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Indicated price per 1 nautical mile

For distance less than 500 n. miles please contact directly

Price includes VAT, fuel for sailing yachts, food, transport to and from boat, marinas

Fuel for motor boats is calculated separately. Boat should be equipped with minimum safety gear.

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Experienced traveler and sailor Ben Keys is credited with saying, "The best boat is someone else's boat." You’ve guessed it - he's talking about yacht delivery. At the same time, in each of his books and articles, he warns against false romance, which uninitiated people try to add to it.

In a word, only professional sailors who combine the skills of a yachtsman and a mechanic, who are well versed in sailing and motor yachts, should provide this service and not those who expect to just have a good time with the helm in one hand and a cocktail in the other.

Benefits of Professional Yacht Delivery

One of the advantages of a professional approach to this service is the mandatory existence of a contract signed by the owner of the boat and the skipper, which must clearly and in detail list the obligations of the parties.

Qualified Skippers and Crew

The skipper and his crew undertake to take control of the ship with one goal - to deliver it to the location indicated by the owner.

Based on experience, topRik team can testify that the yacht transport, especially over long distances, requires good analysis of the route and the ship itself, as well as excellent knowledge of the sea area, meteorological conditions in different seasons along the route, experience with paper and electronic maps, navigation instruments, life-support equipment, etc.

That’s why it is not only a difficult, but also a dangerous journey for any unexperienced yachtsman. It is better to leave some things to the professionals.

Technical Evaluation

The skipper and the crew provide thorough inspection of the yacht before setting off:

  • inspection of life jackets, first aid kit, life rings, fire extinguishers and CO₂ alarms;
  • ensuring the working condition of lamps, internal and emergency lighting;
  • inspecting all the elements of the anchor system;
  • checking all VHF-FM, SSB and antenna for operability;
  • inspection of the steering gear for fluid leaks;
  • many other important checks – too much to list here.

This necessary process ensures that the yacht will be delivered in pristine condition and on time.

Route Development

The skipper meticulously develops the route, discussing it with the owner, if the latter is on board the same yacht and is planning an additional cultural program. If the passage is to be carried out only by the crew, this will a much more rational route that ensures the fastest possible delivery of the vessel to the port of destination.

Therefore, the skipper must have information on ports and marinas, where you can dock when a storm approaches, in case you need repairs, to replenish food, fuel or water, etc. He must be able to use both paper and electronic charts, sailing directions, take into account seasonal weather data, including wind data, bottom topography, currents, etc.

Time and Resources Optimization

If you would try and pull off boat delivery yourself, you could run into hundreds of unthinkable problems – an unexpected storm, registration issues at the marina, problems with the engine, getting sick in the process and having to change plans and so on. It is just too much possible issues for an unexperienced person and all that will surely hit both your wallet and break your schedule.

Since our skipper and crew took care of many, many hauls already, we are much more well-equipped to deal with nasty accidents. Besides, the strength is in numbers – we have a big team, and more working hands is always a plus.

Safety and Insurance

The yacht will be delivered at the specified point completely intact – we are not interested in damaging your property in any way. There’s a thorough negotiation process in place, after which you can sleep well, knowing that the vessel itself and every single piece of equipment you care about is insured and will arrive as is. Different coverages options are available depending on your situation.

The boat owner himself will be required to provide the necessary insurance policy that covers civil liability; property damage; injury to the skipper or crew; force majeure circumstances excluding the responsibility of the skipper and crew.

Yacht Shipping Process

Preparation of a new yacht will take 3-5 days, additional documentation may be required for a used yacht. By now the boat has been fully inspected by the skipper, the yacht delivery contract has been signed, and in addition to additional technical equipment, fuel and spare parts, the yacht will be loaded with food and water supplies for the crew.

Evaluation and Preparation of the Yacht before Setting Off

According to this list, the skipper will check the readiness of the boat for sailing, and the owner must provide all the necessary equipment:

  • a sufficient number of fenders, mooring cables, navigation lights, searchlights, signal flares and related equipment;
  • working main engines, gearboxes, generator sets, oil and coolant levels, batteries and battery cables;
  • enough provision on board for the crew;
  • the echo sounder, sonar, magnetic compass and chartplotter in acceptable condition.

The full list of supplies is subject of negotiation

An experienced skipper will leave the harbor only if no violations are found during the boat inspection. The readiness of the vessel is a guarantee of its delivery to its destination in its original condition and without calls for repairs. It is also a matter of crew safety.

Route and Navigation

The route planning process is done through using the most recent nagivation charts, high-quality chartplotters and even inside information on various supply availability at certain international marinas to ensure the most efficient route compared to competitors.

It is also necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the crew members when distributing watches - wrong redistribution of loads can lead to excessive fatigue, which often leads to errors in the management of the ship. The experience of our captain and teamwork of our crew allows for extremely efficient use of human resources during planning the voyage.

Having precise weather data is paramount in hauling. Rest assured, we are most prepared for any weather conditions and will take them into account to keep your vessel from harm.

Staying in Touch

You will be updated on all the progress in real time, our skipper is always accessible and the crew has detailed logs on whatever is happening on the sailboat or motorboat during the hauling process. You can always see updates of our position while we are on the move and contact us if something goes wrong.

Arrival at the Specified Location

Upon arrival at the agreed point, the skipper hands over the boat to the owner or owner’s representative to accept it. The transfer of the yacht after verification by the representative of the owner is formalized in a document. The skipper gives the owner a fully completed logbook.

The owner leaves feedback on the results of cooperation with the company, crew or skipper who managed the yacht.

Additional Services

After the boat successfully reaches its destination, we can do much more on top of it. Our business is perfectly capable of winterizing you boat if needed, install additional equipment, replace damaged parts, get rid of natural wear and tear. We can provide various services related to management of your yacht: maintenance at the most affordable prices, yacht registration if needed, insurance with various coverages and yacht brokerage.

We will keep in touch with you in case you need any more services from us – check out our contacts below.

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Keep in mind one thing - there’s no need to do everything in life on your own.

For the topRik team yacht shipping is one of the main activities. In full force or in separate groups, our yachtsmen had repeatedly taken on shipping both sailboats and motor yachts from shipyards, international ports and marinas of the globe to the point agreed with the customer. And after many years of experience, we can say that this activity requires maximum professionalism from each member of the team. So, entrust your yacht to seasoned professionals instead of making the hauling process a self-inflicted nightmare.

Looking forward to working with you!

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