Survey (assessment) of Sailing and Motor Yachts

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I am running following type of surveys:

Types of Surveys

  • A Prepurchase Survey is conducted when someone is contemplating buying a vessel. It is a very comprehensive “Condition and Valuation” (C&V) survey that often includes operational testing of all systems and equipment, as well as a sea trial. The vessel is typically inspected both in and out of the water. Its primary purpose is to provide the potential buyers with the information that they need to make an informed purchase decision. It may also be used to satisfy insurance company and bank loan requirements. Essentially, they want to know the vessel’s current market value and that it is a good risk.
  • A Limited Condition & Valuation marine survey is often done specifically for insurance purposes. An insurance C&V survey may be done with the vessel either afloat or ashore, depending on the insurance carrier’s requirements, and doesn’t necessarily require a sea trial or operational testing of all equipment and systems. Each insurance company has their own set of requirements as to what age/size vessel needs a survey, and what the survey report should include. This is especially true for vessels made from anything other than fiberglass (wood, steel, aluminum). The information contained in an insurance C&V survey report is not sufficient to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of the vessel.
  • Damage Surveys may also be performed for insurance companies, vessel owners and other vested entities. This includes determining the nature, cause and extent of damage to a vessel when something goes wrong. They work closely with tow boat and salvage operators when the need arises, and often work with repair shops and boatyards to determine the cost of repairs.
  • Ultrasound Survey. Generally carried out to measure the hull plating thickness on steel and aluminium hulls. Hundreds of readings are taken around the vessels hull to look for areas where the hull plating is thin. The Ultrasound Survey is not confined to hulls of steel yachts, bulkheads, decks and structures can also be measured as well as Aluminium and GRP hulls and structures. Sometimes these are included in full condition surveys and are designed to survey the vessels structure.
  • Rig Survey.  The Rig Survey is recommended before you carry out any period of extended cruising or when your Yacht’s Rigging Wires (standing rigging) are more than a few years old. Some Insurance Companies will require that you replace your rigging wires every ten years, other Insurance companies will only continue to insure you if you have a Rig Survey. There are basically two methods of surveying the rig, with the mast stepped (standing) or un-stepped (lowered). The most effective method of surveying the rig is to un-step the mast and inspect the spars when supported horizontally on stands. This should be done periodically during the life of a sailing yacht. Interim inspections can be carried out with the rig stepped (standing).

The service of inspection of yachts and boats is carried out in Montenegro and Croatia.

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