SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/100-Tr

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Wide 80-450 VDC input for large PV arrays

Remote monitoring via Bluetooth and VRM access

Fully programmable charging, active cooling, and sleek design

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BrandVictron Energy Shipping fromCroatia
Charge characteristic
Multi-stage adaptive (adjustable)
Charge voltage ‘absorption’,V (DC)
Charge voltage ‘float’,V (DC)
Charging Current, A
Dimensions, mm
Humidity (non condensing)
max 95 %
Input voltage, V (DC)
80 - 450
PV reverse polarity, Output short circuit, Over temperature
Protection category, IP
Temperature sensor
Victron Energy
Weight, kg
Operating temperature
-40°C to +60° C
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The SmartSolar MPPT RS solar charge controllers from Victron are ideal for large off-grid and grid-connected battery systems, featuring models with 5.76kW and 11.52kW capacities. With an operational solar voltage input range of 80-450 VDC, independent tracking inputs, active cooling, and fully programmable battery charging parameters, these controllers offer advanced functionality. The metal case design enhances safety, and covered electrical connections present a modern look. The controllers efficiently charge 48V battery banks with options for 100A or 200A.

Key Features:

Wide Voltage Input:
- Operates with a solar voltage input range of 80-450 VDC, suitable for large PV arrays.

Versatile Charging:
- Fully programmable charging parameters adaptable to various battery chemistries such as lead-acid and lithium.

Remote Monitoring:
- Allows Bluetooth connectivity for remote control and configuration via the VictronConnect App.
- VE.Can bus ports facilitate communication with additional SmartSolar RS & VE.Can MPPT units, enabling synchronization and monitoring via a GX device like the Cerbo GX.

Victron Remote Management:
- Enables remote monitoring through the Victron Remote Management Portal (VRM) when connected to the internet.
- VRM access provides real-time information and control over the SmartSolar RS charge controllers.

Display Panel:
- Equipped with a front-panel display showing battery volts, charge current, and voltages from individual arrays.
- Displays instantaneous and total figures, unit status, and error codes.

Additional Features:
- Programmable relay, options for remote temperature and voltage sensing, and compatibility with various BMS systems for charging control.
- The SmartSolar RS charge controller delivers advanced features, versatility, and remote management capabilities for efficient solar charging in large-scale applications.

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