Yacht Tricolor Lights for Sale

Sale of Tricolor Lights for Boats

Looking to buy certified navigation tricolor lights for your sailing yacht? Then catalog with prices from topRik marketplace is for you. Here are the most popular models of combined navigation lights of three primary colors – green, red, white from the best manufacturers of lighting equipment for safe navigation: Navisafe, Hella Marine and others.

If you find it difficult to choose a model from the range of combined lights for yachts and boats that are presented in our marketplace, our team will help you. topRik experts will right now answer all your questions for free, - use the phone number above, go to contacts section or send your questions to our email address [email protected].

Three-color navigation lights are classified as sail lights and are installed only on sailing ships. Moreover, they can be turned on only during the period when the ship is moving solely due to the control of the sails. As soon as the yacht switches to motor propulsion, the combination light should be turned off.

Why such an exception was made for sailing vessels does not need to be explained to experienced yachtsmen. Standard stern and side lights are poorly visible to oncoming vessels behind a full or even partial sail rig.

It also makes no sense to install these lights on the deckhouse roof, since on sailing ships it is very low. In addition, the readings of the lights on the sides and stern will not be clear to the navigator of the oncoming ship, due to the significant roll that sailboats make during maneuvers. Also, at these moments, navigation lights can be hidden by both sails and waves.


The latest international navigation standards, including for navigation tricolor lights were adopted in 1972 at the International Conference on the Revision of the 1960 Collision Avoidance Regulations. New safety standards for lights on marine vessels came into force in 1972 and are mandatory for all participants in navigation.

International Rules for Preventing Collision at Sea 1972 ( COLREGs -72) prescribes in a separate Rule 25 SAILING VESSELS UNDERWAY AND VESSELS UNDER OAR the following requirements:

  • a sailing vessel must display side lights and a stern light while underway;
  • on a sailing vessel less than 12 m in length, the lights prescribed in the paragraph above may be combined in one lantern displayed at or near the top of the mast in the most visible place.

COLREG s-72 also stipulates that the right to use the tricolor light ceases as soon as the sailboat's engine is turned on. Further in this case the rules for motorized vessels apply.

The color characteristics of all lights prescribed by COLREG s -72 have also been standardized, for which the International Illuminating Commission (IEC) has developed a chart with indications for each color.

That is, novice sailors should understand that homemade navigation lights in marine navigation are unacceptable, especially if we are talking about such a complex design as combined three-color models.

Certified navigation lights, which can be purchased on the topRik marketplace, meet all requirements for color characteristics and other parameters that are regulated by COLREGs -72.

Navigation Types Tricolor Lights and Where to Install Them

Our trading platform offers combined mast navigation lights, which combine green and red side lights and white stern lights in one housing.

Installation of tricolor lights must be carried out in full compliance with the requirements of International Rules for Preventing Collision at Sea.

Presented in this section navigation lights can be used for their intended purpose - as three-color mast lights for sailing yachts, which are installed as high as possible so that the requirements for beam direction, illumination area, color brightness, etc. are met.

Sale of Tricolor Lights for Boats

Please note that the combined navigation lights presented in this section are an ideal option for ships without power supply and emergency lights.

They can operate in various modes. For example, Navi light led tricolor works in 5 different modes: three colors, two colors, red/green, with fixation on the right/left side or on the stern. Moreover, as a white stern light, it can be turned on for 60 hours of continuous operation, providing 360° lighting thanks to powerful LED lamps.

Other possible modes:

  • continuous three-color light with 24-hour autonomy;
  • two-color light (red-green) with 38-hour autonomy;
  • only red light for 60 hours;
  • only green light for 60 hours.

That is, this model can be used not only as a mast sailing tricolor light, but also as standard navigation lights for a motor boat – side, bow, stern, etc.

By the way, the Navilight Tri-Colour lamp is the first battery-powered LED navigation light to receive a 2 nautical mile range rating from the US Coast Guard. A completely new design with partitions between LED lamps to clearly delineate the illuminated sectors.

Hella NaviLED models is a mast mount only option, featuring a unique 316 stainless steel mounting shaft that comes with the following design components:

  • LED flashlight with combined white light for left, right, stern and all-round light;
  • Grilamid lenses;
  • IP67 waterproof housing.

All parts are made of special materials that take into account operation in an aggressive marine environment and in conditions of high vibration. Impact-resistant materials that are resistant to corrosion and ultraviolet rays, marine plastic - nylon, as well as LED light sources that tolerate vibration well because they do not have filaments are used.

Please note that you may select a model with a specific installation method. Above we talked about a model with installation on a mast using a mounting shaft. But for a small vessel, the ideal option is when the lamp body is attached to the base using clips and does not require screws. You can even use the holes from the previous light or use a special adapter plate.

This horizontal surface mounting greatly simplifies the installation work of navigation tricolor lights .