Solar Charge Controller MPPT 30A 12V/24V

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MPPT tech achieves 99.9% tracking efficiency, controllable via mobile apps

User-friendly LCD, adaptable to 12V/24V systems and various batteries

Four-stage charging, multiple control modes, advanced wireless communication

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BrandUltimatron France Shipping fromCroatia
Charging Current, A
Dimensions, mm
Protection category, IP
Ultimatron France
Weight, kg
Operating temperature
-20 °C to +55 °C
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The solar battery charge controller, equipped with cutting-edge MPPT (Maximum Power Tracking) technology, achieves an exceptional tracking efficiency exceeding 99.9%. This regulator, controllable via IOS and Google Play apps, boasts fully digital technology for a charge conversion efficiency of up to 98%.

Featuring a user-friendly LCD screen, it facilitates easy reading of operational data and conditions. The automatic recognition of 12V/24V systems enhances adaptability, accommodating various battery types - liquid, gel, AGM, and lithium. The controller's innovation includes an external temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation.

Utilizing a four-stage charging mode (MPPT, boost, equalize, float), the controller ensures optimal battery health. In current limit charging mode, it intelligently manages solar panel power to maintain rated charging current. The device supports multiple charge control modes, including always on, dusk to dawn, evening, and manual.

With two USB interfaces (EU series) and advanced wireless communication functions, such as Bluetooth 4.2, BLE technology, and RS-485 communication, the regulator provides comprehensive monitoring capabilities. Its IoT wireless communication enables remote connectivity via packet/GPRS mode, allowing real-time monitoring and control through WeChat/PC programs. Automatic fault signaling and monthly load/unload calculations enhance system reliability. Adhering to Modbus RS-485 protocol, the regulator ensures seamless communication across diverse applications. Notably, its EMC and thermal design, coupled with fully automatic electronic protection, make it an ideal choice for high-performance applications.

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