Aventura 45S Review

This time we talk about the newest yacht from Aventura Catamarans. The Aventura 45S twin-hull sailing cruising catamaran is so new that so far, yachtsmen around the world have just a brochure available that showcases the new boat prepared for release in 2024.

TopRik team will go up to his decks and down into its cabins when it is introduced by the manufacturer at one of the boat shows. In the meantime, we offer you a virtual tour based on the images and descriptions in the brochure from Aventura Catamarans.

Aventura 45S review

This is how predatory and swift the new catamaran Aventura 45S (Aventura 45 Sail) appears before us, the development of which, like many previous boat models, was entrusted to the team of naval architects, engineers and designers from Lasta Design.

The shipyard claims that regarding various features, as well as their combination in one model, the Aventura 45 Sail is unparalleled in the sailing catamaran market. These unique features, according to the architects, include the length of 13.5 meters (44 feet), the layout for internal and external spaces and the purity of the lines, aimed at dynamism and elegance. No less unique is moving the control station almost to the roof. In the review, we will dwell on such a solution and express an opinion on its advantages. To be honest, we can see all this already now, on the render with the general exterior of the boat.

When looking at this render, it is already clear that the developers have carefully taken care of the performance of the catamaran. This is evidenced by well-thought-out hull contours, which give the boat dynamism, a raised stern, which reduces the wetted surface area, as well as an extended mast and bowsprit, which allow you to shift the center of sail and increase the sailing area.

The shipyard has chosen the words “Real pleasure at sea…” as the motto for this novelty eagerly awaited by yachtsmen. Based on what we know, our expectations should be justified, and the slogan should turn out to be true.

Features of Aventura 45S

  • Brand: Aventura
  • Hull type: Catamaran
  • Overall length, m: 13.5
  • Width, m: 7.5
  • Draft, m: 1.4
  • Displacement, t: 12
  • Air draft, m: 22
  • Water tanks, l: 2 x 400
  • Exterior design (Architect): Lasta Design Studio
  • CE: Certification A12
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Furling genoa
  • Mainsail area, m²: 74
  • Jib area, m²: 51/85
  • Engines, hp: 2x45
  • Fuel tanks l: 2x350
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Review of Aventura 45S by TopRik Team

TopRik team is faced with a difficult task: to review the new Aventura 45S catamaran, which is not yet out. Instead, we have a brochure from the shipyard Aventura Catamarans and a video with a virtual tour of the yacht.

But we took on this work, because topRik experts know the yachts and general principles of this shipyard very well, as one of their latest sailing cats, Aventura 37, is presented in our marketplace.

First Impression Might Be False

At first glance, it even seemed to us that the Aventura 45S was just an “extended” version of the 37th or a reduced 44th. Yet the gamechanger here is the mast, moved almost to the center of the cabin.

Aventura 45S review

So, we come to the conclusion that the new Aventura 45S, if not designed from scratch, has striking differences from its predecessors in the line of sailing catamarans. This is indicated by completely new contours with a more pronounced cheekbone, and an even greater difference between the width of the underwater and surface parts of the hulls. This was achieved by reducing the area of the wetted surface, which has a positive effect on the maneuverability of the cat, in particular, the ability to tack under sail.

In addition to improving the hydrodynamic characteristics, the expansion of the upper part of the hulls made it possible to expand the living space of the vessel.

As for the position of the mast: on the 37th and 44th, the mast is located in front of the saloon, and on the Aventura 45S, the mast is moved to the saloon, which changes the center of the sail. This allows for a more productive sail plan with an additional gennaker or an additional asymmetric or symmetrical spinnaker.

If you pay attention to the little things, it can be noted that, unlike the rounded stairs of the 44th, you will climb into the cockpit of the Aventura 45S using the usual steps, but veeery wide ones.

And this is what Aventura catamarans have in common - this large gap between the water surface and the bottom of the catamaran from the transom.

If you noticed, we started our virtual review on the same principle as we do when reviewing and testing real boats. Therefore, after a first look at the exterior, let's pay attention to the transom ...

The Transom

So, a large gap between the bottom and the water, clearly visible from the stern. In the photo below, the platform is a bit in the way, but turn on your imagination and “remove” it. Convinced?

Aventura 45S review

Instead of the rounded steps that we liked so much in the 44th, here the developers just pushed the first step back way back. Now access to the pier or boarding from the pier when mooring side-to has become even more convenient.

As you can see, the platform is large enough to accommodate a motor dinghy. Wide steps on the sides will be quite enough for swimming, you just need to take care of the ladders. It is not clear from the photo whether the ladders are provided here as a standard or if this is an option. The question of the locker with life rafts, pomp and oars is also not answered, it is usually located in that place above the platform. But most likely, the container with rescue equipment will, like on the 44th, be fastened to the railing.

The Cockpit

We switch to the cockpit, and immediately notice that the Aventura 45S is, for obvious reasons, closer to the 37 than to the 44. The latter has access to the helm station only from the deck, while the Aventura 45S and 37 have access both from the deck and from the cockpit. We really welcome this decision!

We cannot yet sit down on sofas and in practice calculate how many people will be able to have a bite to eat here in the fresh air without hitting each other with their elbows and knees. For this, there seems to be not only a large table with sofas around, but also a plancha that we grew to love - it is in the image below, to the left of the sofa, which is located along the transom.

Aventura 45S review

We calculated that around the table, on the transom sofa and on another sofa near the helm station ladder, much more than the declared 12 people could easily accommodate. Pay attention to the double sunbed on the starboard side. In general, there is enough space for a party.

And if you take into account the rather roomy interior...

The Saloon

Imagine that we enter the saloon through the sliding door that leads from the cockpit and is clearly visible in the photo above. But what kind of panorama will open to us in the saloon immediately at the entrance - see the image below:

Aventura 45S review

There will be enough places for 10 people and even more, if you count a chef at the stove and the captain at the skipper's table. It seems that only hungry skippers are engaged in design, because they keep placing their tables closer and closer to the dining table and the galley. Although - why "seems"? That’s how it is - all naval architects and designers are excellent yachtsmen themselves and they know the value of a good meal too!

The saloon has this huge skylight hatch to check on the mast and sails, and the panoramic view through the fully glazed three sides of the saloon.

And the working areas - a control station with navigation equipment and a galley - are also well equipped and have convenient walkways. This part of the galley, which is located under the window overlooking the cockpit, can be adapted for the distribution of dishes from the stove to the table or to the bar. The render below demonstrates this clearly:

Aventura 45S review

And look how big the seat is in front of the skipper's table – he or she definitely won't be bored here alone. There is enough space on the panel of this helm station to accommodate all navigational instruments - chartplotter, autopilot, compass, as well as communications and indicators to control the operation of all the equipment of the catamaran.

By the way, on the same structure where the TV panel is located, close to the door there is a huge refrigerator. And the galley, as you can see, is equipped not only with a stove, oven, microwave, etc., but also with a large number of cabinets, shelves and drawers.

Aventura 45S review

In such saloons it is pleasant to spend time at dinner or cocktail party with family or friends. Warm shades of natural wood veneer, lots of light and air. And something tells us that the coffee table can be turned into a large dining table, and if necessary, you can get extra beds here if you miscalculated the number of passengers. Although there is quite enough sleeping places cabins on Aventura 45S already.

The Cabins

Aventura Catamarans presents the future owner with great options in terms of layout choice. You can choose from 3, 4, 5 and 6 cabins. The first two options are more suitable for those planning family cruises or trips with friends. If you have a lot of relatives and friends, or you are in the charter business, the last two cabin options will do fine.

Take a look at the layouts for now in order to more clearly imagine their location in the floats with different configuration options. The topRik team welcomes the location of the berths in the bow not along the course of the catamaran, but across - this makes it possible to place full double beds here, and not one and a half ones.

Aventura 45S review

Aventura 45S review

Based on the renders, the island double beds in the 3 and 4 cabin options are not too different in size from the bed in the owner's cabin. And here all the bathrooms have a separate shower and toilet. If the layout allows for a master cabin, then the owner is given the entire left hull for it, which is divided into several zones. The rest and sleep area look like this:

Aventura 45S review

It’s always amazing how on Aventura Catamarans they manage to accommodate so many volumious storage spaces for clothes and other stuff. On the way to the bathroom there are also lockers and shelves. The bathroom of the master cabin differs from others in size and greater freedom of movement.

The starboard float cabins also have enough space, light and air to feel comfortable and not cramped. Beds are the same as in the master cabin, bathrooms are provided for each cabin.

In the 4-cabin variant, the layout of the right float is mirrored in the left one. If desired, two separate beds can be arranged in the cabins with the use of single or bunk beds.

Aventura 45S review

The layouts show that one of the options for the crew provides a berth in the forepeak. There is enough space and height for a bunk bed.

Now let's climb on the deck and from there to the real captain's bridge.

On the Captain’s Bridge

This is what the helm station raised to the level of the roof of the cabin looks like. Not only is the station located on a raised platform, it is also fenced on one side with a helm panel, and on the other, with the handle of a wide and high skipper's chair. And what is this panel built into the right arm of the chair? Well, it’s the holders for bottles and glasses – these are always welcome!

Aventura 45S review

The panel is not visible from here, but I think it practically repeats the panel of the skipper's table, except for the "gas" shift knob. Within walking distance there are winches on the roof of the cabin. At least one of them must be electric so that the cat can be managed alone in bad weather.

The Nameless Something

You see, this superstructure, located just above the helm station, can hardly be called a full-fledged flybridge. This is just a place to relax and sunbathe, with a magnificent view of the sea. Yes, the skipper will not be bored alone here also, and when the contents of the bottles in the holders will run out, there will always be someone to get more.

But seriously, we really like this solution. The superstructure does not overload the exterior, as is the case with a full-fledged flybridge on small catamarans. And at the same time, it is much safer than a platform for sun loungers in the same place as in previous models. Here, as you can see, the place is fenced and well furnished: a folding table and a sofa on three sides. Hopefully, there are additional lockers under the seats, although there is plenty of storage space both below deck and on deck.

By the way, the deck. We didn’t see all of it there...

Foredeck, Forepeak, Bowsprit

Usually, the catamaran foredeck is perfect for organizing a large sunbathing area. The Aventura 45S was no exception in this regard. Here, you get not only the sunbeds, but also tables with more holders for bottles and glasses. We have already lost count, trying to figure out how many people the owner can invite to his party at the same time while staying at the port.

Aventura 45S review

And that hatch over there is the entrance to the forepeak, used to accommodate the crew for the duration of the charter voyage.

Pay attention to the rather wide decks - here, of course, it will be possible to move freely and safely. Especially if deck is covered with non-slip coated planks.

Having finished this virtual tour of the newest catamaran from Aventura Catamarans, we are sure that we will definitely board the Aventura 45S in reality, and then we will tell you how it behaves under sail, and how reality differs from the renders.

Advantages of Aventura 45S

1. Security. Aventura Catamarans has declared as its priority the production of double-hull boats that are safe for crew and passengers in all weather conditions. To do this, the shipyard invites the best naval architects and designers who develop maneuverable, easy-to-handle catamarans with a high degree of stability even in heavy seas. The ideas of these select developers go to production. In the hulls manufacturing process, the latest technologies are used, which ensure their reliability during long-distance transitions. For the safety of people on board on a long cruise, equipment is carefully selected, from engines to galley equipment. Your family or friends, any charter company’s clients will be completely safe on board the Aventura 45S in all weather conditions. This has been repeatedly confirmed by experienced independent offshore sailors, whom the shipyard invites to test its new cats.

2. Quality. This advantage Aventura Catamarans puts in the next place right after safety. But it should be noted that one without the other is impossible. The quality of the materials used to make the hulls and deck equipment directly affects the safety of navigation. The shipyard uses advanced composite compounds for fiberglass hulls, ISO and epoxy resins, marine water-repellent wood, stainless steel. Marine equipment, sailing wardrobe and yacht accessories are carefully selected from well-known manufacturers: ZSpars, Raymarine, Elvström, Harken, Spinlock. This is just a small listing to represent the quality standard for the Aventura 45S.

3. Performance. Once the safety and quality issues are resolved, the performance issue almost automatically resolves... But not really. To improve the seaworthiness of the Aventura 45S, the marine engineers and architects had to reduce the weight of the boat in order to reduce the wetted area. For this, sandwich structures are used, balance is carefully calculated taking into account the location of heavy equipment, with the ergonomics features taken into account. Let's turn to the previous point and understand that it was not in vain that the developers carefully selected the manufacturers of sailing wardrobe and rigging, marine fittings and, of course, secured themselves with reliable engines of sufficient power. All this makes the Aventura 4

5S a high-performance sailing catamaran that maneuvers and tacks well under sail.

4. Versatility. Sailing catamaran Aventura 45S is designed for a wide range of sailors - those who love to travel alone or with family, friends, who prefer long-distance passages or coastal sailing, who choose the comfort of sailing and life on board. For all these activities, catamaran configuration options are also provided. You can buy the Aventura 45S with 3, 4, 5 or even 6 cabins, with 2 to 4 bathrooms on board. As a result, you can count on the ability to accommodate from 6 to 12 people on a yacht, and even more if you use the forepeak. At the same time, all passengers and the crew will not experience constraint in movement or lack of space to store their belongings.

And last but not least, it is a good price for a catamaran of this size, considering the rigging, equipment and finishes included.

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Video Review of Aventura 45S

Obviously, there’s not much to look at yet, that’s why this video is the closest thing to a video review that we could find. It showcases the 3D model of the future catamaran from different sides and provides some interior renders:


Before you figure out, who this new boat is intended for, you should immediately understand who will not be satisfied with the Aventura 45S catamaran. If you prefer yachting in an ascetic hardcore style or, on the contrary, expect luxury for a pampered sybarite with a sauna, jacuzzi and SPA, this is not your choice.

If you like to combine the wind in your hair with socializing with family or friends in the comfort of your own home, the Aventura 45S catamaran is pretty much made to order. Since you can always show your skills as a yachtsman and at the same time easily cope with the sails even alone, and your family or friends will find many pleasant areas on the yacht for relaxing, sunbathing, swimming, dining.

If you are organizing charters or renting out yachts, this cat will certainly be in demand, as it is spacious, roomy (up to 12 people) and quite comfortable, with the allure of a fresh model added to the mix.

There is a lot of space for any party, refrigerators and freezers will keep enough food and drinks for any company.

All your guests, relatives or passengers will be able to take on the cruise all the essen`tials that they cannot do without in order to feel like they are at home on board.

Did we already mention that you can manage a yacht alone? So why is this not an option for those who want to get lost in the ocean in solitude and at the same time not deny themselves comfort, with clean towels after the shower and a good meal.

And for a couple, this is an opportunity to get lost in the ocean for a couple of weeks with no one else around. At the same time, your excellent mood will not be spoiled by physical fatigue from the struggle with sailing rigging or the absence of a champagne bottle when the sunset arrives.

Adequate physical activity for those who want it and relaxing comfort for everyone on board - that's what Aventura Catamarans offers you in their newest catamaran.

Price calculator

Where to Buy Aventura 45S at a Bargain Price

You can already queue to buy Aventura 45S at a bargain price when boat is released by sending a message to our specialists. We will place an order and monitor its progress as these new cats are released.

Aventura 45S review

You must understand that the hype around every new boat from Aventura Catamarans grows as more information and test results become available. By the way, nothing will prevent you from canceling the order if your circumstances change by the time your queue for the purchase of Aventura 45S approaches.

TopRik marketplace experts take care of all the work involved in buying your dream yacht. We find out how you see your Aventura 45S and then:

  • we place an order with the manufacturer or dealer with a list of your requirements for the configuration of the cabins, the range of equipment, sailing wardrobe, etc.;
  • we control the process of order promotion as new copies are released;
  • we accept a catamaran from a manufacturer or a dealer;
  • we draw up all the necessary documents, including customs (if necessary);
  • we deliver the catamaran to the specified point.

In addition, we offer you to complete the catamaran with equipment and accessories that are not provided in the standard or optional equipment of the manufacturer: fenders, watermaker, textiles for bedroom and dining room, unbreakable dishes, safe cutlery, chargers, etc. Just go to the relevant sections of the marketplace and you will see a lot of useful accessories, spare parts and fittings. We do not upsell or impose anything on you - you choose what you need.

But if you have doubts, we will always help to resolve them. Marketplace consultants are experienced sailors who cannot imagine life without going to sea under sail. You will not find a question that they cannot answer.

Just contact the marketplace staff using the feedback system on the website or send an e-mail message. And yes, you can also call - the phone number is listed above this page.

Please note that there is a price calculator on our Aventura 45S for sale page - you can choose the equipment of your catamaran based on official price-list until your requirements match your idea of a good price.

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