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Sale of VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle

We tell you how the VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle for sale electronic adapter is useful for a yachtsman, as well as what privileges you get when purchasing it through the topRik marketplace.

Bluetooth monitoring is a wireless technology that allows you to use a smartphone, tablet or laptop to see and control the operation of equipment from a distance. In the case of VE. Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle we are talking about monitoring the Victron Energy power system. The adapter allows you to view parameter history, change settings and update software on all Victron products.

VE.Direct Bluetooth works in conjunction with the VictronConnect app, available for Android and iOS device.

Smart adapter VE.Direct Bluetooth connects to VE.Direct Victron product, which does not support Bluetooth by default, which can then be accessed via Bluetooth using the VictronConnect app for easy monitoring, configuration and firmware updates.

When There Is No Built-in Bluetooth

The adapter can be used with any Victron Energy product equipped with a VE.Direct port (except for GX devices). Wirelessly view information such as battery status and solar panel power, and other useful data. It is indispensable for products that do not have built-in Bluetooth:

  • BMV 700 and 702 battery monitors;
  • Phoenix VE.Direct inverters;
  • BlueSolar MPPT solar charge controllers.

In emergency situations, the skipper will find the instant readout function very useful: when the VE.Direct Smart adapte isr connected to BlueSolar MPPT, BMV-70x or Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct devices, VictronConnect displays the most important data of these products on the device list page without requiring a special connection. This data includes visual notifications of warnings, alarms and errors, allowing diagnostics at a glance.

How to Connect to a Victron Product via an Adapter

Connecting to a Victron product via an adapter is carried out in the following sequence:

  • open the VictronConnect app, the Victron app will establish communication with the adapter and the Victron product;
  • when the connection is active, the blue Bluetooth LED will stop flashing and turn on steady;
  • the product to which the adapter is connected will appear in the device list of the VictronConnect application, it will be called VE.Direct smart along with the name of the connected Victron product (the name can be changed if desired);
  • select "VE.Direct Smart" in the list of devices in the Victron Connect application.

Victron product can now be accessed via the adapter and Victron Connect app. Use the VictronConnect app to monitor, configure or update your Victron product firmware.

Bluetooth Smart Adapter VE.Direct is not compatible with Windows PCs; synchronous charging is not possible with VE.Smart networking; saved trends are not supported.

If you have any questions, please contact the topRik marketplace experts who have practical experience using VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart for sale for monitoring equipment. Your bonus is free consultation.

To receive them, simply contact our specialists through the site’s feedback form or choose another contact method - call the specified phone number or send questions to [email protected].

Additional materials

User manual (VE_Direct_Bluetooth_Smart_dongle_-_Manual-en.pdf, 1,634 Kb) [Download]

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