Simrad Cruise 9 with 83/200 Transducer Review

We continue to introduce in more detail the navigation equipment offered by the topRik marketplace. In this review our experts share their experience of using the Simrad Cruise 9 chartplotter featuring 83/200 kHz dual-beam CHIRP scanning technology that produces color images on a 9" display.

Review Simrad Cruise 9

This chartplotter with fishfinding echo sounder can be used not only during fishing, but also in searching for any objects at depth, since it displays the bottom topography and all objects located there in real time.

During cruising Simrad Cruise 9 can also be used as an effective chartplotter, as it supports the best navigational mapping from C-MAP and Navionics. The split screen can simultaneously display the route in the water area, with detailed directions, as well as the state of the underwater space.


Distinctive Features and Unique Characteristics

If electronic devices habitually and constantly accompany your life, which distinguishes any modern sailor, you don’t even need instructions to get started with Simrad Cruise 9.


Simple Controls

It is the intuitive interface and menus, as well as simple joystick and button controls, that are considered by all users, including topRik experts, to be the top key features of this product.



The versatility of this marine display is its second most distinguishing feature. In addition to the functions of the chartplotter Simrad Cruise 9 is equipped with a world-class navigation system, radar, autopilot and echo sounder. A high-precision navigation system allows you to plot a route, return to previously saved points and find the way to the starting point of the voyage.

In addition to the ability to use the built-in GPS receiver, Simrad Cruise 9 supports WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS data, which helps the user easily locate the yacht. This feature can also be used to determine boat speed based on GPS data.

Simrad Cruise 9 all characteristics

Maximum Completeness of Information, Quality of Its Display

In third key characteristic is precision: you will see the most complete information about the route, compliance with the course, the situation in the water area and in the underwater space, indicating the fairway, currents, shoals, depths, bottom structure, marinas, ports and etc.

Standard echo sounder of Simrad Cruise 9 offers a CHIRP function, the sonar of which can operate at low frequencies of 83 kHz and high frequencies of 200 kHz. Low-frequency sonar performs a general scan, and high-frequency sonar searches for concentrations of fish (both individual fishes and schools). But the scanning angle of the high-frequency sonar is only 22°, while the low-frequency sonar is 53° in all directions. Sonar determines depths with an accuracy of up to 300 meters. The image quality is not distorted when scaling and splitting into two screens.

Review Simrad Cruise 9


Supported by Top Map Brands

The marine display's built-in chartplotter supports microSD cards up to 32GB. Simrad Cruise 9’s echo sounder comes preloaded with a world map, and also supports C-MAP® and Navionics® navigation charts and allows advanced features such as C-MAP® Easy Routing. Seamless maps with short directions are quickly displayed on the screen.

Of particular note is the possibility of automatic routing and route editing, which is available thanks to the joint work of navigation and mapping systems.

Review Simrad Cruise 9



The echo sounder functions are controlled by a rotary joystick and keyboard, which allows you to select the desired mode in any weather.

Water resistance rating of the fish finder is IPX6 and 7. For reference:

IPX6 - Powerful water jets. Water sprayed for 3 minutes at 15 psi (100 kPa), with 100 liters per minute.

IPX7 - Immersion (1 meter or less). Up to 3 ft 3 in (1 meter). Test lasts 30 minutes, with depth of 39 inches (1000 mm).

The anti-glare screen keeps images bright and clear even in direct sunlight.

Durability of Simrad Cruise 9 promotes a hybrid control method using buttons and a joystick.


Practical Use of Simrad Cruise 9

This marine display with navigation system of international level perfectly serves all sailors who want to know everything about their navigation area (presence of ships, buoys, bridges, etc.), plot a safe route, monitor the accuracy of following this route, and be able to correct deviations from the route and navigate with accurate directions and detailed seamless maps. Almost all sailors sailing on any type of vessel for any purpose fit into this category.

The presence of a built-in sonar makes this multifunctional marine display especially attractive for those who are interested in sea fishing, both from a boat and underwater. Echo sounder system Simrad Cruise 9 with CHIRP function allows you to identify fish concentration areas, mark their position on the map and then return along the route to any of the marked points. Fish icons and depth symbols can be customized.

Review Simrad Cruise 9

The sonar is capable of detecting objects at a depth of 300 m, so this marine display will be of interest to those who are searching for sunken objects.

Review Simrad Cruise 9


Advantages and Disadvantages

topRik experts usually start with the shortcomings of the marine equipment they present. In the case of Simrad Cruise 9 it seemed to us that there may be problems with its use on inland waters; it is more suitable for offshore sailing, including sea fishing and seabed exploration, since it only supports certain map brands.

Although our marine multi-display and was not damaged by heavy rain, we think that a cover is still necessary. One expert from the team was in favor of a touchscreen, but the rest pointed out the low cost of Simrad Cruise 9 does not allow for that.

Among the advantages of Simrad Cruise 9, in addition to those already listed in the main part of the review, the following should be mentioned:

  • not only the interface and management of programs and systems is easy to learn, but also the installation of the device on a yacht is very quick, as we found out during the testing process;
  • high-quality reading of the bottom even at a significant speed of the boat (we moved at a speed of 45 knots per hour from one point to another, and all objects at depth and the bottom topography were perfectly displayed on the screen);
  • it really withstands the ingress of water - the topRik team yacht was covered by a heavy downpour on the way back, but a check (an hour after the start of the downpour) showed that the Simrad Cruise 9 is operating normally;
  • we have been convinced in practice that the display produces an image of excellent quality, which is clearly visible both in day and night;
  • very affordable price compared to marine displays with similar screen size and comparable features.

What Do We Know about the Manufacturer – Simrad Yachting

SIMRAD was founded in 1947 by Willi Simonsen. The name SIMRAD comes from “SIMonsen RADio”, and as the name suggests, it all started with radio.

The first Simrad echo sounders were released in 1957. They gave fishermen a serious advantage in fishing, since now they could know the depth, see the bottom topography and even the fish.

Currently Simrad Yachting with its products is one of the most recognizable brands in the field of marine electronics. Wide range of Simrad Yachting includes systems for navigation, fishing, automatic steering (autopilots), safety (radars, compasses) and communications (walkie-talkies). Reliable Simrad equipment has proven its professional suitability for use in commercial applications, yacht racing, charters, cruising, and solo sailing.

Simrad brand is owned by KONGSBERG and the products are developed and manufactured by Kongsberg Discovery in Horten, Norway. Kongsberg headquarters Gruppen ASA is located in Kongsberg, Norway.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Where can I find instructions on the Internet?

You can visit our Simrad Cruise 9 sales page and then go to the Attached section files, where the Installation Instructions and Instructions for Use are located. Also, here’s the link to the product on the official Simrad Yaching website:


What types of cards does it support?

Simrad echo sounder Cruise 9 comes preloaded with a world map, and also supports C-MAP® and Navionics® navigation charts and allows advanced features such as C-MAP® Easy Routing.


Can it be connected to other navigation devices on the boat?

You can connect all your Simrad device through a convenient mobile app made for both Apple and Android. Bluetooth connection is also available.


How do I update my map data and software?

Contact C-MAP® or Navionics® for chart updates and go to the manufacturer’s website for the latest software versions for various Simrad products.


What additional accessories are available?

Simrad Cruise 9 requires no additional accessories and comes ready to install. The only thing that may be required is to purchase the cards you need in accordance with the navigation region and also you could purchase additional spare or extension cables for better organization of space on board.

If you still have any questions or want to buy Simrad Cruise 9 at a competitive price, send us a message.

You will receive a free consultation if you call the specified phone number, use the website’s quick link or send a message to [email protected].

If you still have any questions or want to buy Simrad Cruise 9 at a competitive price, send us a message.

You will receive a free consultation if you call the specified phone number, use the website’s quick link or send a message to [email protected].

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