French manufacturer of sailing and motor boats, with production facilities in France and the United States.

Currently, Beneto is the largest European manufacturer of yachts (sailing and motor) and boats. In Europe, Beneto has about 25% of the market, in France - more than 40%. In Russia, as well as in Europe, the boats of this company are highly respected and in the same demand, both among professionals and amateurs.

Every year, more than 4,000 new boats and yachts of various sizes and classes are launched from the stocks of the Beneto shipyards in France, Poland, and the USA, most of them are motorized. They are sold in almost 40 countries. Famous sailing series: traditional high-speed First (produced since the 1970s, at one time this series was the embodiment of a new direction for the company), cruise yachts - luxurious Oceanis and comfortable Cyclades, sports Figaro. All of them confirm the quality of the company's work with their consistently high performance at various sailing regattas. Beneto motor vessels are produced in series: beautiful Flyer speedboats, stylish Monte Carlo high-speed yachts, Antares cruising yachts and, of course, Swift Trawler - seaworthy yachts that have already received the title of "Trawler of the Year" twice.

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