaine Pajot MY4.S, providing you with the report of the topRik team that was on board, as well as reviews of the cat by famous yachting journalists. All this is accompanied by a selection of photo and video materials from various reliable sources.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

Fountaine Pajot launched the MY4.S in 2021, filling a niche of a high comfort motor catamaran at an affordable price. And next year, Multihulls World announced at the International Multihull Show in La Grande Motte that the cat was the winner of the Multihull of the Year award in its category.

The voters were not stopped by the lack of a flybridge. This change allowed for a flood of applications from countries where the flybridge interfered with the passage under bridges. Eliminating it isn't the only change renowned naval architect Daniel Andrieu has made when reworking the previous model MY 37. It is now out of production thanks to the huge success of the MY 4.S, which proved to be a perfect match for the channels of Europe and the Great Loop of North America.

At the same time, this motor catamaran develops a cruising speed of 20 knots and has significant reserves of autonomy. This allows the crew to make 1,000-mile crossings without entering marinas to replenish fuel and water supplies.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

When combined with the unparalleled comfort that this yacht provides for life on board and management, we also get the perfect cruiser for lovers of solo autonomous sailing, family fun on the water or long cruising in the company of close friends.

The MY4.S motor catamaran is also of interest to those who organize charters themselves or rent out catamarans.

Features of MY4.S

  • Brand: Fountain Pajot
  • Hull type: catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 11
  • Width, m: 5.1
  • Draft, m: 0.8
  • Displacement, t: 13.5
  • Water tanks, l: 350
  • Exterior design (Architect): Daniel Andrieu
  • Interior Design: Pierangelo Andreani Studio
  • Engine: YANMAR 2x150 hp
  • Optional engine: YANMAR 2x250 hp
  • Fuel tanks l: 2x600
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MY4.S Review by Toprik Team

The first impression of the motor catamaran MY4.S, which was unanimously expressed by the members of the topRik team on the approach to the berth: this is the same MY 37, only without the flybridge. We, surprisingly, liked this change. Cat looks more dynamic and, oddly enough, modern. The previous model, like all options for small flybridge boats, looked very much like a Victorian-style cottage.

Although, when looking at MY4.S, it is also difficult to not compare it to a cottage, just more stylish one, to which these comfortable wide steps lead on both sides.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

But before climbing them into the cockpit, we examined the platform, consulted the documents and found out that this part is optional and can be either electrically driven or fixed. The drive platform can be raised flush with the first step of the ladder and lowered below the water level. In this part of the stern, dinghy davits can also be located. The fixed platform can carry a boat, surfboards, folding bikes or kites with boards.

Teak flooring is beautiful, comfortable and safe if you don't mind the streaks that sooner or later appear on the deck surface from sea salt. Let's see what surprises the cockpit has prepared for us.

Those climbing the starboard ladder were delighted to find an excellent mini-galley located here. In our case, it included plancha (grill as an option), a sink and a waste container. Traditionally, the plancha was immediately tested. Still, we had to go out to sea, as we hoped, and we should have a bite to eat, and at the same time check the capacity of the cockpit dining area.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

We post photos taken from the official websites of Fountaine Pajot. Our cooking and meal looked a little different, after all, 6 people sat around the table, some of whom were taller than average, and, accordingly, wider in the shoulders compared to the rest.

And we all fit perfectly on this spacious sofa - we didn’t even need extra seats.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

By the way, such a large and free cockpit area is also due to the lack of a flybridge, or rather, a staircase that leads there. You can look at any cat models with flybridge and make sure that the stairs on them always take up a significant area from the cockpit. The cockpit table is not stationary, but portable, which is much more convenient and also provides a lot of free space.

Usually on a catamaran, the control can be carried out from two different posts - on the flybridge and in the saloon. On MY4.S you get one control post in the cabin. But first, let's look into the engine compartment, that is quite decent in size with free access to the engines. In our case, these are Yanmar 250 hp engines.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

Well, let’s go to the saloon. Everyone loves the sliding transparent doors that can be positioned so that the saloon and cockpit are almost one lounge-style space. With six of us entering, we did not feel cramped, did not bump into with each other. We think that the maximum number of passengers and crew declared by the manufacturer - 8 people - will not create critical crowding on the yacht.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

And if there is a need for additional beds, you can always use a transformer table, which is clearly visible in the photo below. Having expanded it to the required size and lowered it to the level of the sofa seats, you will get sleeping places for 2 people. And even with 10 people on board, you can get comfortable here, but more on that later, when we get to the cabins.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

Near the tables, sink and stove of the linear galley, which is located on the port side, three people can work together at the same time, without interfering with each other. There is enough space to place additional seats around the table in the unfolded form. We didn't need it, because the six of us were perfectly spread out on the seats of the luxurious sofa, on the sofa in front of the TV panel and at the helm of the control station.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

Carried away by the comfortable interior of the wardroom, we somehow forgot why we were striving to get here. All this luxurious interior has a relaxing effect even on worldly-wise sea wolves. We paid tribute to the soft cozy sofas, the huge TV panel and the well-thought-out galley equipment, in which the most captious cook will not find any flaws.

Despite the height of the galley tables, let me disappoint you: half of the lower part of them is a fake structure, that masks the increased height of the master cabin below deck. But above this part everything works, a lot of roomy opening lockers and compartments. And above the tables there are even more of them, with more shelves added.

An excellent oven and hob with a selection of different modes, a large double sink, a microwave oven, several refrigerators and freezers, a dishwasher, etc. will allow yacht passengers to diversify their vacation with perfectly prepared fresh food, chilled drinks and ice cream.

We also noticed that the designers rounded the corners of the cabinet furniture on this boat, and this is already a sign of superyacht comfort.

After enjoying the incredible amenities in the cabin of such a small yacht, we finally huddled behind the backs of our skipper and his assistant, who were sitting in a comfortable double chair in the helm station. And then the reassessment began. We took a completely different look at the cockpit open to our view, and at the circular glazing of the saloon, and at the large transparent windows overhead.

All this works not only for the comfort of life on board, but also for the comfort of managing a catamaran. Stunning 360-degree visibility helps you navigate all four corners of the MY4.S, which is essential when mooring a boat that is 11 meters long and over 5 meters wide in a lagoon filled with other yachts. One of us cowardly suggested installing rear-view mirrors – probably, because of the steering wheel helm.

Full natural lighting and natural ventilation do not create dusk lighting and do not provoke drowsiness during the day watch.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

The steering wheel in the form of an automobile steering wheel is already becoming a trend for multihulls, largely thanks to Fountaine Pajot’s designers. This control panel is an analogy for a "smart home". Data and the ability to control all the main systems and equipment of the yacht are displayed here: engine control knobs and buttons, autopilot control system, thruster, communications equipment, including VHF, electrical management system, etc.

A 9-inch marine display is also installed here - you can use it both as a chartplotter and as an echo sounder. This is an additional comfort for life on board if you are fond of fishing, spearfishing, diving, exploring the depths of the sea or searching for sunken objects. By the way, there are many lockers and compartments on the MY4.S, where you can place all the equipment for these hobbies. You can also use a spacious forepeak for this if you are not going to dedicate it to the needs of the crew.

The seat of the chair folds down so that you can steer the yacht while standing. To the right of the helm there is an additional long seat for friends, children or the second half, so that the skipper is not bored alone.

Going out to sea confirmed that the catamaran easily accelerates to the declared 20 knots with fuel consumption about 56 liters per hour. We went out at a rough sea, the waves reached a height of up to 2 meters. The cat proved to be stable in such conditions, especially if you go at speeds above 15 knots.

It is not recommended to accelerate to maximum speed if you want to admire the naiad lying on the foredeck instead of dumping her into the sea.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

Foredeck is a great sunbathing area on a sunny day or an open-air bar in the evening. Comfortable mattresses with rising backs are laid out here, between which there is a table with recesses for glasses and bottles. Under the mattresses you can find capacious lockers.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

Although no one was tired after going out to sea, we traditionally went to check out the cabins. Lunch, however, was ignored, because the plancha was already checked before testing the MY4.S catamaran on the water. The testing itself took no more than an hour, because we did not need to work with sails.

Our captain, as is customary in the friendly and democratic topRik team, kindly showed us all the splendor of the master cabin occupied by him alone. It should be noted that the naval architects provided two options for completing the cabins on the MY4.S:

  • with a master cabin in the port float with a private bathroom and two guest cabins in the starboard float with a shared bathroom;
  • with 4 cabins with shared bathroom in each float.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

As you understand, we tested the first option. The owner's cabin is extremely comfortable and has all the conditions not only for privacy and good sleep, but also for work, because here you can even put a desk instead of a sofa.

Next to the sofa is a fairly spacious wardrobe. Every time you get carried away with the level of comfort on a yacht and start to want more, for example, a three-door wardrobe, like in your bedroom at home, you have to remind yourself that you are on a catamaran that is only 11 (!) meters long.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

The compact bathroom includes a shower, washbasin, toilet, shelves and storage located in a small vestibule at the entrance.

The passengers of the other two cabins do not have to grumble either. The VIP cabin is identical to the master cabin in terms of bed size and ceiling height. And in the guest cabin both children and a couple of older passengers will feel just fine. Our two-meter expert was placed there with great comfort, however, just one such specimen can fit.

There is also a small refrigerator in the aisle for storing drinks, ice cream, fruit, etc.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

The four cabin option is practically two VIP cabins and two guest cabins. For each such couple there is a separate bathroom with all amenities for water and hygiene procedures.

All cabins are equipped with portholes of various shapes and sizes with opening fragments.

Advantages of MY4.S

As usual, before dwelling on the advantages, we list what the members of the topRik team did not like when testing the MY4.S motor catamaran. It was noted that the back of the sofa in contact with the plancha (or grill) cover in the cockpit was not sufficiently protected from grease splashes. There were doubts about the black panel, which looks beautiful, but which easily leaves hard-to-remove fingerprints. But no one agrees to change the teak deck covering, preferring safety and naturalness, albeit with stains from sea salt. We think that even on a boat with such a high level of comfort, everything should be as practical as possible, but without fanaticism.

There are many more advantages that have been identified, and they are much more significant than some occasional grease stains:

  • Safety of long sea passages due to the high stability of the catamaran, high-quality materials and technologies used.
  • On no other 11-meter yacht the crew has met such a level of comfort on board.
  • An excellent solution for the distribution of space: free movement in the cockpit and saloon areas, high ceilings in the cabins, division of rooms into zones, including even the master cabin.
  • Excellent seaworthiness for a motor catamaran, which provides a quick set of cruising speeds.
  • Unprecedented opportunities for autonomous sailing up to 1000 miles - engine power, fuel, water, food, driving comfort, a superbly equipped galley and an additional grill.
  • Precise and balanced selection of equipment that ensures the safety of the catamaran and all the needs of passenger
  • Affordable price for this level of comfort, quality equipment and luxurious interior design.
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The motor double-hull cruiser MY4.S guarantees passengers and the skipper complete comfort in staying on board and operating the vessel. It will not require any special efforts from the captain and any sacrifices from passengers and guests. You don't have to leave your favorite books, CDs or outfits at home. MY4.S is your home on the water, with everything you love and are used to.

Reviews of MY4.S from Professionals

The most complete and detailed, in our opinion, review of the new catamaran MY4.S was made by Steve Larivee, known to the boating community as Captain Steve.

Steve Larivee tested the MY4.S catamaran in South Florida under not too favorable weather conditions. The cat was equipped with 250 hp Yanmar engines.

The best cruising performance was demonstrated by the cat at a speed of 14.5 knots and 2800 rpm. At this speed, fuel consumption was 55.5 liters per hour. Acceleration tests have shown that the catamaran accelerates to 20 mph in 10 seconds at a depth of 4 to 7 feet.

In Captain's review Steve listed the features and distinctive features of this vessel: electric sunroof, substantial galley storage (over 500 litres), impressive interior deck living space (over 18 square meters), master cabin area of 9 m², convertible sofa in the cockpit, wide side decks, top speed over 20 knots, excellent handling in heavy seas, double seat at the helm.

Jack Haines, yachtsman and deputy editor of Motor Boat & Yachting conducted a yacht tour of Fountaine Pajot MY4.S. During the tour, he noted that the new cat had replaced the MY37, but it was very much a new yacht, completely redesigned. It is available with 150 or 250 hp Yanmar engines, its tanks contain 1200 liters of fuel and are designed for a range of 1000 miles. But in a displacement mode, the catamaran MY4.S can overcome this distance on one tank.

He drew attention to the number of solar panels that can charge the yacht's batteries without the frequent use of a generator.

Jack likened the width of the side decks to bowling alleys. And if the bowling alleys are as wide as the side deck of the MY4.S, then they certainly lose in terms of friction.

High headroom is a characteristic feature of the spaces above and below deck. In the cabin, the feeling of large volumes is also visually enhanced by the light that enters through the side windows and skylights.

Patrick Sciacca referred to MY4.S as new point of reference in Fountaine Pajot’s motor catamarans lineup. He noted that the hallmark of this boat is the freedom of movement, despite its size. On the side deck, for example, you can walk without twisting in some weird ways, which improves coordination and safety.

The author of the review paid special attention to the configuration of the cabins, noting that their number can vary from 3 to 4. The Maestro configuration option provides for two guest cabins, while the owner's cabin occupies the entire port hull.

In the Maestro layout, the owner's stateroom is nearly 96.8 m² and has a double bed, wardrobe and sofa between the bed and the forward bathroom.

Side windows of 0.4 x 1.3 m let natural light into the cabin and expand the space. Two guest cabins are located in the starboard float, they have access to a shared bathroom.

Quatuor layout option features four cabins and two bathrooms spaced between them by a pair of cabins in each float.

Even before the introduction of the new catamaran model, Niccolò Volpati spoke with Stéven Guédeu, Sales Director of Fountaine Pajot, who assured that the shipyard does not intend to stop investing in motor yacht models. The author of the review noted that in this changing world the desire to go to sea stays forever. Moreover, this desire is expressed by an increasing number of future yacht owners.

Describing the design of the vessel, Niccolò Volpati quotes one of the lead designers of the MY4.S, once again attracted by the shipyard. Naval Architect Daniel Andrieu stated that his goal in this project, as in the previous ones, was to optimize the space as much as possible.

Video Reviews of MY4.S

There’s nothing like informative visuals to make a final decision.

First off, take a look at the trailer from the manufacturer of MY4.S themselves:

Nauta Channel surely knows how to explain a lot without saying a single word:

2021 Cannes Yachting Festival tour of the MY4.S catamaran:

And finally, another look at the interior from Ed Gutierrez:


Excellent seaworthiness, amazing autonomy, a high level of safety, quality and reliability of equipment, the ability to take all your favorite things and equipment with you on a cruise... How much people do you think this MY4.S motor catamaran without a flybridge will please? It’s for those who want to:

  • disappear for a long time from the hustle and bustle, left alone with nature;
  • cut through the sea at high speed;
  • organize long sea crossings with family or friends;
  • enjoy luxury and comfort, without being limited by the conventions of superyachts.

If you are not a fan of the idea that that going into the sea is a test of austerity and endurance, the MY4.S could be the boat of your dreams.

Review Fountaine Pajot MY4S

And if you are in the charter business, MY4.S will give you an extra boost to your continued prosperity.

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Where to Buy MY4.S at a Bargain Price

If you decide to buy MY4.S, please contact the experts of our marketplace. The topRik team is comprised of practicing yachtsmen who are well aware of the capabilities of the most sought after motor and sail yachts, both monohull and multihull. After contacting us and discussing the details, you will only have to wait for the arrival of your catamaran. We will do the rest ourselves:

  • • we will communicate with you to find out what you want from your own yacht, how you see it, what goals you are pursuing;
  • • we will consult on all equipment offered by the manufacturer for MY4.S;
  • • we will make a list of standard and optional equipment that you want to see on your catamaran;
  • • we will pick up a yacht for you at a bargain price;
  • • we will deliver the catamaran MY4.S to the agreed point;
  • • we will provide all accessories and equipment that is not included in the standard package or options from the manufacturer: sea water maker, bed and table textiles, rugs, dishes, spare parts, etc.

Call us at the phone number indicated on the page, send an application by e-mail or contact our experts through the website feedback system.

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